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QUICK REVIEW: The Peanuts Movie

Howdy people of the internet and today I’m continuing my 2015 film catch-up session with The Peanuts Movie (aka Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie). I missed this film when it was originally released, but since I had some free time yesterday I decided to check it out and now I’m ready to pass judgement.


The story can be described as the following:

“Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the beloved “Peanuts” gang make their big-screen debut, like they’ve never been seen before, in state of the art 3D animation. Charlie Brown, the world’s most beloved underdog, embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the lovable beagle Snoopy, takes to the skies to pursue his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron.”

The story was simple yet familiar. but it was certainly an enjoyable one. The film operates in two halves; the one that focuses on Charlie Brown’s story and the other on Snoopy’s side story. For anyone who has seen any of the Peanuts TV shows or specials, they’ll be in be in nostalgic heaven as this film took a lot of elements from the source material, but also found a way to update some of the classic elements in ways that felt relevant. What I loved about this film was how well it captured the essence of what made the old TV adaptations so enjoyable, there’s that same sense of wit, charm and relatability, but there’s also lot of interesting moral and ethical life lessons in this film that certain animated films lack. Now one could argue that this film relies too heavily on nostalgia and there were moments where I did feel like I was just reliving the past with no variation, but it never got to the point where I hated it.


As for the characters they’re all there and kicked ass. Everyone you could think of showed up had a moment in the sun whether you’re talking about Snoopy and Woodstock or Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Lucy, etc. It was delightful to see all of these characters again with all of their interesting personality and physical traits intact, and I also liked seeing some more moments dedicated to some of my favourite people like Franklin and Pig-Pen. But I LOVED Charlie Brown though, this kid has been my favourite for years purely because he’s one of the most unlucky people in the history of existence, and yet he’s so kind and righteous, you just want the kid to succeed and those characteristics were evident in this film as well. I felt so bad for this kid when he was failing that it hurt, but I also loved when he was the right side of success as well and I really liked Noah Schnapp brought to the role. Also Snoopy was still just as loveable, charismatic and creative as ever with his interactions with the other children, but also while on his Red Baron adventures. I also have to give a shout-out to Alex Garfin who did a fabulous job voicing as Linus, Garfin sounded spot-on to the original voice actor.


When it comes to the presentation it is nearly flawless. Visually this film takes a 3D CGI approach to the animation as opposed to the old 2D traditional style, but interestingly the filmmakers reworked the art and animation style to mimic the old cartoons. So when characters move, dance or talk it looks just like it did back in the day but with a 3D coat of paint, and besides certain moments where the CGI looked a bit jarring, otherwise it was gorgeous to look at. Oh and the music is great too, besides the use of modern music which wasn’t for me, this film included several of the classic Vince Guaraldi music which still sounds as great as ever. But I also have to hand it to Christophe Beck for his awesome film score which felt new, but also appropriate to the tone of Peanuts and there were some absolutely gorgeous pieces especially when it came to “Fifi’s Theme“.


In conclusion The Peanuts Movie is everything you want from an animated children’s film, it has humour, adventure, style, charm and heart. For long-term fans it provides the right level of nostalgia and for people new to the franchise it’s a unique and relatable experience that they may fall in love with too. This film was everything I wanted to be and more, and I’m gutted I didn’t see it sooner as I ADORED this film and it should be seen by everyone as soon as possible!

Rating: 8.5/10

So have you seen The Peanuts Movie and if so what did you think of it? Please be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya on the next film review, laters! 😀


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My Top 11 Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Yo yo people of the internet, time for the penultimate blog post in this series based on upcoming films in 2015 with my top 11 most anticipated films of the year.  If you haven’t already, check out PART 1, 2 & 3 of my 2015 film preview. It does seem a little late now considering that we’re just over two weeks into January, but I feel like I had to be done after the film preview and I guess it’s better late than never right? With all that in mind let’s begin from number 11 to 1.

11. Jurassic World


At one point I wasn’t going to put this on this list. The first trailer didn’t wow me, however, in the end, it’s another Jurassic Park film, I need to see it. after all these years of talk, rumours and speculation, we’re finally getting another Jurassic Park film. One that ties back to the first film, it has a great cast including Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio among others, and it introduces a story that mixes in elements new and old. That being said, the concept of genetically modified dinosaurs sounds questionable, pet velociraptors and re-hashing “humans getting eaten by dinosaurs” doesn’t give me much hope. I PRAY that future trailers get me more hyped up and that the whole film is great.

