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It Is December, Should I Be In The Christmas Spirit?

Good day to you ladies and gents, time for another personal blog post. So here we are again, it is December, the year is almost over, winter is upon us and Christmas is on the horizon and for the third year in a row I’m not feeling the Christmas groove.


If you have read this blog before (especially since 2011) then you should know how I feel about Christmas. But for those not in the know, let me clue you in. Christmas, it is something I used to love up until 2011. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but my interest pretty dwindled in that year and by 2012 I just didn’t care. Now in 2014 I’m in a position where I’m feeling just as care-free about the Christmas season as I was last year. I see Christmas trees and decorations up in all of the houses near where I live, shops in town are playing Christmas songs, adverts are playing on TV and people are wearing festive clothes and all that stuff. But there I am, just there thinking “Oh, Christmas, that thing is happening again? I hadn’t noticed, I’m just joking, but seriously I’m not fussed.” But I’m also finding myself curious, being around all this Christmas stuff, if I can rekindle the fire.

02ac49a5782599914010b8148322a9daI seriously used to believe this and in a way I still do, however, that feeling, for me is gone.

I spoke in my previous blog posts about the magic of the season being gone and I still think it is true, that there is a magical aspect of Christmas that makes all of the commercialism and flashing lights bearable. Before it was the magic made watching TV specials and films related to Christmas so fun, it was that magic that made those old church hymns and songs fun to sing along to and made hanging with you family during the holidays so delightful. I think that sense of joy, wonderment and magic is mainly for children and those who never let go of that innocence. Once you become an adult, your perspective on things really change. You can either become a Scrooge, choose to let go of the past calmly or continue on for the sake of your children/younger siblings or family members. For me I want to believe that I could get into the Christmas groove, because nostalgically it has been a great experience for me and made the winter one of my favourite times of year despite the cold and crappy weather. I mean I currently work at a Christmas-themed event in town listening to Christmas songs continuously, I think I should at least try and get in the mood, but I don’t know if I should or when would be the right time to start busting out the Christmas songs of my own.

So in the end something tells me I will at least attempt to get into the festive mood and see if anything becomes of it. Now I pass things on to you, the readers! Do you think I should get into the festive mood or not? And how do you feel about Christmas. are you a massive lover or a big hater? Leave your comments below and let me know! Until the next time, laters. 😀


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These Crazy Winter Days

Howdy people of the internet, time for a small personal blog post on the winter season and how I have endured it so far and what could potentially come over the next few weeks. I have made a good few blog posts about cold weather and winter over the last three years, and for some reason it just feels like it’s a subject that is easy to talk about. 😛


Yep, this is the season we live in and some people really love it, I don’t understand why?

So it is December, again, and it feels like winter is truly upon us. For us UK people is usually pretty cold and wet all year round, that being said, when Autumn comes into play things get very questionable weather-wise and then when the winter comes in, it came be even worse. We could have anything from constant rain, to super windy days to the dreaded appearance of snow, add on top of that the super cold temperature that is almost unbearable for some, ESPECIALLY at night.

For me winter has always been my least favourite time of year, its cold, wet, dreary and doesn’t look very nice outside of a window unless there’s a bit sunshine somewhere. And then there’s the whole illness side of things. Do you know how much of a bother it is to get ill or be around ill people at this time of year? It is a bloody nightmare. If you don’t have a cold then you’re running around trying to avoid it and trying to increase your immune system. Unless you have no reason to leave your house then every time you leave your house it is a mission just stay intact, avoiding the sickness of others whether they be people in the street, co-workers, friends or maybe even your family. You’ll be lucky to escape it, but if you do catch something, then mate, you’re doomed and will have to endure a moody Christmas. I think a lot of people like this time of year because of the whole Christmas thing, but they forget about how cold, dark and stressful this time of year can be. Some people even want snow, the check of it all! If you’ve read my blog before then you know how I feel about snow and cold weather in general. I despise snow because of its cold and disruptive nature, and every year I hope that it never snows at this time of year, sure its part of Christmas and all, but I just can’t stand it.


