September’s Here & Summer’s Over.

Hey, hey, hey ladies and gents of the internet. Time for a quick blog post before I go back into work mode and today I wish to talk about the fact that the summer is over and how September has crept up on us so quickly.


This seems to happen a lot and every year still surprises me how quickly it happens. Summer is there, you’re in the thick of it, either enjoying yourself or you’re bored out of your mind for days on end. Whatever your scenario is, the summer feels long while you’re in it. But you never notice the days go by and sure enough, it is the last week or August and you’re like “Where the shag did the summer go?” And before you even have time to blink it is September and all those happy thoughts you had about your free time, holidays or hang sessions with your friends and family are pretty much dashed aside as the normality of life kicks in once again. For kids, teenagers or young adults, it pretty much means back to school, college or university, however, if you’re not in the education bubble, then it means nothing besides going to work, and if you’re old enough then you’ll probably have been doing that over the summer and way before that if you’re in full-time or part-time work. For me, I used to be in the education bubble and for the last 8 years since I always had the feeling of dread/excitement when I knew I had to return to college or uni, but now I don’t have that. Since I finished uni in June, I’ve technically become an adult and have been working over the summer. It is only just dawning on me that I have nothing to go back to in September, that my life really has nothing major to return to and it is a relief and yet kind of surreal at the same time. The only thing I never look forward to at this time of the year is the return of annoyingly load school children, uni Freshers and the football season as well (god I despise it, it takes up too much TV time at my house).


I dunno, September always represented the end of good times and the start of boring and dull routines (as the image above suggests), that being said, since I have no educational ties, I wonder where does life go for me now? I mean besides being a barman, I have no other regular commitments to tend to and it feels weird. That being said, there is much to look forward to on the horizon. TV is finally gonna get interesting again with the return of some of my favourite TV shows including, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, Parks and Recreation, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then there’s all the new TV that will appear including Gotham and The Flash among others. Then I’ll have the Tokyo Game Show coverage taking place in a few weeks where hopefully I’ll get some juicy video game announcements and footage too.

So yeah, while I’m gutted that the summer is over I know there is good stuff on the horizon. Now I only have one question to ask you lot:

Dude blog # 1Be sure to comment below and let me know yo. :D

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 3 Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another TV review and after a little while away, I return to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So after a good introduction with season 1 and then falling in love with season 2, I now step into season 3. Annoyingly, I’ve had to watch the first half of this season twice as I started it last December, then dropped it after university got more intense and didn’t start watching again until July. Before going into this season my friends told me that the show only gets better from season 2 onwards and to say that I was hyped would be an understatement. Anyways, enough chatter, time to talk about season 3 of BuffyMinor spoilers follow…


As usual, we follow the life of Buffy Summers; normal teenager by day, vampire slayer by night. As part of the “Scooby Gang” along with Giles, Xander and Willow, except this time with less Cordelia and more Oz, as they take on the supernatural happenings that go on in Sunnydale. The show continues to have episodic stories, but also has stories that continue over the course of the season that relate to things that have happened in the past and present too. This season deal with the relationship status of  Buffy and Angel, the new slayer Faith, the ascension of the mayor of Sunnydale and what happens when Xander and Willow get more screen time.


Story-wise this season 3 was another great season filled with a great deal of drama and heartbreaking situations involving the main characters. Coming off of a fairly emotional climax at the end of season 2, this season provides plenty of challenges for not only Buffy, but also for Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia and Giles. This season predominately revolves around love and relationships and this leads to some really emotional and unexpected territories for all the main characters involved, but on top of that there is a theme of the future and moving on and that applies to the characters, their relationships, school lives and then eventually moving to college as well. One of the things I never highlighted in my reviews of season 1 and 2 is how well this show gets the balance between humour and drama just right, because even in a scene that’s very emotional or super serious there will always be someone around to crack a joke to break the tension. The rise of power for the mayor and the appearances of the different types of demons kept things varied and different, plus the twists and turns this show throws at you always keeps you guessing which was fun. I also feel like this season, for all the drama that took place, was a little lighter in tone and featured a lot more comedic moments and because of that I wasn’t left as emotionally scarred as I was at the end of season 2. I also wanted to mention how much I liked the action in this series, from the crazy and varied monster designs, to all the cool hand-to-hand combat scenes, it was all badass with my highlights definitely being the final fight between Buffy and Faith and the war at Sunnydale High’s graduation, that was some epic and mental stuff.

