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Deadpool Director: The Movie is Ready, But They’re Waiting On Fox

Hello again people of the world, I return to talk about superhero-related film news and this time we’re talking about the on-and-off-again Deadpool film. Apparently there is actually a glimmer of hope for this film again as we’re getting an update from the director rather just Ryan Reynolds. The following information is from IGN:


“Director Tim Miller recently spoke to entertainment host Erin Darling about the current status of the long-gestating Deadpool movie he’s attached to direct and what fans can expect from it.

Miller says the movie, scripted by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, is ready to go … but there’s one thing they’re still waiting on before it can happen. Watch the update below for what Miller had to say about the project and what fans can expect from it:”

To be honest I’ve been waiting for this film for so long that I’m kind of in a place where I can either take or leave a Deadpool film. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I love him as a comic book character and I would LOVE to see him get the respect he deserves in a live-action film, however, the journey for him trying to get a film has been one of the most arduous processes I’ve followed in any film. I keep hearing from Reynolds or the writers that the project is still alive, but then there’s no proper development. In a way I just can’t be arsed… But at the end of the day I’d still want him to get his own solo film so I can’t give up hope yet and that’s why I’m at least interested in what this director’s saying.

Tim Miller seems to be good to go and so does everyone else, it looks like we’re just looking at 20th Century Fox waiting for them to bite the bullet and let this film actually go ahead. Seems like the studio has been holding this thing back for a while and while I can understand the risk involved, at the same time I feel like they’re just being bastards about it and just holding it back because they’re too afraid to let the film go ahead. Well whatever the case I want this film to just start production already because the world really need to know about Deadpool and we’re not talking about the weak game from earlier on this year, but a PROPER action film full of chaos, violence and breaking the 4th wall.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Confirmed To Play Quicksilver In Avengers 2!

Hello people of the internet, time for a film new update and I know I’m late with this one but it is Marvel-related so most titbits of news are relevant to this blog. And I think it was yesterday when Aaron Taylor-Johnson confirmed what most of us fans had suspected for a while now about his involvement in the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron film. The following info is from ComicBookMovie:

“The Kick-Ass 2 star has now apparently worked out his publicity schedule for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, meaning that he has now closed his deal with Marvel Studios to play ‘Quicksilver’ in Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Read on for details!


Aaron Taylor-Johnson was first rumoured to be in the running for the role of ‘Quicksilver’ in The Avengers: Age of Ultron back in June, but The Wrap has now confirmed that he closed his deal today to star in the sequel to the highest grossing superhero movie of all-time. The reason for the delay is that his shooting schedule for the Marvel Studios 2015 release overlaps with publicity commitments to Legendary Pictures and Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla remake. However, that has now all been sorted, hence why was able to sign on the dotted line today. Johnson joins Elizabeth Olsen as ‘The Scarlet Witch’ and James Spader as ‘Ultron’ as new casting additions to the movie.”

To be honest I’m not too surprised about this news and I’m glad it’s FINALLY been confirmed so that we can stop all this bloody speculation and beating around the bush. I mean there wasn’t really anyone else in the running for the role and he was the only main actor attached to Quicksilver and I’m glad that its him because he’s a capable actor, I just hope they do something about his hair and make it look cool, silver and slicked back like in the comics. Seems like his schedule for making films over the next year will be pretty hectic.

So what do all of you out there think of this news?

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Thor: The Dark World Review

Howdy people of the internet, its time for a new film review and today’s review will be on a film I’ve been easily anticipating for AGES; Thor: The Dark World. Now I reviewed Thor on Tuesday and now we have the follow-up which promised more character development, a new villain and more realism and not only does The Dark World have to follow-up from the first film but also The Avengers too, so does this film succeed or fail? Read on and find out in this spoiler-free review!

