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When There Isn’t Enough “Me Time”

Howdy ladies and gents, just wanted to make a quick blog post about the state of my life at the moment and share it online because I like to share! Haha. Anyways, you may have noticed that the amount of reviews from me have not been as frequent or as swift as it was earlier in the year, well, there is a reason for that and it basically comes down to the fact that I barely have enough time to do anything I want anymore.


This is my life right now, I feel like I have no time in life.

So what’s the deal? Well, since August I have been hopping in and out of jobs, three to be exact and because of the full-time nature of said jobs I haven’t had much time to go to the cinema, play my video games or just blog. Because I have to work, I don’t have many hours to myself to do all the fun things that help me get through the day, and thanks to my current warehouse job I am working four days a week with only three left to myself, and to me that’s bullshit. When you have half of your week taken from you to go to a job you don’t like, that’s some messed up shit right there.


Yep, I know how this feels. This is how my life feels when I attempt to carry out basic tasks.

Now, while I do make a good few blog posts about being lazy and chilling out, there are times when I am super busy and plan to do a lot of things like go to the cinema, draw, write stories, plan animations, catch up with my TV shows, meet up with friends, doing exercises, etc. But I end up doing so much or so little at different points in the week that not everything every gets done. Right now, I have a lot of films I would like to watch, but I haven’t had a good day to go to the cinema since last Saturday because of my work schedule. And now realising how busy I will be in life from now on, I see that my “me time” will be cut by a massive chunk, leaving me so unhappy and messed up when it comes to personal activities.

So to conclude my blogging activity may be a little fragmented from now on and my film, TV and game reviews will be a lot less, probably, but hang tight with me and keep looking for new material when it comes! Laters. 🙂

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September’s Here & Summer’s Over.

Hey, hey, hey ladies and gents of the internet. Time for a quick blog post before I go back into work mode and today I wish to talk about the fact that the summer is over and how September has crept up on us so quickly.


This seems to happen a lot and every year still surprises me how quickly it happens. Summer is there, you’re in the thick of it, either enjoying yourself or you’re bored out of your mind for days on end. Whatever your scenario is, the summer feels long while you’re in it. But you never notice the days go by and sure enough, it is the last week or August and you’re like “Where the shag did the summer go?” And before you even have time to blink it is September and all those happy thoughts you had about your free time, holidays or hang sessions with your friends and family are pretty much dashed aside as the normality of life kicks in once again. For kids, teenagers or young adults, it pretty much means back to school, college or university, however, if you’re not in the education bubble, then it means nothing besides going to work, and if you’re old enough then you’ll probably have been doing that over the summer and way before that if you’re in full-time or part-time work. For me, I used to be in the education bubble and for the last 8 years since I always had the feeling of dread/excitement when I knew I had to return to college or uni, but now I don’t have that. Since I finished uni in June, I’ve technically become an adult and have been working over the summer. It is only just dawning on me that I have nothing to go back to in September, that my life really has nothing major to return to and it is a relief and yet kind of surreal at the same time. The only thing I never look forward to at this time of the year is the return of annoyingly load school children, uni Freshers and the football season as well (god I despise it, it takes up too much TV time at my house).


I dunno, September always represented the end of good times and the start of boring and dull routines (as the image above suggests), that being said, since I have no educational ties, I wonder where does life go for me now? I mean besides being a barman, I have no other regular commitments to tend to and it feels weird. That being said, there is much to look forward to on the horizon. TV is finally gonna get interesting again with the return of some of my favourite TV shows including, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, Parks and Recreation, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then there’s all the new TV that will appear including Gotham and The Flash among others. Then I’ll have the Tokyo Game Show coverage taking place in a few weeks where hopefully I’ll get some juicy video game announcements and footage too.

So yeah, while I’m gutted that the summer is over I know there is good stuff on the horizon. Now I only have one question to ask you lot:

Dude blog # 1Be sure to comment below and let me know yo. 😀


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The Film Reviews Will Return, I PROMISE!

Hey ladies and gents, as you might notice, as of recent I haven’t been reviewing films as frequently as I used to and I don’t want you to think I’ve given up or dropped off the face of the planet, I’M STILL HERE, I just have other commitments with uni and my new job, So yeah let me give you some info on my situation.

cinemaonscreenThis is where I belong, and I’m being denied of it!

Now as I’ve said before, I’ve gotten a hell of a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment. Firstly my animation course has been bleeding me dry with the three modules I’ve had to do and while it’s not been hard per-se, it has been tedious and time-consuming. Secondly I started my new job last weekend and that eats up all of my weekend and since its night shifts, when I get hope I’m almost dead and crash out, but for some reason I sleep even longer during this time which in turn means I have no time in the day to do anything and that sucks! All of this has made my cinema going experience very difficult to tackle.

