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Year 6 On WordPress! Its Anniversary Time Again!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, what’s going on? As you can see from the title I’m just making a quick little post about the fact that this blog is celebrating an anniversary. It feels crazy that another year on this blog has passed since I last talked about my fifth year on WordPress but hey, I’m still here in year six so let’s talk about it! 🙂

You know I had to get a good meme for this anniversary post haha. 😀

So like I said before, it feels mad that a whole year has passed since the last anniversary. Time moves far too quickly, blink a several months go by especially between the summer and autumn/fall, and I almost forgot my anniversary was today until I stopped and thought about it and then looked on WordPress just to be sure, and indeed today was the day.

Now as I’ve mentioned before this blog has changed a lot since it’s inception, between 2012 to 2014 was my most active periods in terms of content and interaction from followers/visitors, and since then I don’t post nearly as much. And that’s just because of life as an adult working a lot and not having the same amount of time I did when I was at university, plus I’m just mentally drained these days in ways I never thought I could be and so I just don’t post that much these days. That being said I haven’t given up on this blog, regardless of how little viewership and interaction that I get on here, I will stick around because blogging is something I still enjoy a lot.

So what’s next for this blog? Well just like last the TV season is coming back and I am hoping to do reviews for several returning shows including Arrow, The Flash, Lucifer, Blindspot and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and many more. Also the film reviews will be around for certain films of note in the cinema and finally I’ll be showing off more of my podcast, Film Focus on here in the following months so look out for that when it comes.

In conclusion, to all of you who still swing by this blog and check out my material after all this time, thank you and I hope you will continue to support my content in the future. Until next time, laters! 😀


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FIVE Years On WordPress! Anniversary Times!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, how’s it going? As you can see from the title above, today marks the five year anniversary of this blog’s existence and so I just wanted to do a quick post today and reflect on the years that’s gone by. 🙂


I needed a good meme for this occasion and this one jumped out at me so much.

It is crazy to think that today marks the five year point for this blog, I remember joking around back in university in my first year that I’d be doing this blog for at least three or five years, but look at where we are now. It’s 2016 and this blog is still operational! Madness! Haha! 😛

Now it does have to be noted that this blog is not the same blog it was three to four years ago, between 2012 to 2014 were my peak periods in terms of content, viewership and interaction from followers/visitors and I have seen a decline since then. Why bring that up? Well It does feel a little disheartening to work for so long and have a decrease in engagement. I know that’s partly my fault for the lack of content, but with the amount of followers I have and keep getting over time, I’m surprised there are not more people stopping by. But hey I guess my blog isn’t powerful/consistent enough. Oh well, I still have the odd new person, friend or regular follower that still swing by for a bit of discussion and at the end of the day that’s all I could ask for. 🙂

So what’s next for this blog? Well the TV season is back in full swing so the weekly reviews will be back in play, I’ll also be trying to get back to doing more cinema reviews during the Autumn/Fall season and there will be some more podcast stuff coming too so be sue to look out for that in the coming weeks/months.

In conclusion thank you to all the people who are still checking out this blog, I love ya haha. And here’s hoping we can keep this blog going for another half decade! Until next time, laters! 😀


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My 4th Year On WordPress! Anniversary Times!

Howdy people of the internet, just wanted to do a quick post today in celebration of my 4th year with this jolly old blog of mine. Today marks the day I started this WordPress blog back in September 2011 and it still feels good!

60369434I just had to use this because it made me grin.

Every time I think about it I still feel surprised that this blog is alive and running. While I’ve never wanted to give up on it, there have been times where I just haven’t been too motivated to make content. But then after a while I feel the need to come back and write something because I have an opinion and love to spread it around and see who hollers back. 🙂

My blog has and always will be used for the purpose of fun and discussions, I tend not to get lost in the analytical stuff, though I do pay attention if I’m having a good day/week/month. It should be noted that this blog is at its lowest point when it comes to viewership and blog posts though. I used to be a little more active and the amount of people that used to come by were at least a little more significant than they are now. That being said, things change and at the end of the day I still have some loyal followers and dare I say friends who still swing by and comment on my stuff and to them I say thank you very much, you know who you are and you’re appreciated tenfold.

So what’s next for this blog? Well the film season is gearing up and well as the return of some of my favourite TV so expect a tone of review from October through to Christmas. They may not be consistent or frequent but they’ll be there. Plus I have some cinema-based films from the summer I need to catch up on too so expect some of those over the next month or so.

