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PODCAST: Disturbing Films

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I’ve returned with a topic I have wanted to talk about for a while now and it relates to the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot coming out in March 2021. And I’ll be sharing my thoughts via my podcast Film Focus.

On episode 103 of Film Focus, I discuss disturbing films alongside my newest guest and friend Ross. Each of us has 4 films which we find disturbing in a specific way and as we discuss them, we also link each film with a unified theme including:

  • Films that are tough to watch but worth watching
  • Feelin bad for the characters
  • Good atmosphere
  • A bold introduction

The films we’ll be discussing are The Nightingale, Perfect Blue, Requiem for a Dream, Climax, Annihilation, Seven, Don’t Look Now and Our Evil. So join us on a casual discussion of these troubling yet entertaining films. Oh and be aware that we’ll essentially be talking spoilers for all of the films involved to varying levels. That being said Annihilation and Seven were the films we talked very specific spoilers and they were at 51:05 and 1:01:02.

Here’s the episode:

If you haven’t checked out my podcast before you can find it here:

So what did you think of our choice of disturbing films? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll see ya in the next review, laters! 😀

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