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Rewatching Films At The Cinema

Howdy ladies and gents of the internet, how are you all doing today? I just wanted to do a blog post on something that I like to do from time to time which is rewatching films in the cinema.


There is something wonderful, fun and kind magical about watching a film on a projector in room full of other people who are sharing the same/different emotional responses. Most big film fans are all about this kind of thing. If you like a film a lot, then you’ll want to check it out again right? Multiple viewings of films in the cinema is something that people do for many reasons whether it is to show support for their favourite films or for bragging purposes or just because they’re obsessed.

I love getting the chance to a film more than once in the cinema, however it wasn’t always like that for me.

As a child to my mid/late teens, going to the cinema used to be reserved for special events like birthdays, major film releases or family outings (going with my dad and sister). So unless my dad was taking me or I was out with my friends, then the cinema was not a very regular thing. But all that changed in 2008. Now before that year I had watched a few films more than once in the cinema, but I never had the money or desire to see any of them more than twice… But then May of 2008 came around and I saw Iron Man, and honestly that film changed my world. Now I had seen many comic book films, but that film was the first film that seemed like a comic book come to life, but with a great sense of realism, like it could exist in our world. It was so much fun and that was the main factor that grabbed me. So I watched it two more times which made Iron Man the first film I saw three times. It was totally bizarre to me to be sitting in the cinema watched the film again for the third time, but that’s how obsessed I was with the film.


Then after 2008 I ended up watching a good few films more than once on numerous occasions. In 2009 I ended up watching the J.J. Abrams Star Trek three times as well, that film really left impression on me, as a person who grew up seeing the different Star Trek incarnations on TV and seeing it become a more action-oriented sci-fi adventure, it was a surprise, a bloody delightful surprise. The following year was the major turning point for me as watching films started to become an addiction. The brilliant Toy Story 3 came out in the summer of 2010, and it made me shed manly time each time that I saw it during the final scene. I didn’t think I would cry the third time, but somehow that film was still able to get the better of me. But even more hardcore was my viewing experience came from watching Inception. Christopher Nolan was a director I had come to respect from his work on Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Memento, so I was hyped for Inception, but the end result was so much more. The film had action, thriller and sci-fi elements all in one place with lovely execution and an amazing soundtrack. The film captured my soul and I watched it again, THREE MORE TIMES. People thought me insane for watching the film that many times, however, I loved the film that much I just had to see it again (that it took me three times to fully understand the film lol).


From there I took things one step beyond. From 2011-2013 I ended up seeing a lot of films on three occasions Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Dark Knight Rises (that may have been four times) and Man of Steel (though that was accidental), and in 2012 I saw The Avengers four times (much love for Marvel Studios as you may be able to tell). But my biggest repeat viewing comes from 2011 when I saw Thor, FIVE TIMES! Now that may seem quite absurd considering that it is one of the lesser liked films of the MCU and because there are better films that I’ve listed beforehand, however, I do love Thor, but seeing it in the cinema that many times was accidental. I saw it with my friends, then once again with my sister, then with another friend, then with my family and then finally with my uncle. It was just a case of going with the flow which resulted in a lot of time with the god of thunder, but it was hella fun so I’m not complaining.


So why did I make this blog post? Well I just wanted to share with you some of my crazier cinematic adventures and show you how much I love going to the cinema. Now as you may have noticed a lot of those films happen to be superhero-based and that’s mainly due to the fact that they’ve proven to be the most entertaining and rewarding experiences for me. That and films of the sci-fi genre too. I can easily say that without my Cineworld Unlimited Card I would not have seen as many films as I have over the last six years. Getting to see good films in the cinema more than once is a good feeling and I’m looking forward to 2015’s future films like Avengers 2, Star Wars, Spectre and Mad Max 4 to name a few.

So do you like to rewatch films in the cinema and if so what’s the most amount of times you’ve seen a film in the cinema? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post, laters! ūüôā


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Jaimie Alexander’s ‘Sif’ Will Appear On Agents of S.H.I.L.E.D.