Episode highlights include:

  • Anne
  • Faith, Hope, and Trick
  • Brand Candy
  • Revelations
  • Lover’s Walk
  • Gingerbread
  • Helpless
  • Bad Girls
  • Consequences
  • Earshot
  • Choices
  • The Prom
  • Graduation Day, Part One
  • Graduation Day, Part Two

As the cast they are all awesome as recurring cast members really get some great moments to show off their acting skills and get better as their characters, while new cast members add a lot of interesting flavours to the show’s regular dynamic. What I liked was that everyone had relevance and even when some characters went bad the show still tried to show some moments of redemption.

So let’s start with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers. SMG is still amazing as Buffy, her acting is believable, raw and really feel for her in these moments of crisis. In this season Buffy pretty much has everything thrown at her as the slayer and yet still has to deal with her school life, her mum, friends and relationships too. At times she is a bit of an emotional wreck, but considering all the stuff she has to deal with it is hardly surprising and this leads to some very difficult fights and conversations. All of this happens and SMG still looks beautiful and cute as hell haha. Then we have David Boreanaz as Angel. After the events of last season, I wondered if he would return for this season, but at the same time I knew he would be back and he is totally on-point as he still a brooding, complex and an incredibly layered person who has a great deal of knowledge and experience of life because of his immortality. I like how he and Buffy had to rekindle their relationship and be in love, but also have issues and eventually break up. Both Gellar and Boreanaz have great chemistry and you totally buy the fact these two are undeniably in love but have aspects of their lives that won’t keep them together permanently.


Nicholas Brendon is still awesome as Xander Harris, in the earlier side of this season his jokes are not as funny as usual, but eventually he finds his rhythm and delivers some of my favourite laughs in this season. I like how this show gave him moments to shine and finally address his lack of usefulness in the main gang. Alyson Hannigan really got more interesting as Willow Rosenberg, last season really built up Willow’s character, but here she totally got to be more than she ever was before. Even though she was still her cute and smart self, this time round she seemed more assertive, adventurous and was in the thick of the action a lot more, and I loved her for that. Charisma Carpenter still looked incredible and was interesting as Cordelia Chase, she pretty much goes from being one of the members of the group to going back to her old ways in season 1, you know, being cruel and hurtful bitch. Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles is still one of the coolest dudes ever, he is always there to help Buffy and company, but he is also pretty sneaky and after learning more about his past you get to appreciate him even more. Seth Green as Oz is again the guy who isn’t very emotive, but provides moments of humor and got involved in more of the active with Buffy and company while also advancing his relationship with Willow too. Oz is probably my least favourite character in the group because he isn’t as charismatic as the rest of the gang, but he does have his moments where he’s pretty cool.


Now let’s mention Eliza Dushku, who wonderfully plays Faith Lehane, damn! When she first stepped on the scene I fell in love. I was mainly familiar with Dushku from Dollhouse, so to see her so much younger here was an unexpected surprise. At first Faith is the new slayer who is a lot more aggressive, out-going and carefree than Buffy and it is fun to have her around as this massive contrast from our regular slayer, but after the series progresses and things take a turn for the worse, you see that Faith has a much darker side that starts to take over. At first I loved Faith’s spunky and more action-oriented attitude, but then she became a total bitch, but that’s what made her cool to watch as a villain. And we can’t talk about Faith without mentioning Harry Groener as Mayor Richard Wilkins. This guy is awesome, the reason I like him as the dominant villain of this season is because he’s not your conventional ‘I’m evil all the time’ kind of bad guy, he is very quirky, humourous and rarely ever demonstrates any negative thinking. That being said, the guy can get pretty unforgiving, ruthless and when things really start going badly for him the man can pretty much freak out and that’s what I really appreciated about Groener’s performance.


