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Sonic Boom TV Preview Review

Good morning world, time for a TV trailer review. As some of you may be aware, Sega releases the first footage for both the Sonic Boom TV show and video game. I was shocked to say the least, but now that I’ve had a night to sleep on it and gather my thoughts I’m actually warming up to the idea of Sonic Boom in both areas. So today I’m gonna go through my thoughts on the TV preview that was released last night.

Check out the trailer here:

The animation is full-on 3D CGI and while I’m not overly keen on the over-abundance of CGI-based cartoons and films showing up in the world these days, here it is fine and natural. It looks almost as good as the pre-rendered cut scenes in the current video games which is a nice surprise, the only things that stick out about it is that it looks a tiny be choppy and robotic at times and the new art designs for Sonic, Eggman and Tails took my eyes a little adjusting. Oh and speaking of the art style, I’m actually kind of digging it, Tails looks fine, Sonic’s lanky body takes some getting used to but otherwise he’s fine (I didn’t even notice/care for the blue arms) and Eggman, even though he’s not as round as usual he looks nice too.

It is also clear that this will be a kids show as the humour is straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon complete with physical and verbal humour. I like the exchanges between Sonic and Eggman, it feels very natural and quite funny and reminds me of the recent interactions they had in Sonic Lost World. Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins and Mike Pollock sound on-form as Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman and that’s always good to hear.

Right now there is still no sign of Knuckles and Amy so we’ve yet to see how they’ll fare in this show personality-wise or as part of a team. I’m concerned for Amy because her current voice actress SUCKS and I’m okay with not seeing Knuckles because his redesign for this show I still haven’t adjusted to yet.


In conclusion I’m liking what I’m seeing right now, this does have the potential to be a pretty good cartoon and if the humour and action hold up, Sonic Boom could easily be the best adaptation of the Sonic franchise so far.

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SEGA Announces Sonic Boom: New Game, TV Show and Toys

Well it has been a while since we heard about the new Sonic Boom cartoon, I even did a blog post about it when it was first announced, but now it seems like Sega have come out of hiding and given us our first details and what follows may be shock some of you… The following info comes from IGN:


Jesus Christ what did they do to Knuckles, he’s become some beast, like he’s fucking steroids. My eyes! XD

SEGA has announced Sonic Boom, a fresh branch of the Sonic universe that includes a video game, toys and a new CG animated television series.

Sonic Boom will introduce redesigned versions of the popular hedgehog and his companions. To get your first glimpse at their new looks, check out the debut trailer for the Sonic Boom video game below, coming exclusively to Wii U and 3DS.

Starring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose, the Sonic Boom game will serve as a prequel to the TV series and will focus on collaborative gameplay. The third title in the exclusive Nintendo-Sega partnership following Sonic: Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, it’ll feature all the speed you’d expect from a Sonic game, alongside elements of exploration, combat and “a new Enerbeam tether mechanic”.

The TV series will debut on Cartoon Network during the 2014/2015 series and will be made up of 52 episodes, each 11 minutes long. As you’d expect, a range of accompanying toys and merchandise will be produced featuring the new-look characters.

Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA chief content officer for Sonic, said “SEGA is constantly looking to feed the appetite of Sonic fans, new and existing alike. The various pieces of the Sonic Boom project, such as its unique look, mix of comedy, and action and its focus on the whole ensemble with Sonic as the star, offer another exciting part of that universe for people to explore and enjoy.  It will be at once familiar but also new.”

Earlier this week there were mutterings about a next-gen Sonic game headed to Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015, though SEGA was quick to deny the claims. We now know where our next Sonic fix is coming from… the question is, when?”

Now before I even start to talk about the news about Sonic Boom actually being both a video game and TV show, I feel the need to firstly address that game trailer…

Uhh, okay, erm, I don’t even know what to say. To be honest I am kind of speechless. One part of me thinks the individual gameplay types between the four looks cool and graphically the environments like nice, but then the other half of me is like what the hell did they do the classic Sonic characters and why has the Sonic series become less and less about fast platforming and more about comedy, teamwork gameplay and all this other randomness. It also doesn’t help that the trailer uses one of the most overhyped and annoying songs from recent history, Skrillex’s “Bangarang”. But really the gameplay does look interesting, looks like some Sonic Heroes with third-person adventure action which could work if done properly and since it doesn’t look like Dimps are involved in the development of this game there may be hope! I’m just not sure if I’m down with such a radical change for Sonic in such a short time. He went from awesomeness in Sonic Generations to some weird version in Sonic Lost World, while at Nintendo, Mario barely changes at all, he just gets a few new power-ups a year and continues to succeed with ease. How can Sega fail to do the same for the blue blur? It baffles me.