In conclusion, thanks to all my supporters and anyone who’s read this blog over the last four years and here’s to the future! Until next time, peace out! 😀


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Three Year Anniversary On WordPress! Woo!

Howdy ladies and gents, just a quick post today about me and this blog of mine. Yesterday marks my three-year anniversary since I joined WordPress back in September 2011. Yeah, I’ve been lurking around for that long lol.


Even though I knew that I would be doing this blog for longer than three years, it is still pretty mental to think that I’ve been blogging consistently for this long. This started out as a pastime and than evolved into something I take a little more seriously, like a serious hobby, if that makes any sense. Instead of just doing film reviews and talking about random things in my life, I’ve done month-long film and video game marathons, I’ve down reviews of TV shows and music, I talk about news relating to film and sometimes TV and video games and I have a series of rants as well. As you can see this blog went from having just one primary function to a whole load of other functions.

I’ve also learnt a lot about blogging, grammar in general (which I’m still trying to improve) and overall I’ still trying to figure out how to make this blog a successful one. Oh and obviously I’ve made some lovely online mates along the way who are such beautiful people and have cracking blogs of their own which have given me great amounts of reading material too.

So what’s next? Well I have a lot of summer plans that fell through due to me not have a laptop for almost a month, so I have a month of film reviews coming, some music album reviews and some other random blogs and rants on the horizon, so look forward to that when it comes.

In conclusion, thanks to all my blogging peeps and anyone who has read this mental blog for the last three years and here’s to three more or ten! Cheers! 😀


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1000 Posts, I’m Invincible!

Good day to you ladies and gents, today I thought I would make a quick post about something pretty cool that happened recently. With my How I Feel In Pictures #4 post, I have reached the point of 1,000 posts on this blog.


So just shy of my 3 year anniversary on WordPress, I have reached a massive milestone. Even though I knew I would get to this point when I started this blog a few years ago, at the same time it is still surprising that I’ve posted so much. And even though I got majority of these posts are news and a fair share of reblogging around 2 years ago, it is all a good deal of work for a personal bit of fun.

The fact is I could have reached this point a lot sooner had I not had so many lazy days and not had my laptop in the repair so much, but whatever, I’ve reached a big milestone and I’m jolly about it. 🙂

So yeah, that’s it. Hopefully it won’t take me nearly 3 years to make it to 2,000 posts. XD Thanks for reading peeps. 🙂


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To All My Blogging Peeps… Thanks

Howdy ladies and gents, welcome to another blog post! 🙂 So 2014 is in full swing and I’m feeling a lot better after the after day and now I’m feeling like this year could be my time. I have a stupid amount of plans for stuff I wanna get done in my life and I tell you blogging is definitely one I’ll be doing more of haha. But before I continue my adventure into the new year I would just like to take the time to thank all of the regular people who have come by and supported my blog whom without I don’t think I’d be as noticed as I am now.


Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews 

This guy has been there almost since the beginning and while I started this blog back in September of 2011, I never really got any people that commented on my blog frequently or at all besides my mate Chris and the odd person here and there. But then Dan came around summer of 2012 after my Bourne Legacy review he’s been pretty much commenting on most of my reviews ever since and I’ve tried to do the same on his end but I’m not there as frequently as I should be.

Claire (MyReelPOV)

And then we have Claire, the first kind of friend I’ve made on WordPress and someone I’m glad I found on here. Now I’m not sure who found who first but I know I loved her opinion on films because it was straight-up, honest and way more relatable and it also helped that we had similar opinions to each which meant we could compare notes. Claire also was my first sort of friendly blogger who did more than just comment but also just kind of talk and be friendly. So yeah thanks Claire, you amazing lady you! 🙂

Tim the Film Guy

Oh Tim, such a legend. This is a man I found through Claire’s site and I was attracted to his site because of his crazy sense of humour and descriptive ways of doing his reviews. In addition to Tim’s kick ass site, he eventually became my most frequent commenter. Tim is just the kind of person I’d love to sit down and have a good conversation with about films and other stuff in general. Thanks for being such an awesome fella Tim! 🙂

Mikes Film Talk

Mike is a man who found my site and commented on my blog a fair amount and then I visited his site and found his content to be very entertaining, fun, insightful and inspiring. I’m not sure if we’ve talked enough on the same level as Claire and Tim to be online mates, I still think he’s awesome.

