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Life of Pi Review

There’s been a lot of talk about of this film and of course it came out around a month ago for American audiences, but the trailers for this film have been in full force in the cinema. I have seen it every time I have gone to watch a film in the last month and a half. At first I thought the film was just gonna be a CGI fest with some boy and a tiger, nothing more. But then I heard a lot of commotion about the film and saw many good reviews so I decided to have a look. So was Life of Pi good? Well it was definitely an experience yo.

So the story in this film involves a young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor… a fearsome Bengal tiger. The story in the film is pretty impressive, if a little out-there for my liking. Some of the stuff that happens in this film although incredibly realistic is also very strange and bizarre too. I surprised to learn of Pi’s history and how much backstory his character was given prior the incident that left him stranded at sea. While the backstory was relevant I did just want it to speed up so we could get to main meat of the film. The whole fight for survival that Pi and Richard Parker the tiger endured was fascinating and remarkable; the journey that they go on from initially being enemies to having to rely on each other to survive was quite touching. There is a lot of drama, emotion and humour to be found in the film that isn’t shown in the trailers, but that’s what makes the film so much more enjoyable. Overall the story is good but there were a few inconsistencies and moments that could have been better.

When it comes to the characters there’s only really one person to talk about and that’s Pi himself. To be honest this character goes on an incredible journey, one that most people probably wouldn’t be able to endure and then live on to tell the tale. But Pi did. And this whole film could have sucked if not for the great central performance from Suraj Sharma, he covered all emotional based and carried the film completely through all of the bizarre, chaotic, sad and hopeful times Pi endured while out at sea. Sharma really was charismatic and handled the role so well in my opinion. And then there’s Irrfan Khan as adult Pi, I didn’t know that there was going to be an adult version of Pi looking back on his adventures, but Khan was there to recount his story and he was really good in the role. You could see that adult Pi remembered everything very vividly and the way he talked to the writer about his adventure was funny at times to points where it was just really sad and Khan was very good.

When it comes to the presentation it is virtually flawless, and probably the most impressive of the year. The visuals are just spectacular, some of the CGI used for the animals was nearly completely seamless to the live-action stuff tanking place and while most of the film was just special effects to the maximum it didn’t detract from the film and just brought you in deeper into the film. Some of the scenes achieved with the CGI in the action sequences at sea or when the ship sinks beneath the ocean waves is nothing short spectacular and epic in scale. Also the soundtrack was beautiful, it was just always hitting the right notes at the right times and really added layers of emotion to the scenes where it was used. And there were moments where the instruments were truly powerful when being used in sad and epic moments and it really shined through. I never saw the film in 3D, but I heard it’s really good and I will get around to watching it next time hopefully.

So in conclusion Life of Pi is a pretty interesting piece of film, it is definitely an experience and is also something that needs to be seen in order to be understood. The story is nice and the central performance from Suraj Sharma is great, but it’s the visuals that really stand out as they are the cleanest, shiniest and most realistic-looking CGI I have seen in any film this year. Whether it’ll be your cup of tea is down to you as a viewer, but I thought it was definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 8.5/10

So what did you think of the film? Leave your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. 😀

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Jack Reacher Review

Okay so this was definitely one of the films I wanted to see before the year ended, I saw the trailer for Jack Reacher I think back when I went to watch Skyfall and immediately I said to myself, “I have to watch this film. It looks cool.” And so I waited for Boxing Day and the film was released, then I watched it last night and honestly Jack Reacher was worth the wait, it was some good stuff yo.

So the story goes a little something like this: When a gunman takes five lives in what seems like an open and shut murder case, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!” So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence, a secret to keep and a target on Reacher’s back.

I thought the story was very intriguing and enticing, I really wanted to know about the mystery behind the shooting and how Jack was going to figure out the mystery. The dialogue was well-written and featured some good quotes especially from Reacher, also there was also a lot of humour that make me chuckle a little bit too, It did take me a little while to get interested in the plot in the beginning, but after a little while pacing picked up and became more interesting. I loved the growing levels of mystery and conspiracy surrounding the shooting and the people involved and by the end of the film I was satisfied by the conclusion.