Kristine Sutherland is pretty good as Joyce Summers, after the events of last season she has a hard time dealing with what Buffy did and trusting her daughter is very an easy thing from then on and Joyce definitely has some fun moments in this season too especially with Giles. Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was pretty funny, he’s the new watcher who is supposed to come in and replace Giles, but he is pretty much ignored most of the time and no one takes him seriously. He’s much like Giles (being English and have similar mannerisms), but he doesn’t have a backbone and no one really likes him, well besides Cordelia which is still the weirdest thing ever. Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder is still a douche, but he is a pretty funny douche though, and seeing him in more humourous situations definitely helped me like him more this time around. Emma Caulfield was funny and entertaining as Anya and I was not expecting to see her so much leading up to the end of the series and Danny Strong as Jonathan Levinson has been one of my favourite hidden school characters and to see him have more screen time was awesome. And finally seeing James Marsters return briefly as Spike was an unexpected and joyful moment in time, they guy was just as funny, crazy and British as always, but he also gave a brief statement about love and relationships and I feel is one of the best bits of dialogue in the series.


So to conclude season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is another great series of episodes that featured a great deal of action, drama and humour. While I don’t feel like this season left the same kind of dramatic impact that the previous season did, there was a great deal of character development, fun and excitement for Buffy and the rest of the main cast here and I’m interested to see what happens in season 4.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Let’s Talk About The Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Yo people of the interweb, today I wanted to a special little post dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy. After seeing the film 3 times in the cinema, I can easily say it is not only one of my favourite films of the summer, but also of the year so far and one of the key reasons I like the film so much is due the soundtrack. The song selection in the film is nothing short of amazing and the music does help bring you back down to Earth when you’re up in space for the majority of the film. And since I’ve been listening to the this compilation for the last few days I thought I’d pass on my thoughts of what it means to me so consider this a review of sorts haha. Let’s get started.


Even though the songs are of the older variety, they are for the most part classics and very well established in the world of music and the fact that they are being used in the film instills a feeling of familiarity and in some cases nostalgia as well. And for me it was the first time listening to some of these songs in full or at all, however, there are some that I have known about for a very long time, but I’ll get to that in a bit. For now let’s talk about the individual songs in a bit more detail.

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

Ah yes, “Hooked on a Feeling” is pretty much the theme song of GotG because of it showing up in the first and second trailers for the film. At first I wasn’t too keen on the song and couldn’t understand the hype, but then over the coming months before the film’s release I couldn’t get the song out of my head. By the time the film came out I was totally in love with it. I don’t whether it is the constant chanting of “Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga” or the awesome chorus, whatever it may be, it is addictive and I can’t help but start singing and dancing like a happy-go-lucky clown. The song is just a feel-good jam and ever since I got this album, it’s been on repeat for ages haha.

Go All the Way by Raspberries

When I heard this song in the film I thought the rest of it would be a kick ass rock song of the 70’s, but then when I heard the song in full for the first time I was surprised about how the verses and chorus were so much softer and pop-sounding. It totally threw me off. But after a few days of listening to it on repeat it had become one of my favourite songs from the album, besides the awesome opening, just the chorus is very addictive and fun to sing. And I don’t if it is just me, but that guitar riff in the beginning, middle and end of the song reminds me a lot of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who.

Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum

This is the only song that didn’t appear in the film and only has an association with the film through the second trailer that was released a while ago. And while it is a decent song with a great sound, I don’t think it fits in with the rest of the songs in the sense that they are fairly playful, charismatic and normally relate to friendship or love and relationships, but this one is more to do about death and religion and going to heaven when you die. I just don’t feel like the lyrical content of this song gels well with the rest of the songs and the film in general. Again, it is a decent song, but probably my least favourite song in this collection.

