Living in the dark days

04 Dec

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, basically this blog post is about living in the dark days of winter. As you can probably tell the light in the daytime is shorter and the darkness of the night creeps in ever quicker and takes over the majority of day’s light/dark contrast. Sure it’s the winter season and this happens every year, but every time it comes it always seems to catch me by surprise how fast the light fades from the sky and how quickly the night sets in. Now that we’re in December, the moon is already rising by 4pm and the sun is gone by 4:30pm. At this current point in time of writing this post I’m seeing the moon rise from my window. It’s always weird to see the moon appearing at this time of day and I’ll never get over it compared to the summer when the moon doesn’t show up until 9 or 10ish at night.

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the seasons have started to speed up and it’s gotten darker quicker than it did last year.

Ever since October the skies have started to get ever darker especially towards the end of that month. I recall going to meet some friends in London and while on the train watching how fast the sun disappeared and how dark the sky gets around 4-5pm. And when November came in and started to take effect the sky seemed to be in permanent darkness especially when you when you sleep in like me and my flatmates, because at one point we had a string of days where we slept really heavy after long nights up or going out and it was funny to go to bed in darkness and wake up and the sky was already getting dark again haha. It was like waking up to find that the day was already over so it kind of sucked in a way but was also very hilarious.

In Sheffield when the winter season comes and it’s dark it really does feel dark.

So now we’re here in the early part of December and the sky seems to be constantly dark even when it’s not morning or after 4pm because the dark clouds in the sky in Sheffield makes it feel like night all day. So in the end I guess I’ll have to adjust to this until March and wait for normality to kick back into place where I belong.

Thanks for reading people 🙂

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