In terms of the story it takes places two years after The Avengers, Loki has been imprisoned, the Bifrost bridge has been repaired and Thor has been fighting away to restore peace to the Nine Realms. And for a little while things look like they’re stabilizing and becoming peaceful, but in the depths of the universe evil lurks waiting to be unleashed. A powerful energy known as the Aether is chased after by the race known as the Dark Elves, lead by Malekith who wishes to use it to plunge the universe into darkness. This not only spells trouble for Asgard, but also Earth and the rest of the realms too, so now Thor will have to go above to save not only Jane Foster but the rest of the universe too.

I thought the story in this film was great, from the beginning there’s a greater sense of scope and danger that comes with this plot and it all feels so much bigger and more involved than the first film. The overall tone is much darker and more serious and considering the threat involved that is a welcome addition, that being said there are still great moments of humour that works really well. The involvement of the Dark Elves and the history of Asgard and the Aether brings a lot more mythology to this fantastic world that was established in the first film and fleshed it out a lot more. I also like how even though there are crazy chaotic things happening on Earth and in Asgard, that there were still intimate moments with the characters. Family is still one of the key themes in this film and it is brought to the forefront and handled is a beautiful way, most moments between Thor, his family, friends and Jane are wonderful.


When it comes to the cast all amazing. Firstly Chris Hemsworth is still amazing as Thor, in the first film he took on the role with such charisma, flair and understanding of what the character embodies in the comics and in The Avengers he continued to impress. And in The Dark World Hemsworth just in his element, he’s badass, intimidating, funny, but also human and expresses a great deal of emotion too. And then there’s Tom Hiddleston as Loki, OH MY GOD, WHAT A BEAST! At this point its hard for me to deny my love for this character, since the first film Loki has inhabited a more sympathetic and likeable demeanour than his comic book counterpart and in The Avengers, Loki when to new heights to become the more villainous and despicable man he’s known as while still having a sense of humour and being incredibly cool and sophisticated. In this film Hiddleston nearly steals the show, his acting talents know no bounds and he takes Loki to deeper, more emotional places which just makes the character a joy to watch. Hiddleston along with Hemsworth are just fantastic and share some amazing scenes together and they’re both the major highlights of the film.


Natalie Portman as Jane Foster was pretty good, I feel like she’s matured just a bit and because of her role in the story I feel like she’s a lot more useful and interesting than the first film. Anthony Hopkins also steps it up as Odin offering some really wonderful father-son moments whether they agree or not, Odin looks out for Thor but is not afraid to voice his opinion. I also loved Idris Elba as Heimdall, this guy had a bit more to do in this film as he had more screen and action time than the last film, Elba is awesome in most roles he’s in and in this film he’s no exception. Then there’s Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed is pretty damn awesome as the main villain of the film, he’s scary, doesn’t seem too cliché in his personality and I like how he just wants to rule the universe in darkness like the days he knew before now. Also Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Algrim/Kurse was pretty cool, he a very creepy and powerful beast-like creature and offered up some good challenge for the good guys in this film.


Other good performances include Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, while her character is still primarily for comic relief, she did provide good moments of humour. Stellan Skarsgård as Dr. Erik Selvig makes a great return and strangely enough is a lot funnier in this film. Jaimie Alexander as Sif still looked incredible and kicked ass though she wasn’t nearly in the film as much as I’d hoped. And then there’s the Warriors Three with Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Zachary Levi as Fandral and Tadanobu Asano as Hogun, they were all great and did well in their roles especially newcomer Zachary Levi, I just wish there was more screen time for them. Oh and Rene Russo as Frigga she was epic, I like how her role was expanded for more active stuff and emotional moments with her family and Jane. Oh and lastly may I just say that Chris O’Dowd in this film was great, while his role was small it offered up some really funny scenes.