Moonage Daydream by David Bowie

Alright, now we come to a great song. Hearing David Bowie in GotG the first time round was such an unexpected and delightful surprise, and then listening to the song on this album was even better. I’ve been a fan of Bowie for the last 8 years of my life and every few years I find more and more songs that I really get into. Since this is from the Ziggy Stardust album I’m not sure if I’ve heard it before in college or not but either way I love it. I feel like this song represents the vastness of space and stepping into the unknown (like the scene when the Guardians enter Knowhere).

Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop

This song is basically about a guy who is a bit of a player and in the midst of his messing around he found a girl of interest. This song stuck in my head after that scene with Peter and Gamora, it just seems like it would be the song that would describe Peter if he ever decided to settle down with someone. It is the kind of song you just take a girl and slow dance with (if people still do that) or if you have a significant other you just dance with them, since I don’t have another half I’ll just be dancing on my own lol. I think the song has a gorgeous melody and memorable chorus.

I’m Not in Love by 10cc

Now this is a song I’ve always known about since I was around 10 or 11 when it was advertised on TV in a 1970’s CD compilation, however I’ve never heard the song in full until now. I loved the use of the song in GotG though, opening the film with that song was so surprising and nostalgic at the same time. At 6 minutes it is the longest song on the album, but it is worth every second of listening time. That opening 33 seconds, wow, just the way the sound builds up and then goes into the first verse, it is one of the most incredible intros to any song ever. This is a heavy and dramatic song with meaningful lyrics and a beautiful melody. The only thing I don’t like is the little breakdown around 1 minute and 53 seconds into the song, I feel like it’s a bit unnecessary and upsets the flow of the song.

I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

Now we get to the song I know the most out of this album. This to me is classic. As a fan of Michael Jackson, I know all of his music from childhood ESPECIALLY his older material in The Jackson 5. In all honesty, I don’t really listen to this song unless it shows up on TV or at a party, it is just not one of my jams. That being said, when the right occasion presents itself, I can get down and start singing and dancing, and after listening to it so much over the last few days I have a new appreciation for it.

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

And now we come to what is arguably my favourite song from this collection. When I heard this song for the first time with Peter Quill dancing along while exploring the planet Morag I was in the happiest place ever. Ever since my first time seeing GotG this song has gotten stuck in my head for weeks and since listening to it in full, it is becoming an addiction. “Come and Get Your Love” is just a feel-good song that you just want to sing along to and every second hour of the day I’m always saying in my head “Come and get your love!” This is ultimately a song I can listen to any time and I would be surprised if there is anyone that isn’t down with this sound.

Cherry Bomb by The Runaways

This song is awesome, since hearing it GotG I’ve been obsessed with that chorus. I just love how rebellious this song feels and the level of tenacity and charisma that comes from lead singer Cherie Currie just makes me feel like freaking out and shouting “CHERRY BOMB!” with her. While I’m not that fussed about punk rock, I do love the sound that comes from this song, it’s so badass!

Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

Oh, this song, this is another song I’ve known about for many years, but never listened to in full until now. When I was younger, I thought the song was very funny just because of the words in the chorus (don’t ask me why), but since listening to the song recently I’ve really come to appreciate the lyrics and lovely music.

O-o-h Child by Five Stairsteps

Once again this is a song I’ve always known about, never been too keen on and never listened to in full until now, all that being said I’ve really taken a liking to this song recently. The song is pretty much about looking forward to a better day and trying to stay positive and I loved seeing Peter Quill strutting his stuff in front of Ronan to this song, it was so unexpected and funny. I think that scene makes me like this song more than I should.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Like “I Want You Back” this is a song that I’ve known for many years and it is again a classic song, that being said I’ve never been too keen on it and the only version I’ve really liked was the one in Sister Act 2. But I have always liked what this song has stood for; the bond between people and the acts of kindness that friends will do for each other. Since listening to this soundtrack I’ve really started to get into it and believe that when this song appears in GotG it represents Peter and his crew as a unified group.