10. Ant-Man


Ant-Man is another film that I’ve been interested in seeing, but also had a lacklustre teaser trailer. Now this is a character I’ve never been th biggest fan of, however, I’ve warmed to him in recent years and since Marvel Studios have come to the point where they can make anything look cool in a live-action film, I have to believe they’ll do the same with this. They have a great cast, an original and unconventional hero and a different kind of superhero story. Even though Edgar Wright is gone and some of us just haven’t gotten over it, I do have faith that Peyton Reed, Kevin Feige and everyone behind the film will give us something worth watching… Unless it fails completely, which will be a first for Marvel.

9. The Peanuts Movie


Out of all of the animated films coming out in 2015, this is the one I’m looking forward to the most. The Peanuts Movie is very important, because like a few other films on this list, the characters are part of history and the source material is very reach and nostalgic for many generations of people. After so many years with no Peanuts material, we have a new film, in 3D CGI, but with the right look and sounds of the old TV show. Now this good be beautiful or it could fail terribly and turn out like The Smurfs or Garfield, but I hope for that it turns out great.

8. Mission: Impossible 5


So now we have Mission: Impossible 5. After the badassery that was Ghost Protocol, I knew I had to see more Ethan Hunt adventures and in the latter part of 2015 we’ll get to see this crazy man start all over again. Now I feel like this film will not be as good as the previous one, but if it can be at least half as fun and action-packed as the last film then I’ll be happy for sure.

7. Tomorrowland


I’m super curious about this film, there hasn’t been that much information provided about it beyond a few images and a really intriguing teaser trailer. But to be honest that’s all I need. That and the fact that Brad Bird is directing it makes me so hyped to see what he’ll do with this.

6. In the Heart of the Sea


This is a film I have a lot of hope for. After Rush in 2013, I knew I had to see whatever Ron Howard was up to next and this film looks incredible. The trailer I saw was amazing and gives us a look at a film which is dark, mysterious, large in scope and epic in action. Plus the cast for this film looks really good and the story seems like it’ll be a one of hardships and tragedy. I can’t wait.

5. Furious 7

Furious 7 Movie Poster

Now we have the 7th film in the Fast & Furious series, it is really weird to think that this series has been going on for this long, that being said after Fast 5, I think everyone was ready for more F&F action. That first trailer was awesome, it was like a mini preview of the film and while I don’t like to see too much of a film in the trailers, I feel like the teaser for Furious 7 was enough to get me hyped.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road


I have been watching this film from afar, but it wasn’t until the last trailer came out that this film got on my radar. I’ve not seen any of the previous Mad Max films, however, I’m not that bothered, if this film is half as good as the trailers are letting on then it’ll be a hell of a good time. I love Tom Hardy and the action sequences look mental, I want it in my system now! XD

3. Spectre


After 3 years we have the next James Bond film in the form of Spectre. There is no official images or a trailer, but my anticipation of this film is very high, I really liked Skyfall and since most of the cast and crew are back for the next adventure makes me smile. I’m not sure what to expect, but with Sam Mendes at the helm I’m hopeful that he’ll do us Bond fans proud once again.

2. The Avengers: Age of Ultron


I am surprised this ended up being at number 2, because to be honest it is my most anticipated film. I am I’m a comic book nerd and these superhero films are my crack. Marvel Studios have been giving me the good stuff for the last 7 years and now we’re heading towards the second Avengers film which promises to give fans everything they liked about the first film and more with darkness, drama and a badass villain.  That first trailer blew me away and the second trailer gets my hype juices flowing and so now we’re around 4 months away (3 for us UK people) and the wait, ah man, it is killing me, I just need it now.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Ah man, it was a very close call between this and Avengers, but in the end the top choice had to be this film. I mean it’s frigging STAR WARS! Now I know this film could go one of two ways; it could either be great or a terribly disappointing, however it doesn’t matter, Star Wars is one of the biggest parts my childhood and is part of cinematic history regardless of whether you like it or not. For a lot of people this is their major film event of 2015, after the prequels most fans have been waiting for a proper SW film with the original cast and they are finally getting their wish. The short teaser trailer was FRIGGING AWESOME! And now loads of people are hoping that J.J. Abrams doesn’t mess this film up.

