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Check Out The Impressions In Motion Podcast!

Howdy ladies and gents how’s it going? As some of you may be aware I have my own podcast, Film Focus which I have promoted via this blog since I started it almost two years now. But that is not the only podcast I have been part of. Back in September my best homie Chris and I started a podcast entitled Impressions In Motion; a podcast dedicated to the discussion of film, tv and video games.

I still haven’t made up a proper logo for the podcast yet because I haven’t come up with a fancy enough, but hopefully, I’ll be able to sort something out soon. We’re currently on Soundcloud and YouTube and while we’re getting some views on YouTube, Soundcloud is a little lacking at the moment. So I thought I’d spread the word on here and ask you, my blogging homies to help me out and check out my material.

Here are some of the best episodes:




And here’s the latest episode where my friend and I did our top 10 films of 2017:


Doing this podcast is a lot of fun for me and my mate, not only because we like to joke around and say a lot of stupid stuff. But also because we’re lovers of film and anime especially, but our interests are so different, so it is fun to hear my friend’s opinion as it informs me on films or something else I wasn’t previously aware of.

Anyway, if you have some free time and enjoy casual yet in-depth conversation about film, tv, video games and stuff of that nature then please check out our podcast, it is fun little time for sure. 😀

Podcast on Soundcloud:

Podcast on YouTube:

Podcast on iTunes:

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Check Out My Thor: The Dark World Video Review!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, recently I reviewed Thor: The Dark World on my blog and now that the film is FINALLY playing worldwide I feel like its time for me to bust out my badass spoiler-free video review!


Now for those who don’t know, I’m primarily a video review kind of guy on YouTube, have been for about 3 years and over the summer I sort of dropped off the radar and gave all that stuff a rest because I was too lazy and was perusing other ventures. But with Thor: The Dark World, I knew I have to come back to the online world and share my thoughts and I can tell ya that it is SO good to be back.

Check out the review below:

So what did you think of my review? Was it good, bad, indifferent? I’d love to hear your thoughts/criticisms. Also how was Thor: The Dark World for you? Whatever your thoughts, drop in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀

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Random Blog 06: The Summer Makes Me SO Lazy

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for another random blog instalment. Today I’m doing another blog post relating to the summertime season again, but this one has a little more sprinkled into it; my lazy nature.

i-am-being-lazyYeah that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

So right now it’s August, yeah bloody August! Where the hell did the last 2 months go? Now I’ve practically only got 1 month of summer fun left before the whole education academic year bull starts up again and ruins my happy, feel-good groove. I mean summertime is made for being lazy right? Sure you can go on holiday, travel, get a job or work experience or take up a new hobby or try out sports, but honestly none of that compares to just lazing around in your own company enjoying the freedom of life.

Lazy-Days-being-lazy-853701_424_372That cat has the right idea, though I’m not keen on the concept of hammocks, I can honestly tell ya I know exactly what that kind of relaxation feels like.

This summer I haven’t really done too much in the way activities. I mean in a way I have but I also haven’t. I’ve been to one music concert, two music festivals in Guildford and Standon and I’ve been to the cinema a fair about too. But then I also have to remember that I haven’t been to the cinema as much as I usually do, I also haven’t gone on holiday with my sister like I was meant to, I also haven’t had that many adventures with my friends and I haven’t been exploring Sheffield as much as I would have liked to. I blame it mainly on my laziness creating my lack of movement.

Ka-cinities-ar-19This picture sums up how I feel about the concept of laziness haha.

I do hate how terribly lazy I’ve become after leaving uni. I mean after I found out I had no reason to leave the house, I really took advantage of that fact. This firstly affected my attendance at the cinema, some days I just put off going or couldn’t be arsed to leave the house. And this in turn messed with work on YouTube and caused me to miss reviewing several of the major film releases this year. My proactive nature just fell apart, and for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to rectify that.

___Jinki__s_Lazy_Summer____by_CLassicNightmare-898-8352This is how I envision my simple version of the summer. Looks like fun XD

As I said before I’m trying to change. I’ve got plans for new live-action and animation projects I want to put into action in the next few weeks or at least before I start up uni again. It’s gonna be some cool YouTube video stuff that I think you lot will like, it’s a crazy project and I’d love to talk about it now but I’ll reveal a little more about it nearer the time of its completion.

