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Howdy people, it is review time again and today I’m going to be talking about Warcraft! Now I have to say my excitement for this film has been in the ‘cautiously optimistic’ department as the trailers were decent, but did not get me super hyped like other 2016 films that have come out so far, and with the mixed reception it’s gotten recently I really was worried. But since I saw it a few hours ago I can share my thoughts here with you lovely people. 🙂


So the story can be described as the following:

“The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home”

The story of Warcraft, when you strip away the spectacle and law, is a simple one. It is about two worlds colliding and two strong individuals on both sides trying to do their best to sort out the larger problem without too much chaos and bloodshed. This is a familiar tale, and for the most part it worked, but there were some issues. Firstly, Warcraft has the same issue that John Carter and Green Lantern had in the sense that this film has a lot of law and mythology to set up, and a lot of the time feeds you tons of information but there isn’t enough time to digest and understand it. And for me this lead to me forgetting certain character names and locations, and even though there was narration to explain some details, I felt like just a bit more exposition would have helped the narrative. Secondly the pacing was a little off, like I said before there’s a lot of info to take in, and it didn’t help that the film moved from scene to scene so quickly and didn’t give you enough time to settle into the world especially in the beginning, but then later on some moments went on a little too long. And finally some of the character motivations and arcs felt lacking in depth and needed a bit more meat to them in order for us to connect them. That being said, when the story worked there was a lot of interesting moments full of drama, tension and good world-building.


In terms of the cast they were good, but there were some that stood out more than others. Travis Fimmel did well as Sir Anduin Lothar, even though he didn’t differentiate himself much from what I’ve seen in Vikings. He was charming and very chilled out and was one of the most engaging human characters. Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar was initially kind of annoying and silly, but he eventually grew on me. Ben Foster played one of the more intriguing characters as Medivh and it was interesting to see how his arc played out in the film, while Dominic Cooper was valiant and strong as King Llane Wrynn, and Ruth Negga was good but underutilized as Lady Taria Wrynn. Paula Patton was fine as Garona, but I felt like she needed a bit more personality and development. Toby Kebbell did really well as Durotan, he had the strongest and most engaging arc in the film being courageous yet conflicted. Robert Kazinsky was also pretty good as Orgrim Doomhammer and Daniel Wu was pretty solid as Gul’dan.


When it comes to the presentation the film was solid. Visually it was nice, the CGI was handled well especially with the cinematic shots of the  landscape and the detail in the shots orc models as well. Otherwise the visual effects varied between looking good to not bad with some dips in detail during some of the action sequences. And the film score by Ramin Djawadi certainly had its moments where it elevated the action on-screen, however it wasn’t as impactful as some of Djawadi’s previous material.


In conclusion Warcraft wasn’t bad, it was an interesting film with a great fantasy world, nice mythology and cool action sequences. However the characters and story weren’t nearly as engaging as I had hoped. I would have liked something in the vain of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy for this film, and I know that LOTR was based on a very strong book series as opposed to the Warcraft game series, but with the right creative team you can make anything work, and this film was handled as well as it could have been with Duncan Jones at the helm, but the story material wasn’t strong enough.

Rating: 6.5/10

So have you seen Warcraft and if so what did you think of it? Please leave your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Howdy people, got a new review for ya and last night I finally get to talk about The Nice Guys, woo! 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d mentioned this in a previous blog post, but this film was/should have been in my top 11 most anticipated films of 2016 and after seeing all the trailers my hype levels were super high. So how’d the film turn out? Well read on and find out! 😀


So the story can be described as the following:

“A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.”

So the story for this film was very interesting. This is a tale of humour, death and conspiracy and it comes together in a very Shane Black manner. While anyone can watch this film, it definitely works better for fans of Black’s work, and for those not satisfied with Iron Man 3 and wanted a little more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this film was certainly more in line with the latter with a tone, script and a type of humour that was swift, mature, blunt and continuous. I am not going to lie, it took a little while to get into this story, and that’s not to say that it wasn’t engaging but I thought the story would hook me in a different way. Also some of the humour wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped, maybe it was the timing or the fact that a lot of the best gags were in the trailers, but that’s just from what I observed. However there’s a point when the story shifts gears and got even crazier and more ridiculous than before, and the final act literally just had me laughing and enjoying myself so much!


