09 Jun

Good day to you ladies and gents, how are you? Today I’m back with a another one paragraph review and today I have another TV review in the form of Ballers season 1.


Now Ballers has been on my mind for MONTHS, the only reason I wanted to see it was because of Dwayne Johnson, I mean the premise of the show was never felt too captivating, however considering that I’d gone through the majority of my TV shows and the second season of this show will start next month, I decided to check out season 1. The thing about Ballers is that it’s good and fun to watch, and while it’s not quintessential TV, it has enough humour and drama that its worth a watch. I’d heard so many lukewarm to negative reviews about this show, so I was a little worried after the first few episodes, but I found myself really getting into this world, wanting to learn more about the business side of American Football and engaging with the ups and downs that people in the industry faced. Though it has to be said that the more dramatic and emotional material either got resolved too quickly or was presented with no proper resolution. But the show’s not all about drama, humour also plays a pretty big part as well and while not all of it lands, there are plenty of funny moments that come specific characters and scenarios. As for the cast everyone does well, however, it’s Dwayne Johnson that carries this show as Spencer Strasmore. Johnson brings all of his charisma and charm you’ve come to expect from him, but as a retired NFL player turned financial manager, this role allows him to flex some more of those serious muscles and he fares well. I also really love Rob Corddry and Troy Garity as Joe Krutel and Jason, Corddry brings a lot of humour and has a great chemistry with Johnson, while Garity is quite slick and cool in his role. John David Washington is pretty good as Ricky Jerret, annoyingly foolish yet interesting l NFL player, Omar Miller is also humourous and likeable as Charles Greane, and I also like Donovan W. Carter as Vernon. In the end Ballers season 1 was fun and interesting, and while the content of this show fluctuates in the quality of its story and character material, it is short and enjoyable and sets the stage for more interesting material in the future.

So have you seen season 1 of Ballers and if so what do you think? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to comment below and I’ll se ya on the next TV review, laters! 😀


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