Mr. Unlucky

30 May

Howdy peeps, time for me to talk about another one of my life chapters. Today I feel confused, a bit faint and unsure of my status in life. All I know is that I feel like I am an unlucky geezer today. Now I know this is another slightly depressing-sounding blog post but hell I need to get this out of my system and this is the only way I know how. So let’s get started.


Sometimes that’s how I feel very often.

Basically if I was to summarize my life in a few words I would describe it like this: “It is luck-based.” I never used to think like this because I was just lost in the world, oblivious to most things going on around me. However in the last 2-3 years since I did my gap year after college and have come to university I feel like luck is something that is very much something that lurks around me and chooses how things go down. Some say that you can make your own luck and at one point I thought that was true but there are times where I’ve tried to make life work in my favour only for things to fail.

If I were to put it into percentages I’d say my life is about 30% luck and 70% unlucky. Most times I’m in the shit before I have a small portion of good times. My luck is very erratic and applies to many different things in life. On this blog I’ve already voiced my views on love and how questionable that is, but I also have that kind of thing going on with friendship, finding work, education, my finances and the list continues. Basically its a bit of a mess haha.

I tend to lie about most of this situations when they get complicated and it varies from situation to situation as to how these things get resolved. Some just fade away or other times I get absurdly lucky and miracle will happen. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be in control of this luck-based life of mine, I can only assume things will change in time, though I’m very impatient haha. In the end I try to live by this philosophy in the image below:

inspire me never-let- success get in your headThese are words to live by.

Today was one of those days where I hoped something would turn out differently than the way it did, but it ended up exactly how I’ve experience before. I dunno why it’s on my mind this much but it is and makes me head spin. I assume after a few hours and loads of listening to music I’ll be back to the stupidly happy-go-lucky version of myself haha.

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