In terms of the cast they were really good. This kind of film successes of fails on the performance of the leads and luckily Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling do well as enforcer Jackson Healy and private detective Holland March. These two were an unlikely pairing with Crowe being the no-nonsense tough guy and the Gosling being the humourous, silly and hyperactive guy. Individually they were cool and well-rounded, but it was when they got together when the magic happened with Healy and March having the best comedic pairing I’ve seen in a while due to their different personalities and approaches to work. A nice surprise came in the form of Angourie Rice as Holly March who was so delightful, smart and resource, Rice had a great screen presence and held her own well against the other main actors. Matt Bomer was great as John Boy, I also liked Margaret Qualley as Amelia Kutner, Keith David’s appearance as Older Guy was very welcome and memorable and finally Kim Basinger had a very interesting role as Judith Kutner. Oh and I also really enjoyed the visual style of the film and the 70’s influenced soundtrack crafted by David Buckley and John Ottman.


In conclusion The Nice Guys was a good film. It was a lot of fun to watch as the story unfolded and the madness escalated, and while the humour and story was a little uneven for my liking, when this film hits, it hits hard and I would recommend it especially for those who are fans of Shane Black’s style of films.

Rating: 7.5/10

So have you seen The Nice Guys and if so what did you think of it? Please leave your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Survive the storm in this Noah Review

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, time for a new film review and today’s review will be on Noah, the new take on the classic Bible story directed by Darren Aronofsky. Now I’ve been waiting to see this film for a while just because of Aronofsky’s attachment to this film as the director, however the trailers didn’t really wow me so my expectations were set fairly low before seeing it. So how did the film fare in the end? Well read on and find out.


The story for the film is described as the following:

“A man is chosen by his world’s creator to undertake a momentous mission to rescue the innocent before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the wicked from the world.”

So the story we are presented with in this film is certainly familiar and all the main elements from the original Bible story are intact, but this film goes in a totally different direction by taking things into a much darker territory with a heavy focus on the corruption of mankind, the moral and ethical choices we make as human beings and see how a higher power can control the way people think. The film does take a while to find its feet as there were people in the cinema falling asleep in the first 30-60 minutes, I can also say that I was one of the people drifting off a bit because as interesting as all the dialogue and character moments were, it just felt dull and needed to pick up the pace. I also didn’t expect the film to go on as long as it did, the film really could have shaved some minutes off of the run time and taken some of the story elements out in places that I won’t spoil in this review.


As for the cast they are all really good with some standing out more so than others. Russell Crowe as Noah was awesome and I think this was his best role in a long time. Crowe plays a character who has a strong believe in the creator’s plan for the world, the creator communicates with him through different means whether they be actions good or bad, he trusts in the creators plan and that’s what makes his character so interesting. Noah is a man who is strong-willed, loves his family and will do what it takes to survive, however when the creator tells him what he must do, Noah follows orders to the point where he has to make some very hard and downright mad decisions that make you question where is moral compass is. Crowe plays this character brilliantly offering moments of intense anger, but also moments of subtly and emotion that was really believable. Jennifer Connelly as Naameh was also good as Noah’s wife. Naameh is a very strong female character, she is loyal to Noah and his cause, but does speak her mind and isn’t a throwaway background character which she could have easily become. Oh and Ray Winstone as Tubal-cain, Noah’s nemesis is incredible. Tubal-cain is one of the misguided, dangerous and corrupt members of the human race who wishes to survive the destruction of the planet by taking Noah’s ark with his merry band of dodgy individuals. Winstone is amazing, he brings such a great presence to the screen and is very intense in his acting abilities which makes him come across as a very scary guy.

noah-image01 noah08

Emma Watson is amazing as Ila, Noah’s daughter-in-law and Shem’s wife. This character goes through a lot both as a childhood and in her older years, has personal problems that affect her constantly, but she does have a devotion to Noah and his family too. Watson sure has come a long way as an actress as she is emotionally versatile, engaging and beautiful in this film. Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, he was great. Like in many films he ends up being the all-knowing old person who gives the characters in the film as well as the audience information about history and what potentially will happen in the future. Hopkins is just as good as he is in all of his films, but there is a small funny aspect to his character that made him especially entertaining. Logan Lerman is pretty good as Ham, Noah’s second oldest son. This son was perceptive, he did question some of his father’s decisions and had his own wants and needs and that made for some interesting scenarios, though I didn’t find his character as engaging as others. And lastly Douglas Booth as Shem, Noah’s oldest son is pretty good too.

