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Mr. Unlucky

Howdy peeps, time for me to talk about another one of my life chapters. Today I feel confused, a bit faint and unsure of my status in life. All I know is that I feel like I am an unlucky geezer today. Now I know this is another slightly depressing-sounding blog post but hell I need to get this out of my system and this is the only way I know how. So let’s get started.


Sometimes that’s how I feel very often.

Basically if I was to summarize my life in a few words I would describe it like this: “It is luck-based.” I never used to think like this because I was just lost in the world, oblivious to most things going on around me. However in the last 2-3 years since I did my gap year after college and have come to university I feel like luck is something that is very much something that lurks around me and chooses how things go down. Some say that you can make your own luck and at one point I thought that was true but there are times where I’ve tried to make life work in my favour only for things to fail.

If I were to put it into percentages I’d say my life is about 30% luck and 70% unlucky. Most times I’m in the shit before I have a small portion of good times. My luck is very erratic and applies to many different things in life. On this blog I’ve already voiced my views on love and how questionable that is, but I also have that kind of thing going on with friendship, finding work, education, my finances and the list continues. Basically its a bit of a mess haha.

I tend to lie about most of this situations when they get complicated and it varies from situation to situation as to how these things get resolved. Some just fade away or other times I get absurdly lucky and miracle will happen. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be in control of this luck-based life of mine, I can only assume things will change in time, though I’m very impatient haha. In the end I try to live by this philosophy in the image below:

inspire me never-let- success get in your headThese are words to live by.

Today was one of those days where I hoped something would turn out differently than the way it did, but it ended up exactly how I’ve experience before. I dunno why it’s on my mind this much but it is and makes me head spin. I assume after a few hours and loads of listening to music I’ll be back to the stupidly happy-go-lucky version of myself haha.

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More Sonic: Lost World Info & Box Art Revealed

Just when I thought that the news for Sonic Lost World was over, more and more keeps coming and I’m just excited to learn more! Yes! GIVE ME MORE POWER! Anyways time to provide information and this the following information comes from Sonic Stadium:


“Right on schedule, the SEGA Blog has updated with more details concerning Sonic Lost World, and more on its new baddies.

Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures collectively known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-on.  Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Color Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever-changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.

As confirmed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA of America’s Chief Content Officer, Sonic Lost World‘s story tells of adversaries Sonic and Eggman indeed joining forces to defeat the new threat!

3DS box art and additional info about the game after the jump!

Along with the confirmation of Wisps, full 3D terrain for the handheld version, and 2 player support mode amongst others via IGN, the Blog also tells a bit more about what to expect come later this year.

  • Multiplayer modes are highlighted for both versions of the game
  • Like Sonic Colours, some Colour powers are unique to Wii U, and others to the 3DS
  • Wii U exclusive Colour powers controlled through the GamePad by tilting, touching, aiming, and more
  • Can be played solely via the Wii U GamePad
  • 3DS version to feature Special Stages”


As for the new details on the game I am getting more interested by the day. Hearing that Sonic and Eggman are gonna have to team is both hilarious and nostalgic, not since Sonic Adventure 2 has Sonic and Dr. Eggman had to team up to take out a threat greater than themselves (at least that’s how it works in my mind). The Deadly Six must be some beast of a threat. Outside of the story elements we’ve also learned of some game features including the fact that multiplayer is in both games which is something I welcome. I also like that the Wisps are gonna be back as well as having different Wisps exclusive to specific versions of the game. And as long as the Wii U Gamepad doesn’t make things too gimmicky then things will turn out just fine for this game.

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Mud Review

Yay it’s time to talk about Mud, a film I’ve been looking forward to watching for good few months now. This film along with The Paperboy were Yesterday was the last day it was showing at my local cinema so I HAD to watch it before it left the cinema and so I did and I am glad because it was really good and I’m going to explain why in this review.

The premise for this film is as follows:

“Two teenage boys encounter a fugitive and form a pact to help him evade the bounty hunters on his trail and to reunite him with his true love.”