IF thor2526745d5afd85

As for the presentation of Thor: The Dark World it is easily one of the film’s strongest points. Visually the film looks INSANELY beautiful, the CGI is so much more vivid, colourful and detailed than ever before offering up some truly impressive material when it comes to the scenery of Asgard and the other realms. And may I just say that Asgard on a whole is WAY more lively and seems more realistic than before with more scenes dedicated to interior and exterior locations within the city that aren’t just in the main hall. Also the action sequences are very intricate and vast than before and luckily everyone gets enough screen time to kick some ass! Oh and the soundtrack by Bryan Tyler is amazing, this guy is really starting to become one of my favourite film composers, and while none of his music reaches the majestic points that Patrick Doyle’s score did in the first film, this soundtrack has a lot of epic and beautiful moments that amplified the emotion tenfold.


So in conclusion Thor: The Dark World is another great film for Marvel, it takes the foundation from the first film and amplifies the story, characters and action by a lot more. Alan Taylor has done a really good job at giving us a more dramatic and realistic version of this fantastic world that Kenneth Branagh crafted. In truth it is the characters that make this film truly special and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are simply incredible and really elevate this film into something special.

Rating: 8.5/10 (This is a sequel that goes above and beyond to deliver much richer and deeper experience than the first film)

So what did you think of Thor: The Dark World? Did it meet your expectations or were you disappointed? Whatever your thoughts, drop in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀


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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer #1 Review

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the world, its time for another trailer review and this is one I have been interested in for a while now, the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is online and we fans of the world finally get to see what kind of stuff is in store for the future of the X-Men film series. So how does it look? Read on and find out!


But first have a look at the trailer below:

My first impressions from the trailer is nice, I see that there’s a lot of cool and interesting things to look forward to. Firstly its nice to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in costume and even though we don’t see much of them, it’s also cool to see the future X-Men team all older and looking all dramatic. Seems like that future is pretty desolate and crap, so Xavier sends Wolverine back to his younger self to try and worn the younger Xavier and company of the impending doom.

It seems like Xavier and Erik are in different places both physically and mentally and I think they’re gonna clash and that is always a welcome thing for me. Looks like everyone will get a slice of the action from young Xavier having to use Cerebro and his mind reading abilities, to Mystique running through the crowd morphing into different people, to beast getting all furry out in public, to Erik showing his levitation and magnetic skills on Mystique, it all looks pretty crazy and I’m hyped.

One thing that I have to question about the film is: how much of a balance will there be between the X-Men of the past and group from the future? This is after all a sequel to First Class but is also set after X-Men 3, so how to do you cut the mustard so that everyone gets a fair about of screen time? In truth I’m more interested in the past than the future because after X3 I can’t really see much interesting stuff going on in that future, but hey maybe the story will create something interesting for the older cast.

Like the recent Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer there seems to be a lot of government and politics involved in the plot and that I think could lead to some interesting story elements in the thriller side of things and while politic thrillers aren’t always my cup of tea, when done right it can be a great smart piece of a film’s story. I can also see this politics stuff playing into how mutants will be treated in the future and where the segregation between humans and mutants began to become public. But I guess we’ll see how things play out.

I guess the only thing I’m kind of annoyed about is how Wolverine is still at the forefront of these X-Men films. I mean besides First Class, Wolverine is the central character, now that maybe due to the fact that he’s a fan favourite or that he’s the most relatable to the casual film audience, but in all honesty it is kind of annoying when some of the other cool characters are shoved to the side. I just hope this isn’t “The Wolverine Show with Friends” or some kind of shit like that.


In conclusion X-Men: Days of Future Past is looking pretty good and this trailer makes me feel hope for the future. While it is kind of hard to tell what kind of film it is in terms of the depth of the story, amount of action and the level of Sentinel carnage that will take place, otherwise I like it and I can see a lot of potential, I just hope that this is a good follow-up to First Class, that’s all I’m asking for. 🙂

So what do you lot think of the trailer, sound off your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see ya later. 😛


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Feel The Thunder In This Thor Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, its film review time once again and with the release of Thor: The Dark World just around the corner I thought I’d give you my thoughts on its predecessor, Thor. Now I’m just gonna say this upfront, I love this film, I saw it 5 times in the cinema! If that doesn’t say enough about my love for this film, then let me elaborate in this review. So here we go!