When it comes to the presentation it is very good. Visually the film is incredible, it has a very unique, vivid and colourful look from the landscapes to the sky to the dream sequences, it all has such a great sense of scope and beauty to it. There is also a lot of violence in this film which was really unexpected and the film doesn’t shy aware from it by giving you some very awful, frightening and gruesome imagery. I got this sense of a heightened reality from the way this film looked too. As for the soundtrack I really liked it, Clint Mansell’s score is very dramatic and has some really special moments where it stand out in the emotional character moments.


In conclusion Noah is a powerful, dramatic and visually distinctive film that takes the classic tale from the Bible and makes turns it a film of epic proportions. While it is a bit on the long side and takes a little while to find its groove, when it does get going it is really entertaining in an unexpected kind of way. I would say go out to the cinema and check this film out, it is a very different kind of Bible adaptation.

Rating: 8/10 (A very deep, dark and visually)

So what did you think of Noah? Have you seen it or are you gonna watch it? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo.


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The Man With The Iron Fists Review

Howdy ladies and gents, time for an unexpected film review. Now The Man With The Iron Fists was a film I wanted to see back when it came out in the cinema, but skipped it once I heard the bad reviews comes in. Ever since I’ve been curious just see what it was about, so I just finished it a little while ago and I have to report that it was not a joyful experience.

The story of the film can be described as the following:

“On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers.”

This story had potential and some interesting ideas but the execution is bad, silly, and downright unwatchable at times. I’m not sure if it is meant to be taken seriously or not, either way it fails on both fronts. I can see that RZA was heavily influenced about martial arts films of the past and really wanted to emulate those features in the story, fight scenes and presentation, however it comes across as messy affair. A lot of stuff happens in the film through lengthy exposition, choppy pacing and some things that happen with certain characters that don’t amount to anything. The blacksmith’s backstory especially comes out of left field and feels out-of-place in regard to the rest of the setting and plot and if it had been introduced early I think it would have had more impactful. It also doesn’t help that the film is INCREDIBLY boring at times with times where I was struggling to pay attention to what was going on. If this film was more along the lines of Kung-Fu Hustle then I believe it would have fared better.

APphoto_Film Review The Man with the Iron Fists

When it comes to the cast they’re alright, but some are better than others. RZA as the unnamed Blacksmith was pretty bad, no offence to him but he’s no actor. When he talks his voice is a bit too low which makes him sound like he’s mumbling, plus he just doesn’t have the kind of screen presence or aura that feels like a main character who is meant to carry the role of a main character. Rick Yune as Zen-Yi, The X-Blade was good and I liked him even though there wasn’t as much of him as I would have liked. Russell Crowe is probably the best person in the film as Jack Knife, at first I wasnt overly keen on him because of the random and mysterious nature of his personality and random appearance in China, but then the character grew on me because Crowe committed to the role with style and humour. Lucy Liu as Madam Blossom was nice, Liu is beautiful, but her character is also very smart and aggressive and Liu handled her material well but I felt like she was underutilized.

David Bautista as Brass Body was alright, I mean he was charismatic and funny, but also pretty absurd, silly and didn’t talk that much. I’m glad that this wasn’t my first film with Bautista in it, he fared better in Riddick in my opinion. Jamie Chung as Lady Silk was pretty pointless and while she served a purpose, I didn’t care much for her, at least she was pretty though. Byron Mann as Silver Lion was great and besides Crowe looked like he was having the most fun with his role. Silver Lion is humourous, arrogant and a bit of prick, but these are the features that make him cool. As for Cung Le as Bronze Lion, I don’t really remember much about him.