The story in this film is pretty much a drama which involves Mud but is more a coming-of-age story for the character Ellis, the latter of these two stories I was not expecting. Basically what we have is two boys who venture out to an island to find a boat in a tree that they want to use for their own, however there’s a shady man living there already, he’s on the run from the law but needs food. So he strikes a deal with the two boys, if they get him food he’ll give them the boat. Along with this one of the boys has family issues and finding out the highs and lows of love and relationships. And what ensues is a series of events which are funny, emotional and just downright sad at points. One of the main themes in this film was the concept of relationships with women and how complicated they can be and how different characters in the film deal with those situations. The story in this film is pretty good, its feels realistic and believable, and even though you can see where the plot is going at times and the pacing is a bit questionable I was totally engaged from start to finish and was satisfied by the time the film was over.


The story is good, however, it really is the characters that bring this film to life. Let’s start with Matthew McConaughey as Mud, McConaughey was awesome and had magnetic performance as this questionable man who befriends these two kids because they help him out in his hour of need. Then there’s Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland as Ellis and Neckbone, both of them do an incredible job as these young boys who not only help Mud given his dodgy past but also have to deal with their own problems too. I especially have to give props to Tye Sheridan as Ellis, this is his film as much as Mud’s as the stuff he goes through is some really dramatic stuff for someone his age and Sheridan is really amazing at bringing his acting talents to the table.



Reese Witherspoon as Juniper was also good as the woman who was the girlfriend of Mud and had situations of her own to deal with. I can’t say I’ve seen many films with Reese Witherspoon in them but she was good here. Then there’s Sam Shepard as Tom Blankenship was a really interesting character, at first he came across as a questionable old man, but I ended up really liking his character and his interactions with Mud and the boys. Also Michael Shannon as Galen was good, this was probably the most different role I’ve seen him in because he’s usually so mean in the stuff I’ve seen him in before but I liked what I saw in this film and Shannon was entertaining, I just wish there was more of him. Joe Don Baker as King was nice, he was a character that worked from behind the shadows but had some nice relevance to the plot.Ray McKinnon and Sarah Paulson as Senior and Mary Lee (Ellis’ parents) they were great and had some wonderful and dramatic scenes in the film. And lastly Paul Sparks as Carver was great, he was a right mean guy in this film and Sparks played that to great effect in this film. And am I the only one surprised to find two actors from Boardwalk Empire in the same film together?

In conclusion Mud was a film I really liked it, while the pacing was a pad questionable at points otherwise it was a cracking with some fine performances from the cast and a story that made me care about what was going on.

Rating: 8/10 (Definitely worth a watch for the performances alone)

So have any of you seen Mud and if so what did you think of it? Sound off your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀


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The Hangover Part III Review

Alrighty then, now I am going to review The Hangover Part III. I can’t believe I am typing these words. I actually had NO intention of watching this films at all, but when I was at the cinema yesterday I needed to something to pass the time but also coincide with my screening of Mud so The Hangover Part III was the only option. So went into this film with no expectations whatsoever and in the end it was alright, but hell that isn’t saying much really.

The premise for this film is as follows:

“In the aftermath of the death of Alan’s father, the wolfpack decide to take Alan to get treated for his mental issues. But things start to go wrong on the way to the hospital as the wolfpack is assaulted and Doug is kidnapped. Now they must find Mr. Chow again in order to surrender him to the gangster who kidnapped Doug in order to save him.”

The story in this film isn’t exactly standard fare, there is a different focus this time. This time rather than “the hangover happens, we lost a person, let’s go find them!” its “okay our friend’s been stolen and we can’t get him back unless we find the crazy chinese guy who stole someone’s gold, let’s go!” There are a lot of similarities and connections to the last two films, but because of the change in formula it doesn’t really feel like a Hangover film, there is an actual hangover within the film, but it is definitely not the main focus.

Now its time to talk about the characters of The Hangover Part III. Firstly Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck, he was still the cool and sort of level-headed one of the group. Phil had some cool moments but it was continuously hard for me to imagine Bradley Cooper in this film after seeing Silver Linings Playbook. Ed Helms as Dr. Stuart “Stu” Price was alright, he seems to be the character who gets fucked over in each of these films and I think the same rule applies to this film, some of his scenes were funny while others weren’t. Then there’s Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner who played a slightly different if somewhat similar role as he did in the previous films. Alan really is the heart and soul of these films because he’s had most of the laughs, screen time and crazy happenings go down in this life, so it is kind of annoying to see this different and arrogant version of the character in this film. Eventually we see some more of his previous qualities come into play later on in the film but it’s just not as good as it was before, he’s still very stupid by the way. And course we have to talk about Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow. Now Chow has been noted as one of the annoying character in this film series due to his crazy antics and high-pitched voice. For me he was alright in the first film, but then he got really weird in the second film, here he is just as loud and annoying as before and I guess I didn’t like him as much because I prefer Ken Jeong as Ben Chang in Community. Also even though Justin Bartha  wasn’t in the film that much due to kidnapping it was still good to see his return as Doug Billings.