When it comes to characters I liked the people involved. Firstly let’s start off with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. I thought he was brilliant. Cruise was so calm and collected as this ghost character that is always drifting from place to place, never wanting to be found, off-the-grid. I like how he has a sense of justice but doesn’t always use the right means of getting the task done. Cruise implemented the right balance of humour and seriousness with his role and I thought he had a lot of badass scenes. This is his best and most serious role since Collateral. Then there’s Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin, she was very beautiful and intellectual in her role. Pike handled her role very well and had some great moments with Cruise especially with the underlying sexual tension between the two of them. David Oyelowo as Emerson was also pretty cool, it was surprising to see him without his beard, but he was cool as the serious police officer and his American accent was good for the most part. Jai Courtney as Charlie was pretty cool and I liked his part in the film, he was very aware of Reacher’s movements and had some serious and funny scenes too. Werner Herzog as The Zec was pretty cool, creepy and mysterious, but he was seriously underused and could have been in the film a lot more. Also Robert Duvall as Cash was amazing, this is the best old man character I’ve seen in a film for a while, and he was just awesome. And lastly I wanted to mention Alexia Fast as Sandy; she was an interesting character and had some funny scenes in the film.

Now let’s talk about the presentation. Visually the film looks great, the camera angles used very nice and dynamic and really liked cinematography by Caleb Deschanel, the way the car chase sequences were shot were very impressive in my opinion. Also the music by Joe Kraemer was very stirring, dark and mysterious; the soundtrack definitely had presence throughout the film.

In conclusion I liked Jack Reacher; it was a great action thriller with right amount of action and mystery. Also the film was a lot funnier than I expected, but still had its darker elements that balanced out the humour. Under the direction of Christopher McQuarrie the film works well along with a nice script and great characters. And lastly this film shows me that Tom Cruise is still awesome and I hope he continues to do action films for a long time to come.

Rating: 8/10

There’s another review done, whatever you thought of the film leave your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another review from your jolly blogger friend the hypersonic55! Today I’m going to bring you my long-awaited review of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2!

So after a long time of waiting and waiting and WAITING, Sonic 4: Episode 2 finally came out on as a digital download around mid-May… However I didn’t have the funds to get the game at the time, so I had to wait for the reviews to come around so I could get an idea of what to expect before I got the game myself. Suffice to say that the critical and fan response to Sonic 4: Episode 2 was mixed. Some fans loved it, while a lot of fans and critics didn’t. For those who didn’t like it the main points of their argument was that Sonic Team and Dimps fixed many things in terms of gameplay and handling of Sonic’s physics, but introduced some new problems in regards to the level design and the co-op gameplay with Tails. Well I was going to reserve judgment until I played the game myself. And so I downloaded the game on PSN around early June and I can say is that it wasn’t what I was expecting. I actually hated this game a lot when I first started playing it, but over the summer my opinion changed a great deal. So what’s my statement on the game? Well read on and find out.



Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Now joined by Tails, race across four brand new Zones and take down fearsome new badniks with deadly combination moves in order to put an end to this dastardly duo’s plans!


The gameplay is similar to Sonic 4: Episode 1, but there are a few enhancements. Episode 2 sees the return of Sonic’s friend Tails who can be controlled by a second player or the computer online or locally in co-operative play. Tails isn’t a playable character like 16-bit games, also Sonic can’t be played on his own and it forced to play with Tails. This game also introduces combo moves that Sonic and Tails can perform together from Tails carrying to places through the air to rolling up in a massive ball to do a big spin attack that’ll smash through walls, enemies and give you loads of speed. Other than those few enhancements everything’s still the same, you still have to go through 4 zones with 3 acts in each and a boss encounter at the end. After completing all 12 acts and all 4 boss encounters there’s the final boss to take care of too. You still have a world map can to use but unlike the last game you can’t pick acts in any random order.


