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Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows Review


Howdy ladies and gentlemen, in this blog post I’m going to give you my review of the second Sherlock Holmes film from Guy Richie; Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

So the story of the film is an easy one to follow, basically we have Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson having to join forces again to take down their most calculating adversary, Professor Moriarty. The story in this film for me is a lot interesting than the first film because the characters in this sequel the characters are much more interesting and involved in the plot than before. Even some of the secondary cast lend themselves to the story in a great way. There is also a greater sense of danger and urgency in this film then there was in the last film and that is something I always love in sequels; having greater stakes and a deeper story for the audience to get invested in. It has been argued by some that the story is a lot further from the original source material and because of that the film has faults with the story and its characters. Overall I thought this story was pretty impressive, although I wish the writers had dived a little deeper into the darker areas of the film which would have made the characters and plot a lot better. But for the most part Sherlock Holmes 2 has a great story worth telling.

When it comes to the characters Robert Downey, Jr. as always is just incredible as Holmes, he is funny, complicated and a very strange man, but he does have a brilliant mind and the way in which he figures things out is nothing short of astounding. Holmes is also very similar to how he was in the first film, but I think this film takes him into deeper emotional territory than the before. At first I thought Holmes was an invincible smart man who couldn’t be touched but this film shows he can be hurt, physically and mentally and even the great Sherlock Holmes can get things wrong sometimes and I really liked that. When it comes to Watson, Jude Law is simply wonderful, he is the stern, yet fair friend of Holmes who brings his own level of smarts, wit and charm to the film. Even as he gets married and his life changes with his new wife we see that he still is the same man he was in the first film and like Holmes he goes though some emotional episodes that makes Watson all the better for it. Together throughout the journey of this film Holmes and Watson find that they need each other, that their bond extends further than just their journeys together, that for all the dysfunctional aspects of their relationship and all the problems that Holmes usually causes Watson in the end they really do need each other and it’s that bond that is one of the most powerful aspects of the film.

The other powerful character that completes the film is Jared Harris as Moriarty, as the antagonist he gives a much more memorable performance than Mark Strong’s villain in the last film. Unlike Strong’s character, Harris’ actually has a presence. Moriarty is one of those sort of villains that doesn’t act like one out in the open and operates behind the shadows while having a very different persona to the public as a cover. And as charming as he is, when his calculating villainy side comes out and his cruel side becomes apparent you realise he’s a force to be dealt with. He’s definitely not the type of guy you’d want to meet in a back alley at night. And the way in which Moriarty and Holmes interact is just incredible, they’re both incredibly smart and are constantly trying to outwit each other. Also Noomi Rapace is good as Simza, though I believe her character was incredibly underused and wasn’t in the film as much as I thought she’d be which was disappointing, but for what she did contribute to the film it was pretty good. The same can be said for Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly who reprise their roles as Irene Adler and Mary Morstan/Watson. And lastly but by no means least a special mention has to be given to Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes, he was just incredible in the film, he was witty, funny and just larger than life, he had much more of a role than I thought he would, but every scene he was in he was very memorable. As usual Stephen Fry delivers.

Now when it comes to the action sequences this film does not disappoint. From the fights, to the chase sequences and everything in-between everything is on a much higher level than before. Everything is on a much bigger and better scale than the last film; Holmes’ fights are even more interestingly choreographed than before, the gun fights are on a better scale and with all of the different locations in the film all of them introduce interesting scenarios and scenes of thrills, tension and adventure. And like the previous film Hans Zimmer returns to compose the soundtrack and it’s just a good as it was in the previous film, possibly better due to the darker nature of this film. Either way Hans Zimmer continues to be invincible and cannot do any wrong.


