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Howdy ladies and gents, time for another film review and today I’ll be talking about Minions. Now I’ve never been overly fond of the Minions, but I’ve appreciated them in a stupid kind of way like the Rayman Raving Rabbids (before they became over-saturated). So when I heard they’d be getting their own spin-off film not too long after the release of Despicable Me 2, I was disappointed and sceptical, however I wanted to give the film a chance. And while the trailers were good, after the reviews came out I decided to give it a miss, though after some time and curiosity I gave it a watch today to see what is like.


The story can be described as the following:

“Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.”

The story in this film was serviceable and had moments of adventure, chaos and humour, but overall it was not nearly as captivating as the Minions’ adventures with Gru. The main problem with the film is the Minions and how they are the main focus, the cool thing about the Despicable Me films was that Gru was the focus and the Minions was there for support, but without a story and characters as interesting as those pervious films, the events of this film come across as less engaging and fun. That is unless you’re just in love with the Minions, then you should be fine. As for the humour it was a mixed bag. There were individual moments where the humour was great or completely random as hell. There’s three moments in particular involving a robbery, a sword and watching TV which were pretty funny, but beyond that there wasn’t much else to love. Most of the humour was hit and miss, clearly aimed at children and had the most generic of slapstick elements incorporated.


The cast was good though. Pierre Coffin did such a great job as Kevin, Stuart, Bob and the Minions, but what I really appreciated about this film was how it gave the three main Minions specific personality traits. Sandra Bullock’s voice work as Scarlet Overkill was awesome, Scarlet as the supervillain wasn’t as interesting, at first she was fun, but got really petty and annoying towards the latter half of the film. Jon Hamm was as Herb Overkill, this guy was so relaxed and weird but in a good way and it really helped with Hamm’s delivery of some of his lines. I also loved Michael Keaton and¬†Allison Janney as Walter and Madge Nelson, they were so charismatic and fun. And Geoffrey Rush was great as the narrator too. Everyone else like Steve Coogan as Professor Flux and Jennifer Saunders as Queen Elizabeth II were fine but not nearly as memorable.


In conclusion Minions was alright but a wasted opportunity for sure. Having a film primarily focused on these weird little characters is all and well for hardcore fans and young children, but the story was a little lame and messy and in my mind there was nothing to balance out the madness of the Minions like the Despicable Me films.

Rating: 5/10

So did you see Minions and if so what did you think of it? Be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! ūüėÄ

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Space is scary in this Gravity Review

Okay ladies and gents, it is time for me to review a film I have been waiting to see for AGES, I am of course talking about Gravity. Now I’ve been wanting to see this film since I saw the first trailer, but then I saw it in the cinema like 20 MORE TIMES! Bloody hell that got annoying. Then the film came out in the US a whole month ago and while critics loved it, the audience response was spilt into love and hate from what I read online.¬†So I finally checked it out today and now I’m ready to talk about it in this review yo.


The story for the film simply put involves a medical engineer and an astronaut who survive the mid-orbit destruction of a Space Shuttle, they then have to work together to survive and attempt to return to Earth.

I thought that the story in this film was very good, not at any point did I feel cheated by what I was watching or thought that anything came across as cheap or forced. Things progressed in a natural way for not only the characters involved, but also the action that took place too.¬†Everything¬†came across in a very realistic manner displaying the slow-paced nature of zero gravity and movement through space and then demonstrating the more chaotic actions that happens when moving objects collided. Now obviously one can question the¬†legitimacy¬†of the¬†realism¬†in the film, but in terms of science fiction films I have seen, this is one of the most/if not the most realistic¬†deceptions¬†I’ve ever come across. I got a lot of nostalgic references to Alien and Sunshine¬†because¬†of the¬†loneliness and fight for survival aspects of the film and those were the points that really freaked me out. As a person who fears death by space I was cringing throughout the film witnessing all of my worst fears come to life in this film and the fact that it felt so engaging and real is a great thing.


In terms of the cast we have just Sandra Bullock and George Clooney to talk about, but they are fabulous and really do great job considering the location and situations their characters are put in. Sandra Bullock is incredible as Dr. Ryan Stone, Bullock displays some truly deep levels of emotion and her acting is so real that I felt as scared as she did because I was emotionally invested in her character. As for George Clooney he was wonderful as Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, Clooney has been a very hit and miss guy for me, but luckily he was this strong-willed, humorous, calm and collected man who worked with Ryan and I enjoyed his character a lot.


When it comes to the presentation it is virtually flawless in its execution. Visually the film is just breathtaking. Now there has been some brilliant special effects in films this year including Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Elysium to name a few, but this film just beats those all on a whole new dimension. The CGI in this film is frigging INSANE! Everything is so crisp, sharp, vivid, colourful and looks beautiful. The cinematography is also some of the best I’ve ever seen with some incredible tracking shots, long and wide shots space and Earth in the background and just the way the camera moves and displays the action in the film is gorgeous. As for the soundtrack by Steven Price it was amazing, the score was very varied and really amplified every scene it was used it. There moments of soft, beautiful music and then it’d ¬†switch to a very hard-hitting sound and it was all handled with such style and care, one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard for a while.¬†And seeing it all in IMAX 3D was just beastly, the massive screen and absurdly awesome surround sound made everything so much more intimidating and for the first time in ages, I actually enjoyed the 3D in a film. The 3D made Gravity feel so interactive and while it wasn’t overly noticeable after a while it worked well for this film.


In conclusion Gravity is awesome, it is one of the most terrifying and gripping films I have seen in the cinema in a while. The story, characters and presentation was all top quality and just the way it depicted the cold, merciless and unexpected nature of space was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Now obviously film is subjective and I assume there will be people who won’t like the film, but if you’re patient, have a brain or is a fan of sci-fi films then you’ll have a good time with Gravity. While I can’t decide at the moment whether I liked this more than Captain Philips remains to be seen, but I say go check this film out, it is an experience that all people should check out.

Rating: 9/10 (A terrifyingly awesome sci-fi thriller with incredible production values and two great lead performances)

So what did you think of Gravity. were you one of the people who loved it or were you on the opposite side of the fence and hated it? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! ūüėÄ


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