Just when I thought the world of surprising news was over and done with, Marvel just have one extra trump card to shock people with and today it’s relating to Marvel’s decent TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The following information comes from ComicBookMovie:

lady sif thor2011

“Marvel has revealed that Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif will be paying another visit to Midgard for an appearance in an upcoming episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They’re keeping the exact details of her guest starring role a secret for now (of course) but at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour today, ABC president Paul Lee said that she’s expected to show up in episode 15 of the ABC series. Lee also said that the identity of “The Clairvoyant” would be reveled soon, and it’s “going to be very, very cool.””

Well this is just unexpected. Even with the other characters who have been included in the show from Agent Sitwell to the big crazy appearance from Nick Fury, this is probably the biggest unexpected and pleasant surprise in my opinion.¬†Jaimie Alexander’s Sif is one of my favourite aspects of the first Thor film and I’ve always wanted her to have more screen time and while it was never in this context, I am still glad that her character is getting more room to spread her wings. This is the first super-powered person from the MCU to be included in the show and this will definitely be a treat for not only fans of Sif but also people more interested in the films rather than the TV show. As for how she’ll fit into the show, I can assume it’ll obviously tie to Asgard. I think it may have something to do with that¬†Dr. Elliot Randolph (Peter MacNicol) who showed up in episode 8 and maybe he comes back into play and needs help from Sif with another Asgardian item or something of that nature. I just hope that she is used in the show appropriately.

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Marvel One-Shot Films That NEED To Happen!

This is something that has been on my mind after watching Thor: the Dark World a little while ago, the concept of there being Marvel one-shot films for minor/secondary characters. And the more I thought about it, the more I heard similar thoughts from other people online. Then IGN came along with this article which practically stole my idea with this article:

Even though that list exists, that won’t stop me from making my own. so here we go with my list of Marvel One-Shot Films That NEED To Happen!

Sif and The Warriors Three


So as some of you may know, Thor was one of my favourite Phase One films and one of those reasons was Sif and the Warriors Three, I mean sure they were a bit strange and had only a small impact on the first film, but I really liked them. Jaimie Alexander’s Sif was this confident, strong and awesome female warrior and the Warriors Three had their individual aspects to like,¬†Fandral the ladies man and charismatic fencing guy, Hogun the silent but deadly warrior and Volstagg the fat, hungry yet super strong dude. The reason I’m so attached to these characters is because of their comic book aspects that make them stand out and the potential awesomeness they could bring to the MCU.

Unfortunately after Thor film, each of those characters are pushed even more to the side than before in Thor 2 (ESPECIALLY HOGUN, WHAT THE HELL!?!) So with that in mind, I think Marvel should REALLY consider making a Marvel short for these characters to allow audiences to connect with them a bit more. Dive into their personalities, see them in battle a bit more and just hanging around Asgard, possibly touch upon Sif’s real feelings for Thor that have only been looked into a tiny bit. The short could involve them taking on an ancient enemy that they have to take¬†out on their own without Thor which would demonstrate why they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Howling Commandos


Another group which I feel were completely wasted was the Howling Commandos. Fuck me, the more I think about it the most it pisses me off. Captain America: The First Avenger had a chance to really create some amazing screen adaptations of some of Cap’s early days and yet butchered a lot of things and the Howling Commandos was one of them. In the film the group is some of just thrown together through one conversation and they don’t really come across as a group or as proper allies because of the groups lack of screen time with Cap, plus most of their scenes are all in bloody montage! Such a waste a great group who have such a massive impact in the comics.

I feel like a Marvel short would be definitely be necessary for these characters, where you see them doing some mission back in WWII with a bit of action and stealth. Possibly give us the group’s individual names and gives us a sense of their personalities and show why they were the group that Cap chose in the first film. And hey if Peggy Carter can get one then there’s no reason why these guys shouldn’t either.

War Machine


Colonel James Rhodes is one of the cool guys from the MCU (mainly in the first and third film), but I feel like some time with him doing his own thing would be cool. Maybe have an adventure where Tony’s out-of-town which requires Rhodey to take on the threat alone and show off his own badassery. Don Cheadle has proved he’s a useful partner for Tony, but I would like to see how useful he is when it’s just him on his own.

And in truth that’s it, those are the only characters I feel really require the extra screen time in shorts so that you can get a better feel for them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So what are your thoughts on the matter? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. ūüôā

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Feel The Thunder In This Thor Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, its film review time once again and with the release of Thor: The Dark World just around the corner I thought I’d give you my thoughts on its predecessor, Thor. Now I’m just gonna say this upfront, I love this film, I saw it¬†5 times in the cinema! If that doesn’t say enough about my love for this film, then let me elaborate in this review. So here we go!