As for the presentation, I liked be lying if I said that this department wasn’t my favourite part. I love martial films, I live for the beautiful choreography and well-shot action and this film has that but it’s not consistent. Some of the action sequences is great, with a lot of action going on and death and violence going down, but the problem is that the style goes from being serious to kind of silly and funny, plus it tries to imitate kung-fu films from the 70’s and 80’s that have a more comedic style, especially with the wire work, but that kind of style worked for the time period, but here it looks awkward and becomes distracting. The soundtrack RZA and Howard Drossin is alright and has some decent moments, but it felt a bit full-on with the hip-hop and not subtle at all. I would have prefered what RZA did with Afro Samurai.

the-man-the-iron-fists-still08 man-with-the-iron-fists-img09

So to conclude The Man With The Iron Fists is a film that has good intentions but fails to be very interesting. The fight scenes are pretty decent at points, but because of its uneven tone and over-the-top nature it is hard to take seriously or even enjoy as one of those “so-bad-its-good” kind of films. This is not a film I recommend even if you’re a fan of martial arts films, it’s just a bit too silly and there are much better films you could be watching.

Rating: 5/10 (A dull film with some decent spectacle on occasion)

So have you seen The Man With The Iron Fists and if so what did you make of it? Be sure to leave your comments below and I’ll see ya one the next review yo! 😀


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Man of Steel Video Review


Alrighty then well Man of Steel is out and I’ve already done my written review a little while ago. But in case you’re not keen on reading I’ve done a video review for you lot to have a look at if you’re interested. Please check it out as I would like a few more views please! 🙂

Here’s the link below:

So what did you think of Man of Steel? Do you agree with me or think I am mental for my score? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya one the next film review yo! 😀

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Man of Steel Review

Okay then, now it’s time review what is probably the biggest film of the year, Man of Steel. There has been a lot of hype and marketing promotions going around to make sue that people know that this film is coming out. It has been suggested many moons ago that this would be the film of the year. So now that I’ve seen it, is Man of Steel the triumphant return of Superman? Well I can say that this is finest Superman film that’s come to exist since the original 1978 film.

The premise for this film is as follows:

“Clark Kent is a humanoid alien who after being transported to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton, was adopted as a child by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Raised with the values of his adoptive parents, he feels alienated because of his unique super powers and struggles to find his own place in life. When the world is attacked, he becomes the hero named Superman to protect Earth and its people.”

The story in this film definitely was different. In comparison to the previous Superman films it is a lot more serious, realistic and modernized from the original source material. We get to see more of Krypton, learn Zod and his crew and have more for Superman do too. The film’s overall narrative works though it doesn’t always feel cohesive at points. This film finds a way to tells Clark’s story through flashbacks and for the most part it works, though sometimes it doesn’t work as effectively. In truth I found the first half of the film not as interesting as the second half, some points just felt like they dragged or didn’t properly connect, but eventually the film finds its feet and gets really cool especially towards the end.

Also for those who have seen Superman 1 & 2, you’ll notice the similarities to the previous films and how some of these story elements or characters have been updated/changed for this film. Some of it works a lot better in this film whereas some of it works in the classic films instead. I can’t go into spoilers so watch the film and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.


When it comes to the characters of the film the cast do a great job of bringing these characters to life.

Let’s start with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El (he has many names lol). Cavill shows that he has true star power as he gives us probably our best version of Superman. I like how this version of the character is conflicted, isolated and a little more serious and had a good sense of justice too. I guess my only nitpick would be that Cavill was a little too serious and wasn’t too jolly and that’s something I missed from the Reeve version of the character. Then there’s Amy Adams as Lois Lane, I like Adams as an actress and I thought she was good in the film, all I need to say really. Now to talk about Michael Shannon as General Zod. I really was looking forward to seeing Shannon in this film because I’m a massive fa of his and while he was good in the film, I guess he wasn’t as epic as I thought he’d be (believe me he can be even more intense than this.