Overall Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a great follow-up to the first film and in a lot of ways is much better than its predecessor. The pacing is a lot better and with a much deeper plot, good character development, a much better villain and incredible action sequences this is definitely a film worth checking out. Director Guy Ritchie and his filmmaking team have taken what has worked in the first film and re-applied it in this film on a much bigger scale and I feel they should be commended for it. A lot of film critics and audience members have given this film bad reviews stating that it’s not as good as the original or stating that the film doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the first film. And while some of that may be true and there were issues and elements that this sequel didn’t fully commit to, overall the film isn’t nearly as bad as many people make it out to be. It is a well-made film with action, story and its fairly intelligent too. It’s not perfect but I still enjoyed it immensely and will probably be seeing again very soon.

Rating: 8/10






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Just not feeling the Christmas season

It’s weird, at this time of year I’m normally very happy, besides the Expo and my birthday, Christmas time is when I am at my jolliest and yet in 2011 I feel next to nothing. It’s not like I’m emotionless, but let me put it into this context; I used to love this time of year, it was always about the merry songs, togetherness with family and friends, getting fat over the amounts of food that you would consume and watching specific television shows, oh and getting some presents too 🙂 Though I can’t say I’m an overly materialistic kind of person because I don’t mind what I get for Christmas, heck I don’t mind if I get next to nothing because in the end my general love for this time of year would normally cancel everything else out. As said before I was just in it for the love of the season. But now I’m not bothered, besides seeing family and having time away from uni Christmas this year has been pretty ordinary. I’m sort of happy about it but at the same time I’m not overly fussed.

grinchjpg-2e12978cfbcd7097Christmas should be a jolly time for all, but not for me this year.

Now I can probably see several people coming at me saying “Scrooge! Scrooge!” But you would be wrong on many levels, I have had fun this time around, just like every year but there has been some degree of normality floating around which I haven’t been able to shake. And I think I realise today what the deal is with me. It’s that feeling you get when you realise something is missing. You know that one element that holds everything together which you normally have but don’t at that present moment. And today on Boxing Day I realise what is missing from my world that has made this Christmas so regular and not so special… It’s the magic. That’s right magic, normally at this time of year around early/mid-December there is a feeling in the air that fills your soul with happiness, this is what people interpret as the magic of the Christmas season. While a lot people claim that Christmas has lost its meaning in commercialism and all that jazz. I have never forgotten what Christmas is about. At this time of year we remember the birth of Christ (Jesus Christ for those not aware) and other than that it’s all about being with your family and loved ones and enjoying their company.

But ever since December started I couldn’t get into the groove of things. I mean I knew that Christmas was coming but I never felt anything towards it, it’s like I said to myself “I should be excited but right now I’m not bothered.” So I thought maybe that’s just random feeling. Maybe that’ll pass in time, however the days edged ever closer and my feelings did not change. Though I did get fairly jolly with me flatmates at uni when they busted out some Christmas songs and we would dance around the flat. I thought that would be enough, but even then it wasn’t. So then I thought “If anything will get me in the mood for Christmas it’ll be “Dubstep Santa” by the Daveyboys. That always works.” And so I went on YouTube and watched all 3 Dubstep Santa videos and it was lovely, I was in my element and it was creating this joyful feeling in my soul, so I thought with this maybe the magic will follow. However right up until the week when uni ended back on the 16th I still didn’t feel anything special or magical. Things were still average.

To be honest this is how I felt for the majority of the Christmas season.

So then I figured okay if go back home to familiar territory then in the last week leading up to Christmas everything will be fine, but then the travel back home happened… Ugh. The less said about that the better, I even wrote a blog on it if you wish to see my post about my suffering here:

So then after I got home I tried to get into that Christmas groove. But the feeling wasn’t coming, the magic wasn’t kicking in. I also didn’t get my normal Christmas stuff done like watching my favourite Christmas films or television specials on TV, DVD or VHS, my schedule was messed up. So over the last week I had been reacquainting myself with my family and meeting up with many friends, some of which I hadn’t seen for months, others I had seen for years. It was beautiful. I even obtained a PS3 after how many years of waiting and I even got back to the cinema for the first time in 3 months! I was having the time of my life. I even went out on Christmas Eve with my friends and even met up with several old mates while I was out, it was a great night and to be honest it was the closest feeling I got to that Christmas magic because I was having fun in the company of friends. 🙂

