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For The Days When You Can’t Be Arsed.

Howdy ladies and gents, how are you all doing? Today I’m just gonna do a quick blog post outlining my current feelings about life at the moment and would you believe that it is back to the topic of being lazy, again.

cant be arsed

Yeah, I know I go on about this kind of thing a lot for those of you who have read this blog for a while, but to be honest it’s hard not to talk about it as a topic for blogging. Every once in a while you just feel that lack of effort in life, whether you don’t want to get out of bed or if you don’t want to go outside or if you don’t want to deal with work, it can be any number of things. One could argue that being lazy or not putting in any effort is not the best way to go or will try to say bad things about you because of that attitude, but in the end it is your life and only you can decide what’s worth doing and what isn’t. And of course, there will always be that moment when you’re just like “Fuck it, I’m done.”

For me, I haven’t been that bothered to do much since August ended. With summer over and pretty much nothing to go back to (I mean education-wise), I’ve been feeling empty and bored. I have felt no need to go to the cinema or when I’m at home, I feel no need to do any of my basic activities like gaming, watching my backlog of TV shows or even blogging, yeah it has gotten that bad. September really is a rubbish month if you’re not in education or have any plans to go on holiday. While there’s some good TV, video games and conventions on the horizon, it is still a few too many weeks/months away and this month feels more like a barrier to better times than a month full of good times. I’m basically playing the waiting game until October now and it is really boring. I may as well just sleep of the next few weeks and wake up when September ends… Haha, I will laugh and give points to anyone who gets that reference.

So that’s my mini blog post done, now I open the floor to you lot. Have you ever had a point in life when you’ve just not felt like doing anything or if like time is taking ages to get to better events in the future? Whatever you have to say drop it in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post. 🙂


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September’s Here & Summer’s Over.

Hey, hey, hey ladies and gents of the internet. Time for a quick blog post before I go back into work mode and today I wish to talk about the fact that the summer is over and how September has crept up on us so quickly.


This seems to happen a lot and every year still surprises me how quickly it happens. Summer is there, you’re in the thick of it, either enjoying yourself or you’re bored out of your mind for days on end. Whatever your scenario is, the summer feels long while you’re in it. But you never notice the days go by and sure enough, it is the last week or August and you’re like “Where the shag did the summer go?” And before you even have time to blink it is September and all those happy thoughts you had about your free time, holidays or hang sessions with your friends and family are pretty much dashed aside as the normality of life kicks in once again. For kids, teenagers or young adults, it pretty much means back to school, college or university, however, if you’re not in the education bubble, then it means nothing besides going to work, and if you’re old enough then you’ll probably have been doing that over the summer and way before that if you’re in full-time or part-time work. For me, I used to be in the education bubble and for the last 8 years since I always had the feeling of dread/excitement when I knew I had to return to college or uni, but now I don’t have that. Since I finished uni in June, I’ve technically become an adult and have been working over the summer. It is only just dawning on me that I have nothing to go back to in September, that my life really has nothing major to return to and it is a relief and yet kind of surreal at the same time. The only thing I never look forward to at this time of the year is the return of annoyingly load school children, uni Freshers and the football season as well (god I despise it, it takes up too much TV time at my house).


I dunno, September always represented the end of good times and the start of boring and dull routines (as the image above suggests), that being said, since I have no educational ties, I wonder where does life go for me now? I mean besides being a barman, I have no other regular commitments to tend to and it feels weird. That being said, there is much to look forward to on the horizon. TV is finally gonna get interesting again with the return of some of my favourite TV shows including, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, Parks and Recreation, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then there’s all the new TV that will appear including Gotham and The Flash among others. Then I’ll have the Tokyo Game Show coverage taking place in a few weeks where hopefully I’ll get some juicy video game announcements and footage too.

So yeah, while I’m gutted that the summer is over I know there is good stuff on the horizon. Now I only have one question to ask you lot:

Dude blog # 1Be sure to comment below and let me know yo. 😀


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September is here… And my summer’s over.

So it is finally September, the month when all forms of educational things start up again and anyone who was on holiday or had time off has to start up the boring portion of their lives again. But most importantly, with the introduction of this month comes the cruel realisation that the summer is well and truly over.

Summer is overThis picture perfectly represents what its like when the summer comes to an end.

Now I wouldn’t say that my summer was a total waste, far from it, I did have a lot of fun. I went to a Zelda concert, went to 2 music festivals, saw the majority of my summer films in the cinema and moved out of my old shitty house and into a WAY better one and I even got a job. I’d say that I’ve done a fair about this summer. That being said, there still was a great deal of stuff I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to tackling. I was meant to have so many summer adventures not only on my own, but with my friends too, but nothing materialized the way I thought it would. And this leads me to the conclusion that there just wasn’t enough time this summer.


I say this all the time, but I totally believe that its true, time never seems to be on my side.

This seem to happen each year; I look forward to the summer, it happens, and then I end up feeling like I wasted it. It’s been like this for the last 3-4 years. Again its not like I purposely waste my time, but somehow the time just gets away from me and I feel like there was so many things I could have done beforehand. I think I can really blame this on the fact that I got a job recently, since the start of August I’ve had job training to take care of which has been eating up my time which meant all the TV shows, films and other hang time sessions I wanted to have with my friends and family have been compromised.

So now we’re here with September, the month that confirms that all your free time and fun is practically over and the crappy times are approaching soon. For me education is around the corner as I had into my third and final year of university, my last 2 years of my animation course have been questionable, so I don’t have much hope for this year especially since its supposed to be the hardest one. But hell I guess we’ll see what happens, though I am missing the summertime already. 😦


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