Heather Graham as Jade serves a purpose for the sake of the plot but isn’t that memorable in the film. Jeffrey Tambor as Sid Garner was good, he was good in the film and that’s all I have to say about that. And lastly John Goodman as Marshall was great and one of the best characters in this film. Goodman makes a for a great villain in films and it definitely worked in this film as he was intimidating

In conclusion The Hangover Part III was surprising better than the last film and definitely did something different from the basic formula which I appreciated. But for all the changes the film makes, it’s still part of a film series that should have just been one standalone film in the film place. At this point I’ve seen and laughed at funnier things so yeah this film kind of feels pointless and reestablished the fact that the comedies are the genre I have the least amount of fun with in the cinema.

Rating: 5/10 (Unless you’re a fan you’re not gonna care about this film)

So what did you all think of The Hangover Part III? Did you think it was a return to form after the second film or do you think that this film was just as bad? Whatever your thoughts drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀


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Epic Review

Alrighty then, time to talk about Epic. The latest big animated film from Blue Sky Studios, the animation studio who make films that look very similar to Dreamworks. Anyways before this film came out everyone was talking about it and said it was gonna be some really hot stuff in 2013, so I had a look yesterday to see what the deal was. So what it good or bad? Well read on and find out!

So the story in this film follows Mary Katherine (a.k.a. M.K.), a teenager who goes to live with her estranged father in a house in the forest. Her father is obsessed with the concept of their being a race of miniaturized people living in the forest. M.K. thinks her father is crazy but by through a serious of events she finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She teams up with a group of people from the good side to save the forest.

The story in this film should feel familiar for anyone of my generation or older, what we’re getting in this film is in the same vein as Ferngully and Avatar. The concept of there being a small society of mini people existing in the same world as humans is cool and the explanations for why we can’t see them and how they move are pretty smart too, however the rest of its execution wasn’t that good. I feel like there was a lot of drama in the film but it was cancelled out by moments of humour that really didn’t fit in the movie that well. Also there was one thing that happened that I prayed wouldn’t go down but it did and this a partial spoiler by the way… FRIGGING M.K. AND NOD KISS IN THE FILM! WHY? Now granted in this film these things are bound to happen but there needs to be a little build up before hand, there needs to be chemistry and room for the potential relationship to grow. But hell in this film these two go from being casually mates to frigging lovers at the end of the film! There are hints at them being interested in each other but not to that degree. I’m really tired of relationships be shoe-horned into films that don’t require it. Argh! Okay mini rant over, moving on…

As for the characters in this film they were a mixed bag of some nice characters to people I didn’t care about. Let’s start with Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine. Argh her character was annoying, while i could understand her background and shock of being shrunk down into this small new world, at the same time she seems to lack a bit of common sense, moans about a lot of time and for a main character she was a bit dull for me. Josh Hutcherson as Nod was another one of those annoying characters in the sense that he was reckless and didn’t want to answer to anyone. He has skills that makes him cool but it doesn’t matter if his character is very likable and I didn’t like him at all. then there’s Colin Farrell as Ronin, now this is the first character I actually cared about. Ronin has focus, he’s awesome, assertive and kicks a lot of ass and that’s something I appreciate in a character. Beyoncé Knowles also makes an appearance as Queen Tara, her character wasn’t in the film as much as I thought she’d be and while she was a decent character she wasn’t around long enough to leave an impression.

Christoph Waltz as Mandrake, the leader of the Boggans was pretty good. When I heard his lines in the trailers he sounded so cheesy and stupid but luckily in this film it wasn’t nearly as bad. As a bad guy he was alright but he didn’t have too much of a scary presence and that was disappointing for me. Also Jason Sudeikis as Professor Bomba was good as the father, though because of his obsessive nature over his work it made his character hard to stand at times.  Aziz Ansari as Mub was alright, most of his lines were joke-based and while some were good, others fell right flat but hey his character was better than Nod so that’s something. Chris O’Dowd as Grub was funny, I could literally just see Roy from The IT Crowd so I liked his character the entire time.