Natasha (Films and Things)

Natasha is one of my newer online compadres, I dunno whether I found her sit first or she found me or whether I found her through Mike’s website. All I know is that she is a very talented lady with her film work and painting skills and she has a knack for writing good and concise film reviews. The way we work is that I comment on her blog when I can and she does the same. Natasha, you’re cool.

Lauren (mykindofmovie)

Ah yes Lauren, just like Claire we have some very similar thoughts on films on a good few occasions, plus her reviews are very interesting and entertaining to read. Lauren’s got a delightful personality has been a great person talk to and have comment on my reviews and reply to my comments on her reviews.

Sidekick Reviews

This is another blogger whose name I do not know, but one thing I do know that his content is awesome (at least I think the user is a guy lol). Over on that site I was attracted to his material because there was a lot of love for superhero stuff and comics which is my realm of entertainment too. Since I started reviewing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we’ve been actively commenting on each others material and he also comments on some of my other posts too. So yeah thanks dude, you rock! 🙂

My Mate Chris

Even though he’s technically not a blogger, he’s still my best mate from college and during my first year he commented on my posts almost all the time. These days he apparently still reads my blog but doesn’t comment and while it hurts me to know he doesn’t comment, its nice to know he’s still paying attention. Chris if you’re reading this I love you man! 😀

So to conclude thank you to all the people mentioned above who I consider to be my allies online in this blogging world, thanks for your being awesome and showing your support. And hopefully we’ll have some more happy fun times in 2014. 😀


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Two Years On WordPress And Still Rocking!

Hi people of the internet, time for another personal blog post and today is a special occasion as it marks my two-year anniversary of being a member on WordPress! Yay!


Ah WordPress you’ve been good to me for the last two years!

Honestly it feels like I’ve been hanging about on this website longer than two years. I’ve practically spent so many hours of my life on WordPress that it’s all blended into one another. I remember when I made this blog in my first class in university back in September 2011, it was meant for class work and yet I took it upon myself to do what I wanted with it and two years on I love how things have turned out.

This blog was just meant to be something for reviewing films on the odd occasion, but now I’m proper into reviewing loads of things and I even do loads of news-related stories too. I could never imagined that this blog would take over my life the way it did and become as successful and fun as it has. Though I still believe I have a way to go before I become all-powerful, so to all my readers and subscribers I thank you for your support and I hope that you’ll continue to follow my epic journey of blogging and see what the future holds!

So to conclude thanks for reading, happy anniversary to myself and WordPress and let’s hope for several more days of crazy blogging! 😀 😀 😀 😀

From your unnatural blogger Curtman aka the Hypersonic55! 😀


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My life feels empty when I’m not blogging!

Howdy people of the interweb, I’ve been away from my blog for around 4-5 days but I’m back and ready to start writing all forms of useful and useless stuff on here for you to read… OR dismiss. Hey it’s your choice haha. 🙂 The reason I’ve been away so long was because I went back home and since the internet was barely one I wasn’t able to blog in full-force like I usually do so I’ve been away from my blog for too long and to be honest it was horrible.

Honestly that’s the way I feel.

At some point in 2012 I became addicted to blogging, now I can’t recall specifically when it happened but I do know that when I realised how much I loved to write stuff on here I couldn’t leave it alone. Blogging had become integrated into my internal system and was as much a part of me as is my love films and video games. So when there were days when I wasn’t blogging, those were the worst of times. Not doing a blog post on day during the spring and summer just felt wrong to me and I felt that I was wasting my time when I wasn’t blogging. Outside of playing video games and watching American TV shows, blogging one WordPress was the most productive thing that I did over the course of 2012 and that goes to be true in 2013 too.

Blogging truly is one of my more recent identifiable features and I can’t stand the thought of being away from my blog, not writing about film news or stories in my life or reviewing things just to throw out there my own opinion.

So yeah now that’s in my chair in my room ready to blog I have much to do and a lot to catch up on so get ready for some hardcore stuff from me very soon! Hypersonic55 signing out! 😀

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One Year on WordPress. Yay!

As of yesterday I have been on WordPress for year exactly, so I thought why not do a blog post about it. So in this post I will be just talking about my time as a blogger and how it started as something to do for uni to becoming my obsession and favourite pass time.