So story-wise the film is about our main character Thor, god of thunder who happens to defy the rule of his father, Odin and because of his defiance Odin strips him of his powers and banishes him to Earth. While banished, his evil brother Loki takes over their home and has some questionable dealings with the enemy known as the Frost Giants. Over the course of the movie Thor has to learn the lesson of humility to gain his powers back through his interaction with humans and stop Loki from causing havoc to the world of Asgard.

The story is pretty good overall, though it has problems. The film deals with cause and effect, redemption and change, honour and family, and these issues are tackled in a thoughtful and spectacular fashion. I loved the focus on the relationships between Thor and Loki, and Thor and Odin, at the end of the day this is a film about family ties and how important they are. In addition to that I really liked the dialogue too, how it had a very Shakespearean vibe and there were some really beautiful, humourous and memorable lines. Obviously there were a great deal of aspects from the comics that were changed and for better or worse they’re now part of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I believe most of the updates feels realistic, fresh and approachable for by both comic and casual audiences. That being said there are problems with the story in terms of pacing, uninteresting scenes on Earth when related to Asgard and obviously the not so believable relationship between Thor and Jane, which was materialized over a few days rather than a longer period of time. But other than those issues its impressive how the filmmakers crammed several years of comic book history is into this film.


As for the cast who’re all really great and add a lot of realism to this sci-fi/god-like story. Let’s start with the Asgardians. Firstly Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as Thor, he does a great balancing act between being larger than life, arrogant and aggressive, but also adds subtly, charm and drama to his performance.And then there’s Tom Hiddleston who does an equally great performance a Loki. This adaptation is more reletable because he is misunderstood and misguided, that in turn makes us feel for him and come to terms with his transition into darkness and evil. Hiddleston added some more remorseful aspects to the character and his transition to evil is portrayed well, though I wish he’d been a bit more sinister, but otherwise he was fabulous. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was as expected really cool, Odin was such a strong, imposing, yet caring character and I loved his speeches and aura. Hopkins already had the tools to portray the character effectively and he was so cool. The Warriors Three (Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun) played by Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallas and Tadanobu Asano were delightful, they were all interesting, quirky and pretty awesome on and off of the battlefield. While I primarily know about them from Hulk Vs. Thor and my Wikipedia research, overall they seemed to be depicted pretty well though I wish they had more screen time.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif was great too, she was gorgeous and knew how to handle herself in battle, again like The Warriors Three I wish she had more screen time but she was still fun to watch. Idris Elba as Heimdall was very good too, I really wasn’t sure what to expect because this was very far removed from Elba’s standard line of work, but he did well, though some of his words were a bit hard to comprehend at times. Rene Russo as Frigga did a nice job well in the film too, although she was severely underused and I wish she’d had more screen time. Okay, now let’s talke about the human characters. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster was decent, Jane was good for the first half of the film and had nice chemistry between her and Thor, however I didn’t buy into her like her relationship with Thor. Firstly I find it hard to believe that someone as pretty as her would find it so hard to find love, and secondly I the time that she and Thor spent together was FAR too short for her to go from an infuation to all out love, more time wasneeded for that relationship to grow as it kind of felt forced towards the end of the film. Stellan Skarsgård as Erik Selvig was pretty good too, can’t really fault him. And Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis was good too, she had some funny dialogue and was also very beautiful. 😀 And finally it was so great to see Clark Gregg back as Agent Coulson, he had some great scenes and dialogue and by that point he’d definitely become more of an interesting character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When it comes to the presentation of Thor it is pretty good. Visually the film was very pretty with lovey art direction,good CGI, great costume design and nice cinematography. The visual effects were handled by BUF and Digital Domain, and they crafted some great gorgeous stuff, from the space worlds of Asgard and Jotunheim to the Frost Giants, Destroyer Armour and battle sequences, it was pretty awesome. The travelling sections via the Bifrost Bridge is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen on-screen for some time (the first time it’s like, “Wow! FRIGGING AWESOME!!”). That being said the world of Asgard seemed a tad empty outside of the main hall and one had to wonder where all of the residents were haha. There also seemed to be a lack of sharpness and clarity in certain sections and I feel a studio like Industrial Light & Magic would have been a better choice for tackling the VFX, but still overall the film looked good.

