08 Dec

It is just that as the title of this blog post suggests, I am bored. At this current point in time I can’t and don’t feel like doing anything, I mean compared to all the other times I have been bored out of my skull, tonight actually tops the list. I don’t know how but somewhere between 6pm and now I have just lost all incentive to do anything; I can’t be arsed to do my work (not that I was gonna start it anyway), I can’t be arsed to draw or play video games, I can’t be bothered with YouTube because I’ve watched everything already, heck I can’t even be bothered to go onto Wikipedia and gain stupid amounts of knowledge on things I already know about. Basically I’m bored and it sucks.

Right now I’m too indecisive to try and do anything because I am constantly thinking about the negative ramifications of taking on that action/task, in the end I am slowly loosing my mind and I am not sure of what to do…

Actually there is a partial reason why I am so bored, it is partially due to some previous frustration I faced earlier on today which has been subdued for now. Basically I wrote a blog post many hours ago talking about my creative and writer’s block that I have been experiencing in recent times and it was over 800 words long and it was actually a great post in my own opinion which I think would be nice to talk about… However when I published it, nothing came out, there was no words, no pictures, no nothing. I think you can imagine the level of frustration that was flying through my head. It was like an explosion just waiting to happen. I looked into the saved drafts and there was only one from when I had written the first paragraph, I was so pissed off it was unreal. I had been f*cked over by some internet anomaly and it was all because I didn’t do the traditional thing of copying my work before sending it out. I’ve done it before, but since this website has never given me problems I never thought that issues like that would occur. But hell they did and I still haven’t completely gotten over it. I want to watch a video or something but can’t watch anything too happy-go-lucky because I am not in the mood, but then I also don’t want to watch anything too long either because I know I’ll get bored and right now nothing on my laptop is giving me any good options.

So then you may think okay screw it, why don’t I go to bed? I mean I’m not gonna be missing anything and nothing will be going down in life until tomorrow. But I can’t be arsed to turn around and go to my bed because it’s too much energy being used. In the end I am too lazy to do anything so I dunno where I’ll be in the next 30 minutes so if I’m still around after my boredom crisis I’ll probably blog about it later haha. Peace out 😀




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