Since around mid-October the cold air of winter has been creeping in with the odd day/week of cold and now its coming to a head in the last two weeks. If you’re like me and live in the south east of England then you’ll know of the cold days that have really started to come into play. These days I go outside and it is pretty nippy and when it comes to the evening it is freaking freezing, not as bad as Sheffield by any means, but still cold enough to feel. It also doesn’t help that at my current job, I’m currently situated right next door to a set a set of automatic doors that lead straight to the outside and every time those doors open is frigging COLD and it’s SO annoying.

In the end I know it gets old hearing people complaining about it being cold, but it is always surprising when it does come to quickly and with the talk of snow coming and even colder days ahead, I just don’t even want to leave the house. I will become a house hermit for a month or two if it means my body temperature will stay in check haha.

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Problems Sleeping…

Hi peeps of the internet, today I thought I’d share a little bit of my personal life with you again. Whether you’ll care or not is down to you but I thought I’d blog about it either way haha. Recently I’ve had very questionable situations regarding my sleeping pattern or lack of it.

Sleep, something I enjoy immensely but rarely get that much of.

Now I love to sleep, it’s just one of those things in life that doesn’t require any effort, all you do is lay on your bed, close your eyes and do nothing. It is the most relaxing and satisfying feeling in the universe and I can never get enough of it, especially in the summer when you have long days with nothing to do. Just taking random naps on summer days is just the best thing ever! So imagine these days in uni where I rarely get that kind of luxury, its terrible. Technically its my own fault because after I came to uni my sleeping pattern changed and then got fucked up. With all the nights out, long hours doing uni work or just messing around on the internet my time for sleeping has changed a lot. My bedtime is always after midnight normally between the hours of 2-6am. Stupid times to go to bed I know, but it doesn’t help when your body doesn’t feel like sleeping and you have to wait for it to finally shut down.


Alarms don’t work either, I have 3 and this week I’ve slept through them all or shut them off immediately.

During my second year of uni my sleeping pattern has gone from bad to worse with a lot of sleepless nights or random occasions where I’d wake up in the middle of the night. Not good times at all. In the last week I’ve had the worst time for sleeping and waking up. Every morning I’d woken up from around 5-7 hours of sleep feeling so exhausted and lifeless, some days I would leave my bed for hours because I didn’t have the energy to bring myself out of there. The feeling of exhaustion and tiredness is the worst and I felt like a zombie when I dragged myself outside.


I’ve felt this way for several days now and it was the worst.

Today however was the complete opposite. While I didn’t change my bedtime, I didn’t actually get out of bed until around 18:30 today. I’ve been in and out of sleep for several hours since I initially saw sunlight at 09:30am this morning. I didn’t have the power to drag myself out of bed so I just laid there and the hours just moved by me. I honestly don’t know what the deal is with my body clock right now but I think I’m going to have to sort this out or maybe consult me doctor.

Well that’s it for another blog post peeps, hopefully I’ll see you lot under less tired circumstances. 🙂

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Rant 11: Ewwww. I Can See The Snow Outside My Window Again.

Yo yo people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. Today we are moving back to a subject I just can’t seem to stop rating about these days, of course I’m talking about everyone’s favourite form of weather, snow.


I don’t understand why this keeps happening. For a while now we’ve been enjoying a good few weeks of basic dry sunny days and the occasion rainy day, and that’s all I want at this time of year. This is the point when the snow along with the winter season should just fuck off and give spring its time to shine. But no, the winter seems content with continuing its stay and throwing that horrible snow in our direction once again. It makes me feel so much anger and sadness at the same time.


I might as well look like this when I’m moaning about the snow because that’s how I feel.