Anyways to conclude I’m basically saying that I’ve been lazy this summer, but that’s about to change with the next few weeks so look out for more updates in weeks to comes. 😀

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Trying To Be Consistent

Howdy ladies and gents, time for me to talk about my online activities as a blogger and reviewing guy on YouTube and difficulties that come with trying to be consistent on both.

ConsistencyConsistency is indeed the key to success, but sometimes trying to find the time to be posting on-time is difficult yo.

Yeah so let’s talk about the main issue at the moment which is my vlogging reviewer as TheHypersonic55 on YouTube. On my channel I’ve been reviewing things on there since May 2010 when I uploaded my review of the first season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and after that summer I started doing primarily film reviews. Ever since then I prided myself in having an opinion and spreading it around, and when I really started getting a fair amount of viewership over the summer of 2011 and during the course of 2012 too I was on top of the world. It was from my Skyfall review onwards when I decided to video reviews with my face totally visible. Ever since then I have gotten some better viewership, however my views and ratings have shifted greatly with each one. The only main issue I’ve run into since converting to full-on vlogging is trying to be consistent because I watch a lot of films and trying to review them all within the release window is tough, time-consuming and difficult on my laptop because it can only just about edit my material without crashing.

Even now my channel is suffering because I’ve basically let too much time slip by after watching some recent films like Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim and The World’s End, those were all films I wanted to review but couldn’t due to time constraints and tedious problems that would occur with my equipment… And general laziness too.

DjangoUnchainedThumbail1Honestly I love reviewing stuff on YouTube and would love to do it forever, but recently my love and thirst for that kind of stuff has diminished of recent.

And then there is of course my blog, here I have used this blog as a multi-purpose blog writing personal things, delivering film and game news and doing reviews of films, music and games. I really love blogging and have met some kick ass people on here who have been very kind, friendly and understanding towards the stuff I’ve talked about here. But just like my YouTube channel, maintaining this blog hasn’t been an easy challenge. There have been whole days or weeks when I wouldn’t write a thing which I’d feel terrible about, but since I had no content I’d have no material to write about, and that in turn would make me lose followers and my regular people. And then add on top of that I had my YouTube commitments that came before this blog too, so a lot of times I’ve found myself trying to make time for one or the other, it was a balancing act that never came without sacrifice.

blog-1I love my blog and I love to write things, but sometimes I wonder if I even making progress.

In the end I want both to be successful but I don’t know if I have the time to pull it off efficiently. I feel like trying a new approach on YouTube but I don’t have the resources necessary for a change yet and as for the blog I want to do more with it but I’m not sure my reach is getting far enough on the internet. So yeah things are a bit complicated at the moment and we’re kind of in a state of shift yo. We’ll see we end up in a month’s time in August, hopefully  things will be on the more successful side of town. 😛

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My Star Trek Into Darkness Video Review!


Howdy peeps me again lol. I know I’ve already done a written review, but just in case you lot don’t like reading I have a video review I can show you instead. Don’t worry it’s spoiler free and it is just me going a little mental over how cool the film is. So if you can handle it have a look and tell me what you think yo! 😀

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Still Spreading The Word About Movie 43!

Hi people of the interweb! As many of you are aware now Movie 43 has been released to cinemas everywhere and in just under a week after the film’s release it was slammed by fans and critics for being so bad. Now how bad is bad? Well it’s been regarded by some as one of THE WORST FILMS OF ALL TIME. And that’s saying a lot. Now like everyone else who has an opinion I have given my thoughts on this film stating how disappointed and disgusted I was with the film. Now I watched the film purely for the sake of doing a review for my YouTube channel and on this blog, but there is no reason for people to watch this film, really! There are much better films you could be watching. I along with all other casual film reviewers film that it is our mission to warn the public and tell them to stay away! Now I’ve already done my written review of the film, but if you want to see me rant a little and get the message across in full force then watch this video review:

Remember if you’ve seen the film spread the word, Movie 43 sucks and it doesn’t deserve anyone elses money!