So that’s it, my top 11 list done, hope you enjoyed my choices. Now I shift my focus to you, the readers, what is your most anticipated films of 2015 and are any of your entires on my list? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see you on the next review yo. 😀


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Films To Look Out For In 2015 Part 3

Howdy people of the interweb and welcome to the third part of my special series of blog posts dedicated to the films that you should be looking out for this year entitled: Films to look out for in 2015! It’s a preview to this year’s selection of films in the cinema and I’m basically going to highlight why I believe they’re worth paying attention to. Before checking this out be sure to read PART 1 and PART 2 first.

Now before we begin I have two main things I need yo point out:

  1. Obviously a lot films come out, so if they’re not only my list it’s either because I don’t know about them or I don’t care…
  2. 2014 films getting their UK releases this year don’t count! So there.😛

Okay then, let’s start 😀

The Fantastic Four


Release Date: August 7th (USA), August 6th (UK)

So now we have the Fantastic Four reboot, the film which directed by Josh Trank of Chronicle, written and produced by Simon Kinberg of X-Men Days of Future Past and it stars some of the most talented young actors working today in the form of Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell. So what’s the problem? Well for a lot of fans, the information provided about this film doesn’t sound that intriguing. The origin’s been changed, the actors for the characters are super young, Johnny Storm is White, Dr. Doom is apparently some internet hacker or something. Add on top of that there’s no images or footage of this film to be found and it’s 8 months away! I want to believe in the talent behind the film and want to be entertained, but so far nothing has gotten me excited for this film. I hope to be proven wrong.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


Release Date: August 15th (USA & UK)

So now we have a film I’ve heard a lot of talk about from certain film sites and I know that this is the next big film for Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, but beyond that my knowledge about this film is next to nothing. From what I’ve read this film is based on a 1960’s TV show, it’s a spy comedy and its directed by Guy Ritchie. I like Guy Ritchie’s as a director and cast seem solid. Now again I have no idea of what this film entails, however a lot of film sites say it is one to look out for so I’m keeping my eyes peeled.



Release Date: August 21st (USA)

This is another film which doesn’t have a trailer or any images released for it, however when I saw it listed in the set of 2015 films I thought it my be worth watching. There are a few reasons to check it out like: 1) The premise sounds pretty interesting, “The memories & skills of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous convict.” 2) Ariel Vromen, the director for this film was also the man behind The Iceman and I really liked that film. And 3) There’s the cast I do love Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds is a good actor, Kevin Costner is cool, Alice Eve is pretty and even Gal Gadot is in this too (which will be interesting to see if she’s improved as an actress since Fast 6).

Hitman: Agent 47


Release Date: August 28th (USA & UK)

Now from what I understand the first Hitman film back in 2007 wasn’t that well-received. I never saw the film so I can’t comment on whether it was good or not and since I’ve never played the games I can’t compare or say what I would like to see in the sequel. That being said, I have done some research into the game series, learnt a lot of stuff from reviews and my best uni friend and I expect a solid action thriller with suspense, style, stealth and drama, IF the filmmakers can pull it off. The cast seems decent as well with Zachary Quinto, Thomas Kretschmann and Rupert Friend as the main character, let’s hope this film is a good one.

Jane Got a Gun


Release Date: September 4th (USA), September 25th (UK)

Again we have another film with no trailer or any promotional images, just another one I’m interested in based on word of mouth from film sites and the description of the film. I’m not usually into western films, but if the story and cast are interesting enough then I’ll give it a try. This film sounds interesting, sounds like a good old tale of revenge and murder and I like that regardless of what genre it takes place in. I really like the cast though, I LOVE Ewan McGregor, Joel Edgerton is good actor too, but it is Natalie Portman who interests me the most. I haven’t seen her in a leading role since Black Swan and I know she’s a good actress, but I want to see if she can be tough again. If she can pull off this film then I’ll be happy.

Triple Nine


Release Date: September 11th (USA & UK)

This is another unknown film that just has an intriguing premise and great cast. Apparently it’s a crime-drama heist film involving corrupt police officers, blackmail and murder, sounds nice. Plus the cast has Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer and Michael Peña. That is a good deal of talent especially when it comes to the Harrelson, Winslet, Ejiofor and Affleck. Plus my boys Paul, Mackie and Reedus are in check.