So story-wise the film is about our main character Thor, god of thunder who happens to defy the rule of his father, Odin and because of his defiance Odin strips him of his powers and banishes him to Earth. While banished, his evil brother Loki takes over their home and has some questionable dealings with the enemy known as the Frost Giants. Over the course of the movie Thor has to learn the lesson of humility to gain his powers back through his interaction with humans and stop Loki from causing havoc to the world of Asgard.

The story is pretty good overall, though it has problems. The film deals with cause and effect, redemption and change, honour and family, and these issues are tackled in a thoughtful and spectacular fashion. I loved the focus on the relationships between Thor and Loki, and Thor and Odin, at the end of the day this is a film about family ties and how important they are. In addition to that I really liked the dialogue too, how it had a very¬†Shakespearean vibe and there were some really beautiful, humourous and memorable lines. Obviously there were a great deal of aspects from the comics that were changed and for better or worse they’re now part of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I believe most of the updates feels realistic, fresh and approachable for¬†by both¬†comic¬†and casual audiences. That being said there are problems with the story in terms of pacing, uninteresting scenes on Earth when related to Asgard and obviously the not so believable relationship between Thor and Jane, which was materialized over a few days rather than a longer period of time. But other than those issues its impressive how the filmmakers crammed several years of comic book history is into this film.


As for the cast who’re all really great and add a lot of realism to this sci-fi/god-like story. Let’s start with the Asgardians. Firstly Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as Thor, he does a great balancing act between being larger than life, arrogant and aggressive, but also adds subtly, charm and drama to his performance.And then there’s Tom Hiddleston who does an equally great performance a Loki. This adaptation is more reletable because he is misunderstood and misguided, that in turn makes us feel for him and come to terms with his transition into darkness and evil. Hiddleston added some more remorseful aspects to the character and his transition to evil is portrayed well, though I wish he’d been a bit more sinister, but otherwise he was fabulous. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was as expected really cool, Odin was such a strong, imposing, yet caring character and I loved his speeches and aura. Hopkins already had the tools to portray the character effectively and he was so cool. The Warriors Three (Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun) played by Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallas and Tadanobu Asano were delightful, they were all interesting, quirky and pretty awesome on and off of the battlefield. While I primarily know about them from Hulk Vs. Thor and my Wikipedia research, overall they seemed to be depicted pretty well though I wish they had more screen time.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif was great too, she was gorgeous and knew how to handle herself in battle, again like The Warriors Three I wish she had more screen time but she was still fun to watch. Idris Elba as Heimdall was very good too, I really wasn’t sure what to expect because this was very far removed from Elba’s standard line of work, but he did well, though some of his words were a bit hard to comprehend at times. Rene Russo as Frigga did a nice job well in the film too, although she was severely underused and I wish she’d had more screen time. Okay, now let’s talke about the human characters. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster was decent, Jane was good for the first half of the film and had nice chemistry between her and Thor, however I didn’t buy into her like her relationship with Thor. Firstly I find it hard to believe that someone as pretty as her would find it so hard to find love, and secondly I the time that she and Thor spent together was FAR too short for her to go from an infuation to all out love, more time wasneeded for that relationship to grow as it kind of felt forced towards the end of the film. Stellan Skarsg√•rd as Erik Selvig was pretty good too, can’t really fault him. And Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis was good too, she had some funny dialogue and was also very beautiful. ūüėÄ And finally it was so great to see Clark Gregg back as Agent Coulson, he had some great scenes and dialogue and by that point he’d definitely¬†become more of an interesting character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When it comes to the presentation of Thor it is pretty good. Visually the film was very pretty with lovey art direction,good CGI, great costume design and nice cinematography. The visual effects were handled by BUF and Digital Domain, and they crafted some great gorgeous stuff, from the space worlds of Asgard and Jotunheim to the Frost Giants, Destroyer Armour and battle sequences, it was pretty awesome. The travelling sections via the Bifrost Bridge is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen on-screen for some time (the first time it’s like, “Wow! FRIGGING AWESOME!!”). That being said the world of Asgard seemed a tad empty outside of the main hall and one had to wonder where all of the residents were haha. There also seemed to be a lack of sharpness and clarity in certain sections and I feel a studio like Industrial Light & Magic would have been a better choice for tackling the VFX, but still overall the film looked good.