However never fear as I shall return to the cinema soon!

With the hand-in of my uni work coming around next week and most of my work being finished this weekend, I’m thinking that I will treat myself to the cinema after all this stress and bullshit.

So what’s on the card? Well here’s the list of films I want to see and review:

  • Frozen (I have heard LOADS of people go one about this film like it’s the most amazing thing ever, I’m curious to see if it meets the hype)
  • Saving Mr. Banks (I’ve heard so many good things about this film and I have to see it because of the actors involved)
  • The Butler (This is film I had followed for a while so I’m hoping to catch it at some point)
  • Philomena (It’s got Judi Dench in it, and Steve Coogan in a serious role, plus Mark Kermode said it was good. I’m down)
  • Kill Your Darlings (It has Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in it, I’m interested by that alone)
  • Anchorman: The Legend Continues (Liked the first film, wanna see the sequel, nuff said)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Loved the first film and early reviews say it’s better than the first so I CAN’T WAIT!)

Here are films I am kind of half and half about:

  • Homefront (I heard this film isn’t anything special, but I like the cast and the trailer, may check it out)
  • Bad Grandpa (The trailers for this looked hilarious, it’s still showing in Sheffield, so I’m gonna try and catch it)
  • Oldboy (This is remake that didn’t need to happen, but I may watch it to see how much it fails)
  • Carrie (It’s a remake, I like Chloë Grace Moretz, but I’ve heard lame things, I can take it or leave it)

As for films I want to re-watch well we have:

  • Thor: The Dark World (I really liked this film and annoyingly I haven’t seen it since opening day, weak!)
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (This was a good film and I really liked it above the first, need to check it out again)
  • Gravity (Great film, gotta see it for the crazy amazing visuals again)

Films for December 2013I know Homefront isn’t on this list, but I messed up on the Photoshop alignment lol

So yeah expect a good deal of reviews over the next few days/weeks. TRUST IN ME! 😀

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New Job, First Night Shift!

Howdy ladies and gents, time for me to divulge another chapter from my life and luckily it is one of the happier variety. Recently I just got a new job and it was honestly one my favourite first-day-on-the-job experiences I’ve ever had.

newjobThis is honestly how I felt after I got my new job. New job, new possibilities! 😀

For those who have followed this blog for a while, you may remember that I had a job back at the late side of summer, it was a hard job, but the staff and atmosphere was incredible, but I got let go in early September. To be honest it was my fault because I blogged about my workplace and used visual examples (idiot). So yeah I’ve been without a proper job for a while now, but after drifting through the ocean of unemployment, someone threw me a lifeline and now I’m back in the game with consistent work up until New Year’s.

Now for obvious reasons I’m not gonna disclose any information relating to my job in case someone’s watching me from the shadows (and waiting to try and mess me up). So all I will tell you that the job is similar to stuff I’ve done before and the location I work at is proper fancy and cool.

Last night I started my first shift there and it was first of many night shifts! Now I’ve always heard a lot about night shifts and had been curious to try it out myself one day just to see if I’d survive. My dad had been doing it for years and I always thought he was hardcore for doing so, I think he was my inspiration for taking on this type of work. So let’s just say that my job requires me to continuously keep moving and help out of people, it is crazy, busy, chaotic and can get messy. However once you get into the groove of things, it’s actually pretty fun and I had a good session. It helped that the music was varied, cool, nostalgic and got some oft he other staff dancing. And speaking of the staff they’re some of the most helpful, funny and coolest people I’ve come across in any job for a while. They were great and to be honest I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with.

My work hours was initially meant to be from 7.30pm to 6am! That scared the life out of my at first, but it wasn’t that bad, plus I got left got slightly early at 4am which was wicked. I pretty much slept like a brick until around 4pm today, so I obviously haven’t been up for that long haha.

The only thing that worries me about this job is how it clashes with my 3rd year uni work. My animation module is getting proper crazy with the deadlines and presentation at the moment and in all honesty I’m not sure how I’m gonna juggle it all, but hell imma try. Gotta survive and rise above! 🙂

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Emotions, they can be so troublesome

Howdy people, time for another personal chapter in my life to be told. Now the last time I did something like this I was kind of aggressive and it got me in trouble before, so today I’m gonna be a little more careful how I choose my words.

Anyways today I’m here just to talk about emotions and how they’ve recently gotten me all messed up for nothing.