man_of_steel_20130523_1492766470 man_of_steel_20130523_1782285049

Russell Crowe as Jor-El was definitely different and had a more active role than Marlon Brando back in the old films, I did like this version of the character Crowe did it was cool. Also Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent were awesome, I loved their portrayals of the characters, they were active in Clark’s life and offered some great advice and life lessons for him and I felt like this was the best version of the characters I’ve seen so far. Laurence Fishburne was as Perry White but I wish I’d seen much more of him. Antje Traue as Faora, one of Zod’s followers, she was pretty badass in the film but I didn’t really care for her character as much as Superman and Zod. And lastly Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van was lovely as Kal-El’s mother, she had a much more active role than the actress in the first film and I liked how this film made her feel a lot more relevant.

man_of_steel_20130523_1396386160 MAN OF STEEL

When it comes to the presentation I can easily say that it’s the BEST aspect of the film. This film looks amazing, the cinematography is great, the look and style of the film was nice and the CGI was great. The visual feats crafted in this film was nothing short of amazing. This film finally gave us a film where Superman looks and feels like Superman. His powers were beastly and really came to life in this film in ways the previous films couldn’t do (like Superman’s laser eyes, they were perfect in this film). Plus we get to see Superman fight people IN ACTUAL COMBAT AND IT WAS BADASS. The scenes were intense, epic in scale and great to watch. As for the soundtrack, it was handled by the brilliant Hans Zimmer and I really liked it. Obviously it was a tough challenge to follow-up the iconic score and themes created by John Williams, but Zimmer does a great job at giving us some beautiful and dramatic that sometimes sounds similar to Inception on occasions too.


In conclusion Man of Steel wasn’t a disappointment by any means, I guess I just expected more because of the critics who hyped this film up to the heavens. I had absurdly high expectations and I guess some of them weren’t met. That being said, Man of Steel is the definitely a good modernized and dramatic take on the classic character and its also most action-packed DC film I’ve seen for a while now. While I’ll probably have to see the film again before I can truly tell whether I love it or not, most people will fall in love with it straight away. Go check this film out, it’s finally a Superman film that works in the present realm of superhero films.

Rating: 7/10 (The most epic Superman film that’s come into existence)

So what did you think of Man of Steel? Did it met your expectations or were you let down? Do you agree with me or think I am mental for my score? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya one the next film review yo! 😀


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My Big Les MisĂ©rables Review!

Okay so now we have Les MisĂ©rables, a musical. Now I’m gonna level with you guys, I’m not really into musicals. Besides animated Disney films from the late 90s onwards and the 1997 live-action version of Cinderella I don’t really care for them as a genre of film. So when I saw the trailer for this film I was like “Damn, I dunno if I could handle all that singing yo.” But for the sake of Hugh Jackman and all the good reviews I heard about it, I decided to give Les MisĂ©rables a chance. So was it good film that hit all the right notes or was it out of pitch? Read on and find out my opinion.

So the story of Les MisĂ©rables tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who becomes mayor of a town in France. Soon exposed, Valjean agrees to take care of Cosette, the illegitimate daughter of the dying Fantine, but as a fugitive must also avoid being captured again by police inspector Javert. While the film is mainly Jaen Valjean’s story, you also have Javert, Fantine, Cosette and Marius too, and I found it interesting to see how all of these individual stories converge and intersect with each other. Of the stories in the film I really liked Jean Valjean and Fantine because they were the most dramatic and interesting for me, though if I had to mention one other it’d be Javert. I also really liked the themes of love, grief, redemption and getting second chances.

As for the characters of Les MisĂ©rables they’re all pretty good. So let’s start with Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, he was awesome. I knew Jackman was gonna be great in this role but he really did do great as this man on a road of redemption and change after 19 years of imprisonment. His life is a constant battle with his years in prison, then going on the run from the law and then having to take care of Cosette too, he’s got a lot on his plate and you can appreciate how he tries to turn his life around. I loved Valjean’s story, I found it to be the most engaging and interesting of all of the characters in the film. I also find it incredible to see the visual transformation that Valjean goes through over the course of the film, with all three stages of his life looking very distinctive and believable.

