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Howdy ladies and gents, time for a more recent film review and today I’m going to be talking about San Andreas. Now when I heard about this film and saw the trailers, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to see it or not. I mean it was just another disaster film right? And I’ve seen plenty of those, would the addition of Dwayne Johnson sway me? Probably not. But since my dad wanted to see it the other night we gave it a shot and now I’m ready to pass judgement.


The plot can be summed as the following:

“In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his daughter.”

The story in this film is familiar and yet serviceable. I got a lot of The Day After Tomorrow vibes from this film as there are very similar story elements and if we’re talking just in general, then I was also reminded of 2012 too. But those previous films aside, this film is about a rescue mission in addition to the seismic activity, earthquakes and people caught in middle of these crazy situations. as usual there’s an emotional aspect added to the main character and the people surrounding him, it’s not bad but it’s not great. I think the one thing that bugged me was the forced romance that I saw a mile off as soon as said characters laid eyes on each other. There is also a fair amount of humour too, some of it works and some it really feels forced.


Now let’s talk about the cast. Dwayne Johnson was awesome as Chief Raymond “Ray” Gaines, the film mainly works because of him. Johnson has this natural charm, charisma and a muscular body that helps draw us fans in, but beyond that the man is becoming a better actor and with each serious role he shows his talent more and more and I bought his character, his troubles, his occupation, he sold it well and it helps that he’s just magnetic presence on-screen. Carla Gugino was good as Emma Gaines, Emma has history with Ray and while its nothing we haven’t seen before Gugino handles her material well enough. Alexandra Daddario as Blake Gaines was fine too, I’m not going to lie I was distracted by Daddario’s beauty in this film, but otherwise she was charming and fine in her role. Also Paul Giamatti was good as Dr. Lawrence Hayes, I liked his character, he seemed very smart and looked like he wanted to use his knowledge to save the lives of many people in danger.

Ioan Gruffudd was pretty good as Daniel Riddick, this was the first major film I’ve seen him in for a while and he was fine in the film, though his character was a douche though. Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Ben Taylor was alright, but his character felt quite annoying and dull at times. Art Parkinson, who played his brother Ollie Taylor fared a little better, this guy had some comic relief moments and some worked well and others not so much. Archie Panjabi was good as Serena Johnson. I was surprised to see Kylie Minogue as Susan Riddick, but she was fine too, but my biggest surprise was seeing Colton Haynes as Joby. I kept looking at his face but I couldn’t pinpoint where I’d seen him before until I got some and realised it was Roy from Arrow, the frigging blonde hair threw me off! 😛


When it comes to the presentation, its pretty damn good. Visually the film boasts some kick ass action sequences thanks to some well-crafted CGI to demonstrate on this destruction and chaos whether it is buildings falling, a rock slide, earthquakes or a tsunami, it looks very cool. I would say however that some of the special effects look a little blurry and not as polished as some other scenes. Also the soundtrack by Andrew Lockington is quite nice with a good sense of energy and power.


In conclusion San Andreas is pretty good disaster film. While it does have all of the standard codes and conventions of this genre of film and it does get a bit dull during some of the talking moments, the film mainly succeeds thanks to the central performance of Dwayne Johnson and some pretty cool action sequences. I was surprised by how much fun I had with this one and I would recommend it to all that are interested.

Rating: 7/10

So have you seen San Andreas and if so what do you think of it? Please be sure to leave your thoughts on in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Films To Look Out For In 2015 Part 2

Howdy people of the interweb and welcome to the second part of my special series of blog posts dedicated to the films that you should be looking out for this year entitled: Films to look out for in 2015! It’s a preview to this year’s selection of films in the cinema and I’m basically going to highlight why I believe they’re worth paying attention to. Before checking this out be sure to read PART 1 first.

Now before we begin I have two main things I need yo point out:

  1. Obviously a lot films come out, so if they’re not only my list it’s either because I don’t know about them or I don’t care…
  2. 2014 films getting their UK releases this year don’t count! So there.😛

Okay then, let’s start 😀

Furious 7


Release Date: April 3rd (USA & UK)


I don’t think anyone expected the Fast & Furious film series to survive this long. I now its been said many times before, but before the fourth film, this series was pretty much on the way out. It wasn’t until the fourth film when things picked up, and then with the fifth, that’s when the series became a totally different beast. Fast 5 was amazing and Fast 6 reinforced the fun factor of this new series, and now we have the SEVENTH film in the series. Furious 7 is a very important film in this series, besides looking to be awesome with more-the-top action sequences and having Jason Statham added to the film, this is also the last film to feature Paul Walker. And I think a lot of fans are wondering how his character’s story will be concluded. I just hope we’ll get another great film with a good final send-off for Walker.

Child 44


Release Date: April 17th (USA & UK)

I don’t know much about this film is about, it doesn’t even have a trailer, however I am intrigued by the cast alone. I love Tom Hardy and there can never be too much Gary Oldman in anything. And then add on top of that Noomi Rapace, Vincent Cassel, Jason Clarke and I think we’re in for an interesting experience. And with a premise that sounds interesting enough, I hope that this film turns out to be good.