When compared to the last game Sonic handles a lot better than before, while he feels a little slower at first his physics are a hell of a lot better. Sonic has a little more weight to him, he rolls downhill a lot more and he’s finally stopped uncurling when coming off of ramps. However it still can’t hold a candle to Mega Drive/Genesis games, Sonic’s physics are still a bit off, how can you stand on a slope, press down and not go into a spin dash and gain speed? I don’t understand how Dimps and Sonic Team can’t get physics and the basics of momentum based platforming right. It’s ridiculous. Level designs are better than before, there are less bottomless pits and less gimmicky sections. However the game now has this camera that zooms in close to Sonic and then zooms out from him at points which makes it difficult to see what’s coming ahead and can lead to some unfair complications with hazards ahead. There are also some question level design in Oil Desert Zone and Sky Fortress Zone and there are still moments of unfair death via bottomless pits, a dodgy camera and bad enemy placement.


Oh and the boss battles, holy man… I HATE THEM. Well more specifically I’m talking about the Dr. Eggman fights. They are so long and drawn out and some of them require pinpoint precision to defeat and should you fail to defeat the boss you’ll have sat there and watch the introduction animation every bloody time and it’s so tedious. The boss fights are one part of the game I never revisit because they are so slow, so tedious and not worth retrying at all. Though I can say that the Metal Sonic fights are way more fun and entertaining and not as tedious, though they are bloody hard at certain points. And finally there’s the Special Stages in this game which are modelled after the ones in Sonic 2, and they aren’t as fun as the versions from the 90s. These Special Stages still have you running through a half-pipe collecting a specific number of rings before reaching the goal, if you have the reach the target amount you get a Chaos Emerald. And obviously after collecting all seven you can once again become Super Sonic.



Graphically the game is really good and miles better than the first game. Rather than that flat-looking 2.5D looks of Episode 1, the graphics in this game have been reworked with a 3D style that’s way more colourful and visually appealing than before. The character models for Sonic and Tails are more in line with their recent games like Sonic Colours and Generations, I love this look and it really works well on a 2D plane too. The rest of the art and animation in the stage locations are incredibly detailed and look amazing, from the snowy locations of White Park Zone to the epic vast skies of Sky Fortress Zone and then there’s the Death Egg Mk. II Zone which has some amazing lighting and a great presence to it.



In the audio department it is a bit of a mixed bag, Jun Senoue comes back as composer for Episode 2 and while this soundtrack has been reworked with more electronic instruments it doesn’t always work out. While Episode 1 didn’t have the best soundtrack, it did have some memorable songs. Episode 2 has some highlights with Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1 & 3, White Park Zone Act 2, Oil Desert Zone Act 1 and Sky Fortress Zone Act 2. Death Egg Mk.II Zone would be better if it was longer. Everything else in this soundtrack is either okay or just pants. I don’t like reworked version of the Sonic 4 theme, it just sounds awkward and clunky, White Park Zone Act 1 sounds annoying, Oil Desert Zone Act 2 is just the worst track ever and the Boss music is terribly short and repetitive.


In the end Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 is actually a decent game, there is much to appreciate about this game from the incredible visuals to the improved physics. However this game isn’t perfect by any means, this game should have been better than Episode 1 by miles and it should have been the best thing since Sonic Generations. However as it stands, Sonic 4: Episode 2 just feels like Sonic 4: Episode 1.5, it improves on a few things, but it still leaves many of the inconsistent or bad factors of the previous game intact and also finds ways to introduce new issues in this latest episode too. Sonic 4: Episode 2 for me is a good game once you get into it, but it’s still not the amazing Sonic game that I wanted.

Rating: 7.5

Well there’s my review, I know it’s a little late but I had to get this review done before the year was out. Anyways I hope it was worth the wait and as always leave me a comment below as well.

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My Post-Christmas Analysis

So here we are the day after Boxing Day and Christmas is over, thank god. Now as I said before in my last blog post related to Christmas I’m no hater of the this holiday, but in recent years my love for this season has started to diminish with every time it comes around. So now in this blog post imma talk about my experience of Christmas this year, how it compared to last year and what may become of my Christmas experiences next year.


Christmas has come and gone, time to reflect on the holiday that’s just past.