So then while I was out Christmas Day came and I was in a lovely groove, so with a good feeling in my soul I left my friends in town and headed home around 1am. My sister and I set up the PS3 and played Mortal Kombat 9 for a few hours while opening my presents. So after our little playing session we went to bed. Then we got up a good few hours later, opened the rest of our presents and then headed out London to hang at my Gran’s house which was the main aspect of Christmas that usually rules over everything else. And from there we had loads of food, did a lot of catching up and played card games for ages, none of which I actually won haha. However even after all of the television, food, family fun and games I wasn’t having the time of my life as I usually am, this was just an ordinary time. 😦 I think it also didn’t help that the rest of my cousins, aunts and uncles weren’t there too. In the end this Christmas was fun, I had gotten some fabulous presents and spent some great time with my family. But in the end it was nowhere near as fun or as amazing as the last few years. Unfortunately there was no magic and I wasn’t feeling the season in the way that I should be.

Anyway hope that y’all people of the world had a great Christmas and I’ll catch ya later 😀


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Being back home is weird

It is strange leaving home, moving to another town/city and trying to find your feet again. That’s exactly what I did when I went to university in Sheffield. I had to establish my identity all over again, make new friends and continue my life of learning in a much bigger and more academic environment. And over time I adjusted, I found my feet, got some great friends and discovered over the last 3 months that Sheffield is a pretty awesome place to live. Even after uni ended I could imagine myself hanging around in that city for quite some time. I guess you can say I got attached to the city a lot; it’s a very nice place. But then I left Sheffield last weekend to come back to my home town of Luton and things don’t right.

I’ve been back in Luton for just under a week and it feels strange to be back in a place that I used to call home, I mean sure it is still technically my home as I haven’t completely left the country or established a new life on the other side of the planet. But I feel more at home in Sheffield then I do when I am in Luton, there is just a refreshing feeling when hanging around in Sheffield and back up there it feels like anything is possible and that’s why I love it so. Nothing feels as hard to do or complicated to do up there unlike in Luton where it feels like there a level of complexity that comes with living in this town. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bad-mouthing my own home town, but with the amount of the stuff that I have been able to do in this new wonderful city that I’ve been living in for the last few months it’s weird to fall back into this place where I was before, it feels a tad unnatural. It’s just strange to have all this free time with nothing to do with it; I much prefer the madness of my time schedule in Sheffield where the unpredictable nature of life takes over with my lovely flatmates.

Again don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my home town, far from it in fact. I really do like being back here where things are a great deal simpler and all that jazz. I’ve met and caught up with all of my best friends, hanged out with many people and it seems like people genuinely miss me and actually want to hang with me. It’s made me so stupidly happy 😀 I swear in these last few days I have gotten all that I have ever wanted and then some, I am satisfied. And yet, I miss Sheffield so bad I just want to go back and live it up all over again. I know I’ll be back on the 31st of December for New Year’s fun, however its strange I should miss a city I’ve only lived in for a few months and miss a flat I’ll only live in for just under a year with ridiculously high pricing for rent or miss even people who I have only known for a short time. But hey what can I say, I love the city, I love the people and even though the flat rent is killing me it’s a nice place to chill in haha.

So now with Christmas around the corner I guess I look forward to it, it’s strange that it’s nearly here and yet I haven’t noticed at all, it’s really unnatural to me. Oh well only 2 days to go let’s hope something gets me in the groove! Laters. 🙂


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My terrible episode with train transportation

It’s funny, in all time that I’ve been travelling on trains whether it be to London, Sheffield or anywhere else I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience. Sure there have been delays or travel diversions on the London Underground when travelling to the London MCM Expo with my friends, but there has never been anything that has ever gotten under my skin, angered me and depressed me before… That was until yesterday. Yesterday was meant to be a simple trip from Sheffield to Luton, nothing overly complicated, I had planned everything out days before and even though I had pay extra for the train on the day, I had everything in hand. However from the time I left the flat at my accommodation the first time everything went wrong.

