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Obtaining information is complicated…

Blogging and obtaining information, some times it can be easy and some times it can be such a task. And for the last few days things have been fairly complicated. Looking for certain blogs with a specific subject matter say like animation can be difficult because of tagging. Since tags are used as a means of linking you to a specific blog, it can be easy to write in a simple word and get like a thousands links to blogs that probably aren’t that relevant to you. I guess what I have learnt recently about checking for specific information that you are interested in is that one has to be very careful, using keywords in order to find what you are looking for.

The look on this man’s face is exactly how I feel on this matter.

I don’t mean to moan on about this, but the fact of the matter is when you are set a task and it is part of a university project and you can’t present the goods when they are required of you then you are in trouble. But since I’ve just about got the hang of things on WordPress next time I’ll be prepared!




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Blogging on WordPress… And So It Begins.

Good day to all who may be reading this blog 🙂

I guess this is my first proper blog, though I have been blogging for years on many other websites this my first time on WordPress. But writing and the whole nature of blogging is technically second nature to me haha. So, today is the first day of university doing animation, other than writing this blog post I’m just sketching away in my mini notebook to pass time. I love animation, it’s my world, just wanted to point that out. Chances are that I’ll messing around with this blogging site for quite some time, whether anyone will be bothered to read them is a another story for another time 😀

Well I guess that’s it for now, this is the hypersonic55 signing out!




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