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Howdy ladies and gents, time for another one of those new film reviews and today I’m reviewing something I should have talked about a while ago; Finding Dory. After seeing all of my main films in the cinema, I decided to finally see Finding Dory as it is the only other film currently going that I haven’t checked out yet. So was it good or bad? Well read on and find out.


The story for this film can be summarised as the following:

“Dory, the amnesiac fish remembers that she has parents and goes on a quest to find them. In the process she gets caught and taken to an aquarium in California, so it is up to Marlin and Nemo to save her.”

Before I begin I have to say that while I like Finding Nemo, it’s never been one of my favourite Pixar films and when I heard about this sequel I was so uninterested it was unreal (unlike when Incredibles 2 was announced). So when the film was released I just had no immediate need to check it out, but I’m glad I gave this film a watch as it was much better than I was expecting. Firstly I didn’t expect this film to have so many layers when it came to Dory and her backstory, and then with some of the other central chaarcters she interacted with. I aslo didn’t expect the film to have the emotional content that was on display, it was genuinely touching and dramatic at points and it definitely was tapping into that Pixar magic that the best films are known for. But for all of the great elements, this film has a lot of standard/so so moments that I think would work more if you were a die-hard fan of the original or a child when it came to the references and humour.

The cast was solid with some lovely performances from all involved. Firstly Ellen DeGeneres as Dory was pretty much the same as you remember from 2003, Dory’s still quirky and zany, I’ve always found the character annoying to a degree and that’s definitely the case in this film too… HOWEVER! This film goes a long way to make you empathise with her because of her past, short-term memory and her need to find her parents. I felt for Dory and she became a really compelling character and DeGeneres really added layers to the character with her voice work. Albert Brooks was also gret as Marlin, and Hayden Rolence also did a good job as Nemo, both Marlin and Nemo had some really special moments of drama and humour together and with Dory. Ed O’Neill was fabulous as Hank, this was the much-talked about character that I knew about, but didn’t expect to be as attached to as I did. Hank was grouchy and selfish, and had his own agenda, but he also had a great arc and had some really great interaction with Dory. Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy were wonderful as Jenny and Charlie, Dory’s parents. Also I loved Destiny the whale shark, but to now that she was voiced by Kaitlin Olson makes me love her more, and Ty Burrell as Bailey was so delightfully fun. But my two favourite standout characters were Fluke and Rudder the sea lions, these guys were so funny, strange and lazy, and as soon as I heard Fluke I knew it was Idris Elba, but I wasn’t sure if Rudder was Dominic West (which I now know it is). It must have been done on purpose to have two of the key actors from The Wire paired together haha. 🙂 This film also looked very pretty and detailed with some great CGI and cinematography, and the music from Thomas Newman certainly had its moments where the film score got really good too.

In conclusion Finding Dory was a fun and surprisingly heartwarming adventure, and while I don’t consider it on the higher end of the Pixar film scale, at the same time it was better than a lot of Pixar’s previous recent events (excluding Inside Out).


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Mr. Peabody & Sherman Review

Hello there ladies and gents, it is now time for me to review another kids film in the form of Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I didn’t think too much of this film back in December, but upon checking the trailers again in January I thought I’d give it a watch. So I watched it earlier on today surrounded back parents and their loud children. Was it a good watch or not? Read on and find out!

The film features Mr. Peabody, a talking dog who is the smartest being in the world, and his adopted boy Sherman. On his first day of school, Sherman comes into conflict with another classmate, Penny Peterson. The adoption agency informs Peabody that they will reclaim Sherman if any more incidents occur. To complicate this issue, after Peabody invites the Petersons over to break the ice, Sherman’s misuse of their time traveling WABAC machine to impress her results in disastrous and comical results, it is up to them to put things on track before the space-time continuum is irreparably destroyed

The story was clever, fun and conventional for a kids CGI animated film, though there are a few issues which bothered me. The main things this film has going for it is Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s chemistry, the great sense of adventure and a good use of history and film references thanks to the time travel element. I love films that involve time travel and there are plenty of sci-fi jargon and crazy consequences that make it fun for fans of this kind of thing in the sci-fi genre. Also the humour for the most part works too and the emotional undertone that all kids films have is good too. However my only issue is that for all the cleverness used, for some of the more problematic situations the isn’t any basic logic applied. Some of the ‘situations’ that arise for Peabody and Sherman are not resolved in the right manner and there is also a lack of the word ‘sorry’ which should have really applied in some of these scenarios.

mr-peabody-sherman02As for the cast they were all pretty good. Ty Burrell did an amazing job voicing Mr. Peabody. As a character Peabody is simply amazing, he’s insanely clever to an absurd degree and because of it he is very calm, rational and confident, though he does have trouble with letting his son grow up and is very protective of him. Max Charles was good as Sherman offering us a lively and sweet if somewhat easily influenced child. He’s very innocent and funny because of his chemistry with Peabody. Ariel Winter is also good as Penny Peterson, as a character she’s a bitch at first. She’s the classmate you’d not want to have if you were a nerd and she’s horrible to Sherman at first, but she eventually becomes a nice enough person. Stephen Colbert and Leeslie Mann as Paul and Patty Peterson were pretty nice and funny additions to the cast. And if you thought Penny was a bitch then wait til you meet Mrs. Grunion voiced by Allison Janney. She’s this cruel, opinionated and disgusting school counselor who is on Peabody’s case for a reason I can’t discuss because it is pivotal to the plot.

The presentation was fine which some pretty good-looking CGI, not Dreamworks’ best material, but it was still very nice, smooth and rich in detail during the chaotic action set pieces. As for the score which was done by the brilliant Danny Elfman was surprisingly tame and not very Elfman-esque or as entertaining as his usual material is.

mr-peabody-sherman05In conclusion Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a fun which I liked it more than I thought I would. The time travel aspect of the film is handled well enough for it to make sense and contains loads of colourful takes on famous people from history and with a great central performance from Ty Burrell and Max Charles as Peabody and Sherman, it is bound to please families looking for a good time for their kids. It doesn’t break new ground, but it works for what it is.

Rating: 7/10 (Crazy time travelling fun with the best dog ever)

So have you seen or are going to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman? Whatever your thoughts are drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. 🙂

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