Now for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I tend to moan and rant about snow A LOT. And you’re probably wondering, “How can this guy rant about snow so much?” And I say how can I not. It’s just disruptive, annoying and cold. I can’t stand it. All I want is the sunshine and warm weather. Maybe that’s due to my heritage as black man from the Caribbean as I fare better in hotter conditions, but whatever the case is this madness needs to stop.


I want this hoody.

I looked at the weather forecast for the next few days for Sheffield and it looks like this snow is gonna continue for a few days more which really bugs me. If I need to go to the cinema over the next few days which will be a very likely situation then I’m gonna hve to endure this horrible weather in full force, meh. I really hope this ain’t going down on my birthday or things will definitely be in the shitter. X(


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I Want The Summer Back Again

“Man I really want the summer right now!” That’s what I say to myself at this time of year and I tend to get in this mind-set as soon as we get a little ways into January. I know that we must go through all four seasons in a year, but in recent years I can’t stand being away from the summertime anymore. I just need it! Around February last year I made a post related to summer, and while I highlighted what makes the summer season so good I feel the need to talk about it again because I can’t stand this point in the year.

It just makes every so much better.

So summer, what makes it so good? Well for one the weather is usually better. If you’ve been following this blog for around a year you’ll know I detest snow to the highest degree because of its disruptive nature, then there’s rain which is okay in small amounts but ultimately if it sticks around too long it makes things around you seem pretty boring and wet. The summer is all about the sun, heat and hanging outside. The summer sort of opens a window to all kinds’ opportunities for fun and makes going outside the best thing ever.

In summer you can have barbeques, go to the park, play sports outside, go to the pub and have a few drinks out in the beer gardens or just chill anywhere until the sun goes down in the later hours. Summer just equals automatic good times.

This is what we all need, just a bit of this some Summertime Lovin’ haha. 🙂

Last year I was in uni halls and sitting around there in the winter was the worst thing ever, it snowed and rained a lot and it left me and my flatmates in a right state of boredom and in some cases depression too. Bad weather along with not very enjoyable living space doesn’t quite put you in the right groove. So when summer came around for us last year things changed and got so much better, we went to the pub, partied on nights out and just hanged outside nearly 80% of the time. It was heaven. It’s that kind of feeling of freedom and fun that I miss. So this year I’m already just trying to fast forward time towards May when I get out of uni and get to be free of the place and then get to go to the cinema and play loads of video games and hang around outside with my friends in much better weather conditions.

I have loads of stuff to do this summer from moving into my new house with me housemates, possibly going on holiday, working my ass off to get more money and as I said before going back to the cinema and hanging around there for the majority of my time haha. Please summertime come as quickly as you can, I need your glorious sunshine yo! XD

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Random Blog 03: Now I’m Just Writing Randomly.

Hi people of the interweb, it’s time for another instalment of my Random Blog series and today it really is random because I have made this blog post purely out of boredom. Normally with this series of blog posts there is a rhyme or reason as to why I make it, but not today, today at this current point in time I had absolutely nothing to do and the only thing I felt like doing was blogging so here I am.


While I may not be at work specifically that rule still applies at home for me, hence me making this blog post.

So what’s going on in my life at this current point in time? Well outside in Sheffield its frigging winter wonderland thanks to that damn snow falling all over the place, I was actually gonna go outside today but decided against it because I hate feeling cold, I hate travelling in snow and I am sure as hell not gonna risk my life on those slippery roads or get attacked by people throwing bloody snowballs! I look outside my window and while loads of other people see joy and opportunity all I see in danger. Instead I have decided to sit inside instead but what are my options? Well I am deciding what TV shows I should watch whether I should continue with Home Movies or go back to Fringe or continue where I left off in Breaking Bad or get back to my anime fun with One Piece. I have a lot more TV shows and films on my list outside of the ones I listed there and then there’s sketching. Last night I started a picture that is a prototype for potential title cards I’ll use in my future YouTube videos, here’s the original sketch:


It is obviously themed around Iron Man, it is me in the Mark VII suit from The Avengers. This would be used for my eventual Iron Man 3 review.