Favourite songs:

  • Hooked on a Feeling (LOVE)
  • Go All the Way
  • Moonage Daydream
  • Fooled Around and Fell in Love (LOVE)
  • I’m Not in Love
  • Come and Get Your Love (LOVE)
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Escape (The Piña Colada Song)

In conclusion Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is such a great collection of songs that when applied to one of Marvel’s strangest and most delightful films to date has created a match made in heaven. After watching GotG you really do want to listen to the music from the film and honestly, it is worth your time to obtain this album as it is delightful, beautiful, addictive and makes you want to sing and dance.

So what did you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1? Are you down with these tunes or do want to turn them off? Also, did you like Guardians of the Galaxy in general or was it not for you? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. :D


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Pokemon Meets Tekken in Pokken, The Unexpected Crossover Fighting Game!

Howdy ladies and gents, time for me just to blog about a tiny bit of video game news that dropped yesterday that shocked me so much that I just had to talk about it. The following information comes from IGN:


The Pokemon Company has just revealed Pokken Tournament, a new fighting game starring its infamous ‘mon and being developed by Bandai Namco’s Tekken team.

The announcement of the unlikely bedfellows has been teased for some time, with Nintendo promising a “shocking” announcement for today. It’s safe to say this fits the bill. The lead producers of Tekken and SoulCalibur, Katsuhiro Harada and Masaaki Hoshino respectively are both working on the project.

At the moment, there’s no news of a Western release or even if the brawler is set to arrive on consoles in Japan. It’s currently planned for arcade machines, with the initial information being pretty sparse. From what we’ve been able to gather, however, it’s aimed at a wide and casual audience, though aspects will make sure those looking for something hardcore should have something to look forward to.

Pokken Tournament isn’t arriving in Japan arcades until next year. We’ll be chasing up as much info as we can get on it in the meantime, so watch this space. Additionally, that 3D fighting game that was spotted at the end of a trailer last year? Looks like we know what it is!

Well this was definitely surprise, I did not expect to hear or see this, ever in my life. Now he have had 3D Pokemon fighting games before in the form of Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 on the N64 or Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness on the GameCube and often forgotten Pokemon Battle Revolution. But unlike those games which was just a 3D version of the handheld game turned-based battle system, this game seems to be a one-on-one fighter just like Tekken or Dead or Alive. As for what we can see in the trailer, it looks interesting. I mean sure the graphics look okay with decent character models and animation, however there are games these days that do look better. Seeing Lucario and Machamp go up against each, seeing their varying attacks and move sets based on their Pokemon types is interesting, and if done correctly with a multitude of other characters this game could be cool. However with like 700+ Pokemon at their disposal I’m curious to see how they’ll incorporate each one in there and which ones they’ll leave out, whether they’ll infuse their various types and use type advantages and if there will be other things like flashy special moves or destructive environments.

While this is slated as an arcade-only game only set for release in Japan, if it is good one can hope it does get a western release on consoles. So what do you think of this announcement, are you down with a one-on-one fighting game involving Pokemon or does this disgust you? Be sure to comment below. :)

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Lucy Review

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, time for a new review and today I’m gonna be talking about Lucy, a film starring Scarlet Johansson that I had to wait a whole extra month for because the US and UK film distribution system is BROKEN. I have heard a lot of talk about this film and have avoided a lot of reviews just to come into the film without any preconceived thoughts. So how did the film fare? Well, read on and find out!


The premise for the film can be described as the following:

“A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.”