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My Thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s Return to Music

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now, it’s been 7 years since Timberlake released his last album and blew the world up with a collection of chart-topping hits. Back then JT was untouchable. But after 2007 JT was found in songs as guest artist rather than continuing any of his own stuff and obviously by that time JT was getting into films too. These days I think more people recognize Timberlake for the films that he’s in and think that he’s just stopped doing music altogether. However there were those who lived in hope and just prayed that JT would come back with some new material… And it seems like our prayers were answered and this video confirmation:

When I saw this I knew some cool stuff was going down, it had confirmed what all fans all over the world had been waiting for. That our man had gone back in the studio to make some new material. But the shocker for me was yesterday when my sister and she told me that Timberlake’s single had already gone online. I felt so ashamed to be out of the loop especially with an artist I like as much as Justin Timberlake. Now yes I am going to make it known now that I am a massive Justin Timberlake fan. I know that’s not so normal for most guys and when I tell my mates that I like his music they all go “What’s wrong with you?” or “His music’s horrible!” But I don’t give a monkeys what anyone says, I think his music is solid and it sounds totally awesome and I have been a fan since 2002, so there! Anyway let’s talk about that new single. Here’s the video for those who haven’t heard it yet:

Honestly for me I like it. Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they returned to the music scene with “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”, the single is nice, upbeat, familiar and while not groundbreaking it still sounds fabulous. And just like my sister said it does sound similar to Robin Thicke (but we all know who came first with the awesome vocals). I reckon with some time it’ll grow on people and probably with the appearance of an eventual music video then it’ll change some people’s point of view about things. Again when referring back to the Chili Peppers, back when their first new single came out in August 2011 not many people were down with the new song and had expected something like “Dani California” (myself included), but in time the song grew on ya and now most fans like (personally I love “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie“). And I think the same rule will apply to JT’s new song “Suit & Tie“, while it definitely doesn’t have the massive presence that “SexyBack” had back in 2006, the song is still classy enough to get the fans happy. Some people have complained about the song on being big enough or the song being underwhelming or have moaned about Jay-Z’s inclusion on the track. To them I say get over it. In these times of pretty poor music, there’s not many people that still make contemporary R&B sound nice and interesting, but it seems to me that JT still can. Again as I said before this song will probably grow on people and eventually Justin will pull out his trump card singles that’ll put him back on top again.

So on JT’s website he’s said that he started working on new music list june last year and he’s enjoyed the process of making new music without any rules or end goals, just to have fun making music. He’s also got a name for his new album which is “The 20/20 Experience” so that’s already got me all hyped up.

All I can say is that I am hyped for the future of music and I can’t wait to see what new material Justin brings throughout 2013, it’s about time I had some good music to listen to in the charts for a change.

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2013: New Year, Changes & Upgrades to my blog!

Howdy people of the interweb, I know it’s a little late but happy New Year and all that jazz and welcome to 2013! For me 2012 was fabulous year full crazy happenings and new beginnings, so with 2013 in full swing I anticipate a lot of great happenings taking place this year. In today’s blog post I’ll be telling you about all the new, crazy and exciting happenings that’ll be going down on this blog! 😀


We’re finally in 2013 and with a new year brings new beginnings!

So what I’ll do now is break this blog post into sections and tell you lot what I’ll be doing in the near future.


As for my reviews well you know me I’m always making movements at the cinema so the film reviews will still continue to come as long as I have the time to watch them. Expect reviews of The Impossible, Django Unchained, Gangster Squad and The Last Stand over the course of this month. I’ll also be looking into doing more reviews of video games, but they’ll be games from the past as I can’t afford new games and plus it’ll be easier to write about too. And then there are TV show reviews, I’ve really wanted to do some for a while now but I’ve been looking at the right time to release them, so in 2013 both on my blog and on YouTube I’ll be doing reviews of live-action TV shows and cartoon series’ too. Look out for my review of Hotel Babylon, and possibly another ‘Month of related to TV shows.

Film & Video game news

Last year I really started to get into the groove of blogging about video game news and then got into film news and trailers too. In 2013 I hope to continue to bring you interesting news from both the world of film and gaming, though as always I won’t write about everything and it’ll only be about stuff I feel is relevant to my blog. I’ll also be releasing my guide of ‘Films to look out for in 2013‘ very soon and that’ll probably be in either 2 or 3 parts so look out for that yo. And lastly there are film trailers, there are always trailers for films coming out and as long as they are worth talking about then I’ll be doing reviews on them on this blog.

Personal posts

As with last year I will continue to share with you more personal blog posts because I do get a great level of satisfaction of sharing my thoughts online with the people of WordPress and seeing what responses I get. Sometimes I get more likes and exposure for the personal blog posts I write than my reviews and news write-ups so not continuing to do them I feel would be terrible on my part. Anyways I have many things to write about from the usual stuff about love and friendship to nostalgic memories and other stories about my life and the future.