This was just meant to be a routine trip back home, but it blatantly didn’t work out the way I wanted…

So after waking up in a very slow fashion after a massive night out, I was up and ready, though I did mess around on YouTube for a bit. I think I may have watched too much stuff as I had forgotten to look at the clock lol. Basically I had to be on the train at 14:27, I wanted to get to the train station at 14:00 and it was 13:45! I started to panic, I through my stuff together and rushed around. I had to reorganize my suitcase twice and then I finally got out and was on my way to the station however I had left the most quintessential item at home, my rail card. So then I had to throw my suitcase in a bush next to a tree and run back to my flat, nab the rail card and then run back to get my suitcase. I eventually got to the station just before the train was gonna leave, but I didn’t get the ticket in time so I had to wait for the next one at 14:47. Weak!

The next train did eventually come on time and I was en-route… However, there was an announcement on the train saying that the train was faulty, something to do with the doors not functioning properly so then we had to get off at Derby and switch trains. Holy man was I pissed off. So then I had to take my heavy-ass bag and suitcase from one train to the next and then I was finally one my way to Leicester like I was supposed to be. I then got off and tried to look at the nearest indicator to find out when the next train would be heading to Luton, but it wasn’t working. So then I had to run to another platform and check the indicator there which said the next train for London St. Pancras was at 15:25, but when I looked on that platform it said that the trains was calling at London St. Pancras only and I was thinking “That is so unfair!” So then I ran up to a guy at the ticket office and he said that the next train heading for Luton was the one I just looked at, so me thinking that the ticket man was right I went back to the platform and waited around 20 minutes for the train to show up. So then it eventually showed up and I hopped on, sat down and hoped for the best. However when the ticket inspector told me that my ticket was not only invalid but that the train was going to London St. Pancras only, my heart soon sank into a sea of disappear.

So then she told me that she’d write something down on my ticket that would allow me to get over the barriers at London and should still allow me to get back home too. So I thought I should trust her, but I was still gutted that I had to travel all the way to London to get back to Luton. So then I arrive in London St. Pancras around 17:30 and approach the barrier with my ticket. I check the train times and I see the next train home was heading off at 18:00. So when I tried to get over the barriers to the train when it started boarding I couldn’t get on because the woman at the barriers told me that my ticket was invalid. But then I told her my situation, that I was given false information by the ticket man at Leicester and the other stuff, but she wasn’t having it and told me to get another ticket. So there I was in the most frustrated mood in the history life, I swear I was ready to blow up. I’m so glad I had my music to keep me going through all that, it kept me clam, kept me focused and provided me with some good tunes. So I went down, got me ticket, came back up and then finally got through the barriers and onto the train. I just sat down and sighed in sadness that it had taken so long to get to a position where I was getting home after running around for 3 hours. After a quick call with my mum, I just put my headphones back in my ears and just let the train take me away.

And then out of nowhere some guy I was sitting next to asked me if I wanted a beer, I thought he was joking but he said he had one too many, so I accepted. It was the highlight of my day, and best thing that happened to me all day. So there I was chilling with a beer on the train, I was tired, frustrated, but at least I had beer haha. 🙂 So then after 15 minutes I finally got back into Luton. Finally back to my home town after 4 hours travelling around on trains with heavy luggage. Holy man it was lengthy.

So with the end of that story I came to this conclusion, that trains aren’t always consistent and websites aren’t always reliable and neither are people. I know a lot of the problems with Saturday began with me, with my reliance on the National Rail website and their inconsistent information on train times and then the forgetting of my rail card. But then there were problems that came from having to change trains because of faulty electrics, ticket men giving out false information and horrible people at the barriers not understanding the problems that everyday people like me go through. Oh good gravy I suffer so. 😦 Why is it that every once in a while I have to go through such horrible episodes in my life. It has made me very wary for the future in terms travelling and other things of that nature.





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The snow has fallen, at least it’s not falling.