So as I said before when I started university last year, we were told to create accounts on LinkedIn and WordPress. Both of which I thought were pretty irrelevant to the course subject matter. However when I started looking into the intricacies of WordPress, I started seeing the possibilities for a new form of blogging. After losing interest in Gametrailers, I thought that WordPress would be a better place to house my thoughts and express my thoughts to the world, and so that’s where my journey began…

When I started on here I just started transferring old reviews from Gametrailers and reworked/updated them for this blog. But after a while my life in Sheffield and my uni course started giving me something to write about, sometimes even without me having to plan it and before I knew it blogging became my favourite thing to do. Eventually I blogged my than I did any of my other hobbies like drawing or playing video games. I actually dedicated so much time to blogging and sometimes refused to leave my room at my flat until my post was finished. That was how dedicated I was. I never knew writing about my own life would be so much fun, from talking about my nights out to my rant series I started talking about things that bug me. It was fun.

For the first few months I never really understood my addiction to blogging, it was just something I enjoyed doing. I liked blogging more than I did doing my own coursework from my animation course (and that was surprising). I think it was just like when I’m on YouTube where I have an opinion about something and like to share it with the world. I also really enjoyed the fact that people actually enjoyed what I wrote in their likes and comments on my blog posts. So when 2012 came around and I finally got around to watching films in the cinema again, I think that’s when things on here started to elevate. That’s when I really got into writing and creating work that was comprehensive and interesting to read. But I think the peak point of this blog was when I wrote about Kony back in March 2012, man, that just shot me into the stratosphere! One blog post got me over 1000 views in one day! I was blown away. And while I’ve never been able to recreate that success, it has been the one thing that made sure that I’d never quit blogging, ever.

Without Kony I wouldn’t have gotten all of those absurd amount of views back in March this year. So thanks Kony.

And what I really liked was at one point I got into a nice little groove and was posting every week posting 1-3 posts each week and I felt so hardcore and while I never had too many comments, I did get viewers. And to me the views was all that mattered. After the views I got from Kony 2012, I was addicted to success and was constantly needing views. Unfortunately success seems to be hard to come by. My views after May started to fluctuate and I started to get a little downhearted and for teh first time my blogging became very inconsisant. Eventually I stopped caring about blogging.

Though I thought to myself I couldn’t leave my blog completely, so then I went back in July and tried to make a comeback. And thanks to my newfound love for blogging and my constant time in the cinema, I always had something to write about. And while its been hard to continue when my viewing figures have not been anywhere near where they were back in May and June of this year, I preserve because I have so much more to write, talk and rant about.

So yeah that’s about it for now. All I want to say is thank you WordPress for giving me something to do in my spare time which made me feel like I was doing something useful. Here’s to another great year! 😀

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It is just that as the title of this blog post suggests, I am bored. At this current point in time I can’t and don’t feel like doing anything, I mean compared to all the other times I have been bored out of my skull, tonight actually tops the list. I don’t know how but somewhere between 6pm and now I have just lost all incentive to do anything; I can’t be arsed to do my work (not that I was gonna start it anyway), I can’t be arsed to draw or play video games, I can’t be bothered with YouTube because I’ve watched everything already, heck I can’t even be bothered to go onto Wikipedia and gain stupid amounts of knowledge on things I already know about. Basically I’m bored and it sucks.

Right now I’m too indecisive to try and do anything because I am constantly thinking about the negative ramifications of taking on that action/task, in the end I am slowly loosing my mind and I am not sure of what to do…

Actually there is a partial reason why I am so bored, it is partially due to some previous frustration I faced earlier on today which has been subdued for now. Basically I wrote a blog post many hours ago talking about my creative and writer’s block that I have been experiencing in recent times and it was over 800 words long and it was actually a great post in my own opinion which I think would be nice to talk about… However when I published it, nothing came out, there was no words, no pictures, no nothing. I think you can imagine the level of frustration that was flying through my head. It was like an explosion just waiting to happen. I looked into the saved drafts and there was only one from when I had written the first paragraph, I was so pissed off it was unreal. I had been f*cked over by some internet anomaly and it was all because I didn’t do the traditional thing of copying my work before sending it out. I’ve done it before, but since this website has never given me problems I never thought that issues like that would occur. But hell they did and I still haven’t completely gotten over it. I want to watch a video or something but can’t watch anything too happy-go-lucky because I am not in the mood, but then I also don’t want to watch anything too long either because I know I’ll get bored and right now nothing on my laptop is giving me any good options.

So then you may think okay screw it, why don’t I go to bed? I mean I’m not gonna be missing anything and nothing will be going down in life until tomorrow. But I can’t be arsed to turn around and go to my bed because it’s too much energy being used. In the end I am too lazy to do anything so I dunno where I’ll be in the next 30 minutes so if I’m still around after my boredom crisis I’ll probably blog about it later haha. Peace out 😀




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