So yeah Christmas, it’s one of those special times of the year that brings people together, that makes you happy and normally makes the cold month of December worth of the trouble with all of the presents and all of the TV specials and movies of the telly and all of the food one consumes too. This year however the lead up to Christmas was anything but jolly, in fact I felt nothing at all. Normally the magic towards the date of the 25th but for me December was just another month in the year. Even after I got home and walked around the town center on Christmas Eve I still wasn’t feeling the Christmas vibe.

It wasn’t until I got to my grandparents’ house in London when that former feeling of fun came back again. Every year when I go to my grandparents’ house in London for Christmas Day or Boxing Day I am always in a good groove, my family are around and we’re cracking jokes, the food is aplenty and the TV is normally worth my time too. That part is always guaranteed to make my Christmas a successful one, and while not all of my family members were there it was still pretty fun with my auntie, grandparents, my day and my sister.


In previous years this point of the year was almost as important as my own birthday and I always got excited for it, but after last year my love for the season really just wasn’t there, and now in 2012 I feel like its completely diminished. I thought I’d be in love with Christmas forever and I’d never get bored with it; however I guess time changes people. I dare not think of what will happen when this part of the year comes around in 2013. Will I still be a funk about Christmas or will I be able to find the magic that I once lost? Honestly I would like to be in that happy place again, but I dunno how I’ll do it. Let’s just hope things will change around a year from now. Anyways later on peeps and I hope you’re enjoying your holidays yo! 😀


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More Details Revealed About Star Trek Into Darkness Villain

While I have been a little choppy when it’s come to uploading film and video game news recently, when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch and Star Trek Into Darkness I will make the time to write about it. The following article comes from superherohype:

“Following the reveal earlier this month that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Into Darkness villain goes by the mysterious name of “John Harrison”, TrekMovie and GyaO! caught up with director J.J. Abrams and Cumberbatch himself.

“When J.J. described the role to me… he described someone who was, in movie terms, a mixture of Hannibal Lecter, Jack in ‘The Shining”, and the Joker in ‘Batman’,” Cumberbatch told GyaO!. “…He’s someone who has enormous physical strength. He’s someone who is incredibly dangerous, both as a physical entity and through the use of various technologies and weapons and who performs acts of what I would describe as terrorism. He’s also a psychological master. He manipulates the minds of those around him to do his bidding in a very, very subtle way.”

“His name is John Harrison and he is sort of an… average guy who works in an organization called Starfleet,” Abrams explained to TrekMovie, “and he turns against the group because he has got this backstory and this kind of amazing secret agenda. After two very violent attacks, one in London and one in the US, our characters have to go after this guy and apprehend him. And it is a far more complicated and difficult thing then they ever anticipated. ‘Into Darkness’ is very much about how intense it gets and really what they are up against.”

Fans can catch a brief tease of Cumberbatch’s character on the big screen now as part of a nine-minute IMAX preview during digital screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (find the full list of participating theaters here). The full film hits theaters May 17, 2013.

You can read the full Abrams interview by clicking here and watch <GyaO!’s video interview in the player below.”

This John Harrison character is sounding more and more interesting by the day. The fact that this character is being compared to some of these iconic movie characters like Jack and Hannibal Lecter means that this character should be someone of some degree of danger and craziness too. He sounds great on paper, but it all depends on how he comes across in the film. I want a villain who has a horrible atmosphere to him and really does feel like he could destroy everything around him if given the chance. But this is BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH we’re talking about so I think we’ll be fine… Hopefully.

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Frankenweenie Review

I actually saw this film around two months ago and was meant to review it on the weekend after I watched it, but uni got in the way so I’m not getting around to doing the review until now so sorry peeps! XD

Now Frankenweenie is a film I’ve heard a lot about prior to the film’s release and afterwards. St first I didn’t think much of it because it was just one of Tim Burton’s old short film’s being adapted into a feature-length film, and while that may have sounded exciting for some, for me I wasn’t feeling the idea. You see I saw the original short, I thought it was good, but probably not good enough to craft into a full movie. But I decided to give it a try after I saw a lot of good reviews for the film and I am glad my initial impressions of this film was wrong, it’s actually pretty good and I’m going to tell you why in this film.