This morning I woke up and saw the remains of what looked like snow, it looked like thick frost at first but then I saw a lot of it around so I had made an assumption that there had been snow. I just prayed that when I went outside it wouldn’t do a surprise attack on me and start falling on my way to uni because I wasn’t in the mood for that. So after I got myself decent and was getting ready to head out, my flatmate had returned from the outside and we had a small chat and he told me that it was snowing a few hours before I had awoken, as he was up when it was falling and he said that people from the floors above our flat came out and started throwing snowballs at his window. I can’t imagine how I missed all that, but then I am a very heavy sleeper.

Oh snow just go away!

In a way I should be glad the snow fell already, but the problem is that now that the snow has made itself apparent, the days are gonna get a lot colder, travelling may become a lot worse and it may just be a sign of the horror to come. I know I was talk about snow as a bad thing, but its only because nothing good has happened yet, no snow-related thing in the last few years has ever been good in any way. Oh well, whatever, we’ll see what happens, I just hope it doesn’t disturb me when I plan to go to the cinema over the next two weeks. 🙂




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I’m Obsessed With The Spectacular Spider-Man

In the last 3 days I decided to revisit one of my favourite cartoons, The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series. It was the my third time watching the series through and to be honest I’m still in love it. It’s funny when I first watched this show around 3 years ago I knew that it was awesome by the time season 1 ended, but when season 2 came around and everything that took place in that season came to an end I swear it just blew my mind back in 2009. And during the time when season 2 finally aired on UK television I decided to re-watch the series again and my goodness it was even better than watching it the first time. And just watching it recently I remembered so much but forgot many things so I learnt as I went along and when everything came into place I was left in an overly dramatic state of happiness and sadness. The show just felt like it was even better to watch than the last 2 times, there’s just so much to appreciate.

To be honest I don’t think I’ve been this affected by any animated show for quite some time, besides when I watch certain types of anime like One Piece or Dragon Ball Z, The Spectacular Spider-Man is a show I respect as not only an adaptation of the Spider-Man comic material but also as cartoon that is far more comprehensive than most cartoons aired on television in recent times. Even though the show is meant for kids, there is so much more for older audiences to enjoy especially for fans of the source material as there is so much to see and take in. The levels of intricacy in the story, character development, settings and locations, art and animation is just amazing and it’s just a site to behold in action. A lot of fans knock the series because of the way it looks or the changes to certain key characters in the main, supporting and villain cast, but overall this show has such a great handling of everything in the life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man that by the time the series is over you are left wanting more.

Since I finished TSSM yesterday I haven’t been able to think about anything else. I have Spectacular Spidey on the mind. 🙂 It was such a good show and even when season 2 ended it was just getting into the groove of things with a massive conclusion and an ending that left so many opportunities open for a third season and it breaks my heart every time I get to episode 26 to know the series is over thanks to bloody Disney and their take-over of Marvel which lead to the massive mess-up that eventually ended the series. Now obviously the new Ultimate Spider-Man TV series is on the horizon for 2012 and from a visual and art standpoint it looks really good, it’s just that the concept of this series doesn’t sound nearly as good or interesting as its predecessor and it seems to have lost the more mature nature of the Spectacular Spidey series, but hell I’ll still watch it because it’s Spider-Man.

But still as you might have guessed TSSM means the world to me and I really want tell the world about how awesome it is, so I don’t know when but when I have the time I’m going to do a comprehensive 2-part review on The Spectacular Spider-Man reviewing season 1 & 2 in great detail on YouTube and possibly writing a massive review on here too. I don’t know how long it’ll take given the current amount of uni work I have to do, but as soon as that stuff is over, it’s Spidey time!! So look out for that one when it comes yo!!

Thanks for reading yo 😀




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It is just that as the title of this blog post suggests, I am bored. At this current point in time I can’t and don’t feel like doing anything, I mean compared to all the other times I have been bored out of my skull, tonight actually tops the list. I don’t know how but somewhere between 6pm and now I have just lost all incentive to do anything; I can’t be arsed to do my work (not that I was gonna start it anyway), I can’t be arsed to draw or play video games, I can’t be bothered with YouTube because I’ve watched everything already, heck I can’t even be bothered to go onto Wikipedia and gain stupid amounts of knowledge on things I already know about. Basically I’m bored and it sucks.

