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Let’s Talk About That Snow, Again.

Howdy ladies and gents, if you’re a resident of the UK right now then you wold have noticed the heavy amount of snow that has dropped in the last few days. And since I have a blog and an opinion, it is time to talk about that snow once again.


That snow, oh that snow, it’s returned. Boo.

If you read this blog you know how I feel about that white stuff, but for those who aren’t aware here’s the short version: I despise it. Besides looking pretty, its cold, messy and disrupts all forms of travel.

So yesterday I was in London when I got a Snapchat message off of a friend and it showed what looked to be Sheffield covered in snow and I basically laughed at his misfortune. There was no snow in London at all, I think it may have rained, but otherwise it was pretty sunny, plus cold and wind added. It wasn’t until I came home around 5.30 that I saw snow had reached the Bedfordshire area and then I saw on the news that everyone in the north pretty much got the worst of things. If snow ruins people’s idea of a good time it only goes to show how terrible that form of weather really is. I consider snow to be good for children only, it is just an excuse to get out of school, nothing else. Once snow becomes part of your adult life, it fails to be fun and interesting, it just become troublesome and ugly. I look at snow like a disease from the from the sky that we must endure periodically at certain points in the year and I don’t think I’ll ever be down with it, because I’m all about that sun and warm weather yo.

In conclusion I hope this snow doesn’t become too bothersome as I have travelling to do and fun to be had so if the snow chooses to be a problem again, believe me when I tell you I will be back to rant about it lol.


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These Crazy Winter Days

Howdy people of the internet, time for a small personal blog post on the winter season and how I have endured it so far and what could potentially come over the next few weeks. I have made a good few blog posts about cold weather and winter over the last three years, and for some reason it just feels like it’s a subject that is easy to talk about. 😛


Yep, this is the season we live in and some people really love it, I don’t understand why?

So it is December, again, and it feels like winter is truly upon us. For us UK people is usually pretty cold and wet all year round, that being said, when Autumn comes into play things get very questionable weather-wise and then when the winter comes in, it came be even worse. We could have anything from constant rain, to super windy days to the dreaded appearance of snow, add on top of that the super cold temperature that is almost unbearable for some, ESPECIALLY at night.

For me winter has always been my least favourite time of year, its cold, wet, dreary and doesn’t look very nice outside of a window unless there’s a bit sunshine somewhere. And then there’s the whole illness side of things. Do you know how much of a bother it is to get ill or be around ill people at this time of year? It is a bloody nightmare. If you don’t have a cold then you’re running around trying to avoid it and trying to increase your immune system. Unless you have no reason to leave your house then every time you leave your house it is a mission just stay intact, avoiding the sickness of others whether they be people in the street, co-workers, friends or maybe even your family. You’ll be lucky to escape it, but if you do catch something, then mate, you’re doomed and will have to endure a moody Christmas. I think a lot of people like this time of year because of the whole Christmas thing, but they forget about how cold, dark and stressful this time of year can be. Some people even want snow, the check of it all! If you’ve read my blog before then you know how I feel about snow and cold weather in general. I despise snow because of its cold and disruptive nature, and every year I hope that it never snows at this time of year, sure its part of Christmas and all, but I just can’t stand it.


Since around mid-October the cold air of winter has been creeping in with the odd day/week of cold and now its coming to a head in the last two weeks. If you’re like me and live in the south east of England then you’ll know of the cold days that have really started to come into play. These days I go outside and it is pretty nippy and when it comes to the evening it is freaking freezing, not as bad as Sheffield by any means, but still cold enough to feel. It also doesn’t help that at my current job, I’m currently situated right next door to a set a set of automatic doors that lead straight to the outside and every time those doors open is frigging COLD and it’s SO annoying.

In the end I know it gets old hearing people complaining about it being cold, but it is always surprising when it does come to quickly and with the talk of snow coming and even colder days ahead, I just don’t even want to leave the house. I will become a house hermit for a month or two if it means my body temperature will stay in check haha.

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I Hear Talk of Snow, And I Don’t Like It.