The one successful element that works in Epic‘s favor is the presentation. Visually the game looks good, it does have some moments of true beauty and looks really realistic with the good use of lighting, colour and detail. However there are a few cartoony aspects about the film that break the visual flow and clash with the realism. There is a big sense of realism but it is offset by the cartoonish style that the film adopts from time to time, the blend between cartoonish and realistic styles in this film doesn’t flow like a Pixar or Dreamworks film and it felt like both styles were fighting each other. At least when it came to the action it was very dynamic and had a good use of camera angles.

In conclusion I expecting great things from Epic unfortunately it turned to be not nearly as ‘epic’ as the name suggests. It is a good film for kids and families but the end product feels unoriginal and average. For those looking for something a little more impressive you may want to look elsewhere, Mark Kermode said it best in his review where he stated, the film connects with your eyes but not your heart like a really good animation does.

Rating: 6/10 (It looks great,but that’s the only great thing about the film)

So what did you think of Epic? Did you love it or was it just another okay animated film for you? Whatever your thoughts drop in the comments section below and I’ll see ya later on people! 😀

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Sonic: Lost World Preview & Images

Alrighty then we’ve had the Sonic: Lost World trailer now we get the first set of details and images from the game. This has been the best two days for gaming news in ages. I am jolly to be a Sonic fan right now haha. The following information comes from Sonic Stadium:

“IGN has posted the first details of Sonic Lost World as well as a small barrage of new screenshots for both the Wii-U and 3DS version of the game.

If you want the details, click that read more button. 

  • Levels include ‘Wind Hill’ & ‘Desert Ruins’
  • Desert Ruins consists of a Cake, Candy and sweet themed environment.
  • Sonic builds up speed slowly, the player decides when he wants to go faster and then with another button decides when he wants to unleash the next level of speed.
  • Parkour system, designed to allow players to navigate objects at speed without coming to a dead stop.
  • Wisps are back, as are the wisp powers.
  • 2 player “support” mode confirmed.
  • Sonic is the only playable character.
  • Tails, Knuckles & Amy appear in the story, they are not playable.
  • The planet is called ‘Lost Hex.’
  • Rescuing animals will influence various unlockable content.
  • Red Rings are back.
  • Gold cannons are used to unlock secret/alternative paths.

IGN also notes that it didn’t get to ‘play’ the game, but rather watch a demonstration of three stages.

More details can be found at IGN, as well as a selection of screenshots.

IGN Preview


Here’s six images from the game, three from the Wii U and three from the 3DS:

28017soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v11jpg-50e224 28019soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v12jpg-30b207 28020soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v14jpg-30b208

28016soniclostworld3dstoprgbv26jpg-50e22e 28014soniclostworld3dstoprgbv24jpg-30b20b 28013soniclostworld3dstoprgbv23jpg-50e22d

The more I see of this game, the more I am liking what I am seeing. I am especially surprised with the 3DS version that’s actually in 3D rather than being rendered in 3D and put on a 2D perspective. I like how Sega and Sonic Team are taking chances with the series but in a smart way rather than giving us Werehogs and talking swords. It looks like they’re bringing back a lot of concepts from recent Sonic games especially Sonic Colours with the return of Red Rings, the desert-themed levels, the Wisps and Two Player mode. With the return of Wisps I can only assume this game takes place in space again or maybe the Wisps came back to help Sonic out after he saved them before, either way it is a welcomed surprise that they’re back. Honestly producer Takashi Izuka sounds like he knows what the finds what this time round or at least knows how to bring something new to the table without making anything too radically different. I look forward to hearing more about the game at E3 next month.

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Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer Review

Okay then, this is priority number one right now! Sonic: Lost World had its debut trailer yesterday and now I NEED to talk about it. The only reason I didn’t do it immediately was because I was at the cinema at the time and didn’t get home until late. Anyways I’m here now so let’s analyze!


Firstly here’s the awesome trailer here:

Damn! Well this is different. Did not expect this. And you know what? It’s awesome!

So what do we see here? Well besides the gameplay continuing the mix between 2D and 3D like in Sonic Colours and Generations, the obvious gameplay influence looks to be from Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy. Just looking at the camera angles, some of the gameplay elements and the vastness of the level designs it really looks like Mario Galaxy, except faster.