Besides being attached to WordPress all the time I also have a commitment to YouTube. Last year I made a really massive effort to do a lot of video reviews and get noticed online, and while I did get more viewers and subscribers I still haven’t gotten far enough. I still haven’t got a fan following yet and still haven’t got a consistent amount of views with my videos so I am still working towards becoming more on YouTube and making more entertaining videos. I’m going to be doing a lot of changes to my videos and upgrading the formats that I currently work on so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 2013.

So that’s my immediate plans for 2013, hopefully you’re looking forward to my new material and if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me which isn’t already mentioned above please specify in the comment section below. Until the next time, laters! 😀


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Live The Wolverine Chat with Mangold and Jackman on Oct. 29

Now I know I’ve been posting a good few articles about Iron Man 3 recently, but there is another Marvel film I have my eye on and that The Wolverine. And this news article from superherohype caught my interest and I think it will be of some use to the fans. Here check it out below:

The Wolverine director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman will be hosting a live chat from the Australian set next Monday, October 29 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You can check out the announcement video below!

The chat will take place at and You can submit your questions via Twitter using #TheWolverineLive and on Facebook at

Opening in theaters on July 26, 2013, The Wolverine co-stars Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee.”

Now this is cool and an interesting idea; to get information on a film long before it comes out and have the questions from the perspective of the fans. Whether I’ll be around to watch this live remains to be seen because of my uni schedule, but here’s hoping a lot of fans probe Jackman and Mangold with the right questions so that we can get a good idea of what’s going on,

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Lazy Times and Lazy Blogging

Howdy to all who read my blogs, basically today’s blog post about how my laziness and my blogging inconsistency in recent times and the reason behind it… But let’s be blunt here, I’ve gotten lazy. Period.

Now this is a pretty good example of how lazy I have gotten in recent times.

In the last month my commitment to my blogging hasn’t been as strong, so that’s why I have only mainly done one or two uploads very sparsely over the space of several days rather than doing one every two or three days. Some days I’d swing by WordPress and I’d want to blog but then just say to myself “I can’t be arsed.” And in truth that’s just the way I’ve felt for a while. I was just feeling super lazy and felt no obligation to write anything even though I had so many topics and drafted and ready to publish. Though laziness has not been the only thing stopping me from blogging.

On top of my lack of blog time I have had a lot of uni work to take care of in the last 3 weeks. There has been a good few deadlines that have needed to be met and most of them have involved essays and after all of that bloody typing I was doing I really wasn’t keen on coming back here to do the same thing. I’m sure you can understand that 🙂 University has been a tedious process in the last few weeks and the assignment have drained all of the fun from my body so when it would to blogging, the inspiration wouldn’t be there. Oh speaking of uni I’m done! Yeah I just finished my first year and I am loving the freedom. I don’t have to wake up early anymore, I don’t feel guilty when I’m doing anything other than my work and I don’t have to be anywhere of any degree of importance. It’s a fabulous feeling… However that freedom comes at a cost. Now that I don’t have uni to keep my schedule in check I have nothing to do and it sucks. It normally means I’m just hanging around my flat being bored as hell. Now I would do something outside if there was things to do around here that wouldn’t cost me money. The only to do is go out and party and while I would love to do that, I am not financially in a position to do that all the time. Which leads me into another point; I need a job. I’m constantly looking and yet I get no response and it’s a very tedious process, but it needs to be done so I can have some stability XD

In the end I would love for it to be the summer and just chill the hell out with no problems in my mind.

Just like Calvin & Hobbes here I would love to chill somewhere with a smile on my face, totally carefree.

Eventually I’ll wait for days like these to come when the summer rolls around. For now I have many things to sort out. Firstly I really want to get Sonic 4: Episode 2, I have heard such a mixed response about the game and I just want to get a hold of it and tamper with it for myself. Like watching The Avengers again. Unfortunately I have still only seen it twice and it breaks my heart. I should have seen it at least another 2 times since about 3 weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll be getting around to it until I go back home next week. I just home it’ll be in the cinema for that long or I will cry 😦 And speaking next week… THE MCM LONDON EXPO IS AROUND THE CORNER!  Yes, indeed it’s almost Expo time again. This convention is a place I have been attending for the last 4 years and while I am regretfully only going for one day this May, I will be doing the full adventure in October, that much I can promise! But for now I can’t wait to meet up with my best friend Chris and be able to do this whole Expo experience again.

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