As for Sonic Boom on the whole, I am very, VERY concerned. This changed-up gameplay and funky character designs definitely put a spin on my childhood memories and have left me at a loss for words. Is this what Sega and Sonic Team think is the best way for Sonic to get back in the good books of not only the fans but also the people not aware of the Sonic franchise too? I can easily see a lot of fans or outsiders look at this and think of it as a joke and wouldn’t blame them. Sonic’s been on a slippery slope of doom since Sonic 06 and while Sonic Colours and Generations helped him out, Shadow’s guns, Sonic’s Werehog transformation, Sonic’s sword and questionable game mechanics in the recent Lost World haven’t been forgotten.

Now I am ready to give this game the benefit of the doubt and see how it fares, maybe the game will be good, will lead into a great TV show and I’ll take back everything that I said. However change has never been kind to the Sonic series before and I’m not sure it’ll help now and I am afraid that Sonic is being changed and watered down and I’m not sure this will pull in the audience Sega think it will. But we’ll wait and see.

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Initial Sonic Lost World Reviews Are In… And It’s BAD.

Good day to you ladies and gents, today marks the release of one of my most anticipated games of the year, Sonic Lost World. This is probably the most different and important game in recent years because it seeks to rectify the issues from the past and gives us a new, more innovative and Mario-styled game through its gameplay and level design.


So with the game released today in Europe I started scanning the net for reviews and what followed wasn’t that pretty…

Just have a look at these colourful reviews:




Okay, where to begin? Well with IGN I’ve actually come to expect questionable to shitty reviews from them. They’ve never really been about to rate Sonic games fairly and some of their reviews have been flat out bullshit, so while I’m disappointed by their score, I know never to trust their reviews when comes to stuff I actually like.

GameSpot while not much different from IGN were actually a little nicer with the game and explained some elements of the gameplay they enjoyed like the 2D sections, but their excuses for why the game is bad and the on-screen gameplay made me think that these guys, as usual, are simply out for Sonic’s blood and want to tarnish his name.

As for Polygon I think that’s the most fair review I’ve seen, the reviewer said he enjoyed the early side of the game, but then found it to get really tedious and difficult towards the end. It says that the franchise sticks to closely to the past and if it tried to more new things it would be better for it.

As for the written reviews they’re just as bad if not worse:

Eurogamer have torn the game to shreds

EDGE magazine as with previous Sonic games have nothing nice to say had similar thoughts to Polygon, once the first few levels of fun are over the shit hits the fan

Nowgamer just doesn’t like it, at all

Even UK newspaper the Metro has nothing nice to say about Sonic

And the list continues…

I haven’t seen a Sonic game get this amount of hate since Sonic 4 or Sonic Unleashed, but even those games fared better than this new one. I feel like we’ve fallen back into 2006, back into Sonic The Hedgehog 06 territory and that’s a horrible feeling. And the sad thing is when I heard about the initial control issues that some websites put up I thought they were just being picky, but it seems like it’s actually become apparent in the final game. I had a feeling when I saw this game for the first time that it might not be that good and I may end up being disappointed, but I thought SEGA and Sonic Team were on to something. Luckily my hype and excitement for the game has been matched by cautiousness that seems to have paid off in this case. Guess I won’t know what the game is like until I play it, but right now it doesn’t sound like a game worth playing.

Now maybe a lot of this websites have got it wrong, maybe Sonic’s new outing is actually fun and it’s just a lot of unnecessary hate towards the blue hedgehog, wouldn’t be the first time. However this seems to be almost universally panned material here and if this continues into the US in two weeks then we’re gonna have a shit storm on our hands and Sonic will probably be crucified again. I hope there is some positivity to be found in the game outside of this graphical quality sooner rather than later.