Hello there people of the internet, I wasn’t even planning on doing any blogging today, but recently something has been brought to my attention in the last 30 mins that I feel that I should address. It is something I have talked about on this blog countless times before and again I have to bring it up… It’s here again, THE BLOODY SNOW! GODDAMMIT!


While this isn’t the scene that’s playing outside my window thankfully, I can only imagine the terrors taking place outside.

So check it out, there I am just chilling doing some work on Photoshop while also hanging around on Facebook and then I see a friend post about snow. I’m just like, “I hope that’s not in the Sheffield area.” Then I see several other people on my news feed talking about it and it becomes a frigging epidemic. And my mood goes from chilled out to totally grumpy,

And those of you who have been following this blog for a while know all too well that I HATE SNOW!


This might as well be me when the snow falls, I fall apart, and then get very angry.

While I haven’t seen nay of the supposed snow that was falling earlier, I have seen the aftermath with the small fallen segments and slush in the street. *Grumble* If this is what is coming up through the rest of November and December then I don’t wanna be on the outside for a long time. 😦


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Rant 11: Ewwww. I Can See The Snow Outside My Window Again.

Yo yo people and welcome to another installment in my blogging rants. Today we are moving back to a subject I just can’t seem to stop rating about these days, of course I’m talking about everyone’s favourite form of weather, snow.


I don’t understand why this keeps happening. For a while now we’ve been enjoying a good few weeks of basic dry sunny days and the occasion rainy day, and that’s all I want at this time of year. This is the point when the snow along with the winter season should just fuck off and give spring its time to shine. But no, the winter seems content with continuing its stay and throwing that horrible snow in our direction once again. It makes me feel so much anger and sadness at the same time.


I might as well look like this when I’m moaning about the snow because that’s how I feel.

Now for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I tend to moan and rant about snow A LOT. And you’re probably wondering, “How can this guy rant about snow so much?” And I say how can I not. It’s just disruptive, annoying and cold. I can’t stand it. All I want is the sunshine and warm weather. Maybe that’s due to my heritage as black man from the Caribbean as I fare better in hotter conditions, but whatever the case is this madness needs to stop.


I want this hoody.

I looked at the weather forecast for the next few days for Sheffield and it looks like this snow is gonna continue for a few days more which really bugs me. If I need to go to the cinema over the next few days which will be a very likely situation then I’m gonna hve to endure this horrible weather in full force, meh. I really hope this ain’t going down on my birthday or things will definitely be in the shitter. X(


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I Want The Summer Back Again

“Man I really want the summer right now!” That’s what I say to myself at this time of year and I tend to get in this mind-set as soon as we get a little ways into January. I know that we must go through all four seasons in a year, but in recent years I can’t stand being away from the summertime anymore. I just need it! Around February last year I made a post related to summer, and while I highlighted what makes the summer season so good I feel the need to talk about it again because I can’t stand this point in the year.

It just makes every so much better.

So summer, what makes it so good? Well for one the weather is usually better. If you’ve been following this blog for around a year you’ll know I detest snow to the highest degree because of its disruptive nature, then there’s rain which is okay in small amounts but ultimately if it sticks around too long it makes things around you seem pretty boring and wet. The summer is all about the sun, heat and hanging outside. The summer sort of opens a window to all kinds’ opportunities for fun and makes going outside the best thing ever.

In summer you can have barbeques, go to the park, play sports outside, go to the pub and have a few drinks out in the beer gardens or just chill anywhere until the sun goes down in the later hours. Summer just equals automatic good times.

This is what we all need, just a bit of this some Summertime Lovin’ haha. 🙂

Last year I was in uni halls and sitting around there in the winter was the worst thing ever, it snowed and rained a lot and it left me and my flatmates in a right state of boredom and in some cases depression too. Bad weather along with not very enjoyable living space doesn’t quite put you in the right groove. So when summer came around for us last year things changed and got so much better, we went to the pub, partied on nights out and just hanged outside nearly 80% of the time. It was heaven. It’s that kind of feeling of freedom and fun that I miss. So this year I’m already just trying to fast forward time towards May when I get out of uni and get to be free of the place and then get to go to the cinema and play loads of video games and hang around outside with my friends in much better weather conditions.