thor03 thor_paramount09

The action sequences in the film was handled in an effective manner too, with most characters getting decent screen time. The action was shot wonderfully with lots of quick cuts and a variety of camera shots. I loved how Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir was depicted as it demonstrated a lot of different techniques especially with the spinning attacks which I wasn’t expecting to make it into the movie at all. The lightning effects were good and even Thor’s flying ability looked well portrayed too. Loki’s action on-screen was pretty good with a lot more physical combat with a staff, though I wish he had done more magic-based attacks. Everybody else have good fight scenes from the Warriors Three to Sif, from their battle with the Frost Giants to the attack on the Destroyer Armour. One thing that does bug me is the fact the first battle with the Frost Giants is the best one and everything that follows afterwards never quite reach that same level of greatness. Also the soundtrack crafted by Patrick Doyle was pretty great, it epic, dramatic and can go from being really powerful to being quite small and emotional. It really elevates whatever is happening on-screen and hits all the right notes for all the key scenes


So in conclusion I liked Thor a lot, it was a grand film with a good story, great characters, good action and a decent soundtrack. While there are some notable problems with the story, pacing and action, the film laid out the groundwork for these characters and other comic aspects to be incorporated into the sequel. Kenneth Branagh must be commended for taking what seemed to be an impossible task and making it feesable for comic book fans and casual audiences. A lot of people hate on Thor but I reckon its one of the better Phase 1 films, I recommend it and I can’t wait to be blown away by The Dark World (hopefully)!

Rating: 8/10 (It really was one of my favourite superhero films of recent years)

So what did you think of Thor? Whatever your thoughts, drop in the comments below and come back to this blog in the next few days for my review of Thor: The Dark World! Laters yo! 😀


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer #1 Review

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the world, its trailer review time here on this blog and after a long wait we finally have our first look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the first trailer which was released just a little while ago. Now there’s been a lot of talk about this film especially after Comic-Con and a lot of it has been pretty promising and positive from those who have seen the footage shown back in July. But now we the public get to see what this film looks like, so does it look good or bad? Read on and find out!

But firstly check out the trailer below:

My first impressions form that trailer is “cool.” Yeah, this trailer looks pretty damn cool. While it wasn’t the ‘I was blown away, shit my pants, tell everybody in the world’ kind of trailer, it definitely has a lot of eyebrow-raising moments and set-pieces that have yet to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

The trailer seems to have a very serious and thriller-esque tone to it and I’m loving that. Having said that though there is a bit of humour shown in the beginning between Black Widow and Cap and that shows that the funny side of things hasn’t been completely abandoned. It seems like the world has changed a great deal since the events of The Avengers and security is stepping, help is being recruited, Cap, Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D. are more active and there seems to be more enemies crawling out of the woodwork.

Character-wise Steve Rogers is looking as badass and true to his character as ever and I’m liking the different costumes especially his new darker one. Robert Redford’s character seems to be like Nick Fury’s either superior or part of some other division of SHIELD and I like him, Black Widow still seems to be kicking ass and asking interesting questions and Nick Fury is still Nick Fury and I have now problems with that. The only person we didn’t see the much of was Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, but I guess they’re saving him for later.

I’m liking the dialogue for the film too, it sound very thought-provoking and interesting. Robert Redford’s character has some of my favourite lines like “Captain, to build a better world, sometimes means tear the old one down” or “Are you ready for the world to see you how you really are?