If you’ve seen the trailers you get a pretty good idea of what of what the film’s story is about, and while this film is about that, at the same time there is a lot more to it. I thought the film had an interesting premise and at times was very intriguing to hear about this whole idea of unlocking the potential of the human brain. That being said, some of the theories behind what happens as the human brain unlocks more of its capacity does get a bit ridiculous, convoluted and you can tell that it belongs in the realm of science fiction and not reality. As for the main plot from start to finish, it is cool at points, but it just doesn’t deliver an overall entertaining experience. I thought I was going to get a sci-fi action thriller and while there are elements of each of those genres here together, at the same time it doesn’t make any of its codes and conventions any better than its competitors. Also at times the film has a lot of things going on and you’re expected just to go with it, that being said when you start to think about things that happen in the film you end up asking yourself a lot of questions that the film will never answer. There are comparisons to be made to Akira, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Transcendence and the recent Limitless as well and while I can’t say whether these scenes and concepts were taken from those films intentionally, it is hard to ignore how blatant they are. And then there’s that ending, damn, it was just a bit disappointing and abrupt.


When it comes to the cast they were good, but the main person you’ll be paying attention to is Scarlett Johansson. As Lucy, Johansson was pretty good. She handled her scenes with a great deal of style, badassery and believability. Her character is a person who just gets caught up in a bad situation and then because of a drug that turns her into a superhuman/god of time and space and it is fascinating to see her advance and change over the course of the film. Johansson was great, that being said I wasn’t keen on the fact that once she started unlocking her brain’s potential, she becomes so robotic and emotionless and I find it hard to get behind a protagonist that has no charisma or personality. Also Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman is good, he’s just doing his Morgan Freeman thing and it works for this film and there are moments when he isn’t completely in the know and is lost for words which was interesting. Choi Min-sik was good as Mr. Jang, but his character was kind of one-note and just generic as the bad guy and I had hoped for more considering his acting chops in his Korean films. And finally Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio, he was fine, his character was mainly there for laughs, but he had his moments to be useful.

lucy09 lucy08

As for the presentation it was pretty impressive. The cinematography was nice and the action scenes and sequences were shot very well, especially one involving a cool car chase. In addition to that GCI was used very well and helped create some very nice, disturbing and weird scenes involving characters, places, time and space. And the soundtrack by Éric Serra is decent, but nothing special, however the “Sister Rust” by Damon Albarn was pretty nice.


In conclusion Lucy is an interesting film with a cool idea, nice visual effects and some decent action sequences. But in the end the film doesn’t ever get that exciting or capitalize on its fascinating premise. The film is not without its merits, but it was not as great as I had hoped and I have seen much better films this summer. If you’re interested in checking this film out approach with caution to avoid disappointment.

Rating: 6/10 (An interesting idea with a lackluster payoff)

So what did you think of Lucy? Did you like it or hate it? Also, how do you feel about Scarlet Johansson as a leading action lady and do you feel like now is the time for her to have her own film as Black Widow? Whatever your thoughts are, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to see ya on the next film review yo! :D


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How I Feel In Pictures #5

Good day to you ladies and gents and welcome to the 5th edition of How I Feel In Pictures. In these posts I’ll upload a piece of art that I’ve drawn that basically represents how I feel at that current point in time. I can tell you now that I am feeling good at this point in time, while nothing special is going on in my life, during Sunday and Monday I had two days off of work and I’ve been enjoying my free time and during that freedom I had a moment of inspiration to draw and the end result is below.

Check it out below:


Now say it with me people: “I AM GROOT! :D

As you can see above, I’ve drawn Groot from Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy, you may ask, “What brought this on?” Well, after watching GotG for the third time in the cinema last week I really got back into the groove with the film and then started listening to the Awesome Mix Vol. (the great collection of songs from the film) and I just thought to myself that I just had to draw one of my favourite characters from the film. I was just going to do a cool sketch in my new notebook, but then I brought the pen into play and started going hard with the detail. I feel like I did a job considering that I wasn’t drawing at my normal A4 size of paper. Here’s a comparison between the original image and my sketch.