thor03 thor_paramount09

The action sequences in the film was handled in an effective manner too, with most characters getting decent screen time. The action was shot wonderfully with lots of quick cuts and a variety of camera shots. I loved how Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir was depicted as it demonstrated a lot of different techniques especially with the spinning attacks which I wasn’t expecting to make it into the movie at all. The lightning effects were good and even Thor’s flying ability looked well portrayed too. Loki’s action on-screen was pretty good with a lot more physical combat with a staff, though I wish he had done more magic-based attacks. Everybody else have good fight scenes from the Warriors Three to Sif, from their battle with the Frost Giants to the attack on the Destroyer Armour. One thing that does bug me is the fact the first battle with the Frost Giants is the best one and everything that follows afterwards never quite reach that same level of greatness. Also the soundtrack crafted by Patrick Doyle was pretty great, it epic, dramatic and can go from being really powerful to being quite small and emotional. It really elevates whatever is happening on-screen and hits all the right notes for all the key scenes


So in conclusion I liked Thor a lot, it was a grand film with a good story, great characters, good action and a decent soundtrack. While there are some notable problems with the story, pacing and action, the film laid out the groundwork for these characters and other comic aspects to be incorporated into the sequel. Kenneth Branagh must be commended for taking what seemed to be an impossible task and making it feesable for comic book fans and casual audiences. A lot of people hate on Thor but I reckon its one of the better Phase 1 films, I recommend it¬†and I can’t wait to be blown away by The Dark World (hopefully)!

Rating: 8/10 (It really was one of my favourite superhero films of recent years)

So what did you think of Thor? Whatever your thoughts, drop in the comments below and come back to this blog in the next few days for my review of Thor: The Dark World! Laters yo! ūüėÄ


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Thor: The Dark World Trailer #1 Review

Ah yeah boy its time to talk about the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World yo! I’ve waited forever for there to be some official trailer for this film and FINALLY we have something to ogle over, and the end result is something very different from what I was expecting but it’s all sorts of awesomeness. Check it out for yourselves below:

So the trailer starts out in London all nice and pretty then it cuts to a scene with a kid who touches a button on a truck and then it starts levitating and turning. Woah this is supernatural stuff going on here. We then see our Jane Foster (again played by the incredibly beautiful Natalie Portman), then it cuts to some hooded enemy standing in the darkness (I think it may be inside of a ship because of the next scene) and then chaos descends upon London as some massive upside-down triangle ship thing crashes through the city and all the people run in panic… And just for a second oh hey Darcy what’s up (Kat Dennings observing with some random guy)?

Then we enter the man of the hour, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who comes drops from the sky in a spectacular fashion. He and Jane meet again, Thor tells Jane to come with him and she’s all like “What?” And then bam they disappear into the sky leaving Darcy to stare into the sky. We then return to Asgard and there are shots of fancy doors, Thor and Jane checking out the scenery, Sif (Jaimie Alexander), trekking through an icy location and Jane lying down raising up her hands and with these scenes there’s a voice over from Jane saying “We’re from two separate worlds, maybe they were separate for a reason.” Oh I can sense drama ahead. Then we cut to more action where we see a ship crash into the outside of one Asgardian areas, there’s fighting in the woods and now scene with Odin and Thor. Thor states “If they do nothing they will destroy us.” Cut to more shots of London and people getting mashed, then cut to Mjolnir flying right into Thor’s hand as teleports there and then he lays the smack down on several guys on the battlefield like boss!

We see shots of Malekith, Sif looking all badass on the battlefield, Thor throwing a guy, explosions, and then another shot of Thor where he seems to be inside some swirling circle along with Malekith who’s holding Jane towards the air. Thor falls to his knees and he’s all like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” See that? That’s called drama.

I love the final scene in this trailer where we hear a familiar voice saying these words: “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.” It is of course Loki (played by the awesome Tom Hiddleston) who’s serving hard time in some kind of jail where he looks rough. Thor goes to see Loki in his time of need and says that anyone who crosses him will be killed to which Loki smiles and replies “When do we start?” See that’s the sign of badass ladies and gentlemen.

