I’m Obsessed With The Spectacular Spider-Man

09 Dec

In the last 3 days I decided to revisit one of my favourite cartoons, The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series. It was the my third time watching the series through and to be honest I’m still in love it. It’s funny when I first watched this show around 3 years ago I knew that it was awesome by the time season 1 ended, but when season 2 came around and everything that took place in that season came to an end I swear it just blew my mind back in 2009. And during the time when season 2 finally aired on UK television I decided to re-watch the series again and my goodness it was even better than watching it the first time. And just watching it recently I remembered so much but forgot many things so I learnt as I went along and when everything came into place I was left in an overly dramatic state of happiness and sadness. The show just felt like it was even better to watch than the last 2 times, there’s just so much to appreciate.

To be honest I don’t think I’ve been this affected by any animated show for quite some time, besides when I watch certain types of anime like One Piece or Dragon Ball Z, The Spectacular Spider-Man is a show I respect as not only an adaptation of the Spider-Man comic material but also as cartoon that is far more comprehensive than most cartoons aired on television in recent times. Even though the show is meant for kids, there is so much more for older audiences to enjoy especially for fans of the source material as there is so much to see and take in. The levels of intricacy in the story, character development, settings and locations, art and animation is just amazing and it’s just a site to behold in action. A lot of fans knock the series because of the way it looks or the changes to certain key characters in the main, supporting and villain cast, but overall this show has such a great handling of everything in the life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man that by the time the series is over you are left wanting more.

Since I finished TSSM yesterday I haven’t been able to think about anything else. I have Spectacular Spidey on the mind. πŸ™‚ It was such a good show and even when season 2 ended it was just getting into the groove of things with a massive conclusion and an ending that left so many opportunities open for a third season and it breaks my heart every time I get to episode 26 to know the series is over thanks to bloody Disney and their take-over of Marvel which lead to the massive mess-up that eventually ended the series. Now obviously the new Ultimate Spider-Man TV series is on the horizon for 2012 and from a visual and art standpoint it looks really good, it’s just that the concept of this series doesn’t sound nearly as good or interesting as its predecessor and it seems to have lost the more mature nature of the Spectacular Spidey series, but hell I’ll still watch it because it’s Spider-Man.

But still as you might have guessed TSSM means the world to me and I really want tell the world about how awesome it is, so I don’t know when but when I have the time I’m going to do a comprehensive 2-part review on The Spectacular Spider-Man reviewing season 1 & 2 in great detail on YouTube and possibly writing a massive review on here too. I don’t know how long it’ll take given the current amount of uni work I have to do, but as soon as that stuff is over, it’s Spidey time!! So look out for that one when it comes yo!!

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