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My Beastly Jurassic Park 3D Review!

Hi people of the web, time for my review of one of my favourite films of all time, Jurassic Park… IN 3D! Now I don’t care for 3D but there was no way I was gonna miss out on seeing one of my favourite childhood films in the cinema. So today I got the chance to view it FINALLY and I can say that this film takes me on a nostalgia trip that I needed. In short Jurassic Park is still bloody awesome, obviously! ūüėõ Minor spoilers to follow…


The story in this film involves John Hammond, the founder of a park on the island of¬†Isla Nublar, where scientists have found a way to create living and breathing dinosaurs. In order to get the park signed off and ready to be exposed to the public Hammond invites a paleontologist and a paleobotanist, Hammond’s lawyer, a chaos theorist and Hammond’s grandchildren for the weekend to have a jolly old time. However chaos ensues when one of the employees (due to¬†ulterior motives) runs off and turns all the security off leaving the dinosaurs free to escape and attack people, so now it is a race for survival for all the humans to get off the island.

The story here is one that I’ve liked from the days of watching this as a child, but now I understand it so much better as a young adult. This film is really about what happens when you play god, when science and discovery can lead to dangerous places and how creating things that shouldn’t existence in our time can have some serious ramifications. But most importantly it gives us a great representation of what would happen if dinosaurs were real and all of the good and bad that comes with it. I’ve always found the story to be cool because it does have all the good scientific explanation and themes surrounding it, but it also has all the dinosaurs and action to capture the imaginations of children. While some argue that there are problems with this film, if there is I can’t see them, I guess the only thing I can nitpick is how some of the dinosaurs appear where they do without a clear way of finding out how they got there.


As for the characters they are bloody cool, funny and wonderful in some awesome and cheesy 90s ways.¬†Sam Neill¬†as¬†Dr. Alan Gran is great, he’s a man who’s fairly serious, into his work and dislikes children. And in this film he gets to see real dinosaurs after digging for years, has to deal with kids while trying to get back to Ellie and use his knowledge about dinosaurs to kept people alive.¬†Laura Dern is great and gorgeous as Dr. Ellie Sattler, she’s a very smart and ambitious lady and definitely gets some good action time too. But one of the best characters is obviously¬†Jeff Goldblum¬†as Dr. Ian Malcolm, he’s amazing! He has some of the best scenes in the film, has the best dialogue and delivers some killer monologues and I just love him and his crazy personality traits.

Richard Attenborough¬†as John Hammond is also great, you can clearly tell that he’s proud of his achievements and is a dreamer with big ideas that he wants to show the world, however he is a bit delusional and unaware of the dangers that could happen in his park and obviously has to the learn the hard way in this film. Attenborough is extremely likeable and delightful in his role. I’ve also gotta show some love for¬†Bob Peck¬†as Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden. I thought he was incredibly cautious, calm and collected and his personality makes him cool and a wonderful addition to the cast. Then there’s Martin Ferrero¬†as Donald Gennaro, his lawyer tendencies and annoying nature can make him annoying but it also makes him the subject of a lot of humour.¬†Also¬†Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello¬†as Lex and Tim Murphy are good as Hammond’s grandchildren, they are tolerable, funny and offer some very convincing performances for kid actors. And lastly¬†Wayne Knight¬†as Dennis Nedry and¬†Samuel L. Jackson¬†as Ray Arnold are bloody cool as hell and both actors have a wonderful parts in the film.

04 Jurassic-Park-Samuel-Jackson

When it comes to the presentation I can say that even after 20 years it holds up very well! This was the film that made realistic CGI dinosaurs and it still looks frigging WAY more impressive than a lot of CGI in present day films which is embarrassing on their part. While on an IMAX screen you can tell that the CGI is a little lacking in detail, it still looks incredible on a massive IMAX screen. Everything you love about the film from its action sequences to its cinematography and the individual dinosaurs look great.

This film created so many iconic scenes like:

  • The legendary¬†point when the group fly to the island by helicopter
  • The spectacular Brachiosaurus intro scene with Alan and Ellie
  • The crazy scene when the kids get attacked by the T-Rex
  • Donald Gennaro getting eaten by the T-Rex while on the toilet, classic!
  • The epic T-Rex car chase scene with Ian, Ellie and¬†Muldoon
  • The scary velociraptor kitchen scene with Lex and Tim

And its incredible that after all these years these scenes still can be so impacting, intense and scary. Oh and by the way this film has some of the best post-converted 3D I’ve ever seen! The depth of field and use of the third dimension is better here than most films today that have it especially the ones shot in 3D!

jurassic-park-3d jurassic-park-image-4

The audio is frigging beastly in IMAX, so loud, epic and freaky with those crazy speakers! As for the soundtrack by John Williams, do I even have to say how good it is? IT’S JOHN FRIGGING WILLIAMS! This man is one of the gods when it comes to film scores and this has to be my favourite one of his and probably one of all-time my favourite film soundtracks in existence! I know all the themes and all the music cues and every time I hear it I get shivers down my spine because the tunes are so powerful, dramatic and touching, I LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK, so much so that I actually shed tears! Yeah I bloody shed tears of joy because of this badass film score! ūüėõ


In conclusion even after so many years Jurassic Park¬†was and still is one of the best films I’ll know in this life or the next. Is it wrong that this is my favourite film of the year and it’s from 1993? Man, that is saying something about the quality of films this year haha. Even after all these years the film is still awesome¬†and¬†in IMAX it just adds to the awesomeness but 10x! Everything about the film is badass and beyond words, it made me feel like a kid all over again! If you haven’t gotten around to doing already go out and see this in the cinema while there’s still time or just get it on Blu-ray or DVD, its one of those films that everyone has to see at least once in their lifetime! ūüôā

Rating 10/10 (This film is just to special to me not to give perfect rating, it’s THAT good!)

So what did you lot think of Jurassic Park? If you’re an old school fan does the film still hold up for you or if you’re one of those crazy people on just seeing this film for the first time what did of think of it? Drop me your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review! ūüėÄ


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