The Fantastic Four First BTS Images Revealed & In-Depth Talk From Josh Trank

27 Jan

Yo yo people of the internet, time for some very important film news that comes in the form of images and an interview from the Fantastic Four reboot. The following info comes from ComicBookMovie:


While there’s been secrecy and a lack of promotion for this year’s reboot of Marvel’s First Family, Collider has exclusively revealed two of the first official production images from The Fantastic Four, as well as an extended interview with director Josh Trank and producer Simon Kinberg. The former filmmaker features in one of the behind-the-scenes images, while the other features the latter on-set alongside actor Michael B. Jordan, aka Johnny Storm, who appears to be suited up in his Human Torch suit. The interview is quite lengthy, but Collider has provided some highlights which include Trank saying that they “consciously decided to not release anything official” until now, the story is essentially “a modern telling of how these four iconic characters came together and came to be,” Philip Glass and Marco Beltrami are scoring the film, recent additional photography was nothing major, and “the original shoot was seventy-two days and they were on-schedule and on-budget.” Regarding influences on The Fantastic Four, Josh Trank further explains that Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg and his films, Scanners & The Fly, are big influences for the look of the reboot, while there are also “influences of what Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were doing in the 60’s all the way up into the present day,” plus “The Ultimates was also an influence and a lot of the science specifics are there.” Trank and Kinberg also reveal that they are very influenced by Marvel Studios’ shared universe even though “it’s tricky to combine X-Men and Fantastic Four because the X-Men films don’t acknowledge the Fantastic Four and The Fantastic Four takes place in the same time period as the modern day X-Men movies.” Furthermore, Trank reveals that his first cut of the movie was “around 2 hours and 10 minutes,” but the final run time “will probably be between 2 hours and 2 hours and 20 minutes.” As for Easter eggs, producer Simon Kinberg teases that “there’s a lot in the movie and there’s one on the teaser trailer (which will be premiering in three weeks with Kingsman: The Secret Service on February 13) that people can freeze frame and try to find.” To read the interview in its entirety, make the jump to Collider.

All I can say is THANK YOU and IT IS ABOUT TIME! I can understand that you don;t want to release any old form of information or imagery without it being of the best quality, but considering how close the film is and the fact that nothing official has shown up until recently is still ridiculous. But that aside we have two behind-the-scenes images and some comments from Josh Trank. Let’s talk about that top image first which features Michael B. Jordan (everyone’s favourite black man) in a black padded suit, looks kind of cool and interesting, though if the filmmakers are actually getting rid of the blue-coloured suited and going for some generic black look then I will be disappointed. The thing that gets me most happy about this article is Trank’s comments. for the longest time, the only reason I have given this film the benefit of the doubt is because he is at the helm, Chronicle was awesome and this man knows how to direct good action and character pieces so I just hope he can make that work for the FF too. Seems like he is acknowledging the comics (which is always a good thing) and understands the complexities with crossing the X-Men and FF universes together, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens down the line if he is around to the direct the sequel. I’m not stupidly excited for this film, but I know it is going to be interesting at least. Can’t wait for that trailer to drop today so I can finally have a look this film properly.

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