The story for this film goes like this: “After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life-with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.”

The story was pretty good and not nearly as childish or predictable as I thought it was going to be. The trailer for this film made it look a lot less interesting than it eventually turned out to be, I guess that was due to the smart choice of not showing any of the key scenes in the trailer and some clever marketing too.

The characters of the film were all very lively, interesting and had individual quirks to them. Our main character Victor was a great and sympathetic character, you could see that he was kid that was very to himself and was only interested in hanging around with his dog and making films. So when Victor does lose Sparky you really feel for him and get behind his efforts to bring his dog back to life. Also Mr. Rzykruski was awesome as the science teacher who is very knowledgeable but very old-school with his teaching methods. I thought he was awesome, he had many funny lines, I also liked how he looked like Vincent Price and Martin Landau did a great job voicing the character.

Though one of the most badass characters was Toshiaki, this kid I thought he was hilarious, I loved the way he was so competitive as Victor’s rival, and the way he talked was jokes. Nassor was also another rival-like character for Victor and he comes across as this tall, mysterious and intimidating character, I liked his voice and the way his character interacted with others. And then there’s Edgar “E” Gore, that super weird hunch-backed kid that knows about Victor’s secret with Sparky, his character was pretty funny but just so funky and at times a tad annoying. Elsa van Helsing was also nice as Victor’s next-door neighbour and classmate.

There’s also the Weird Girl who really is just a strange character who makes predictions because of her cat, Mr. Whiskers. She really creeped me out because the expression on her face never changes from that fixed look of shock on her face with those massively wide eyes. Damn she’s so creepy! I was hoping she’d be part of the story a lot more, but when she was there she was fine and having Winona Ryder as the character fit really well. Also Victor’s parents Susan and Edward Frankenstein were nice characters too, while they were mainly in the background when they did come to the forefront of the story they did deliver some nice scenes.

The presentation of the film was pretty much spot-on and I enjoyed it very much. Stop motion animation never seizes to amaze me, when it’s done properly and applied in different ways the end result can be a thing of beauty and awe, and that’s what this film was like to me. Tim Burton work’s well in the field of animation and this is when his true powers really lie. Along with the wonderful stop motion animation, there are a lot of visual cues and references to specific horror and monster films and they were perfectly inserted into the film and are bound to make you laugh at certain points. The soundtrack by Danny Elfman was great, I could recognize the way the music played out that it was one of my favourite film composers at work.

In conclusion Frankenweenie was a lot of fun and was definitely one of the stronger animated films I’ve seen in the cinema. I was worried that Frankenweenie would be a little disappointing since Tim Burton’s live-action films have been less than stellar in recent years, but surprisingly enough the film was really nice, well-crafted in the animation department, had a cracking soundtrack and a great story. I would highly recommend this film to people of all ages, Frankenweenie is good stuff yo! 😀

Rating: 8/10

So what did you think of Frankenweenie? Drop your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review. 😀

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Chloe Bennet Joins Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.

And so we have the final member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. crew for this TV pilot, seems like the people at Marvel Studios are constantly moving if all this news can be released continuously on the internet. The following news comes from the ever-reliable superherohype:


“THR is reporting that “Nashville” star Chloe Bennet has been cast in Joss Whedon’s upcoming television show Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Her character is “Skye” and she’s described as “a confident woman who is slightly obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organizations that exist within it. She’s edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature.” Sounds like a character in a Joss Whedon show if we’ve ever heard of one.

Bennet joins Clark Gregg, who returns as Agent Coulson, Brett Dalton as Agent Grant Ward, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Gemma Simmons, and Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May. Currently S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t been announced for the show, but he has shown interest.

The series will begin filming in January and is expected to air in the fall of 2013. Joss Whedon will direct the pilot and co-write it with his brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. will be executive produced by the Whedons, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb.”