I have loads of stuff to do this summer from moving into my new house with me housemates, possibly going on holiday, working my ass off to get more money and as I said before going back to the cinema and hanging around there for the majority of my time haha. Please summertime come as quickly as you can, I need your glorious sunshine yo! XD

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Random Blog 03: Now I’m Just Writing Randomly.

Hi people of the interweb, it’s time for another instalment of my Random Blog series and today it really is random because I have made this blog post purely out of boredom. Normally with this series of blog posts there is a rhyme or reason as to why I make it, but not today, today at this current point in time I had absolutely nothing to do and the only thing I felt like doing was blogging so here I am.


While I may not be at work specifically that rule still applies at home for me, hence me making this blog post.

So what’s going on in my life at this current point in time? Well outside in Sheffield its frigging winter wonderland thanks to that damn snow falling all over the place, I was actually gonna go outside today but decided against it because I hate feeling cold, I hate travelling in snow and I am sure as hell not gonna risk my life on those slippery roads or get attacked by people throwing bloody snowballs! I look outside my window and while loads of other people see joy and opportunity all I see in danger. Instead I have decided to sit inside instead but what are my options? Well I am deciding what TV shows I should watch whether I should continue with Home Movies or go back to Fringe or continue where I left off in Breaking Bad or get back to my anime fun with One Piece. I have a lot more TV shows and films on my list outside of the ones I listed there and then there’s sketching. Last night I started a picture that is a prototype for potential title cards I’ll use in my future YouTube videos, here’s the original sketch:


It is obviously themed around Iron Man, it is me in the Mark VII suit from The Avengers. This would be used for my eventual Iron Man 3 review.

I started the Photoshop touch-up work last night and it is taking ages! I mean work like this always does, but man I really would like to get it finishes ASAP so I can move onto another project. Now I am procrastinating and making excuses to stop doing it. I am terrible haha. And then lastly there’s the video games I should be playing too. I have yet to finish The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and brought my Wii back up to Sheffield for that purpose alone and yet I have yet to play the game. Why? I also need to play Kid Icarus: Uprising, but for some reason I just can’t get into a gaming groove with that game, maybe because it’s a portable title. Who knows? All I know is that video games are important to me, but not giving them the time of day is bugging me on the inside. So now I am escaping to my blog to do something, but I fear my boredom will conquer me and make me waste the day away.


While I don’t think I’ll get this bad, some people do get up to some crazy shit when they’re bored.

Well okay I’ve rambled on for long enough. What am I actually trying to say? Basically I am bored and I have to think of something to keep me busy or I’ll mentally blow up. The weather keeps me trapped inside my house, one of the few places I enjoy being in for extended periods of time so here’s hoping music can keep me at alive and I can find something productive to do. Wish me luck people. 🙂


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I See The Snow Again! Noooooooo!

Oh god, it’s that time of year again. You know what I actually thought just once there wouldn’t be any snow falling in the winter season, I mean while its showed up at the typical time of year it was later than last year. So with that in mind I just hoped that the snow would just not show up at all. But hell that was just stupid of me because last night as I ventured outside I saw it… SNOW! It was light, but it was very visible!

Now for those who know me and read my blog posts then you know how I feel about snow, but for those uninformed then allow me to explain… I HATE SNOW!

Hell sure it’s pretty to look at and gets you out of school/college and maybe work and university, but when you have to go outside you are inconvenienced beyond belief. It causes car accidents, slows trains down and when you’re walking you are freezing, plus if you don’t have proper heating in your house then it can freeze your house over too. I could think of many reasons why snow and cold weather suck, but I’ve highlighted it like 5 or 6 times on this blog already.

Basically I hate this time of year and it makes anything an effort to do if you have to leave the house. Going to university is already hard enough when I can’t wake up properly and now there’s this goddamn snow, I think I want to go to sleep for a few months and wake up when this nightmare is over. 😦


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Snow. Again. In April!