Black Mass


Release Date: September 18th (USA)

This is another film I’m interested in from the sound of the story and cast involved. It’s apparently based on a true story (like most films these days), but what excites me is the cast. Johnny Depp’s in the film and since it is a crime drama the man will be in a serious role and I love that, plus my man Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the film as well as Kevin Bacon, Jesse Plemons and Sienna Miller. I just want to see them interact in one film.



Release Date: September 18th (USA), October 2nd (UK)

There’s no trailer for this film but the premise sounds good: “A climbing expedition on Mt. Everest is devastated by a severe snow storm.” Sounds like things could get messy and I like films where people battle against the elements and try to survive impossibly tough situations. Add on top of that a good cast involving Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke and a few others and we could be on to a winner.

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials


Release Date: September 18th (USA & UK)

A lot of people hated on The Maze Runner when it was released last year, but I really liked it, sure some of the plot was generic, the pay-off at the end wasn’t that good and the sequel bait for the film was far too obvious. Overall I still thought it was fun and interesting. Now we have the sequel and I just want to know what these kids are going to be doing and what kind of trials they’ll have to endure that could be worse than the maze beforehand.

Victor Frankenstein


Release Date: October 2nd (USA & UK)

With this film, I’ve head a lot of talk about this film since around the summer of 2013. Apparently from what I’ve read it’s like an origin story about the character of Frankenstein from the perspective of Igor, the assistant. I’m not sure what to expect from it, however, it has James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe in it, so that is my main reason for checking out.

Crimson Peak


Release Date: October 16th (USA & UK)

So now we have Crimson Peak, the next film from Guillermo del Toro. I’ve I do like Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam, but I’m more interested in Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain as they are two of my favourite people in film these days. It is horror, a genre I’m not too interested in, however it is del Toro as the director so I’ll give it a go.

St. James Place


Release Date: October 16th (USA), October 9th (UK)

This is a film I knew nothing about until I read about it online. My main reasons for watching it are: 1) It’s a spy film. 2) The film’s directed by Steven Spielberg. 3) It has Tom Hanks in the lead role. The film has me on those three aspects alone, I can’t wait.

The Last Witch Hunter


Release Date: October 23rd (USA), November 6th (UK)

This is a film I’ve been curious about for a while now. It is next big Vin Diesel film (that isn’t part of the Fast & Furious series), and I’m a big fan of his and even when the first few images were released, I was intrigued. I like the premise of the film, plus with other talent like Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine, this makes me very happy. I hope this film is good, it’s a supernatural action film and that’s right up my street.



Release Date: November 6th (USA), October 23rd (UK)

So now we have the next Bond film… And I want it now. Nuff said. But if I had to elaborate, Skyfall was one of my favourite films of 2012 and the fact that Sam Mendes is back at the helm along with the talented cast and crew just makes me giddy. Since the main announcement about the cast, film title and new car, my mind’s been freaking out just thinking about it. I can’t wait to see what Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott, Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci add to this new Bond adventure.

The Peanuts Movie


Release Date: November 6th (USA), December 21st (UK)

Now we have a film I’m eagerly anticipating, it is of course the return of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the group in The Peanuts Movie. The first teaser hit my nostalgia levels just right and since then I’ve been hyped for this film. Even though I never read the comics or wasn’t alive when the Peanuts were at the hype of their popularity, I’ve seen a lot of the old TV show and specials and I love it. It seems like the people behind this film care a lot about the project and if they can get it right, this will be a very special animated film in 2015.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2


Release Date: November 20th (USA & UK)

Despite what a lot of people said I liked Mockingjay – Part 1 and I am very curious to see how this whole thing ends. While I’m not stupidly hyped for this like I was when the final Harry Potter film was out in 2011, I have become a little invested in these films and I’m curious to see how Katniss ends the crazy journey she started back in the first film.

The Good Dinosaur


Release Date: November 25th (USA), November 27th (UK)

Now I may have read this wrong, but I believe we are getting TWO Pixar films this year which is unprecedented as far as I know. I guess they’re making up for not releasing anything last year haha. But anyways I’ve been hearing a lot about this film for a while now, I heard the initial footage was good, then the film got pushed back and then the film’s original vision got scrapped and got re-done, so there’s a lot of development that’s been going into this film. I just hope that it is worth it.