Looks like a lot of people and a lot stuff is gonna get messed up as the action scenes and sequences in this film seem to go from very intricate to large-scale chaos. There’s a lot to love like the scene with Winter Soldier shooting that thing under the car that Nick Fury is in looked crazy, there are loads of other explosions, Cap taking out all those dudes in the elevator to some nice hand to hand combat between Cap and WW. But the coolest moment, the COOLEST MOMENT is when you see what looks like the FRIGGING HELICARRIER CRASHING AND EXPLODING INTO THE GROUND! BADASS STUFF GOING ON HERE YO!

Now I love thrillers, especially action ones and they can be done correctly but they can also end up being very average. At this point in time I can’t tell how much of a thriller this’ll be and how it will coincide with the more superhero-based elements of the film. I just hope the Russo brothers and the writers have found that right kind of balance so that it feels like a comic book film, but feels fleshed-out and realistic.

Oh and one more thing, I said I’m excited for this film and I genuinely am, however I remember being excited for a little film by the name of Captain America: The First Avenger and look how that turned out. So with that in mind I am turning down my hype levels just a bit in case I do get a disappointing end result, I just hope this film is a stronger one.


In conclusion this trailer makes me excited for the next Captain America film and I feel hopeful that this one will rectify the problems of the last film too. The action looks solid, the cast members new and old seem like they have their hearts in the right place and it seems like there will be enough content here to stand alone from under the shadow of The Avengers. So will the film succeed? I hope so, I guess time will tell when the first comes out next year.

So what do you lot think of the trailer, sound off your thoughts in the comments below.


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New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stills And Info!

Howdy people, time for some more Marvel film news! Okay so just after we got the first official poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier we get two new pictures to check out along with some more information on the film from the directors. The following information comes from ComicBookMovies:


“Following today’s brand new poster and ahead of Thursday’s official trailer debut, USA Today has an exclusive look at Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier – two new stills of Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson, plus new info from the Nick Fury actor and the Russo bros. “There’s nobody better at that kind of [action] than Marvel if you’re going to attempt to pull that off and go for it,” Joe Russo says. “We all tried to up the ante with what happens in this movie in terms of what’s come before, and I think we’ve done that.” On the Winter Soldier, Anthony Russo says, “He’s an amazingly drawn character. He’s so well conceived. [Ed Brubaker has] one of the best comic runs in the last 20 years, one of our favorite comic runs of all time & we really want to do it justice. It was important to us to make sure he just jumped off the page to the screen.” 

“Some of the people who used to be our enemies are now our allies,” Samuel L. Jackson says. The new film has Captain America “trying to figure out, ‘Well, how do we trust those guys?’ or ‘How do we trust the guys that you didn’t trust who don’t trust you?’ And explaining to him that the black and white of good guys/bad guys has now turned into this gray area.”

spke nlwdWell firstly these two stills look pretty cool. First one with Steve Rogers and Nick Fury looks nice with the two of them looking at something with some degree of intensity and this shot also re-confirms the fact that Cap’s costume is receiving a new look in this film or is at least one of a few. As for picture two this must be that scene I heard about at Comic-Con when Cap took out several dudes in an elevator, it sounds badass on paper, hope it unfolds in the same way too.

As for what the directors say about the film, as usual they sound really enthusiastic about working with Marvel and all this talk about loving the source material and upping the ante in this sequel just makes me feel so good about this sequel you don’t even know yo. As for what Samuel L. Jackson, I love all this talk about trust, good and bad guys and the grey areas, I love thrillers and the conspiracy, lies and confusion that ensues and I hope that’s the kind of stuff that’s brought to this film.

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Secrets and Lies

“A friendship built on lies won’t last…”

That’s what I said on Facebook the other day and those are words that I stand by. Secrets, lies and deceit, that’s the kind of stuff that can break any kinds of relationships and make them fall apart… And today I’m here to voice my opinion on those matters in light of recent events.