Russell Crowe stars as Javert was actually really awesome, though probably not for all the right reasons. Javert is this police inspector who’s proper got it out Valjean and wants to put him back in, Javert is very determined and I’ll give him that but he is a bit of prick though. Crowe plays the role well but when it comes to his singing, damn, let’s just say when compared to everyone else he doesn’t hold up so well. But some of the scenes he’s in just become funny and I found myself enjoying Crowe’s performance a lot just for the fact that it made me laugh (I know that’s bad, but hey that’s life lol).

Anne Hathaway was a really big surprise as Fantine. To be honest I’ve never really been keen on Hathaway as an actress until Chris Nolan showed me she can be awesome in The Dark Knight Rises and this is probably the best performance of her career yo. Fantine is a struggling factory worker and mother of an illegitimate child, Cosette, who is then kept by the ThĂ©nardiers. I never knew her story was going to be so integral to some of the other characters in this film, Fantine’s story is just tragic, painful and sad and Hathaway handles the role very well and her singing skills were impressive which surprised me greatly.

Amanda Seyfried as Cosette was nice. Seyfried had a nice singing voice and her character was interesting as she grew up hidden away from the world because of Valjean constantly having to be on the move to elude the authorities. Cosette was the only character who was innocent and free of all the drama going on around her besides of course when she gets the hots for Marius. But to be honest I wasn’t really keen on Cosette once her character started to develop feelings for Marius, I felt it really was just out of the blue and when those guys were lovey-dovey I couldn’t care for it. Now I’m not against love stories, I love them when they’re believable and done right, but this one seemed to materialize out of a glance and a stare. Oh and I also wanted to give a shout out to Isabelle Allen who plays the young Cosette, she was very good and for some reason I preferred this version of the character to the older one.

Eddie Redmayne was very good as Marius Pontmercy. I was watching him closely because he was one of the first actors in running for the role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and luckily in this film he was pretty good. He also has a good singing voice which I didn’t expect to be so deep too. I thought Marius had an interesting story as revolutionary, but his love story with Cosette just takes I didn’t really care for. I feel after that point his character became unfocused, I mean I can understand he has an infatuation with Cosette, but how can be so blind to Éponine’s feelings and not pay attention to his revolutionary buddies when they need him the most. I just didn’t like that about his character.

One of the best performances came from Samantha Barks as Éponine. For her film debut I thought she was lovely, Éponine story starts out alright as the ThĂ©nardiers’ destitute daughter, but eventually when she grows up many things change and her story becomes so sad, dramatic and you can really relate to her character. It is some truly heart-breaking stuff and I thought Barks’ performance was grand.

As for Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen as the ThĂ©nardiers who are these swindling innkeepers I didn’t like them very much. They were just annoying and by their final appearance the film I just wanted them to disappear. I expecting a lot better from these two especially Helena Bonham Carter who is one of my favourite actresses, in this film both Bonham Carter and Baron Cohen just act like clownish, cartoon-like characters who have some partially funny scenes but are ultimately forgettable when compared to the rest of the cast.

The presentation of the film is very powerful both musically and visually. The visuals are pretty damn impressive with the amazing locations and sets and the use of special effects too. Musically the soundtrack is really good with a great presence from start to finish; some of these songs are big, loud productions that really amplify the atmosphere and the scenes they’re used in. Those are normally the massive group songs that are song by many people and it is those ones in particular that I enjoyed the most. While the softer more delicate songs lend themselves well to scenes involving single characters or couples. Even though I’ve never really watched the play of this film, I did recognize some of the songs and at certain points in the film I even found myself enjoying the music quite a lot.

In conclusion was pretty good film and wasn’t nearly as unbearable as I thought it would be. There is some great performance to be found from the cast, the visual flair of the film is definitely elaborate and grand, and the music is very enjoyable too. As a person who usually isn’t into musicals I found myself enjoying this one quite a bit surprisingly. While the film is a little on the long side I’d still recommend it! 🙂

Rating: 8/10

Well there’s my review people, damn that’s the longest one for a while now haha. So what did you think Les MisĂ©rables? Whatever your thoughts drop them below in the comments section and I’ll see ya on the next review! 😀


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