Right now I’m too indecisive to try and do anything because I am constantly thinking about the negative ramifications of taking on that action/task, in the end I am slowly loosing my mind and I am not sure of what to do…

Actually there is a partial reason why I am so bored, it is partially due to some previous frustration I faced earlier on today which has been subdued for now. Basically I wrote a blog post many hours ago talking about my creative and writer’s block that I have been experiencing in recent times and it was over 800 words long and it was actually a great post in my own opinion which I think would be nice to talk about… However when I published it, nothing came out, there was no words, no pictures, no nothing. I think you can imagine the level of frustration that was flying through my head. It was like an explosion just waiting to happen. I looked into the saved drafts and there was only one from when I had written the first paragraph, I was so pissed off it was unreal. I had been f*cked over by some internet anomaly and it was all because I didn’t do the traditional thing of copying my work before sending it out. I’ve done it before, but since this website has never given me problems I never thought that issues like that would occur. But hell they did and I still haven’t completely gotten over it. I want to watch a video or something but can’t watch anything too happy-go-lucky because I am not in the mood, but then I also don’t want to watch anything too long either because I know I’ll get bored and right now nothing on my laptop is giving me any good options.

So then you may think okay screw it, why don’t I go to bed? I mean I’m not gonna be missing anything and nothing will be going down in life until tomorrow. But I can’t be arsed to turn around and go to my bed because it’s too much energy being used. In the end I am too lazy to do anything so I dunno where I’ll be in the next 30 minutes so if I’m still around after my boredom crisis I’ll probably blog about it later haha. Peace out 😀




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My Fear/Dislike of Snow

Ah snow, it’s something that I love but also something that I loath with a passion. Snow is both beautiful and deadly. It brings most people joy and happiness, however for me it only brings pain and suffering. I am probably one of the few people in the world not to enjoy the wonders of snow. Whenever I think of snow I literally think of every bad memory I have of it and it manifests into hate each time. And it’s troublesome, because I do like snow, it’s nice to look at, it can also get you out of school/college/uni/work, you can also get great photographs of it and it also creates interesting situations in a snowball fight.

Ah snow, why can’t I love you the way everybody else does?

Snow is great, well, mainly when you’re younger. For me snow was incredible when I was younger, I honestly looked forward to it each year and when it came it was like a magic feeling, just having it around made me feel happy. It was up until the year 2006 or 2007 when I had my first bad experience with snow, while cruising around with one of my friends down a slippery set of stairs and a bunch of guys walked past us and then bombarded us with snowballs as we almost slipped down the stairs on the way down. And then on my way home I had to walk up a very steep hill and had to hang on to a railing as I was going up and then some punks from the other side of the road were trying to throw more snowballs at me. Urgh! That was the first strike. I realised at that point in my life that snow is only good in contained locations like school, because at least in there when you played in snow and had snowball fights it was in a controlled environment (to some degree anyway). However on the cold streets of realism people use snow as a disruptive weapon, those old enough to have thoughts of evil will use that to throw snowballs at moving cars and simple travellers… Like me!

Snow, a deadly weapon in the hands of cruel people.

