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Star Trek Into Darkness Full Teaser Trailer Review

Okay so a week ago the internet gave us our first look at the second Star Trek film from JJ. Abrams, and today we get the full teaser trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness which has a slightly different tone from the first video, but is by no means any less awesome. Check it out below:

Now obviously a lot of what is in this trailer was available in the last video, but it does introduce a lot of new scenes, more questions and mysterious that needed solving. I like how Bruce Greenwood had this nice monologue about James T. Kirk and it seems like from what voiceover is saying Kirk has done something that might have endangered his crew and possibly started off this whole war with Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, Jim Morrison. I like seeing the quick shots of all of the Enterprise crew in different locations with such distressed looks on their faces. You can see that some bad shit is gonna go down yo!

I also just like the visual look of this film, the futuristic city scape, the crazy volcanic planet that looks like Mustafa from Star Wars Episode III, the vivid colourful plants on the alien planet, that clean white and bright look of the interior of the Enterprise ship. It all looks so good and it makes me excited for what other visual delights we will encounter in this new film. And then there’s Benedict Cumberbatch… BENEDICT FRIGGIN’ CUMBERBATCH! He is so friggin’ cool it is just beyond words. I hope his villain in this film is way better than Eric Bana’s Nero in the last film. But I think he will be badass, he has some badass dialogue and his face alone looks menacing enough to kill you if you stare at him too long haha.

Anyways all in all I’m super excited for this film, I want May 2013 to happen now I hope that it will exceed my expectations. So what did you think of the trailer? So out you thoughts in the comments below! 😀

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