Overall this trailer has a much bigger and grander sense than before and it seems like there’s a few story elements from the comics that will find themselves in this film like possibly the Asgardian trials for Jane Foster or the look into Thor and Sif’s relationship. I’m also liking the style of the action, it’s looking rough and ready, we may even get to have more than one badass action sequence in this second film. Before watching this trailer I wondered how Jane Foster could truly fit into this film with all the Asgard and Malekith tuff going on but it seems she plays an intricate part in all of this so I can’t to see how that unfolds.


All in all the this trailer shows off a lot of cool, dynamic and interesting things, Thor: The Dark World definitely shows promise. I just hope that the film will be everything I wanted and then some. This trailer was great and all but mind wasn’t blown like it was when the Iron Man 3 trailers showed up, well hopefully the next trailer will fix that.


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New Images and Plot Details From Thor: The Dark World

As we get closer and closer to the release of the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World new images and story details have emerged and its making me go all crazy over here! The following information comes from superherohype:

Last week saw the release of the first poster for the upcoming Thor: The Dark World and now we’ve learned a little more about the upcoming film, thanks to USA Today.

In the film, Thor returns to Earth where he meets up again with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and don’t think she’s forgotten that he didn’t come see her the last time he was here.

“Thor still has a lot of explaining to do, and a lot of making up,” says star Chris Hemsworth. “Even demigods end up in the doghouse, mate. So none of us is safe.”

To make matters worse, Foster’s life is in danger and Thor must bring her back with him to Asgard.

“So while Thor was a fish out of water on Earth in the first two films (Thor and The Avengers), this time Jane is very much a fish out of water in Asgard,” says Marvel producer Kevin Feige.

Not only will Thor have to worry about the Dark Elf Malekith, played by Christopher Eccleston, he’ll find himself in a love triangle with himself, Jane, and the warrior Sif with his disapproving parents watching.

“It’s superhero action, but it’s the familiar territory of a love triangle where the parents think your girlfriend is wrong for you,” says Feige. “That’s how the best of these movies work.”

With all that in mind, the film will still have plenty of action and fighting to boot.

“I really wanted to ramp up his skill set in battle,” says Hemsworth. “He’s not just this Viking throwing the hammer. Here he’s more demigod with dynamic moves we haven’t seen before.”

To further complicate things, Thor must seek the help of his brother Loki, who is still serving time in an Asgard prison.

“Needing Loki’s help turns everything on its head,” says Hemsworth. “And it allows us to explore the underlying complexities of their relationship. It really ends up being a kind of chess match.”

Check back tomorrow when the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World is set appear online!

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsg√•rd, Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano and Jaimie Alexander with Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, the film is set for release on November 8, 2013.”



So what have we learnt today? Well story-wise a good deal really. Firstly it seems like Thor isn’t completely in the clear for his actions though I’m not sure why he’d be trouble I mean he did just help save Earth from being destroyed by an alien race. I reckon he should be congratulated, but I guess that’s not the way things work in Asgard. Also I’m interested to see how Jane handles being taken to Asgard and seeing all of this stuff she heard about there right in front of her eyes. And then there’s talk of a love triangle and you know I really like love triangles, when done properly it can add drama, tension and mess with a man’s head forcing him to make a decision between two women. I’m glad this is being addressed in the film, it was a very big element of the comics, Thor’s been romantically involved with Sif and Jane Foster before and to bring those kinds of love complications into a film for Thor would be really interesting. I really want to see what Jaime Alexander does with this material because she is beautiful and deserves to let audience members know how she really feels about the god of thunder.

There’s also talk of action and as an action junky I LOVE me some action. I like how they say that it’s not just viking stuff but characters doing things we haven’t seen before, and that’s good to hear. These are god-based warriors who have skills beyond that of humans so I expect some badass, unique and over-the-top battles of a chaotic nature! And lastly there’s talk of Thor going to Loki for help and that should be interesting too, maybe there’ll be arguments or more information based on their past relationship. Either way this’ll be cool.

As for the two pictures that were released, they’re nice. In the first one I find it just funky to see Thor and Jane together just chilling in Asgard in Asgardian attire. They look like they’re having fun though. As for the second picture it’s just Thor holding his hammer looking all cool and stuff probably during a battle of some kind.