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“Many” current VAs to be involved with Sonic Boom

Hello again ladies and gents, I’m back to report more news relating to the new upcoming Sonic cartoon dubbed Sonic Boom. Obviously earlier I posted about the first details about the show and now I have a little bit more to share with you. The following information comes from Sonic Stadium:


UPDATE: The article has now been updated to avoid any confusion – while “many” of the current cast will reprise their roles for Sonic Boom, not necessarily all will. We do not know any specific cast members involved with the project at the time of writing.

Yesterday’s announcement of Sonic Boom – a new CG animated Sonic cartoon set for launch in 2014 – has been one that’s definitely turned a few heads, and indeed raised a few eyebrows. While the prospect of seeing our favourite spiky blue hero back on our TV screens is no doubt an exciting one, some of the apparent changes to the designs of the characters have left some fans… dubious, to say the least.

Well, while it does appear we’ll be getting a new-look Sonic (and especially a new-look Knuckles) for the cartoon, one thing we can now confirm to be staying the same is a number of the voice actors. SEGA posted the following comment on the Sonic Facebook page:

We are pleased and excited that many of the voice actors used in game for Sonic and friends will also be voicing the TV animation.

Seemingly in support of this, both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock posted links to the Sonic Boom announcement yesterday via their respective social media outlets, which suggests that they may have some involvement with the project. However, no specifics have been given regarding who will reprise their roles and who will not.

So, just like Sonic X, there will be some consistency in the voice actors between the games and the cartoon. “

Now this is an interesting element here because it highlights one of my key concerns, the voice actors. In the TV universe there’s only really been two sets of voice actors, the one’s for the 90’s cartoons and the people from Sonic X. Sonic himself has only had two main voice actors, Jaleel White and Jason Griffith, as for everyone else I’m not overly familiar with though. But what I’m trying to get at is that there was some consistency in the voice cast before, the 90’s Sonic series had their voice cast because that’s how he sounded at the time and Sonic X had their voice cast because that’s the sound 4Kids choice and obviously they eventually transitioned into the video games themselves. So for the current Sonic VAs  I feel like it’d be great and good for consistency if they kept them on for this new TV show. Obviously things could changed and we could have yet another Sonic, Tails, Amy and rest taking on these roles, but I hope Sega would see sense and at least try to keep a good deal of the voices talents on this new show. I mean if both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock are talking about it, then AT LEAST LET US HAVE SONIC AND DR. EGGMAN! PLEASE?

I just hope we get the majority of the cast on-board, except Amy, her current voice is god awful, you can change her lol.

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New Sonic Cartoon: “Sonic Boom,” Coming Late 2014!

Alrighty then I know I’m technically two days late with this news story but I wasn’t sure if it was real, but it seems like one of my major wishes in life has come to light; Sonic the Hedgehog is returning to the world of TV and I’m so hyped yo! The following information comes from Sonic Stadium:

“It’s been the subject of rumour for a few months now, it’s been hinted at in a magazine advert. But the rumors can finally be put to and end… It’s real!


Sega have announced a new Sonic Cartoon. No I am not kidding! This is real, there is a new Sonic cartoon in the works!

Currently going by the working title ‘Sonic Boom,’ the show will debut in the US on  Cartoon Network, then on CANAL J and GULLI in France at the end of 2014, with a global rollout to follow.

There will be a total of 52 eleven-minute episodes and it will be a co production between SEGA Of America Inc & Genao Productions.

In Sega’s own words…

Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.

As you can see, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Eggman are confirmed, along with some new villain’s, as well as old? Hmmm…

Also in the press release was this segment which caught my attention…

SEGA is actively seeking partners in support of the new series launch across a range of industries including broadcast and licensing.

This would suggest that Sega are not only looking to expand the TV show into other territories, but also looking to create merchandise around it.

You can read the full press release at the Sega blog.

Now is the time to be excited.”

Firstly can I say HELL YEAH! ABOUT BLOODY TIME! Sonic’s been meaning to return to the realm of TV for a while now. Out of the 4 TV show’s he’s had there’s only been 2 or just 1 depending on what kind of Sonic fan you are. For me Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM were the best of Sonic’s TV endeavours, while Sonic Underground is funny for nostalgic value, it’s a bit too cheesy and lame especially with all those horrible music numbers and Sonic X, argh, the less said about that the better, there was basically just some terrible, TERRIBLE decisions made with that show that makes it very forgettable.

