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Can’t Wait For E3 2014

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, today I’m doing a little post relating to video games and the biggest event that houses them each year; the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short. For those not in the know, E3 is like biggest event for video games where gaming companies come together to show off the future software and hardware and get gamers all crazy about what stuff they’ll be playing. This event goes down every summer at theĀ  Los Angeles Convention center in America and for those who don’t get to go to the event, most of the event is streamed online.


For me E3 has been one of the biggest events in my life that I always get excited for in the summer because of all the cool announcements, trailers, images, interviews and hands-on videos and articles with some of these new games. Since 2006, E3 has become something that has become a mandatory thing for me to check out and while not every year is a good session, sometimes there can be one announcement that changes the lives of all gamers forever. Last year’s E3 was pretty awesome for announcements with my two highlights being the trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Now I’m primarily a Nintendo gamer so I’m more interested in their announcements more so than anyone else, but they’re REALLY gonna have to bring the fire if they want to succeed at this year’s event. Outside of Nintendo I’m always curious to know what Ubisoft are gonna announce because they’re crazy good at announcing things and delivering on the ‘wow’ factor. I also want to see Square Enix get their acts together and deliver us something that will be coming out sooner rather than later. As for Microsoft and Sony, I never really watch their conferences, but I always pay attention to any noteworthy facts that come out, but mainly Sony ones because I have a PS3 haha.

Anyways now I’m going to give a list of the games I’m hoping to hear about at this year’s E3:

Super Smash Bros.

Of course I want more info about the next Smash Bros. game, I mean after the last Nintendo Direct I was quite content with information, but now I have that secret craving again. Just some info on release dates, characters, stages and playable demo videos would be enough for me. Come on, give me Nintendo! XD

The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)

The Zelda series is one that constantly demands new content and after the awesomeness that was A Link Between Worlds last year ( a game that I and many others loved), people are looking at Nintendo to deliver a similar kind of experience with a new Wii U game. Now obviously the Wii U had that Zelda tech demo back in 2011 which basically looked like a HD version of Twilight Princess and it was gorgeous! But since then there’s not been anything else shown for it and people from Nintendo have stated that the demo may not even be a true representation of the next game in the series (which sucks). All I want at this year’s E3 is just a look at the next Zelda game, and speaking of Zelda games…

Hyrule Warriors

This game could go one of two ways, it could either be an unexpectedly awesome game or a disaster. Ever since the news about this game came out along with the trailer, people have been divided about it. I think it could be interesting, while I’ve never cared much for the Dynasty Warriors series, with it crossing over into the Zelda series there is room for experimentation and cool new elements to be added to this gaming experience. I have hope for the game, I just want more information.

Sonic Boom

Ah Sonic, your games have fallen on hard times again. Sonic Generations pretty much gave us fans the most solid gaming experience gameplay-wise, but then Sonic Lost World came along and tried to give us something new but failed to deliver the kind of game experience that fans are used to. Sonic Boom is a chance at redemption, we have a developer who aren’t Sonic Team working on the game, the gameplay looks new and interesting like a cross between Sonic and Ratchet and Clank. This game could also be a train wreck but I can only hope that it’ll be fine.

X (Monolith Project)

It has been ages since Nintendo announced this game, sure we’ve had bits of info since the first time it was shown off, but bloody hell this game feels like its been hidden away in the dark. Hopefully at E3 we can get a name, gameplay and more details about what the overall game is about.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix, I love you, but you’re terrible when it comes to giving fans what they want and leaving games in development for ages. Now I am glad that Final Fantasy Versus XIII got rebranded as XV because that means that at least one of their games from the past will be released eventually. But it also seemed like a bit of lazy thing to do. That being said the FF series has evolved from turn-based combat to real-time combat especially with the changes in the FFXIII games. XV looks like it has more in line with Kingdom Hearts and I’m down with that, but a bit of info at E3 wouldn’t go a miss.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Something that I care about more than FFXV is Kingdom Hearts 3. It feels like an eternity since KH2 and when the announcement trailer came out of this I blew up and the D23 trailer only got me more hyped. Now since Tetsuya Nomura is director of both this game and FFXV one has to wonder which will come first? Though I heard that FFXV would come out first because it has priority over the KH series. That being said I feel like it would be a darn shame for Square Enix not to have some form of announcement or trailer about this game because the fans will eat them alive.

Batman Arkham Knight

When it comes to Batman, I love Batman, sad thing is I’ve yet to play a game in the Arkham series, besides playing the demo for the gauntlet challenge mode. But I have followed this series a lot since Arkham City, this new game looks awesome and all the info about sounds kick ass. So I am curious to see how Rocksteady Studios do with this next entry in the series.