I started the Photoshop touch-up work last night and it is taking ages! I mean work like this always does, but man I really would like to get it finishes ASAP so I can move onto another project. Now I am procrastinating and making excuses to stop doing it. I am terrible haha. And then lastly there’s the video games I should be playing too. I have yet to finish The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and brought my Wii back up to Sheffield for that purpose alone and yet I have yet to play the game. Why? I also need to play Kid Icarus: Uprising, but for some reason I just can’t get into a gaming groove with that game, maybe because it’s a portable title. Who knows? All I know is that video games are important to me, but not giving them the time of day is bugging me on the inside. So now I am escaping to my blog to do something, but I fear my boredom will conquer me and make me waste the day away.


While I don’t think I’ll get this bad, some people do get up to some crazy shit when they’re bored.

Well okay I’ve rambled on for long enough. What am I actually trying to say? Basically I am bored and I have to think of something to keep me busy or I’ll mentally blow up. The weather keeps me trapped inside my house, one of the few places I enjoy being in for extended periods of time so here’s hoping music can keep me at alive and I can find something productive to do. Wish me luck people. 🙂


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Not feeling the Christmas season at all… Again.

Its incredible, Christmas is literally around two weeks away and yet I don’t feel like it’s coming at all.Right now December just feels like another month in the year to me, and to be honest that just feels so wrong to me.


Funnily I made a blog post about this exact same subject matter last year entitled Just not feeling the Christmas season and last year I felt like the magic of Christmas that normally took over my soul from the early part of December just wasn’t coming like it usually does, and this year looks exactly the same, maybe even worse. You see before last year Christmas was a magical time of year that would make me happy not matter how grumpy I got, but the fact remains now that I think the magic has completely worn off on me. I don’t see December as the month of happiness counting down the days until Christmas, this doesn’t feel like the season to be jolly anymore. All I see is lights, decorations and people in the festive mood, but again I don’t feel that, I’m just going about my day-to-day business taking no notice of the holiday season around me.

Now I’m no Scrooge by any means, I just don’t feel the magic of the season like I normally do. I would love to be able to say something along the lines of “Oh my god Christmas is so close, I am well hyped yo!” I could say something like if I wanted to, but then I’d be lying to myself and there is nothing worst than trying to fake happiness. I wonder if my mood will change when I get back home, one can only wonder.

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Rant 09: I Can’t Stand Cold Weather, Again!

Howdy people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants and today’s subject will me returning to the subject of cold weather and why it bothers me so much.

Now if you read my last post on cold weather which was all the way back in February, I basically talked about how cold weather inconvenienced my life and made my days off at university so dull and boring. So here we are at the latter part of the year and the winter season kicked in around early October, bringing with it those cold winter winds that makes us shiver. and since then the weather’s gotten progressively worse. Now obviously this is the way the world works, we have four seasons and this one always shows up at this time of year, but in the UK winter just sucks.

This is what the sun looks like when September disappears and the winter starts to kick in.

As soon as those winter winds kick in you have to start wrapping up with more layers of clothing, the days soon become windy and full of rain and all the stuff you could outside do before is either no longer possible or they just become a task because of the weather. I mean if you want to meet up with your friends and it’s raining then no one wants to come outside or if its raining you have to go outside for whatever reason, then it becomes a task just to move from A to B if you’re walking with any transportation. Then there’s the wind, wind in the winter season is nothing but trouble. The air is cold enough and then you have the wind blowing it all over the place making things even worse. And then there’s the dark days that come with the winter which makes travelling at night a right pain in the ass. If you’re coming from uni at night then you have to endure the walk home in the rain or snow, those are truly the worst days. Or if you’re a typical student then going on out to party is a must, but the precautions you have to take beforehand and travelling you have to do is so much effort. You either have to bring an extra coat before hand or endure running through the rain/snow. And there’s the times when the weather’s so bad that you can’t go out and have fun. It is bullshit!