It had to be seen to be believed. But by now most of you who live in the UK would have seen it anyway. Snow. It’s an element of weather that never knows when to stop and seems to come back at the most random and inconvenient times in the year.

Snow. Although it’s nice to look at and adds that extra something at Christmas time, ultimately it is a frustrating element of weather that causes problems and chaos.

So yeah I guess it all started yesterday morning while I was back in Sheffield. After a night out with my friends when we had to run back to their accommodation, we all chilled inside for a bit until around 4 o’clock in the morning when we decided to head home. As we opened the door to head outside we saw it… The snow!!! And I was like “Not again!” and my friend was like “Snow? In April!?!” We were all completely dumbfounded and I was just completely gutted that not only had the snow returned after around 2 months, but I had to run back to my flat in this snow! So that’s what I did and it was horrible, cold, windy and wet. The next morning I heard about the snow disruption on the news on the radio, I got up around 9-9:30am an looked outside and it was still snowing! It was insane! Luckily it wasn’t snowing when I had to head out to the train station, but it was still raining and that sucked. By the time the train had come into Sheffield train station, the snow had picked up again. So on my way down from Sheffield to Leicester on the train I saw some ridiculous amounts of snow all over the landscapes and towns that I passed by. Though after I passed through Derby, the snow disappeared and the towns and fields that I saw looked normal. Then by the time we had gotten close to Bedford it was like I had teleported through a wormhole into another dimension, there was blue skies, clouds and sunshine. It was a complete contrast to what I had seen a few hours ago.

When I got back to my hometown of Luton things looked normal, cloudy, windy and a tad chilly, but otherwise same old weather by southern standards. By the time I got home and watched the news on TV I had found out that the whole of the north and Midlands got snow thrown at them from the heavens. Later on that day I had hanged with my college friend and her mates and we had some fun as I readjusted to life back in my hometown. After our hang time was over I went to see one of my mates off as she waited for her train and while waiting there, we got talking to the people waiting for the bus also and they said that the snow is predicted for today and I was fearing the worst in my head. So then I headed off home a little while later and I saw on the news that snow was meant to be coming, but it was more up north than down here in the south which was a good sign for me. In the end I thought I had seen the end of snow back in February and after all this nice weather I didn’t think it was gonna show up again until November. But as with most cases of UK-based weather, it is unpredictable, unreasonable and always in a state of flux. I just hope that this snow is a passing thing and doesn’t plan to stay or heaven help our futures…

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I Want the Summer Now

Just recently me and my flatmate were having a conversation about the potential fun times we could have in the summer and it’s not the first time. We’ve had many conversations about how we miss the not only the summer sun and its warm weather, but also the fun times and feelings that came with it. I mean back in the first few weeks of university with a lot of that summer-based weather still available to us was incredible, we all chilled outside eating cereal or drinking coffee and talked with the people around our flat’s complex, you could just sit outside and look at the stars and in general there was just a lot more places and opportunities open to you. It was the perfect place, Sheffield kicks ass in the summer time.

This smiling sun perfectly represents exactly what the summer is about and how I feel about the summer season. Good times all around.

However these days we are still in the what could be described as the later part of the winter season where times are cold, wet, snowy and less fun. I don’t know why but this time of the year tends to be really boring and you really want to get past it and into the much better times ahead. Maybe its just me who feels that way but right now in life things are just dull, with just a few moments of awesomeness sprinkled in to save me from depression haha. And its strange, I never used to be that fussed about this time of the year because I always had something to preoccupy my time like school and college, but since I have so much more free time due to my university schedule I find myself inside hiding away from the world because I have next to nothing to do or there are those moments when you have an urge just to do something productive to pass the time… That is my life nearly all the time; just lazing around or just scrambling for something to do. But I believe that it’s the time of year and the winter season that is truly preventing me from having proper fun and I also believe that if it was the summer then my fun times would return and that I would never be out of things to do. If you’re lucky enough to afford it going on holiday in the summer is usually a recipe for success whether it be with your family or friends, it’s always good stuff! And let’s also not forget that the summer time is the best time for partying as it is just a continuous set of weeks over a few months to go out and party in the clubs and in my experience the summer parties always create the best memories.