The Martian


Release Date: November 25th (USA), November 27th (UK)

Now we have the next film from Ridley Scott which I am curious about, however, at the same time very I am wary of. Scott hasn’t made a very compelling film that I’ve seen in recent years. All of them have been decent to average to dull, especially his last entry Exodus: Gods and Kings. The premise sounds good and I like the cast, I just hope Scott can produce a good film that’s worth watching this year.

Midnight Special

Midnight Special Movie Set

Release Date: November 25th (USA)

Another film I found online and have seen has an interesting premise (A father and son go on the run after the dad learns his child possesses special powers) and a cool cast (Michael Shannon, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and Joel Edgerton). I also like the director, Jeff Nichols, so I hope that it’s a good one, plus I hope it gets a UK release this year.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Release Date: December 18th (USA & UK)

Okay, now we have pretty much the most important film on this list. It doesn’t matter if you respect the series or not, this is a major cinematic event that some people have been waiting a long time to see. For me, I knew The Force Awakens was going to be worth my time but after that teaser trailer, I went from excited to absurd excitement. This film could either be the best thing ever or could suck badly and have a lot of SW fans ready to take out J.J. Abrams, but I have faith that it’ll be good. I can’t wait to see the old cast back together with all the new members, plus ANDY SERKIS, YAY!

Mission: Impossible 5


Release Date: December 25th (USA), December 26th (UK)

And we have the fifth entry in the Mission: Impossible series. Now I didn’t think we’d get to this point, but honestly after what Brad Bird did with Ghost Protocol, I wanted more of Tom Cruise and this crazy action stuff. Now I don’t think this next film will be as good as the last because the last film pretty much gave life back to this series and was a mixture of fun and action in ways the previous films had not done before, plus it had Brad Bird’s style all over it. I do hope that this next adventure continues to build on the material that the last film did.

Alrighty then, with part 3 over, that’s my big ol’ 2015 film preview done. Thank you so much for reading especially if you made it through all three parts. Are any of the films listed on your personal list of films to watch? whatever your thoughts are be sure to drop them below and I’ll see you for the final blog post in this series with my TOP 10 MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS OF 2015! Laters 😀

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Peanuts Official Trailer Review

Good day to you people of the internet, today I bring you a trailer review and this one is the official trailer for the upcoming Peanuts film. A little while ago I did a review of the teaser trailer stating that, while it was a bit odd seeing a 3D version of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, it stayed true to the spirit of original TV show with the look, sounds and feel. Now the next trailer seems to have appeared out of nowhere and I feel the need to talk about it, so let’s get started.

Have a look at the trailer below:

So my immediate thoughts? I’m down for this, bring it on.

Like the teaser before it, this trailer doesn’t give you any ideas about the story content or who will show and even the scenes display in this trailer may just be for marketing purposes. That being said, besides a few modern-looking updates, it still sounds and feels like the Peanuts shows I used to watch as a kid and that’s what matters.

This trailer features Woodstock and his little friends setting up Christmas decorations around Snoopy’s doghouse, they unfortunate can’t get the lights to turn on and that prompts them to moan which wakes up Snoopy. Snoopy then proceeds to chase after a plane with his flying doghouse and what comes next is a thrilling and humourous chase in through the skies of France with Snoopy losing his plane and falling out of the skies, only then be seen on the floor back outside his doghouse (the power of imagination ladies and gentlemen, it can be powerful stuff). It seems like Woodstock interrupted Snoopy’s daydream, so as payback, Snoopy sticks the bird Christmas lights which then illuminate… And then there’s Charlie Brown towards the end of the trailer, poor guy, his fat head is blocking the film projector as he’s trying to find a seat. Lucy’s calling him a “blockhead”, everyone is giving him bad looks, and as he goes to sit down his popcorn slips out of his hands and one of the buckets lands on his head. The other kids laugh at Charlie as he hangs his head in shame saying, “Good grief.” That poor lad, I honestly feel bad for the guy, he just has a hard life and every day seems like a struggle. I want to just tell him that those bad days, they will pass.