EmotionsEmotions, as much as I like them, sometimes they can be really questionable.

Now let’s just talk about emotions, they are the characteristics that make use human and allow us to express ourselves in any way shape or form whether its via physical or verbal means. It is a necessary aspect of our lives and to be honest I dunno how we’d get through this world without them. That being said, emotions, they’re powerful things and it can lead to some explosive results depending on which one’s are used.

For those not in the know I’m a fairly emotional person. Now that doesn’t mean I cry at everything that’s sad or get pissed off about everything, though there are occasions where if I’m feeling some form of happiness or depression I can feel those emotions in full effect.

Recently my emotions have messed up on two recent occasions.

First one is a bit of a doozy. Basically around 2 weeks back when I made two blog posts related to work entitled My First Official Day At Work and Letting The Angry Man Out Of The Cage, in these posts I talked about my first few days starting my job as a kitchen porter and talking about my detest for one of the staff members who was really pissing me off. Let’s just say my words got a fair bit aggressive, and eventually someone from work found it, ratted me out to the manager and that got me dismissed from my job almost 2 weeks ago. Upon reflection I should have just kept the anger inside, but my past has experiences with aggression has always required me to vent the rage out somehow because if it stays locked inside then it’d mess me up mentally. But obviously because of my foolish decision to blog about it completely unaware of the ramifications that would befall me, I am now jobless again. It feels like working there was a short dream that I’ve woken up from because it was so short. But hey that’s what happens when you get angry, I thought I was done with my aggression but I think I still have some issues to iron out.


Anger, its been getting me in trouble since I was a kid, thought I had a lid on it recently but I guess not.

The second occasion was a little less aggressive and a lot more recent, last night in fact. I had gone out with my mates for a night of clubbing and for the most part I was have a good session… Until I saw her. As I was dancing I saw a mate of mine in the crowd and let’s just say I was kind of involved with her and I went through a bit a dramatic episode with back in the summer. While I didn’t sleep with her, I would consider her to be part of an important chapter of my life. Since she’d gone for the summer I never expected to see her at my normal clubbing spot. All those previous emotions came flooding back and messed with my head! I proper felt like a girl in one of those American TV shows that sees one of their ex-boyfriends and starts to get all flustered and asking why are they there and making things feel awkward. I was probably overreacting, but it was the fact that she’d come back and hadn’t said a word to me which bugged me. There was several points when our eyes locked and it felt like she looked right through me, even when we were right next to each other. Bugged me so much and it didn’t help because I’d been drinking in addition to all those emotions floating around in my head. 😦

love_sick_by_lissie_kunI think after all this time I’m still lovesick.

In the end I’m starting to think that my emotions are doing me no favours. All they do is bring out sides of me or highlight thinks I don’t actually like about myself. Hoping I get a hold of myself before I fall into a hole that I can’t get out of.


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My First Official Day At Work

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, time for me to blog about another chapter in the life of me. Today’s is an important one as it has to deal with the fact that I actually have a job and how I dealt with my first day yesterday. In short it kind of sucked.

Man Wearing Blank Sandwich BoardThis was what I was like when I got a job, but then I started working and my expression was far from jolly.

Now let’s get something the out of the way first, I AM GLAD I have a job! I’ve been looking for part-time work since I was 17 and now after 6 FUCKING YEARS I’ve finally got something official. Before this job I’d been doing agency work since last June and while that was good for a while, it was far to infrequent for me and sometimes the day wasn’t worth the hassle and long hours. So here we are with my current job and how am I finding it? Not too delightful.

Well I am now a kitchen porter and it’s not the position I originally applied for but when it was offered to me I wasn’t gonna say no was I? The restaurant has a great theme and a nice fast food menu and I like the qualities that the place stands for. As for the staff they seemed friendly enough, it’s mainly my colleagues I like, they’re all such friendly and cool people (besides a few people who are dodgy). And even though being a kitchen porter is bloody hard and tiring, it isn’t too bad when you’re with two other people powering through the work… So what’s the problem?

Well there’s a dark side to my workplace. Now this isn’t so much hate towards the food establishment, that’s fine, it’s the type of work and some of the people I have to work with that’s put me in a bad mood. Firstly being a kitchen porter is practically the worst kind of job, unless you have a crazy amount of patience and a sturdy body then you’ll get tired of doing this type of work pretty quickly. For me I don’t mind the work when we have at least 2 people in the back manning different stations, but when there are loads of pots and pans coming in with mushy food and we’re running out of space and have to do like 3 things at the same time it gets too damn chaotic yo! In addition to that this line of work requires you to have reliable co-workers and while I have 5 other people who I get along with fine, there’s 2 I don’t so much, but more on that later.

ad2939468f186d7fdb01769ca0977ea2So this is what I basically do and there is a reason why that guy is not smiling, it’s not the jolliest job in the world.