So yeah, Sonic’s needed a goo return to form for a while now, as for whether Sonic Boom with be key to this remains to be seen but from the sounds of things it seems to be heading the right direction. The synopsis sounds good, just Sonic and Tails together on adventures and fighting Eggman, that sounds just about right and the way that things should be. The addition of Amy and Knuckles is good too, so you have all of the well-established characters from the 90s in the show, nice.

I only have two main concerns:

  1. The art style
  2. The tone of the show

Firstly lets cover the art style because I’m curious. That teaser picture seems to have silhouettes of our main characters, however if I am to assume two of those are Sonic and Knuckles then they have received some design rectifications, Sonic’s head spikes seem more pointy than usual and Knuckles look a lot taller and bulkier. Now  hate to sound like one of those nitpicking Sonic fans but since you already a solid art style for the modern Sonic characters I have to ask: Why change what doesn’t need to change? But hey maybe there won’t be a change and this is just some thing else and even if this is early designs, design can change. Anyways I’ll be interested to see how Sonic fares in CGI on TV, I mean his cutscenes in the games are gorgeous and Night of the Werehog was beautifully animated, but obviously this is TV, and production values are normally a lot lower, but I guess we’ll see next year.

And then there’s the tone of the show. Now the press release of the show says the show will be comedy and that troubles me only because most comedic cartoons really aren’t that funny. However I’m hoping the makers behind this show will find a way to create stuff not only for the kids but all older Sonic fans too. When it comes to older Sonic shows the 1st one was primarily slapstick comedy, the 2nd was a pretty serious kids show, the 3rd was a lighter tone adventure and the 4th and last one was all over the place! So this show will have to pick its tone and audience very wisely.

Anyways that’s all from me for now, if there’s any more information on this show I’ll post about it. Until next time, laters people! 😀

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Some Art I Drew From The Summer

Hi ladies and gents, today I thought I’d do another blog post related to my artwork. Strangely enough I have to remind myself and the world that I DO still draw and plan to become an animator and cartoonist in the future. So I decided to show off some of the stuff I did over the summer.


Now this picture is technically a cheat because I drew it back in March, but I like it so I’m gonna show it off. These were some alien hand designs I done for an integrated project in university, it was for a 3D animated horror film trailer and I was involved in the earlier stages of production. Annoyingly none of my work was never used but I still liked the stuff I did for it.


This is drawing of Spider-Man that I did for my mate’s 23rd birthday back in June this year. It was technically a copy of a picture someone had drawn on deviantart, but it’d been a picture I’d really wanted to do myself for a while and I think it turned out okay considering the fact that there’s no colour.


This is a sketch of Sonic that I did while I was in London with one my mates I think. July seems like such a long time ago. I like the way this turned out though I think it could have turned out better in terms of the perspective, but it’s not bad considering that its freehand. I think I can draw Sonic from memory with no problem these days.


And with this last picture, this is page full of all my original creations, stuff I’ve been drawing since I was like 10 or 11 up until now. I’m surprised I have so many unique characters considering the amount of stupid doodles that I’ve done. But these are the one’s I’m attached to, everyone from Square Cat to Fire Bear to Apple Man and my Minime character, I love them and will probably take them onto further in future projects.

Well that’s it, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this insight in my world of sketching yo, feel free to comment or critique or whatever. Laters!

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Sonic Lost World – Wisp Colors Trailer Review

Just when I thought that the news for Sonic Lost World was over, more and more keeps coming and I’m just excited to learn more! Yes! GIVE ME MORE POWER! And now we have a new Sonic trailer to look at that specifically gives us a look at the various alien Wisp abilities that’ll be in this new game, so without further ado let’s start analysing!

Firstly here’s the trailer below:

So what have we got here? Well from what I can see its a whole load of awesomeness! I love how much variation there is in terms of the gameplay and there finally seems to be a heavier focus on the platforming elements that SHOULD be in a modern Sonic game. I like how we get to see The Deadly Six in-game and see more levels and see the new Sonic gameplay features along with traditional ones like rail-grinding.