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Release Date: May 1st (USA), April 24th (UK)


Oh yes, this is the big one! The Avengers was one of my favourite films of 2012 and I have been eagerly anticipating the sequel ever since… And now in 2015 the film’s nearly upon us! The teaser trailer pretty much blew me away and ever since I’ve been shivering like a man on crack just waiting for my next fix. This film looks like all shit hits the fan, the Avengers all have individual struggles to take on and on top of that have to deal with Ultron, the new crazy robot wanting to destroy humans. The action looks heavy, the drama is everywhere and it looks like there are going to be crazy repercussions. I can’t wait to see Ultron, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and of course ANDY SERKIS! 😀

Mad Max: Fury Road


Release Date: May 15th (USA & UK)


I’ve been curiously watching this film from afar for so long, but it wasn’t until that last trailer when this film jumped on radar and smacked me in the face. The last trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the most hardcore trailers I have seen in quite some time. I love the cast, the story and setting looks interesting and with those crazy action sequences with car chases, explosions and massive sandstorms, I’m all over it. I want this film now.

Pitch Perfect 2


Release Date: May 15th (USA & UK)


The first film really surprised me and I found it to be one of the best musical-based experiences I’ve had in the cinema, maybe ever. I just love good singers and good acting, and Pitch Perfect had both. So when I heard there was going to be a sequel, I was dubious, but since I like the last film, I thought I’d give this sequel a chance. The trailer looks interesting, the scale is bigger, there are more music groups and Rebel Wilson looks like she’ll be just as fun as last time. I hope Elizabeth Banks’ direction work for this sequel.



Release Date: May 22nd (USA & UK)


So now we have Tomorrowland, a film that’s been shrouded in secrecy for a while and even after the trailer came out we only learn a few details about the film in terms of the story, setting and characters involved. That being said, the trailer did spark my curiosity and the fact that it’s being directed by Brad Bird, the man behind two of my favourite films (The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) automatically makes this a film worth watching.

San Andreas

San Andreas poster

Release Date: May 29th (USA & UK)


This is a film I had head about but never seen nothing about until I watched the trailer recently. It has been a while since the last disaster film, and while they are very predictable, over-the-top and quite silly, there is something about seeing the world going to shit that always draws people in, me included. This films looks like fun and I like the cast, Dwayne Johnson, great choice and look there’s Paul Giamatti and the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario, I’m down.

Jurassic World


Release Date: June 12th (USA & UK)


You know wasn’t blown away by the teaser trailer, in fact ever since it came out I’ve been in two minds about the film. On one hand we have the first Jurassic Park film in 14 years and there is a lot of potential with the cast and modern visual effects. That being said on the other hand this film could just rehash ideas from past films with nothing new being added and whatever new elements included (hybrid dinosaurs, scientists meddling with stuff they should, big theme park full of people, trained velociraptors, etc) don’t seem as exciting as they could be. I’m willing to give the film the benefit of the doubt and I PRAY that it’s good, but right now the film doesn’t give me much hope.

Inside Out


Release Date: June 19th (USA), July 24th (UK)


Okay so now we have the next Pixar film which I’m hoping will be good. Pixar for me haven’t done a truly great film since 2010 with Toy Story 3 and in recent years Disney, DreamWorks and other animation studios have been stealing their thunder. So now we have Inside Out, a film that has an interesting premise, and while the first trailer didn’t grab me, the latest trailer (as seen above), gives me a better idea of what to expect. The film seems incredible inventive, colourful, funny and true to life.

Terminator Genisys


Release Date: July 1st (USA), July 3rd (UK)


This film, boy oh boy, I really hope this film is good. The Terminator film series has never been able to rise above the first two films with a decent third film and forgettable fourth one. These days I think people are in two camps; those who want more films and those who can’t be arsed with it. I would like to see the Terminator series get back on track, but with the right amount of care and attention that Jame Cameron put into the first two films. But since that isn’t happening anytime soon, we have Alan Taylor at the helm instead with an interesting cast and a crazy variation on the basic Terminator mythology. It looks interesting for sure, but it looks so dodgy at the same time with some references to the past that a little too on-the-nose for me. But here’s hoping.



Release Date: July 10th (USA), June 26th (UK)


I’m not one of those super obsessed fans of the Despicable Me films or the Minion characters. That being said I do like the films, I think they’re fun and the Minions were definitely one of the best parts of Despicable Me 2, and with them getting their own film, I thought initially this was overkill and unnecessary, but after seeing the trailer I think it may be worth watching. The concept of the Minions being so old, surviving throughout time and trying to have leader who they don’t inadvertently kill looks hilarious. The trailer is full of humour, charm and all that good stuff that has come before. I hope this film is doesn’t kill my love for these guys.



Release Date: July 17th (USA & UK)


Now this is the next big Marvel film to break into Phrase Three and while I’m naturally excited for any new film that Marvel Studios will put out, this is the project I’m most concerned about. It has had a long time in production, last year it lost Edgar Wright (most people’s sole reason for watching the film) and the recent teaser trailer hasn’t given many much reason to be excited. However, it is Marvel Studios and if they can make Guardians of the Galaxy work, then hopefully they can do the same for this.

Alrighty then, that’s part 2 done. Thanks a lot for reading. Are any of the films listed on your personal list of films to watch? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to drop them below and I’ll see you for PART 3! Laters 😀


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