The other thing that’s messed me up in this line of work is the amount of training we got, besides one main session, we’ve had to learn everything else on the fly which has led to some awkward and questionable situations when we’ve been told off for not knowing what we didn’t get trained to do in the first place.

So for the last week we’ve been and a half we’ve been training and practising for when real customers come in, we’ve been doing role places and getting to know the all the co-workers. While that was hard work, it was great because I feel like I’m getting to know some really awesome people.

But there are points where I don’t know if I’ll survive this job for even a month.

The main reason I say that is because the work can be absurdly tiring (it’s actually messed with my sleeping pattern), but more so than that, there’s one man I have to work with who really pushes my buttons. Let’s just call him “M” for now. He’s been a troubling me for days. He’s a guy who goes about saying very obnoxious things, being bossy when it comes to doing work and has a very douchebag attitude about things even though I don’t think he’s aware of it. And yesterday I had to spend 5 hours of my shift alone with him… Fuck me, it was endurance. It’s hard enough just being around M, but when you’re doing a busy shift with loads of stuff coming into the kitchen to get cleaned and he’s just bossing you around, I swear I just want to hurt him, it’s just not the one yo. 😦

In the end my first shift as a kitchen porter wasn’t the best and the fact that I had to stay until close instead of the 10pm that was set on the rota nearly killed me. But hey I need money so I should complain. However after last night I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to last at this place before the workload becomes too much for me or I kill M with my bare hands! I guess we’ll see.


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Prepare for a change of pace on this blog…

Hi friends, followers and people of the internet! Today I just wanted to let you know in advance that there may be a significant slow down in the amount of blogging I’ll be doing over the next few weeks. Why? Well allow me to explain…



While I hope I won’t be moving at a turtle’s pace, I will be slowing down production on this blog in the near future.

So yeah basically over the last two weeks I’ve been going through job training and with each week it’s been getting more and more time-consuming. In the first week I along with the rest of the staff went on a trip to London. Last week we were at a hotel receiving handbooks and Powerpoint presentations about heath and safety. And this week we’ve been practising setting the work place up and getting to grips with the routines that we’d have to go through on a regular basis. This in turn has meant that my usual lazy persona has been replaced with a more active person who has to travel to work daily walking to and from the train station. Bloody hell this is different! 😛

But what this mainly means is that my blogging will be slowing down due to the amount of hours I have at work. This will also mean that going to watch films at the cinema will be reduced by a great deal AND it looks like the remainder of my summer will be spent working rather than me lazing around.

slow-downFrom now on I’ll be speeding up at work and slowing down on here, but don’t worry I won’t slow down to the point of death (like this picture above suggests lol)

In the end I just wanted to let you lot know what the deal is and keep you in the loop about my crazy life so you don’t end up missing me too much when I’m not around haha. 😀 Anyways I’m off to scan the web again, I’ll see you lot in a bit yo! 😀

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Rant 13: Why’s it So Hard For Some People To Just Be Friendly? Howdy people and welcome to another instalment in my blogging rants. Today’s rant wasn’t initially gonna be a rant but the more I thought about the issue, the more it started to annoy me. So today I’ll be talking about those annoying people in the world that aren’t forthcoming and make themselves hard to befriend. Now I know that not everybody is as willing to make contact with other people and be super friendly like me, however if someone is trying to make the effort to talk to you, perhaps even be your friend, the least you could do is be nice and acknowledge them. I’ve seen it many times, you approach people with a friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude and there will be one of several outcomes:

  1. They’re actually nice and will talk to you.
  2. They’ll hesitantly talk to you (though you see that they’re not entirely comfortable)
  3. They’ll pretend to be nice and then act differently around you later or talk about ya behind your back.

All of those situations I have listed have happened to me and I honestly hate that shit. I can’t believe how cruel, insensitive and immature some people can be. I mean extending a hand of friendship is not bad thing, if anything it should be embraced, but for some people it’s the hardest thing ever.

The reason I bring this up is because recently I went on a trip to London in group with several people I’d eventually be working with, so I attempted to be friendly, talked to a few people and was just my quirky, jolly old self. Some took to me okay, some liked me and others weren’t so keen. However what I found was that there was a few people who I’d befriended, and then heard them talking smack about me behind my back, though I could hear them from a distance. And that’s the kind of stupid, immature shit that I can’t stand.