In this trailer there’s a focus on the alien Wisp power-ups Sonic can obtain, now as all Sonic fans are aware, the Wisps first showed up in Sonic Colours back in 2010 and made that game incredibly fun and varied to play due to the different abilities that each Wisp temporarily gave you. Now this game it looks like we have new additions to tamper with along with returning classics. Firstly let’s talk about the new Wisps which are Eagle:

  • Eagle: This red Wisp gives Sonic the power to fly through the sky and get an extra boost of with a spinning motion.
  • Asteroid: This Wisp we’ve seen before, but anyway, this purple Wisp allows Sonic to touch any object within his immediate area and turn it into cubes, the more stuff he touches the bigger the ring of cubes around him gets.
  • Rhythm:  This pink Wisp turns Sonic into a music note and it looks like he has to move to the beat as he hits enemies and does some unique music-based platforming.

Then we have the returning Wisps in the form of Drill, Laser and Rocket:

  • Drill: Ah yes the old yellow Wisp, this one allows Sonic to drill through certain surfaces, though it looks like it’s been upgraded from before allowing Sonic to leap out of the ground and then re-enter.
  • Laser: Oh yeah my favourite! This cyan wisp allows Sonic to line up near a set of diamonds and then boost away at lighting speed.
  • Rocket: And finally the good old orange Wisp allows Sonic to blast straight into the sky and then descend afterwards.

In my opinion I’m liking the look of the new Wisps, it adds a lot of different aspects to the gameplay in the same vein that Sonic Colours did back on the Wii. The reason why I loved Sonic Colours and probably played the hell out of it more than Sonic Generations was due to the fact the Wisp power-ups, they provided of different possibilities in way for attacking enemies, navigating through levels and discovering secrets. And since some levels had several Wisps in one act it left a lot of room for experimentation. And it looks like this what Sonic Lost World could be trying to emulate too and that is something I welcome.


Now with all this focus on Wisps I hope that they don’t become mandatory to progress through levels and that we still have routes to navigate on-foot with Sonic’s natural speed, after all that is what makes Sonic games fun, the speed. In any case Sonic Lost World is looking more and more interesting and I can’t wait for its release in October!

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More Sonic: Lost World Info & Box Art Revealed

Just when I thought that the news for Sonic Lost World was over, more and more keeps coming and I’m just excited to learn more! Yes! GIVE ME MORE POWER! Anyways time to provide information and this the following information comes from Sonic Stadium:


“Right on schedule, the SEGA Blog has updated with more details concerning Sonic Lost World, and more on its new baddies.

Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures collectively known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-on.  Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Color Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever-changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.

As confirmed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA of America’s Chief Content Officer, Sonic Lost World‘s story tells of adversaries Sonic and Eggman indeed joining forces to defeat the new threat!

3DS box art and additional info about the game after the jump!

Along with the confirmation of Wisps, full 3D terrain for the handheld version, and 2 player support mode amongst others via IGN, the Blog also tells a bit more about what to expect come later this year.

  • Multiplayer modes are highlighted for both versions of the game
  • Like Sonic Colours, some Colour powers are unique to Wii U, and others to the 3DS
  • Wii U exclusive Colour powers controlled through the GamePad by tilting, touching, aiming, and more
  • Can be played solely via the Wii U GamePad
  • 3DS version to feature Special Stages”


As for the new details on the game I am getting more interested by the day. Hearing that Sonic and Eggman are gonna have to team is both hilarious and nostalgic, not since Sonic Adventure 2 has Sonic and Dr. Eggman had to team up to take out a threat greater than themselves (at least that’s how it works in my mind). The Deadly Six must be some beast of a threat. Outside of the story elements we’ve also learned of some game features including the fact that multiplayer is in both games which is something I welcome. I also like that the Wisps are gonna be back as well as having different Wisps exclusive to specific versions of the game. And as long as the Wii U Gamepad doesn’t make things too gimmicky then things will turn out just fine for this game.

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Sonic: Lost World Preview & Images

Alrighty then we’ve had the Sonic: Lost World trailer now we get the first set of details and images from the game. This has been the best two days for gaming news in ages. I am jolly to be a Sonic fan right now haha. The following information comes from Sonic Stadium:

“IGN has posted the first details of Sonic Lost World as well as a small barrage of new screenshots for both the Wii-U and 3DS version of the game.

If you want the details, click that read more button. 