So yeah, before I continue I just want to say this first; I have lied myself. Obviously this makes me sound like a right hypocrite, however I’ve never told any lies that would hurt the feelings of others, when it comes to my friends and family I try to be as true blue as they come. I mean you wouldn’t want people keeping stuff from you and keeping secrets from you would ya? Of course not. I try to be the nicest person in existence with truth at the forefront of my relationships and I expect the same thing back…

But unfortunately there are those who wish to go against this way of thinking. And there are two types of people that really piss me off in this world; those who inconvenience me and those who LIE TO ME!

you_know__i_hate_liars_by_autumnflier-d5nlkoqYep, that sums up my feelings pretty well.

I’m not sure when this became a big thing for me, but I seriously hate liars, fakers, anyone who doesn’t seem genuine or those who have secrets to hide and conceal them with lies. I know that there are some secrets that some people never want others to discover, but when they involve you, it becomes your business.

So picture if you will, a scenario when you told something by someone you called a friend only to find out from someone else that it wasn’t the full story, that they had not only lied, but hid secrets from you and one something truly terrible, cruel, insensitive, that kind of shit that a REAL friend wouldn’t do. All I have to say to that is why?

Why would someone who is your friend do something to betray your friendship? And that’s what troubles me. My relationships are all built on a pretty solid foundation of trust. Any relationship whether it be with your family, friends, lovers, etc. It’s all built on trust, once you take that element out of play and the foundation falls apart.


So in case you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about someone who I thought was a friend who has betrayed my trust in the probably one of the worst ways personally and I’m trying to figure out how to handle the situation without blowing the fuck up. Guess we’ll see what happens, all I can say is that my trust in that person has all but dissipated.


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New Captain America 2 Poster Online, With Trailer To Follow On Thursday!

Howdy people of the interweb, time to report on some Marvel film-related news and today we have our first proper poster for the next Captain America film, Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe following miniature info comes from ComicBookMovies:


“In tune with the international release of Thor: The Dark World, whose red carpet premiere is in London today, Marvel has released a brand-spanking new Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster in anticipation of the first official trailer! While the teaser will debut this Thursday, co-director Joe Russo recently described the sequel “very emotional for a Marvel film.” He added, “It allows us to care about Steve Rogers as a character. So when there is jeopardy we’re on-board with him.” Anyhow, check out the awesome poster below and the teaser trailer in just two days! “

ukz3Man that is a pretty cool poster, just from the look of this poster I can tell that this a totally different kind of beast to the first film and that is something I welcome whole-heartedly. Looks like Steve Rogers/Cap is standing inside one of those S.H.I.E.L.D. jets getting ready to jump out. You can see the Helicarrier in the background towards the left along with a flying jet and below that I think that’s a shot of Washington DC with the monument there in clear sight so something tells me that there will definitely be some government and politics involved and that makes me well excited. I like the way the poster is framed and the lighting too, it just looks badass and shows that this is a serious situation with only one guy who can take it on (while the rest of the Avengers are off doing other stuff).

Now I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, CA: The First Avenger is decent, but it wasn’t nearly as original, cool or unique as say Iron Man or Thor in my opinion and all the action was in montage! And that’s no good! But with this sequel it sounds like everything is in place for a much better sequel, there are clear references being taken from The Avengers, the scope of this film feels bigger and more international than the last and this whole spy/political thriller that the filmmakers are making this film out to be just excites me to no end.