Just thinking about the summer makes me so happy, just all of the possibilities could take places just fill my soul with happiness. Me and my friends have talked about going to the park and having football sessions or talking about the prospects of having a barbecue party and then there’s also the fact that we have to move into our new house this year and while we haven’t decided on a place yet, we have been talking about all the stuff we would do and it just makes me so jolly. But unfortunately that point in life is still so far away in the future and February is taking too long so the boredom continues to set it. I can’t see my life getting fun until February ends and March begins because at least at that point it’ll be my time for fun coz it’ll be my birthday!! 😀

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Rant 04: I’m Tired of Cold Weather!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the fourth instalment of my rant-based blog posts. Today I shall be talking about that thing I think most people hate, winter season weather. Now don’t get me wrong, a little variety in terms of weather can be nice from time to time, but most times the winter season brings some of the worst weather from snow to continuous rainy days that go on forever and that make this time of year impossible to do anything fun outdoors. Sure you can just chill inside on those rainy days and it isn’t all that bad sometimes, but for me I like to go outside or sometimes its mandatory like when I go to university or have to go to the shops or go to the cinema or go out partying with me mates and this type of weather doesn’t help. It sucks!

As fun as the cold weather can be, it can be a troublesome son of a handbag and outlive its welcome…

Most of the time the winter season kicks in around November and continues until around March/April and then by that point there’s a normality that kicks in around May. But I swear its like the cold, wet, snowy days are on the increase and their duration over the course of the year is extending, it never want to leave! While this type of weather is typical of this time of year, it seriously is not helpful and is in a continuous state of shift, some days the sky can’t decide weather it wants rain to fall or gives a blue sky with epically cold winter winds or give us snow in varying amounts, never consistent and completely unpredictable which is not helpful for those us who have places to go or have predetermined plans that get messed up because of the state of weather outside. And when it comes to teenagers and most young adults who love to go out and party or just socialize in general it doesn’t do us any favours, rain makes hanging out outside next to impossible because the amount of places to hang is limited to mainly indoor places or in some worse case scenarios people won’t come out because they don’t want to get wet, period. And I haven’t even gotten into talking about the aspects of cold weather that normally makes sure that most people will never leave the warmth of their houses or how snow is only good for snowball fights, photography & sledging and then it just get boring. So in the end we can’t win, winter weather tends to cripple us to our most fragile forms where options are limited and times are no longer fun.

Rain, while its nice to have sometimes, in the winter season it’s just terrible and a little depressing.

I know there’s some people who love cold weather and the winter season overall, kids don’t know any better so they get a kick out of it on most occasions, but after you grow up and the troubles of the real world kick in, you realise how troublesome this rain/snow can be. Rain just causes most people to stay inside or walk through it in slow motion as they get drenched. And did I mention how depressing rain can be? Yes, from a lot of the people I’ve talked to rain tends to bring your feelings down a good few levels, times just seem a lot worse off or just boring when rain is added to the mix and that’s never good for a university student. And when it comes to snow, well, I’ve already mentioned my issues with snow and the troubles its given me but let’s recap; its cold, bad for travelling in any way, shape or form and it gives drunk people ammunition to attack you or the windows of your flat/house and that isn’t very helpful at all.

And since coming to uni this kind of weather seems to have made my life feel a lot worse for some reason, in addition to this part of the year being fairly boring and uninspired we also have to put up with the constant amounts of rain and snow that prevent our joyful times outside from happening or make nights out that much more awkward or complicated by the level of cold weather. While you can dress appropriately for the weather conditions, it is a task to have to bring an extra layer of clothing with you that you have to put away in the coat room or have to carry around with you for the majority of the night. As I said before, task. Very tedious indeed. Even now I look outside and it looks so dreadful outside, so dull, so troublesome and that’s nearly everyday for me, it’s so lame! Frigging hell I can’t wait for the summer time to kick in, all of those days of full-on sunshine, warm weather and chill sessions outside taking in the outside world and having early morning cups of coffee and what nots. Anywho time to end this rant before I blow up, until next time people. Laters!

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