After all this time over the next 2-3 years snow has continued to be my friend and enemy as it got me out of many days of college but stopped me from going anywhere else. The snow always tends to come down continuously once it starts, I never went outside and since I had no friends in the area to share the snow with I was always stuck inside. And while it was fun to have time off and watch mindless hours of television and anime on the internet eventually that wonderful feeling of freedom eventually wore off and I got bored. Plus my house would get extremely cold and since we couldn’t have the heating on all of the time due to the cost of bills, chilling in the cold became really annoying very fast. So then when the winter came into play last December I feared the worst and unfortunately the snowy season lasted for ages, from December to at least around the early point of March 2011. Trying to traverse through the snow was a task and half. The people of the UK rejoiced with the falling of snow, while I loathed it as it came bringing back all of my bad feelings. My mate Chris tends to love the snow to death and reckons there’s something wrong with me for not enjoying the wonders of snow, well I say if it wasn’t so disruptive then I wouldn’t complain so much! After 2010 began I started going to the cinema on the regular and made a habit of being down there, so when I tried to walk down the hills to get there I constantly feared for my life as I was constantly slippery on the roads and pavements because our area with never gritted with salt as quickly as everywhere else. And I also feared being bombarded with snowballs but a random group of horrible kids!

Then with the early part of 2011 in full flow the snow only got worse. The snow got thicker and faster and made travelling nearly impossible, oh good gravy I was in hate mode. At that point I couldn’t care less about the snow, I just wanted it to die. There were moments in time where it looked like it was gonna die down, but then it would return a few days later in much bigger loads! I was so saddened by it. One time I was walking to college and slipped for the first time on a long trail of ice spread across the pavement, it happened so quickly it was incredible. In the space of around 3 seconds I was upright and then saw the world spin towards the left and then I was on the floor. Luckily barely any people saw me, but I was still dead embarrassed. Then there was the next event that happened that really pissed me off and it made my hatred for the snowy winter season absolute. One time I had to go put some gas on our gas card so I went to a shop up the road and on the way back in the distance I saw a bunch of drunk guys on the other side of the road, probably around 15 of them. They were snowing snowballs at cars as they were walking so assumed the worst when I got near them. So then one of them notices me and informs his mates to start hurling snowballs at me and so they did, my god did I have some level of hatred in my heart for those guys. That was just like the solidifying factor that just made me hate snow and what idiots do with it.

I don’t think I have a phobia as much as I have a hatred for snow lol.

And so now we are here in the winter season again and I hear that Sheffield is expecting snow and as you can imagine my expression was not a happy one. Now whenever I think of snow all I can think of is pain and suffering and its disruptive nature, basically everything bad. It also doesn’t help that loads of my mates and their mates are all talking about the appearance of snow already coming down or on the way to this city! I just want to cry because snow gives me nothing but trouble and I want nothing to do with it because I’m a punk like that haha. But seriously if it does show up I am not gonna be jolly if it’s on a day when I need to go outside. I’ll try to get some good pictures though 😀





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Living in the dark days

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, basically this blog post is about living in the dark days of winter. As you can probably tell the light in the daytime is shorter and the darkness of the night creeps in ever quicker and takes over the majority of day’s light/dark contrast. Sure it’s the winter season and this happens every year, but every time it comes it always seems to catch me by surprise how fast the light fades from the sky and how quickly the night sets in. Now that we’re in December, the moon is already rising by 4pm and the sun is gone by 4:30pm. At this current point in time of writing this post I’m seeing the moon rise from my window. It’s always weird to see the moon appearing at this time of day and I’ll never get over it compared to the summer when the moon doesn’t show up until 9 or 10ish at night.

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the seasons have started to speed up and it’s gotten darker quicker than it did last year.

Ever since October the skies have started to get ever darker especially towards the end of that month. I recall going to meet some friends in London and while on the train watching how fast the sun disappeared and how dark the sky gets around 4-5pm. And when November came in and started to take effect the sky seemed to be in permanent darkness especially when you when you sleep in like me and my flatmates, because at one point we had a string of days where we slept really heavy after long nights up or going out and it was funny to go to bed in darkness and wake up and the sky was already getting dark again haha. It was like waking up to find that the day was already over so it kind of sucked in a way but was also very hilarious.

In Sheffield when the winter season comes and it’s dark it really does feel dark.

So now we’re here in the early part of December and the sky seems to be constantly dark even when it’s not morning or after 4pm because the dark clouds in the sky in Sheffield makes it feel like night all day. So in the end I guess I’ll have to adjust to this until March and wait for normality to kick back into place where I belong.

Thanks for reading people 🙂

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