It is definitely a not as close in terms of placement of certain body parts, but again this wasn’t a very long sketch so I do like how it turned out. In the end, I love Groot, most people love Groot and I just wanted to show my love by drawing him. Sometimes I do surprise myself when I draw because I never know how far I can go, especially on such a small-scale like this. This is definitely the start of many GotG pictures to come yo! :D


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Donald Glover Finally Gets to be Spider-Man in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

Hey hey hey people of the internet, time for a bit more news from the world of the web and now I’m gonna talk about a bit of TV news that I feel is relevant relating to Donald Glover and the upcoming third series of Ultimate Spider-Man. The following information comes from superherohype:


Back when Sony was planning on rebooting Spider-Man, actor and comedian Donald Glover started a grassroots campaign online to get cast in the role. Though the part eventually went to Andrew Garfield, many titans of comics and film put their support behind Glover and the movement eventually led to the creation of Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Now, Glover finally gets his wish and will provide the voice of Morales in an upcoming episode of Disney XD’s “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.”

“That’s the great part about the Spider-Man costume: He can be anybody,” Glover tells USA Today. “Spider-Man could be a girl. Spider-Man could be an old man. You don’t know. So I just tried to be as me as possible, because you’re always just going to bring it back to yourself when you watch the show…Spider-Man is the best because you just don’t know who he is, and he’s funny and he’s poor. I understand Spider-Man a lot on that level. He’s just trying to make it.”

The new season of “Ultimate Spider-Man” premieres this Sunday on Disney XD, but Glover’s stint as Morales won’t air until next year. Also, lest you think that Glover is content with settling his “campaign” by providing this voice, he still has hopes to put on the tights some day.

“I still have hopes to do something like that one day. I don’t look at this as second place. Spider-Man, he’s such an icon — you have to do something with him.”

You can check out a clip of Glover as Morales in the player below.

1409005437000-XXX-SCREEN-SHOT-2014-08-06-AT-10752-PM-66643132 1409005221000-XXX-SCREEN-SHOT-2014-08-01-AT-32850-PM-66643130

Well this is nice. I mean sure this doesn’t mean that Donald Glover is Spider-Man in a live-action format, but this is some progress. Now Ultimate Spider-Man isn’t exactly the best format to debut such an important character as Miles Morales, but to be honest considering the way the Spider-Man film series is going, this was the only place where he’ll be able to show in for a while. And in a way I’m glad that he’s finally finding his way into the realm of TV, hopefully this will bring more awareness to his character and comic series and maybe even allow him to get his own show down the line. So far from the images it looks like the series has captured Morales’ likeness so well and from the clip above it sounds like Glover fits into this cartoon just fine. Glover sounds like himself and has the right kind of charisma and charm that comes with an actor of his style and talent. I just hope this first encounter isn’t a ‘one and done’ type of deal, Morales’ Spider-Man needs to have more screen time yo.


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Jeremy Renner Says Hawkeye Could Appear in Captain America 3, Russos Comment

Good day to you ladies and gents, for the first time in a while I’m going back to a regular type of segment on my blog and that is film news! And today I’m going to talk about a bit of interesting information that dropped yesterday concerning Jeremy Renner and the inclusion of his version of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Captain America 3. The following information comes from the ever reliable superherohype:


If there’s one “Avengers” character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that hasn’t gotten his fair share in the spotlight just yet, it’s Hawkeye. Though he was introduced in 2011′s Thor, was mostly mind-controlled in 2012′s The Avengers, and will appear in next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Barton hasn’t had the same exposure as some of the other characters. That could change in 2016, however, as actor Jeremy Renner says he might show up in the upcoming Captain America 3.

Speaking with Collider, Renner was asked about this upcoming schedule and revealed he might have to free up some time next year for the third “Cap” film.

“There are rumblings of Captain America 3. I don’t know what’s going to happen there. I’ve got to find the time, man (laughs). I’m trying to stay home and I can’t.”