This is how the rain makes people feel.

You know the funny thing is I never used to be fussed about the winter season a few years ago, but after I started getting out of the house more and going on nights out with my friends the weather has continuously worked against me and created horrible situations that I shall never forget. I have come to the conclusion in recent times that I am just adverse to cold weather and the winter season in general. I am a man who belongs in the sun. From the latter part of October onwards I consider this time of year to be an endurance test just to survive until spring shows up in April. The weather so far has been a mixed bag of okay to downright awful and depressing, but you know what the worst part is that we haven’t even gotten to the really bad weather yet. The snow is yet to come… Ah snow *grumbles*. The only good thing to come out of the coming months is that there will be some badass films in the cinema to lift my spirits. but until that time comes I’m just gonna have to endure this cruddy weather until next year. LAME!

Okay that’s another rant over. Thanks for reading. If you would like to read more of my rants and check out my other content then follow my blog yo. 😀

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I Want the Summer Now

Just recently me and my flatmate were having a conversation about the potential fun times we could have in the summer and it’s not the first time. We’ve had many conversations about how we miss the not only the summer sun and its warm weather, but also the fun times and feelings that came with it. I mean back in the first few weeks of university with a lot of that summer-based weather still available to us was incredible, we all chilled outside eating cereal or drinking coffee and talked with the people around our flat’s complex, you could just sit outside and look at the stars and in general there was just a lot more places and opportunities open to you. It was the perfect place, Sheffield kicks ass in the summer time.

This smiling sun perfectly represents exactly what the summer is about and how I feel about the summer season. Good times all around.

However these days we are still in the what could be described as the later part of the winter season where times are cold, wet, snowy and less fun. I don’t know why but this time of the year tends to be really boring and you really want to get past it and into the much better times ahead. Maybe its just me who feels that way but right now in life things are just dull, with just a few moments of awesomeness sprinkled in to save me from depression haha. And its strange, I never used to be that fussed about this time of the year because I always had something to preoccupy my time like school and college, but since I have so much more free time due to my university schedule I find myself inside hiding away from the world because I have next to nothing to do or there are those moments when you have an urge just to do something productive to pass the time… That is my life nearly all the time; just lazing around or just scrambling for something to do. But I believe that it’s the time of year and the winter season that is truly preventing me from having proper fun and I also believe that if it was the summer then my fun times would return and that I would never be out of things to do. If you’re lucky enough to afford it going on holiday in the summer is usually a recipe for success whether it be with your family or friends, it’s always good stuff! And let’s also not forget that the summer time is the best time for partying as it is just a continuous set of weeks over a few months to go out and party in the clubs and in my experience the summer parties always create the best memories.

Just thinking about the summer makes me so happy, just all of the possibilities could take places just fill my soul with happiness. Me and my friends have talked about going to the park and having football sessions or talking about the prospects of having a barbecue party and then there’s also the fact that we have to move into our new house this year and while we haven’t decided on a place yet, we have been talking about all the stuff we would do and it just makes me so jolly. But unfortunately that point in life is still so far away in the future and February is taking too long so the boredom continues to set it. I can’t see my life getting fun until February ends and March begins because at least at that point it’ll be my time for fun coz it’ll be my birthday!! 😀

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Just not feeling the Christmas season

It’s weird, at this time of year I’m normally very happy, besides the Expo and my birthday, Christmas time is when I am at my jolliest and yet in 2011 I feel next to nothing. It’s not like I’m emotionless, but let me put it into this context; I used to love this time of year, it was always about the merry songs, togetherness with family and friends, getting fat over the amounts of food that you would consume and watching specific television shows, oh and getting some presents too 🙂 Though I can’t say I’m an overly materialistic kind of person because I don’t mind what I get for Christmas, heck I don’t mind if I get next to nothing because in the end my general love for this time of year would normally cancel everything else out. As said before I was just in it for the love of the season. But now I’m not bothered, besides seeing family and having time away from uni Christmas this year has been pretty ordinary. I’m sort of happy about it but at the same time I’m not overly fussed.

grinchjpg-2e12978cfbcd7097Christmas should be a jolly time for all, but not for me this year.