The trailer starts with the little Sonic animals just chilling until six monsters show up looking all intimidating and stuff, the animals are shocked. But then Sonic jumps in to protect the animals, the six monsters look pissed and they attempt to attack Sonic and throughout the trailer Sonic just dances around them showing off his speed and athleticism. The actual gameplay kicks around 30 seconds in and we see a lot of different camera angles from behind to side angles that track Sonic as he runs in 2D and the camera rotates as he moves from point A to point B. But obviously is the gameplay that really needs to be talked about here.

Besides long roads for Sonic to run on, there’s also points where it looks like Sonic can use the homing attack to defeat enemies in quick succession when compared to previous games that where the recoil afterwards was longer between hits. We also see Sonic sporting new moves including an ability to run up against walls at high-speed leaving blue after images behind him. He also has an attack that looks like Sonic homing in on enemies but rather attacking in ball form he kicks them in the air or something. And lastly Sonic also has a bit of a parkour move that allows him to grab onto ledges and pull himself up quickly.

As for the game visually besides looking very similar to Mario Galaxy it seems to have a very nostalgic look about it. The grassy locations with the checkered platforms and waterfalls are very reminiscent of Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. Even the little animals from the first Sonic game are back too. Graphically the game looks nice, though not nearly as detailed as Sonic Colours or Generations. Obviously its early days and it’ll be a while before the game’s release but I hope Sega and Sonic Team don’t skip on the detail of this Sonic game and give us their best effort for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS.

In conclusion the Sonic: Lost World trailer took me completely took me by surprise and I honestly can’t wait to play the game now. This game looks really different SEGA and Sonic Team’s previous efforts and hopefully if the gameplay holds up and ends up being as innovate as I’m hoping then the Sonic the Hedgehog series will be setting the world on fire this year! 😀

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Super Review

Howdy people, time for me to review another film that’s not currently showing at the cinema and today’s review will be on Super. Now this was a film I was initially interested in seeing back in 2010 because it looked alright from the trailers, but after the reviews came out I sort of discarded it. But since Mark Kermode on his recent Kermode Uncut video said he liked the film, I thought I’d give it a watch.

So when it comes to the story in this film follows Frank Darbo, a normal guy who has a good life with his wife, Sarah. However after his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer by the name of Jacques,Frank transforms himself into the Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills. Along the way he meets a girl called Libby who becomes his sidekick Boltie and together to fight crime together and go off on a mission to save Frank’s wife from the forces of evil.

The story in this film is pretty simple but plays out in a very over-the-top, strange and quite unnatural fashion. You basically follow Frank over the course of his adventure to get his wife back and how his actions both as a superhero and as himself affect the people around him. There are funny, awesome, strange and fucked up stuff that goes down in this film. Annoyingly there are some really cool or hilarious moments within this story, but a lot of it is offset but some weird, vulgar and unnatural elements that make the film not nearly as enjoyable as it could have been. The film also had problems with trying to find the balance between humor and scenes of seriousness too.

Then there are the characters of Super who are a mixture of cool, weird and just plain old assholes. Let’s start with Rainn Wilson as Frank Darbo / The Crimson Bolt. Wilson made for a good, if not stupid and lovable protagonist. Frank is a bit of a fucked up individual, he has some strange habits and ideas of what justice is, but that’s what makes him so funny and some his actions as Crimson Bolt was nothing short incredible. Then there’s

Ellen Page as Libby / Boltie, now this is only my second Ellen Page film but I honestly liked her in this film. As Libby Page gave a great performance as this comic book girl who eventually comes to work with Frank and help his cause and satisfy her need to do crime fighting too. As Boltie she is a violent nutcase but that is something that also makes her funny and awesome, plus in her costume Page did look pretty hot too. Wilson and Page had pretty good chemistry for the most part although there were some weird moments from time to time.

Kevin Bacon as Jacques was great. Bacon played this hilarious was a right asshole who had a way with words and was pretty funny throughout. Also Nathan Fillion as The Holy Avenger was hilarious. His character was a fictional person from a comic book series and TV show and I loved him, he was one of the best aspects of this film. You could tell that Fillion was having fun with this role but I couldn’t help but see him as Mal from Firefly under the mask. Michael Rooker as Abe was also pretty funny, having not a lot to say but when he was on-screen he was doing something funny and lastly Liv Tyler as Sarah Helgeland was nice though her character didn’t do nearly as much as the others mentioned before.