Alrighty then, so what do you think of the poster? Drop them in the comments below and join me for my review of the  CA: The Winter Solider easer trailer review on Thursday! Laters! 😀

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Captain Phillips Review

Hello there people of the interweb, time for the second film review of the day and after reviewing Escape Plan, its time for me to talk about Captain Phillips. Now I have only known about for around two months, but ever since I saw the first trailer I’ve been really hyped for this film. You had Tom Hanks, one of the most accomplished actors ever along with Paul Greengrass at the helm who has directed some of my favourite films (Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum and Green Zone), how good you go wrong? So I went into this film with fairly high expectations and I think its fair to say that I wasn’t let down. 🙂

The story of the film is a biopic retelling the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. The film focuses on the relationship between Alabama’s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirate captain, Muse, who takes him hostage. Phillips and Muse are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips’ unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, 145 miles off the Somali coast, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.

I thought the story in this film was SO good. I like how it was meant to be a regular day for Phillips and his crew, but when the pirates appear things start to get iffy and then once they board the ship everything goes to shit. From there the film is all about the connection between Phillips and the pirate leader Muse. Everything about the plot screams of a good solid thriller, it has action, loads of suspense and tension so high it leaves you on edge nearly all the time. The tension in this film just get bigger and bigger as the film descends into more dangerous and chaotic situations, and what I loved was that the film didn’t feel cheap or cliché. Most things played out in a realistic, dramatic and emotional fashion that keeps you invested from start to finish. Now I know that there are apparently inaccuracies to the way events truly went down, but I’m just looking at this as a film on its own merits and for me, the story works just fine.


Now let’s talk about the cast, all of which do a fantastic job as the characters they portray, but the stand out performance has to be from Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips. Hanks has always been a very well-received actor in most of his films, he’s proved time and again that he is a very versatile actor and in this film, he is no different. Hanks kills it as this sea captain who wishes to keep all of his crewmates safe while at the same time trying to talk sense into the pirates. The main covers all ends of the emotional spectrum and the thing is, he never makes it feel cheap, all of these scenes that Hanks acts out feels real, raw and you really feel for his character during this terrible endeavour. I see why people are talking about Hanks potentially getting an Oscar, I feel like he deserves too haha.


Not there to be outdone by Tom Hanks, one of the other key stars of this film is Barkhad Abdi as Abduwali Muse, pirate leader. For a dude making his acting debut, Abdi does a bloody good job. Muse has this seriously intimating presence, with piercing eyes and cold, aggressive, yet cool personality to boot. What I like about Muse is that even though he is a bad guy, he does have a reason for doing what he’s doing and behind all the bravado, there is a human behind all the evil and Abdi really sells this character to the audience. Also Barkhad Abdirahman as Bilal is one of the most intense bad guys I’ve come across, even though he is the underlying of Muse, Bilal has his own opinions on what should be done during the hijacking and this leads some really crazy, scary and tension-building scenes where Abdirahman really shows off his acting skills too. As for Faysal Ahmed as Najee and Mahat M. Ali as Elmi, they’re good in their roles too but its note as noteworthy as the other above.


Moving onto the presentation now and I have to say it worked very nicely. Visually the film definitely looks like a Paul Greengrass film, the cinematography and slight shaky camera reminds me out the Bourne films and the scenes at night, while a bit dark, were shot really well. soundtrack by Henry Jackman is very nice offering up some wonderful variety and multiple moments of emotional music that really amplifies the action that’s happening on-screen. Oh and one other thing to note, there’s one track in this film that I SWEAR sounds just like a rearranged version of the song “Time” by from Inception soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. I won’t say where in the film the track plays, but SERIOUSLY listen to it and tell me you don’t hear it too!


In conclusion, Captain Phillips is a fine film and I can easily say it’s my favourite film of the year so far. Unlike the other crap I’ve had to sit through this year, this film was genuinely great from start to finish. The combination of Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks is brilliant and they have made a film that is completely solid. I highly recommend this film to everyone looking for a GOOD film at the cinema, this is amazing material that no one should miss out on. 🙂

Rating: 9/10 (Such a good film with real drama, action, emotion and all the other good qualities of a great thriller)

So what did you think of Captain Phillips? Did you enjoy the tension-based thriller at the high seas or was this story not for you? Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next film review yo! 😀


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