The Fifth Estate Review

18 Oct

Hello there ladies and gents, I return from the cinema with one of two new film reviews yo and the first will be on The Fifth Estate. Now this is a film I’d heard a fair amount about earlier in the year and while it wasn’t on my “must watch list’, it had Benedict Cumberbatch it in so I thought it had to be worth a watch. So yesterday I checked it out and now I’m ready to give you my review.

The can be summarized as such:

“A dramatic thriller based on real events that reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century’s most fiercely debated organization.”

A lot of people have described the plot as bored, dull or as my mate put it, “shit.” But I actually was engaged almost the whole way through. I found it interesting to find out how Julian started WikiLeaks on his own and then begins to expand once Daniel comes into play and the information that he discovers becomes so much bigger and riskier. I love films to do with conspiracies, lies and deceit and exposing people for what they really are and some of the stuff that’s displayed in this film is some heavy stuff and to know it ACTUALLY happened in the real world is so freaky. As the film progressed I remembered several bits the leaked information being talked about in the news, I never fully paid attention to it when was actually happening in the real world, so I was always curious as to what would follow in the film. The only issues I had with the film is that most things outside of Cumberbatch felt irrelevant and some of the characters in this film felt like unnecessary baggage. Also the pacing of the film felt a little slow at times, but otherwise I had a decent time with this story.


Characters. Firstly let me just say this… BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I think you can tell that I’m a massive fan of his and in this film he doesn’t disappoint. As Julian Assange Cumberbatch plays a character with a vision, a vision which involves exposing the secrets of those in power and bringing them to justice. He’s a very determined, straight-to-the-point, is always on the move and doesn’t acknowledge other people’s feelings or motives unless they’re related to his own. Cumberbatch’s performance is magnetic, he’s very funny, stern and cool as Assange and he proves that he’s practically a chameleon when it comes to his film roles.

Daniel Brühl as Daniel Domscheit-Berg was pretty good, his performance had a great dramatic intensity to it and he and Cumberbatch have some good scenes together. I saw Domscheit-Berg not too long ago in Rush and while his performance isn’t as good here I think he is still a capable actor and I feel like he still needs to be in more films. Anthony Mackie as Sam Coulson was decent, but I was never quite sure what his character did besides be part of the people at the White House protecting the interest of the president or something. Mackie was good but I think he wasn’t utilized that well. David Thewlis as Nick Davies was great, I enjoyed his role. I’m a fan of Thewlis from his work as Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films and I liked seeing him in a more adult film.Alicia Vikander as Anke Domscheit-Berg, as pretty as she was I don’t think her character served much purpose and she was easily one of the film’s throwaway characters. Stanley Tucci as James Boswell was pretty good but severely underused and Laura Linney as Sarah Shaw was pretty good,though she was a little annoying at times.


In conclusion The Fifth Estate was a film I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would and to be honest I think it’s a lot better than some critics are making it out to be. Maybe I’m just saying this because I’m lost in the epic performance that Benedict Cumberbatch gave in this film, but I say if you’re gonna check out this film at least watch it for Cumberbatch because this film proves once again that this guy is great in practically every role he’s given. HAIL CUMBERBATCH! 😀

Rating: 7.5/10 (An interesting thriller with a stellar performance from Benedict Cumberbatch!)

So what did you think of The Fifth Estate, did you like it, thought it was alright or were you like everyone else and thought it was a dull piece of work. Whatever your thoughts I’d like to see them in the comments below. See you on the next review yo! 😀

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