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My Top 5 Favourite Films of Summer 2014

Yo people, time for me to give you my late list of my favourite summer films of 2014. Now, as I’ve said before in my favourite films of the year so far, this year has been way better for films than 2013 and I’ve had such a great time in the cinema and seen so many films that I not only expected to be good but a lot of which I didn’t expect as well. But before we get into the main 5, I’m just going to go through some of the films that didn’t make the list that was still pretty good.

Runner Ups:

  • Godzilla – Now this was a film that automatically jumped into my top 5 but by the time August came around it had to be removed which really broke my heart. I know this film wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I know a lot of people who hated this film (to an unfair degree in my opinion). Sure the film didn’t have a fully compelling human story and the lack of Bryan Cranston was disheartening, however, this version of Godzilla was a fierce beast of a creature. On top of that, the film was tense, atmospheric, had awesome cinematography, music and one of the most badass kills in recent film history.
  • Edge of Tomorrow – I did not expect to like this film at all, the trailers and advertising made it look so shit, but this film was the most unexpected surprise I’ve had in a while. Here we have a sci-fi film with a good story, cool action and a great sense of humour, and on top of that we have Emily Blunt being a total badass and Tom Cruise in his least ‘Tom Cruise’ performance in years and it was awesome.
  • 22 Jump Street – I thought this film would be alright, but I ended up loving it by the time the film was over. 22 Jump Street was definitely more of the same, but that’s what made it so good. The film was self-aware and featured the same kind of fun and chaos that made the previous film so much fun but on a larger scale. Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube are still funny as hell.
  • Begin Again – I expected this to be just some dramatic rom-com about people from different lives coming together through the power of music, but the film was so much more than that. It was a great film about 2 people who were passionate about music and decide to create something amazing together and change each other’s lives. Sure the story is a bit conventional, but the soundtrack and performances from Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley are hard not to like.
  • Hector and the Search for Happiness – I didn’t know what to expect from to like this film I saw the posters and thought it would be another generic British comedic film with a bit of drama. But luckily it was a compelling, funny and quite heartwarming with a great central performance from Simon Pegg.
  • The Expendables 3 – Honestly, this wasn’t one of the best action films I have seen this year and this is arguably the weakest of the Expendables films considering that it doesn’t have as many memorable films stars as before. That being said, I cannot deny the amount of fun I had with this film, seeing Wesley Snipes and Mel Gibson on-screen again after so long along with Antonio Banderas and the rest of the crew was cool and when the action was on-point it was great.

5. The Inbetweeners 2


I knew that this film would be a good session, that being said, I thought it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as the last film, luckily I was wrong. The Inbetweeners 2 is a film that is just as good as its predecessor, though lacking in originality in some respects. The film has no shame, it is blunt, crazy and is willing to put its main characters through so much for our entertainment. Overall it is strange, cringeworthy and super funny experience when everything comes together.

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2


This was a film I had hoped was going to be good, but what I didn’t expect was how much better it would be than the previous film. HTTYD2 does everything that an animated film sequel should do, it takes what worked in the first film and makes it better while adding some new elements too. The story is wonderful and heartfelt, the characters were great and the presentation is fabulous.

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past


I was so worried about this film before it came out, I mean I knew that it would be worth a watch, but considering some of the cast choices and Bryan Singer’s dodgy track record with films since X-Men 2, I had a right to be concerned. Luckily the film was everything I wanted and then some, Bryan Singer and his crew successfully created a great comic book film which took the best elements of the old and new X-Men films and meshed it together with a fabulous cast, awesome action sequences and its use of time travel which re-wrote the timeline and deleted the bad X-Men films from existence which just makes it that much sweeter.

2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Arguably, this film could have been my number one at one point and I am sure for some it is their favourite film of the summer and for good reason too. DOTPOTA takes the foundation that was made in the first film god and amplifies it by ten. Humans take a back seat to this story about the apes as they develop and grow as a community and then eventually face conflict not only from the surviving human but also within their own group too. The tone, atmosphere, performances, cinematography and CGI were all on-point, those visual effects are some of the best stuff I have seen in any film for a while now. Andy Serkis and the rest of the film crew have crafted something really special and made me want so much more in the sequel.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy


In the end was there any doubt in your mind about what would be number 1 on this list? While some of the other entries on this list are pretty dramatic and different, Marvel still knows how to grab my attention and make films that I want to see even when I have no clue as to how it will turn out. I had a lot of a hope that this film would be good, but what I didn’t expect was how fun and delightful this would be. GotG is pure sci-fi and comedy blended very well, and I liked how the story was about a group of individuals from different backgrounds coming together to become more, it is basically the Avengers, but in space and on a larger and crazier scale. Groot and Rocket Raccoon were the obvious standout characters, Chris Pratt is also amazing as Star-Lord and the gorgeous soundtrack are just a handful of reasons why I loved this film. I want the sequel now! XD

So how do you feel about my list and are any of your favourites on here? And what were your favourite films of the summer? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to leave them below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post, laters! 😀


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The Inbetweeners 2 Review

Howdy people of the internet, today I return to you with a new film review and it will be on The Inbetweeners Movie 2 imply known as The Inbetweeners 2. Now The Inbetweeners has been one of the biggest comedies to come out of British TV in a while and when a first film was announced most weren’t convinced it was gonna be a hit. That being said The Inbetweeners Movie was one of the best films to come out of the summer of 2011 and I adored it so much. When I heard there was gonna be a sequel I wasn’t keen on the idea, that being said the teaser trailer got me interested. So I saw it on Thursday and now I’m read to pass judgement.


The plot for this film is as follows:

“Neil, Will and Simon receive an invite from Jay to join him in Australia whilst on his gap year, who promises them it’s ”the sex capital of the world”. With their lives now rather dull compared to their hedonistic school days and legendary lads holiday, it’s an offer they can’t refuse. Once again, they put growing up temporarily on-hold, and embark on a backpacking holiday of a lifetime in an awful car, inspired by Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’. Will soon finds himself battling with the lads to do something cultural, whilst they focus their attention on drinking, girls, and annoying fellow travelers.”

I thought the film was pretty decent. Story-wise there really isn’t much to this film, Neil, Will and Simon are bored with their lives in England and decide to visit Jay abroad and crazy adventures follow in Australia. That’s it. But in this kind of film you don’t need any more than that. I mean there is some story elements in the film especially for three out of four of the guys, but it isn’t anything that important. While this film is definitely bigger and broader than the last, it is all about the comedy and it comes in the buck-loads. The humour is still just as funny as it ever was when it comes to the characters, there are very funny moments for the four main characters whether they are together or doing things individually. There are verbal and physical jokes galore and it ranges from simple conversation to so of the most foul and filthy visual actions I have ever seen. I won’t say what I saw because it needs to be experienced, but my god some of what happens in this film is so dodgy and cringe-worthy that it boarders on South Park levels of filth, but it is all for the sake of humour and it works well.

Whether it is better than the previous film is down to your preference really, some have stated that this film has nothing on the last while others have said that this film is better than the previous one. For me it is on par, there are some things I liked more in this film but some I liked more in the last.


When it comes to the cast they are really good and do their jobs very well. Let’s start with Simon Bird as Will McKenzie. I swear Will is one of the most unfortunate individuals in the history of existence, he’s gullible, isn’t liked by many people and is just a bit of a plum, but that’s what makes him so funny. Bird is still able to pull some of the strangest faces I have ever seen and his comedic timing is awesome. The standout person for me would be James Buckley as Jay Cartwright. Jay is the cockiest man in the history of existence and his tall tales know no end, plus he’s obsessed with females and sex and has some of the foulest lingo ever… But that’s what makes him so great and Buckley is just on fire with his jokes. Blake Harrison as Neil Sutherland is once again very good in this role, I don’t understand how anyone can be a simple as Neil or get into so many unfavourable situations, but someone he does and it leads to some funny and dodgy situations. And Joe Thomas as Simon Cooper is very good again, this guy is probably the most logical of the four but also gets into some of the most random scenarios without it being his fault.


In conclusion The Inbetweeners 2 is another great film for the summer, I wasn’t sure if a sequel to the last film would work but it was a hell of a lot of fun. It was foul, filthy and unashamedly bold and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The setting of Australia makes for some really fun and interesting scenarios for the main four boys and while I wouldn’t say it amazing, it was fun and that’s all I really wanted.

Rating: 8/10

So have you seen The Inbetweeners 2 and if so what do you think of it? Also how do you think it compares to the first film and the TV series in general? Whatever your  thoughts are be sure to drop them below and I’ll see you on the next review yo. 😀

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