As for the presentation it’s good but also pretty weird. Basically this film has an animated sequence which is accompanied by music and it is nice, colourful and amusing and there are also moments in the film where it has little animated moments similar to the old Batman TV series when people get hit or shot. Also this film is pretty violent, now I’m all for violence, in some cases I love it, but in this film its sometimes painful to watch and some of the visual stuff that goes down in general is just plain awkward yo.

In conclusion Super is an interesting film and definitely was entertaining, that being said it one of the strangest superhero/comedy films I have come across. The best way to describe Super is like calling it the twisted and slightly fucked up little brother of Kick-Ass. The film was a lot better that I expected it to be but it was also very unnatural and unlike anything that I’ve seen before, by the time the film was over I felt both entertained and partially disturbed haha.

Rating: 7/10 (It’s good but really freaky yo)

So have you seen Super and if so what are your thoughts on the film? Whatever it is drop it in the comments section below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. 😀


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My Little Internet Problem

Howdy people, time for me to do a little mini update/rant about my current status with the internet. Now the internet is something I use A LOT and while I can live without it if I’m watching loads of TV, playing video games or chilling at the cinema then I’m fine. But annoyingly when its taken away from me I freak out and then become useless as so much of what I do these days revolve around it. So imagine my surprise last week to find that the internet in my house way gone!


This is how I feel about the internet when it’s gone.

So yeah I was chilling in my house the other day just watching stuff on YouTube and playing games, I think I went to check a gaming website for help on Metroid: Zero Mission, but the page wouldn’t load. I tried reloading the page, nothing happened. Then I saw the internet logo in the corner said there was no signal. So then I went downstairs to see that the modem and cables had been removed! Noooooooooooooooooo! Luckily I had games play and videos to watch but I felt terrible. And since then I’ve had to deal with using my phone’s internet and travelling to other people’s houses for my internet needs.


This was my reaction when I found out about my internet’s disappearance.

Now technically it is partially me and my mate’s fault for not paying him recently for the internet bill (because he’s the one who deals with it), however he’s never been bothered about our long-term payments. Plus both me and my housemate have been in shit financial situations with our landlord for ages, he knows this, so for him to just run away with the internet in such a shady fashion is really ugly of him. Butt you know what I say fuck it. Let him have the internet, me and my boys will be in a new house in around 5 weeks so as long as I have mates in the area who has internet I can borrow I’ll be good yo.

So what does this mean for my blog? Well as you know in addition to doing film reviews I’ll also be doing my Month of Superhero Film Reviews starting June 1st, so this may get a little tricky not having internet and all but heck we’ll give it a try. Just don’t be surprised if there’s some hiccups along the way yo. 😛

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How Laziness Is Corrupting My Life

Hey, hey, hey people, time for another blog post and today I’m here to talk about my current lazy status in the world right now.

Lazy Times and Lazy Blogging

This is what I’ve become of recent after I left uni…

So yeah basically I finished my second year of university I think on May 10th (I don’t even remember anymore) and ever since then I’ve just been enjoying the joys of freedom and doing nothing. Now as some of you regular readers might know, I am an incredibly lazy person and love having nothing to do. Honestly, I love the feeling of having no obligation to do anything and just having a lot of time to chill and relax. It is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction for me. And in the summer that feeling is amplified tenfold to the point where I could nap all day and over the course of many weeks I’ll forget what day it is and get lost in the summertime fun.


This is truth.

However! Unfortunately this lazy lifestyle that I’ve adopted has really started to cut into my regular activities. Back in uni I had a lot of coursework and stress and I always needed to escape, so that’s when I’d run off to blog or chill at the cinema to have fun in my little world. But after the complications of uni disappeared things changed. Since I no longer have to go out for mandatory uni sessions all I’ve done since then is gone to the cinema a few times, go home back to Luton, have an epic time in London last week and get back to sleeping again. But primarily I’ve juts been chilling in my bed for a long time and I gotten into that “I can’t be arsed” mode. And that has severely eaten into some of my days recently, that’s why I haven’t been to the cinema recently and that’s why I haven’t taken many walks out in the sun.

In truth I love being lazy and doing nothing but I really am losing power and preventing myself from doing the things that I love that require a little more movement. I just need to kick myself up the arse and get shit done, hopefully this week I’ll finally get back to the cinema and seeing The Great Gatsby and Epic and possibly re-watch Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Hopefully.


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