There are those sneaky bastards who pretend to be nice, but are really fakers and that kind of behaviour is so unacceptable yo.

To add to deceit, on the next occasion when we saw each other a few days later, these people didn’t even talk to me, they saw me, looked me in the face and walked on by. WHAT THE HELL MAN!?! I don’t understand how some people’s minds work. How can some run around being so deceitful and play with people’s emotions? Can’t stand that kind of shit. Since when was I so repulsive that people would have to do such petty things to me? Well whatever I guess I’m just gonna have to get over it and learn to work with these people for the sake of teamwork and the future of my finances.


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My life feels empty when I’m not blogging!

Howdy people of the interweb, I’ve been away from my blog for around 4-5 days but I’m back and ready to start writing all forms of useful and useless stuff on here for you to read… OR dismiss. Hey it’s your choice haha. 🙂 The reason I’ve been away so long was because I went back home and since the internet was barely one I wasn’t able to blog in full-force like I usually do so I’ve been away from my blog for too long and to be honest it was horrible.

Honestly that’s the way I feel.

At some point in 2012 I became addicted to blogging, now I can’t recall specifically when it happened but I do know that when I realised how much I loved to write stuff on here I couldn’t leave it alone. Blogging had become integrated into my internal system and was as much a part of me as is my love films and video games. So when there were days when I wasn’t blogging, those were the worst of times. Not doing a blog post on day during the spring and summer just felt wrong to me and I felt that I was wasting my time when I wasn’t blogging. Outside of playing video games and watching American TV shows, blogging one WordPress was the most productive thing that I did over the course of 2012 and that goes to be true in 2013 too.

Blogging truly is one of my more recent identifiable features and I can’t stand the thought of being away from my blog, not writing about film news or stories in my life or reviewing things just to throw out there my own opinion.

So yeah now that’s in my chair in my room ready to blog I have much to do and a lot to catch up on so get ready for some hardcore stuff from me very soon! Hypersonic55 signing out! 😀

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Words; how they can hurt people.

Ah words, everybody uses them and depending on what words you say or how you form them into a sentence it can have effects on someone emotionally, physiologically, you name it. I mean you say something nice about someone they may feel happy, appreciated, maybe even loved, but if you say something horrible about someone then they may feel sad, angry or confused. Now negative words don’t know normally bother me, to be honest you could say whatever you wanted about me and I wouldn’t give a fuck. However under certain circumstances some words can get under my skin and get a reaction out of me.

I am pretty good at masking my emotions so even when someone says something about me that I don’t like, I can just shrug it off on the outside and look like I’m not bothered. But tonight, at work my deputy manager said something to me that actually stuck… He called me incompetent. Now in a way it’s not that bad of a word, he could have called me a lot worse, but ‘incompetent’, really? That actually hurt me yo. The word ‘incompetent’ by definition means: “Not having the necessary skills to do something successfully.” And for someone to say that about me, someone who gives their all in every endeavour he undertakes and gives his 100% that’s just disgusting. It’s insulting. And it is deeply hurtful and disrespectful.

Now you may be asking what could I have done to deserve such an insult? Well basically while working on the bar tonight I made a series of errors when it came to taking people’s orders and using the cash register. While I hadn’t gotten completely familiar with the cash register, I had used it three times before and for the most part I was good when using it, however I did make a good few cock-ups and was overwhelmed by the amount of drunken customers asking me for orders. So then near the end of the night when all the guests had cleared off, the deputy manager called for me and took me to one side in a room to discuss my performance and let me know that the place I worked for had apparently lost a considerable amount of money due to my inconsistencies. I tried to explain my situation, but I was told my work wasn’t good even enough. He called me incompetent and after that point up until now, it still rings within my ears. He should have just called me an imbecile and fired me right there and then. But anyway like I said before, most words never bother me, but to be called ‘incompetent’ in the work place, in a profession I really wish to excel in that really knocked me down a few pegs.

Of course you may say of yeah just remember that old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” And to some degree that is true, however there are certain words that people you that fuck with your mind-set and they can indeed hurt you!

I really would like to become a barman, it seems like a great profession to have, you get to meet new people, gain new skills and I like the general environment of a pub or restaurant. However with my questionable performance tonight along with my deputy manager’s disgusting words about me, it makes me feel like I’m really not cut out for this line of work yo.

So what do I do now? Well I guess all I can do now is try to shake it off, recover my lost confidence and get on with life. I dare not think what’ll happen if I ever have to go back there to work, but hopefully it won’t be anytime soon. In the end I just wanted to share with you how some words can singlehandedly make you feel like shit and hurt you in the same way physical attacks can.

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