Now I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow when the trailer comes out, I need me some Thor right now. BRING ON THE LIGHTING! XD


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New Thor: The Dark World Details Revealed!

Ahhh yeah time to talk more about Thor: The Dark World, now even though we’ve had information from the cast, set pictures and the first official picture a few days ago, details on the actual story have been rather sparse since the initial synopsis was posted up online last year. But luckily IGN are here with an article to give us some new information:


“There’s no question that Thor was one of the tougher nuts to crack in Marvel’s Phase One slate of films. But thanks to both Chris Hemsworth‘s dedicated performance and Kenneth Branagh’s classy direction, the first Thor movie ended up being the surprise hit of the studio’s first round of Avenger movies.

But now with Game of Thrones’ Alan Taylor taking up the Asgardian reins for Thor: The Dark World, one can’t help but wonder what’s in store of the God of Thunder and his cherished home world.

“By bringing director Alan Taylor into the mix, with his expertise on The Sopranos, Mad Men and Game of Thrones, we came up with a take that allows us to get more into the nooks and crannies of Asgard and its people,”¬†Marvel Studios executive producer Craig Kyle told Empire Magazine.¬†“We spend more time on the ground with the commoners, as opposed to in the palace.”

Kyle added that the sequel will first introduce a group of “rag-tag invaders known as The Marauders,” which Yahoo Movies speculates could be a variant on the comics’¬†team of assassins employed by supervillain Mister Sinister (first seen in Uncanny X-Men #210). In the movie, The Marauders will leave Asgard in a weakened state, thus paving the way for ¬†the Dark Elves to make their move against Thor and The Nine Realms.

“It’s a very complicated blend [of genres: high science fiction, gritty fantasy, and realism],” Kyle continued. “Thor is, until Guardians of the Galaxy hits, by far our most wild, fringe Marvel piece. But that’s why it’s the Marvel Universe and not Marvel Earth!”

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8.”

If what Craig Kyle says is true than we already have a film that’s surpassed the first film. It seems like Alan Taylor and the rest of the filmmakers are really taking into consideration all of the weaknesses/problems with the previous film and is trying to rectify that with the sequel. When I read that they were actually stepping outside of the palace and hanging around with the commoners made me smile so much! While the world of Asgard looked great in Thor, we rarely got to see any of its citizens outside of the palace or at all. So I’m glad that’s been addressed with the sequel. Also according to a report from Screen Rant the film is set one year after The Avengers and two years after Thor so I’m interested to see how time has affected these characters and whether there’s any significant changes to them. I’m also interested to learn who this other villainous force is in the form of ‘The Marauders’, it seems like they’re vital to the plot and if they do mess up Asgard enough to leave then in a weakened state then they sound awesome. Thor, Sif and The Warriors Three need a good challenge. Their fight against the Frost Giants in the first film was badass, but then that was it. The fight against the Destroyer Armour wasn’t so much a fight as it was a short skermish that wasn’t very interesting. I really want to be blown aware by the fight scenes and action sequences, like the first film but times ten!

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First Official Image From THOR: THE DARK WORLD Revealed!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes! Yes! Yes! One thing I love more than video game news is film news on new Marvel films and Thor: The Dark World is on my most wanted list! I have paid close attention to this film and now we have the first official from Check it out below:


So while it may be more of a set picture than a proper clean official-looking one it does gives a look at Thor back in uniform alongside new director Alan Taylor. It warms my soul to see Chris Hemsworth not only back in his uniform looking all badass but to also see that he’s retained his look from The Avengers (longer blonde hair and the darker beard). When you compare him back to the way he looked in Thor back 2011 he really does look different and it seems like there’s a transition from where he was then to where he is now. I always think it is important for the hero of a story to look slightly different in the sequel to their first appearance, I feel it brings a sense of change and progression. Anyways outside of Chris Hemsworth as Thor what else can we see? Well from the look of the location it looks like they’re on a set rather than using a CGI-based location which is good. Plus I dunno if this is my eyes playing tricks on me but is that Loki in the background to the left of this picture? If so then it makes me wonder what he’s doing there.

Well anyways I just wanted to share this magic with you and hopefully we’ll get some proper pictures, posters and maybe even a teaser trailer soon enough.