All I can say about Chloe Bennet is, damn! She is hotness yo. But her beauty aside, the character sounds pretty interesting and I am also glad that this pilot is having an equal amount of men and women, I really want this pilot to start production already so I can see what kind of visual look the show will be getting or what these actors will looks like their uniforms or what the set designs will be like. I am absurdly hyped for this, I just hope that it stays connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via visual and audio references and maybe some cameo appearances.

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Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. May be Coming in Fall 2013

Well it seems like the wheels for Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. TV pilot are still continuously moving, over the last few months we’ve heard a lot of casting information and now we’re getting dates and talk of whether Samuel L. Jackson will be making an appearance or not. Well now we have this article from superherohype that gives us some new information:

“The cast is almost fully assembled for Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., which is being set up at ABC and is expected to begin filming in January of 2013, but when can we see the show actually on the air? Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel TV, says to expect it next year (via

“Well…we have a ‘little’ pilot for television that you might have heard about called Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. co-written, directed, and Executive Produced by none other than Joss Whedon!” Loeb said, adding,“Working with Joss, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jeffrey Bell on the show is a blast!  And bringing in Clark Gregg to play Agent Phil Coulson — the best!  Hopefully we will be on in the Fall of 2013 on ABC!

Joining Clark Gregg are actors Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Gemma Simmons, and Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May. But what about S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Will he appear on the show?

“I don’t know. I keep hearing about it, and I haven’t talked to Joss about it,” Jackson told MTV. “But in my mind, I would tend to think that he would, if nothing else, be like Charlie in ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ At least be the voice!”

Joss Whedon will direct the pilot and co-write it with his brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.”

Now I didn’t think that S.H.I.E.L.D. would find its way to TV so soon even if that is a tentative time at the moment. But if it did find its way to TV next year that would be a great time considering that it’ll be just after Iron Man 3 and just before Thor: The Dark World. As for Sam Jackson’s involvement I do hope he can attend the party he is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after all and to have him completely obscured from the pilot would be absurd considering how involved he is with the organization in the films (especially in The Avengers). I say let Jackson join the crew!

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Hugh Jackman Confirmed as Wolverine in New X-Men Film

Alrighty then, here we have some more news on X-Men: Days of Future Past and it seems like we have confirmation of a report we got around 3 weeks ago regarding Hugh Jackman’s involvement as Wolverine in the next X-Men film. Today on IGN I found the following article:

“Bryan Singer has confirmed that Hugh Jackman is the latest addition to the cast of his X-Men: First Class sequel, Days of Future Past.

Jackman, currently earning Oscar buzz as Jean Valjean in Tom Hooper’s critically-acclaimed adaptation of Les Miserables, is already set to star as the adamantine-clawed mutant in next year’s The Wolverine, from Copland director James Mangold.

As reported by Den of Geek, Singer verified Jackman’s involvement on his Twitter account, officially welcoming the Aussie to the cast, while promising “more to come”. This will be the seventh time Jackman has worn the claws, including his brief cameo in First Class. Singer, meanwhile, has Matthew Vaughn in the director’s chair.”

Well there you have it, Jackman is back as Wolverine and to be honest I’m not too surprised. Will Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart returning to the film series it would feel strange not to include Wolverine in the fun. As long as Wolverine is relevant to the plot, keeps the character true the comics and has badass fight scenes, and most importantly as long as he doesn’t overshadow the other mutants then I’m game.

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Vin Diesel Will Return as Riddick on September 6, 2013

Okay so even though I haven’t been posting up any updates about this film, I have been following its developments for a while now and now we finally have a date for the next Riddick film. Yay! So here’s the following article from superherohype:

“Universal Pictures has officially slated Riddick for a September 6, 2013 release. It will hit both conventional theaters and IMAX on that same day.

In the film, written and directed by David Twohy, the infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

To commemorate the announcement, Diesel posted the below photo of himself and Twohy to his official Facebook page:”


Cool picture above isn’t it? Vin Diesel looks like he’s ready to kick some ass again and that’s the way I like to see him in film; being badass and bringing the awesomeness. Now I can add a new date to my calendar of 2013 for films I have to watch.


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