Following this initial story, we spoke with returning directors Anthony and Joe Russo this afternoon about the potential for Hawkeye’s includion, and whether it was something they could talk about.

“Unfortunately we can’t (comment),” Anthony said, “It’s too specific to what the movie may be.”

Joe did chime in and teased, “There are certainly characters that Cap is close to or has a strong relationship with that would make sense appearing in his films. I think that’s all we can say about it.”

So what’s being said here is that Renner is down to be included in the next Cap film and the Russo brothers aren’t at liberty to divulge any information because it is too early to give any specifics on the story of Cap 3. So there really isn’t much to be said here officially, but it does gives us fans something to speculate on and theorize about for the time being. Like the writer of the article said, Hawkeye in the only Avenger who has had the least amount of exposure and in the superhero team-up film is primarily a mind-controlled bad guy for 75% of the film. I still thought Renner was cool, but it is true that he really needs to show up a little more in the MCU to be of some value as a solo character. Since I haven’t seen Avengers 2 yet I can’t see whether his character has really been done justice yet to put him in the same league as Black Widow skill-wise or even Agent Coulson cool-wise, but if his character does receive a boost in screen time and credibility then that would open the door for him to potentially come on to Cap 3. It would be cool to see him and Steve Rogers along with Falcon fighting together as they are all humans with different types of attributes and it would make more sense for him to be there than with Tony Stark or Hulk or Thor. but yeah its is still early days when it comes to Cap 3 and it seems like just the outline of the story is being worked on at this point.

In conclusion if there is a room and purpose for Hawkeye in Captain America 3 then that’s great, the Russo’s will probably put him to good use. However if he isn’t relevant don’t throw him in there, no need to make the film feel overstuffed with characters who have no relevance to the story. So how do you feel about the inclusion of Hawkeye in Captain America 3? Are you down with the idea or do you feel like it is a waste of time? Comment below and let me know! :D

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1000 Posts, I’m Invincible!

Good day to you ladies and gents, today I thought I would make a quick post about something pretty cool that happened recently. With my How I Feel In Pictures #4 post, I have reached the point of 1,000 posts on this blog.


So just shy of my 3 year anniversary on WordPress, I have reached a massive milestone. Even though I knew I would get to this point when I started this blog a few years ago, at the same time it is still surprising that I’ve posted so much. And even though I got majority of these posts are news and a fair share of reblogging around 2 years ago, it is all a good deal of work for a personal bit of fun.

The fact is I could have reached this point a lot sooner had I not had so many lazy days and not had my laptop in the repair so much, but whatever, I’ve reached a big milestone and I’m jolly about it. :)

So yeah, that’s it. Hopefully it won’t take me nearly 3 years to make it to 2,000 posts. XD Thanks for reading peeps. :)


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How I Feel In Pictures #4

Good day to you ladies and gents and welcome to the 4th edition of How I Feel In Pictures. In these posts I’ll upload a piece of art that I’ve drawn that basically represents how I feel at that current point in time. Well I’m feeling decent at the moment, work has been murder but in between all of that chaos I’ve been all creative in my head and felt like making stuff all the time and my latest piece of work is something simple, yet affective.

Check it out below:


Yeah it’s Mordecai from Regular Show!

As some of you may know I got my laptop back this week, but what I didn’t mention was how most of my programs were erased which meant that I had to obtain all of them all over again, including Adobe Photoshop. Luckily I’m back in the groove and over the last two days I made this, a picture of Mordecai from Regular Show which was an update from a sketch I did in my notebook ages ago. Check it out below:

Mordecai's Upgrade

As you can see it pretty similar but very different at the same time. I do like the way this picture turned out but I also feel like more could be done, I guess now is as good a time as any to experiment and get things to look as fancy as possible, probably will mess around shading and colour layering or something. :P

In conclusion I feel like this is the start of something, hopefully this one picture will create a snowball effect and I’ll start doing more art on a consistent basis. Plus I wanna do more Regular Show stuff because I love that cartoon so much! :D

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