  • Levels include ‘Wind Hill’ & ‘Desert Ruins’
  • Desert Ruins consists of a Cake, Candy and sweet themed environment.
  • Sonic builds up speed slowly, the player decides when he wants to go faster and then with another button decides when he wants to unleash the next level of speed.
  • Parkour system, designed to allow players to navigate objects at speed without coming to a dead stop.
  • Wisps are back, as are the wisp powers.
  • 2 player “support” mode confirmed.
  • Sonic is the only playable character.
  • Tails, Knuckles & Amy appear in the story, they are not playable.
  • The planet is called ‘Lost Hex.’
  • Rescuing animals will influence various unlockable content.
  • Red Rings are back.
  • Gold cannons are used to unlock secret/alternative paths.

IGN also notes that it didn’t get to ‘play’ the game, but rather watch a demonstration of three stages.

More details can be found at IGN, as well as a selection of screenshots.

IGN Preview


Here’s six images from the game, three from the Wii U and three from the 3DS:

28017soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v11jpg-50e224 28019soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v12jpg-30b207 28020soniclostworldwiiuscreenshots720p1280x720v14jpg-30b208

28016soniclostworld3dstoprgbv26jpg-50e22e 28014soniclostworld3dstoprgbv24jpg-30b20b 28013soniclostworld3dstoprgbv23jpg-50e22d

The more I see of this game, the more I am liking what I am seeing. I am especially surprised with the 3DS version that’s actually in 3D rather than being rendered in 3D and put on a 2D perspective. I like how Sega and Sonic Team are taking chances with the series but in a smart way rather than giving us Werehogs and talking swords. It looks like they’re bringing back a lot of concepts from recent Sonic games especially Sonic Colours with the return of Red Rings, the desert-themed levels, the Wisps and Two Player mode. With the return of Wisps I can only assume this game takes place in space again or maybe the Wisps came back to help Sonic out after he saved them before, either way it is a welcomed surprise that they’re back. Honestly producer Takashi Izuka sounds like he knows what the finds what this time round or at least knows how to bring something new to the table without making anything too radically different. I look forward to hearing more about the game at E3 next month.

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Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer Review

Okay then, this is priority number one right now! Sonic: Lost World had its debut trailer yesterday and now I NEED to talk about it. The only reason I didn’t do it immediately was because I was at the cinema at the time and didn’t get home until late. Anyways I’m here now so let’s analyze!


Firstly here’s the awesome trailer here:

Damn! Well this is different. Did not expect this. And you know what? It’s awesome!

So what do we see here? Well besides the gameplay continuing the mix between 2D and 3D like in Sonic Colours and Generations, the obvious gameplay influence looks to be from Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy. Just looking at the camera angles, some of the gameplay elements and the vastness of the level designs it really looks like Mario Galaxy, except faster.

The trailer starts with the little Sonic animals just chilling until six monsters show up looking all intimidating and stuff, the animals are shocked. But then Sonic jumps in to protect the animals, the six monsters look pissed and they attempt to attack Sonic and throughout the trailer Sonic just dances around them showing off his speed and athleticism. The actual gameplay kicks around 30 seconds in and we see a lot of different camera angles from behind to side angles that track Sonic as he runs in 2D and the camera rotates as he moves from point A to point B. But obviously is the gameplay that really needs to be talked about here.

Besides long roads for Sonic to run on, there’s also points where it looks like Sonic can use the homing attack to defeat enemies in quick succession when compared to previous games that where the recoil afterwards was longer between hits. We also see Sonic sporting new moves including an ability to run up against walls at high-speed leaving blue after images behind him. He also has an attack that looks like Sonic homing in on enemies but rather attacking in ball form he kicks them in the air or something. And lastly Sonic also has a bit of a parkour move that allows him to grab onto ledges and pull himself up quickly.

As for the game visually besides looking very similar to Mario Galaxy it seems to have a very nostalgic look about it. The grassy locations with the checkered platforms and waterfalls are very reminiscent of Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. Even the little animals from the first Sonic game are back too. Graphically the game looks nice, though not nearly as detailed as Sonic Colours or Generations. Obviously its early days and it’ll be a while before the game’s release but I hope Sega and Sonic Team don’t skip on the detail of this Sonic game and give us their best effort for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS.

In conclusion the Sonic: Lost World trailer took me completely took me by surprise and I honestly can’t wait to play the game now. This game looks really different SEGA and Sonic Team’s previous efforts and hopefully if the gameplay holds up and ends up being as innovate as I’m hoping then the Sonic the Hedgehog series will be setting the world on fire this year! 😀

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