Beyond that there are the visuals to talk about, I mention in my previous review that this is the most striking aspect of this film and it does take some adjusting. Some will be able to convert to the new style while other purists will just wash their hands with it before even giving the film a chance. I for one like the look of this film, it is 3D, but has a clay-like look to it, if that makes any sense. Also the characters pretty much look exactly as they did in the old cartoons, except they are in realm of CGI, and Blue Sky Studios have to be given credit for being so faithful to style of the source material, so far. I can only hope that the rest of the film looks good too. My only worry going into this film is seeing Snoopy and company in a 3D field of space. For those who don’t know what I mean, let me explain. Basically the old Snoopy cartoons were 2D in perspective because they were traditionally cel animated and derived from comic book strips, right? Now before this trailer, the teaser gave us a look at Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock in 3D, but still on a 2D plane with a flat-looking perspective (sort of the like the 2.5D look in Street Fighter IV or Sonic 4). But this trailer shows Snoopy flying around in a 3D field of space with various angles, with very modern-looking planes and locations, that really took me out of the trailer, just seeing Snoopy in this 3D space, that being said it was brief, I just hope that this film takes place primarily in the 2D perspective. Oh and one other nitpick, that modern music used for that plane chase sequence, ewwww, totally ruining the nostalgia factor.


In conclusion the trailer for Peanuts is pretty good. The art style and animation may look a bit jarring, but it works because of the attention paid to keeping the spirit of the show’s comedy, sound and characters just like it was in the old cartoons. While I’m still curious to know what the story is about, I can only hope it is good. If this film turns out to be a worth my time then I’ll have something cool to watch in the cinema when next Christmas rolls around. 🙂

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Peanuts Teaser Trailer Review

Good day to you people of the interweb, it’s time for a trailer review and this one is a surprising because it’s a teaser trailer for the upcoming Peanuts film. When I saw an image for the Peanuts film on the Snoopy Fanpage on my Facebook news feed I thought, “What’s this weird-looking 3D image. I don’t like it.” But then I heard on AMC Movie Talk that this was an image from a teaser trailer. I literally searched for it immediately and after watching the trailer I can say that I’m interested.

Have a look at the teaser below:

After having a look at the content on-show here I think there is a bit of hope for this film.

Now this is definitely the definition of a teaser trailer, it doesn’t give you any story or idea what the film is about. It is just a showcase of the art and animation style and getting a feel for what we can expect in 2015. And from what I can see it looks good.

The introduction to the trailer is quite humourous with the epic sphere that pans out just to see that it’s Charlie Brown’s fat head haha. He seems so happy and has the dumb, happy grin on his face, it’s his moment in time… Then Snoopy drops in and moves all over the place, waving, dancing, jumping around and constantly interrupting Charlie leading him to say his classic line, “Good grief.” Then we see the title of the film with Woodstock flying in to sit down and that bit at the end where Charlie hugs Snoopy is just adorable, and that’s pretty much it.


What the film has going for it if this teaser is anything to go by is that we’re gonna get a very nostalgic and faithful to the original comics and TV adaptations.

The obvious thing that sticks out is the visual style. It is clearly 3D animated and that at first is incredibly jarring and kind of off-putting because any nostalgic fan will know that everything Peanuts has always been 2D. And since most new adaptations have gone 3D (The Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Postman Pat, etc.), it really looks odd and is a potential area of complaints for long-tim fans. That being said, there seems to be some kind of 2D aspects put into the facial animations and they seem good. Also even though the animation looks absurdly smooth and fluid, it still retains a lot of the same elements from the old animations. It is being animated by Blue Sky Studios who gave us the Ice Age films, Rio, Robots and Epic among others and since their work looks good for the most part I hope that they don’t mess up the look and feel of the source material.

Now I heard a few years ago that after the death of Charles M. Schulz died in 2000 that there would never be another adaptation of the Peanuts ever, but I didn’t expect there to be anything coming out, let alone have it show up next year. But apparently Charles Shulz’s son, Craig, his grandson, Bryan, have a hand in the creation of this film so hopefully that means the source material will be handled with care.

So in conclusion I think the teaser for Peanuts is alright. The characters sound the same, their mannerisms are spot on and while the new 3D CGI look is fairly visible, the combination of that along with 2D aspects makes it look nice. While the new look will take some getting used to and until I see a full trailer I can’t make any judgements, but so far I’m interested. 🙂


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