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Jaimie Alexander Updates on Thor: The Dark World

Man I have been waiting for some news on Thor: The Dark World for ages! And while we still have no official photos from the film or even a teaser trailer, I’m still glad there’s little tidbits of news appearing online for me to talk about. This article below comes from superherohype:


“Next appearing on the big screen opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in January 18th’s The Last Stand, Jaimie Alexander is also set to reprise her role as Sif in this fall’s Thor: The Dark World. Today, Alexander spoke with IAmRogue about the Marvel Studios project in a video interview that you can check out in the player below.

“We sort of explore the Sif/Thor relationship a little bit,” she tells the outlet. “‚ĶIt’s more getting a feel of who these people are and how they are the way they are with each other.”

Alexander goes on to discuss director Alan Taylor, the recasting of Fandral and the overall darker tone of Thor’s third big screen appearance.

The sequel takes place in the aftermath of Thor and Marvel’s The Avengers, following Thor as he fights to restore order across the cosmos when an ancient race, led by the vengeful Malekith, returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, 2013.”

Yes, yes and again yes! While I know the main focus of Thor’s romantic relationships lies with Jane Foster, there is another part of me always wanted to see the relationship between Thor and Sif instead. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman had some lovely chemistry in Thor, but I was interested in seeing more of Jaimie Alexander as Sif and see if the writers used the source material to provide a little backstory about Thor and Sif’s relationship. Unfortunately like the Warriors Three, Sif didn’t get too much screen time, so I hoped her relationship with Thor would be explored in Thor 2 and I thankfully think we’ll finally get to see some of that in the sequel. I’m sure some fans won’t be too happy about this and this will obviously create some kind of love triangle between Thor, Jane and Sif. But in all honestly the comic books had some wonderful storylines involving both Jane and Sif, so I am interested to see what the writers to do in Thor 2 and hopefully it’ll be relevant too.

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Tom Hiddleston Talks Branagh/Taylor and Potential Thor 3

Hi peeps of the internet, more news has been put on the internet for me to talk about, so I’m gonna talk about it. Ah yes more news on Thor: The Dark World from our favourite man Tom Hiddleston. and as per usual superherohype provides the following article:

“Tom Hiddleston has been one of the most vocal members of the Thor cast when talking about the upcoming sequel, Thor: The Dark World. The actor has spoken about most topics presented to him and today, in an interview with Huffington Post, he talked about the difference between¬†Kenneth Branagh (director of Thor) and Alan Taylor (director of the sequel Thor: The Dark World).

“Ken established the tone, so we‚Äôve taken the baton and kept running. Alan Taylor is fantastic, one of the men responsible for ‘Game of Thrones’ which is so of that world, a very grounded, gritty, earthy world where warriors and swords and monsters and magic all meet, so his experience of that has given him a fantastic take on the whole world of Thor.
He was refashioning those archetypes in space. We talked about King Lear and that kind of dynastic drama, about succession, with somebody at the top of the tree, and somebody else due to succeed the throne, there’s always a wrestling if it‚Äôs father and son‚Ķ it’s all very dynastic.”
So was he anxious about having a newcomer step onto the sequel instead of Branagh? “I went to a summer screening of a Marvel short film. Ken came and so did Alan, it was very clear how much mutual respect between them and I thought, ‚Äėok, it‚Äôs going to be fine.‚Äô”
Filming on Thor: The Dark World has only a few weeks remaining before it wraps and Hiddleston won’t say if they’re already talking about Thor 3.
“These kind of films, not to get too heavy about it, all depend on the financial success of the one before, so we’ll have to see.”¬†

In Thor: The Dark World, Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. It’s slated for a November 8, 2013 release.”

It’s good to know that Alan Taylor has been having a good effect on the progress of the second Thor film and it’s also good to know that Kenneth and Alan are cool with each other with the transition of one director to another on the same film series. I’m also interested to hear what Tom had to say on the next instalment in the Thor series, I thought that next one would be automatic, but he does bring up a good point about the financial side of these big budget films; if a film doesn’t make enough money then it doesn’t really warrant a sequel. So let’s hope that Thor: The Dark World is a badass film that makes loads of cash so we can afford to see more of these characters in another adventure.

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