Now I can probably see several people coming at me saying “Scrooge! Scrooge!” But you would be wrong on many levels, I have had fun this time around, just like every year but there has been some degree of normality floating around which I haven’t been able to shake. And I think I realise today what the deal is with me. It’s that feeling you get when you realise something is missing. You know that one element that holds everything together which you normally have but don’t at that present moment. And today on Boxing Day I realise what is missing from my world that has made this Christmas so regular and not so special… It’s the magic. That’s right magic, normally at this time of year around early/mid-December there is a feeling in the air that fills your soul with happiness, this is what people interpret as the magic of the Christmas season. While a lot people claim that Christmas has lost its meaning in commercialism and all that jazz. I have never forgotten what Christmas is about. At this time of year we remember the birth of Christ (Jesus Christ for those not aware) and other than that it’s all about being with your family and loved ones and enjoying their company.

But ever since December started I couldn’t get into the groove of things. I mean I knew that Christmas was coming but I never felt anything towards it, it’s like I said to myself “I should be excited but right now I’m not bothered.” So I thought maybe that’s just random feeling. Maybe that’ll pass in time, however the days edged ever closer and my feelings did not change. Though I did get fairly jolly with me flatmates at uni when they busted out some Christmas songs and we would dance around the flat. I thought that would be enough, but even then it wasn’t. So then I thought “If anything will get me in the mood for Christmas it’ll be “Dubstep Santa” by the Daveyboys. That always works.” And so I went on YouTube and watched all 3 Dubstep Santa videos and it was lovely, I was in my element and it was creating this joyful feeling in my soul, so I thought with this maybe the magic will follow. However right up until the week when uni ended back on the 16th I still didn’t feel anything special or magical. Things were still average.

To be honest this is how I felt for the majority of the Christmas season.

So then I figured okay if go back home to familiar territory then in the last week leading up to Christmas everything will be fine, but then the travel back home happened… Ugh. The less said about that the better, I even wrote a blog on it if you wish to see my post about my suffering here:

So then after I got home I tried to get into that Christmas groove. But the feeling wasn’t coming, the magic wasn’t kicking in. I also didn’t get my normal Christmas stuff done like watching my favourite Christmas films or television specials on TV, DVD or VHS, my schedule was messed up. So over the last week I had been reacquainting myself with my family and meeting up with many friends, some of which I hadn’t seen for months, others I had seen for years. It was beautiful. I even obtained a PS3 after how many years of waiting and I even got back to the cinema for the first time in 3 months! I was having the time of my life. I even went out on Christmas Eve with my friends and even met up with several old mates while I was out, it was a great night and to be honest it was the closest feeling I got to that Christmas magic because I was having fun in the company of friends. 🙂

So then while I was out Christmas Day came and I was in a lovely groove, so with a good feeling in my soul I left my friends in town and headed home around 1am. My sister and I set up the PS3 and played Mortal Kombat 9 for a few hours while opening my presents. So after our little playing session we went to bed. Then we got up a good few hours later, opened the rest of our presents and then headed out London to hang at my Gran’s house which was the main aspect of Christmas that usually rules over everything else. And from there we had loads of food, did a lot of catching up and played card games for ages, none of which I actually won haha. However even after all of the television, food, family fun and games I wasn’t having the time of my life as I usually am, this was just an ordinary time. 😦 I think it also didn’t help that the rest of my cousins, aunts and uncles weren’t there too. In the end this Christmas was fun, I had gotten some fabulous presents and spent some great time with my family. But in the end it was nowhere near as fun or as amazing as the last few years. Unfortunately there was no magic and I wasn’t feeling the season in the way that I should be.

Anyway hope that y’all people of the world had a great Christmas and I’ll catch ya later 😀


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