Assassin’s Creed Comet & Unity

The Assassin’s Creed series is one I have a lot respect for, however it is again one of the franchises I have yet to play. Anyway I have been paying attention to this series since Assassin’s Creed 3 and the series has been getting more and more ambitious and interesting in the gameplay department and I can only assume that this will be the case with the new games. Hopefully Ubisoft gives us something new at E3.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Even though I’ve never really played any of the games in the MGS series besides the demo for MGS3, I do have a respect for the series and always like to pay attention to where the series is heading next. The Phantom Pain looks like its changing a lot of things about the core elements of gameplay and this new open world looks really intriguing. I’m super curious to see what info will come out for this game at E3, I need to know.

Alien: Isolation

While I hate anything related to horror, I fo love anything to do with the Alien franchise. The demo for the game shown on IGN in the past made me think that this new game could be good, so here’s hoping we get more content about it at E3.

So yeah that’s my hopes for E3 2014, hopefully it delivers the goods. So what games are you looking forward to at E3 this year? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll try and blog about anything and everything I can that’s relevant to be from the 10th of June onwards, until then see ya later! šŸ˜€

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Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2012: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Now out of all of the games I am looking forward to, this happens to be one of, if not the highest in my list. I have been following the Kingdom Hearts series for years and while I haven’t played all of the games due to console availability and lack of funds I can honestly say that I have emotionally invested my time in this series. While my sister is actually the primary player of the games, I have played my fair amount too. Playing the games in a weird order me and my sister started when I bought Kingdom Hearts II, then went back to the first Kingdom Hearts and then in 2010 I played through 358/2 Days on the DS. The games I have missed out on areĀ Chain of Memories (or the remake on the PS2), Birth By Sleep & the remake of coded (Re:coded). So I have missed a few, though again if I could afford all video game consoles and games I wouldn’t have this problem lol. But now we’re going off topic. The reason I made this blog is because I’m totally hyped for Dream Drop Distance.

When it was announced that this would be a continuation in the series rather than another prequel or bridge between KH1 & 2 I was extremely excited. Finally getting a continuation in the series after so much backtracking is very exciting and makes you ask so many questions as to where the series is going to go with the story and main characters Sora, Riku & Kairi along with all the other Disney characters. And while this new game isn’t quite Kingdom Hearts 3, I wouldn’t expect it to be announced so soon, so Kingdom Hearts for the 3DS is better than nothing, plus with KH3DS tieing into KH3 it makes the new game even more intriguing to play.

I’ve been following this game for a long time so whenever new screenshots or trailers were released I was super hyped. I think the first debut trailer for KH3DS came out just over a year ago back in January 2011 and left us wanting more for ages. Then some way down the line in 2011 the first gameplay videos showed up showcasing Sora and Riku’s individual fight styles against the new enemies known as Dream Eaters as well as showing off new attacks and stuff of that nature. Then in September 2011 when the Tokyo Game Show came around we got a new cinematic trailer and some gameplay footage that was streamed from the TGS too and the excitement grew. With that trailer we got see so many new gameplay elements like Sora’s ability to bounce from wall to wall, swing on lamp posts or glide on railings and his ability to ride the fat dog-like creatures and use them against other enemies. While on Riku’s side of things he has an ability to charge at enemies while flying (or at least not being on the ground) and deliver some pain. We also saw the confirmation of the new world from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We also saw something that looked like augmented reality with those Dream Eaters possibly with those AR Cards that’s been used on other games with the 3DS. But the best part was the appearance of Neku from the game The World Ends With You, I was like “Okay this game just got absurdly better just from that one scene!” We also got a little bit of info about the plot of the game too.

But don’t think it was until just a little while when the 8 minute Jump Fiesta trailer showed up and showcased of the best things about the game so far. So far this game looks really interesting especially from a story standpoint, the new worlds that you’ll be able explore look great, with the world from The Hunchback of Notre Dame already confirmed we were treated to additional worlds rom the films Pinocchio, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, Fantasia and very interestingly the digital world of Tron: Legacy. Seeing all of those cut scenes play out looks great especially the recreations fromĀ The Hunchback of Notre Dame and of the scenes from Tron: Legacy look pretty epic. The characters all look pretty interesting, we have a lot of returning cast members like our main people Sora, Donald, Goofy & Mickey, along with old enemies like Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Maleficent and Pete. But then there are new appearances from the cast of The World Ends With You and there’s also new faces that comes with new Disney worlds too, one part that stands out for me is the scene where Axel makes an appearance nad I was like “Woah! Holy cow!” Was the most amazing I saw and I got so hyped, obviously if you played KH2 then you know what happened to him, so I’m glad to see him make another appearance in a new KH game.

There is a lot going on in the world of Kingdom Hearts, it happens to have one of the most intricate storylines set over several games I have ever come across. I have only played 3 of the 6 games out because I’m not one of those rich people who can afford to have multiple consoles to play each new game on, so my knowledge is still fairly fuzzy on this game series, but thanks to Wikipedia and the info my friend gave me I’m filling in holes. Luckily for me KH3DS is coming to a console I should be able to afford and play this year. I’m really excited for this game and I want to play it now, but going from the history of the KH series this game will probably show up in November for Europe and the United States. I just hope when it comes out in March in Japan Famitsu gives the game a great review so it’ll be good indication of what to expect when we obtain the game on western shores.

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