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RoboCop (2014) Review

So here we are in 2014 with the remake/reboot of RoboCop, a film that a lot of people haven’t been looking forward to. From the time the set pictures showed up with the new suit loads of fans freaked out in disgust. However since the trailers showed up, it’s changed some people’s opinions. Now I’ve bashed almost everything to do with this film prior to its release, but something told me I’d end up watching it for a review at some point. So is this film worth a watch or was this franchise better left off in the 80’s? Read on and find out!

The story is not necessarily new and those who are old enough to remember the original film know what the deal is, but for those not in the know he is a quick summary:

“In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.”

Even though things were changed, the story is very similar to the original 1987 film, and for what it is the story here is decent. The film basically takes the original source material and mixes up a few things, it really is a modern re-telling of the 80’s film and that has advantages and disadvantages. When it works, the film feels modern, interesting and the aspect that stood out the most was the tampering of human life and what it means to be human or a machine. But the disadvantages include the fact that this film also lacks the originality, over-the-violence and 80’s charisma that made the original it so fun. Also, the new focus on the human aspects of Alex Murphy especially when it comes to his family had too much focus, it just felt boring and any time the wife and kid were involved the film lost my interest and the pacing slowed down. All that being said, the film does have heart, good action, moral dilemmas and deception on both sides of the law.


As for the cast, they’re decent however the characters are a mixed bag with some solid people and some not so good ones. Joel Kinnaman does an okay job Alex Murphy, he’s a likeable enough person, if a bit bland, only after he become RoboCop does he become more interesting and even then it takes Kinnaman a little while to find his groove as the new cyborg, but when he’s serious and kicking ass he’s actually cool. Someone who is not boring is Gary Oldman who is awesome as Dr. Dennett Norton. In my opinion Oldman was the best character in this film. Norton is a scientist who clearly wishes to use his work for good, but when it comes to crafting RoboCop he is faced with a moral dilemma and from there he has to try balance the line between doing his role at OmniCorp and moral and ethical implications of his actions. He really is the Dr. Frankenstein of this film and I liked that complex they created for him. Another good performance comes Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars, he is actively trying to get the robot in America ban reversed and trying to change public opinion with RoboCop. He is a man who has a way with words, he’s smart and yet crafty at the same time.

robocop02 robocop04

Not to be overlooked, Samuel L. Jackson as Patrick “Pat” Novak is amazing. Pat is the host of a notable TV show and he is very strong-willed, opinionated, charismatic and funny, and this role is really elevated thanks to the greatness that is Sam Jackson. There is one great moment with Jackson that channels his performance from Snakes On A Plane to great effect. Abbie Cornish was the weakest link as Clara Murphy (well besides the kid, no offence but I didn’t buy his performance at all). As Alex’s wife, Cornish just slowed down the film and while I understood her emotional scenes, I didn’t buy her acting like everyone else. Jackie Earle Haley was interesting, cool and funny as Rick Mattox. Michael K. Williams was cool as Alex’s former partner as Jack Lewis, Williams puts on his badass act and has some moments of humour too. Jennifer Ehle as Liz Kline and Jay Baruchel as Tom Pope are pretty good too, I especially liked the humour that came from Baruchel’s character.

When it comes to the presentation it is pretty good, the action sequences are good and were a little more inventive and aggressive than I thought they’d be, though nothing here was overly unique or memorable like the current set of superhero films that own the action genre when it come to creating memorable action set-pieces.


In conclusion RoboCop, as much as I hate to say it wasn’t that bad. I really wanted to leave the film saying I hated it, but I can’t deny that there were elements I did enjoy. The film still doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but it is one of the better reboots of recent years. If you need any more convincing let me leave you with this, I’ll take this film over the 2012 Total Recall remake any day.

Rating: 7/10 (I don’t give this rating lightly, but it was actually goof)

So what did you think of RoboCop? Did you think it was good or bad and how do you think it fared when compared to the original? Whatever your thoughts are drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀


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Upcoming reviews for tomorrow

Good evening people on the internet, hope you are all having a decent weekend. Just thought I’d do a quick blog update about the film reviews I’ll be doing for tomorrow.

Today I went to the cinema for a filthy film triple and luckily it was a good session with me seeing The Lego Movie first, then RoboCop and lastly Dallas Buyers Club. I would have posted the reviews tonight but since I’m feeling a bit tired and am running out of time for today I’ll put up the three reviews tomorrow instead.


Be prepared for these reviews yo!

Now I dunno if I’ll be doing many updates like this in the future but I just thought I’d try it out anyway and see how it goes. Until tomorrow, laters! 😀

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Films To Look Out For In 2014 Part 1

Howdy to you ladies and gentlemen of the north, south, east and west and welcome to the first part of a special series of blog posts. 2014 looks like it’ll be a good year for films and there is a lot to look to look forward to and since I did it last year, I feel like it is my duty to share with you my list of Films to look out for in 2014! I will basically be listing a number of films that you should keep your eyes on over the course of the year. Obviously a lot films come out, so if they’re not only my list it’s either because I don’t know about them or I don’t care… Oh and one last thing, 2013 films getting their UK releases this year don’t count! 😛

Alrighty then, let’s start 😀

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Release Date: January 17th (USA), 24th (UK)


I’ve been following this film since the first trailer came out and I’m excited and curious to see if this film will be good or not. It is established to main franchise of films (of which I’ve never seen) and it is a reboot so it has a lot to live up to. All I know is Kenneth Branagh is directing who I really like Chris Pine is cool and I want to see him excel in a main role that’s not related to Star Trek. If this film works then I’ll be happy.

The Lego Movie

Release Date: February 7th (USA), 14th (UK)


To be honest before around a month or 2 ago I had no interest in this film whatsoever. I just saw this film as another addition to the endless amount of Lego stuff that exists in the world right now. But then I saw the trailer in the cinema and to my surprise it looked pretty interesting. Unlike the video games and some of the previous animated films it is in a stop motion style of animation, plus there is some creative visual imagery, some funny dialogue and an impressive voice cast. However I’m cautiously optimistic because I feel like this could just be a silly kids film with unnecessary and silly pop culture references, but I guess we’ll see in February right?

The Monuments Men

Release Date: February 7th (USA), 21st (UK)


I only saw the trailer for this a few little earlier this week when I went to the cinema and after I watched it I thought it looked really good, so it definitely has my interest. The cast looks great and the story seems like it’ll be an interesting watch with a good balance between drama and humour.

RoboCop (2014)

Release Date: February 12th (USA), 7th (UK)


Now I have ranted/hated on this film since the set pictures were released many moons ago, however the trailers had slightly, ever so SLIGHTLY caught my attention. I’m a massive fan of the first 1987 film and I don’t believe a reboot/remake is necessary, however it’s happening, so I’m just gonna check it out for the sake of my curiosity. I’m just saying now I’m not expecting much.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Release Date: March 7th (USA), February 7th (UK)


This is another one of those films I knew nothing about until I went to the cinema and saw the trailer before seeing Frozen last year. The concept behind the film seems enticing enough and I love time travel and when it gets tampered with so there’s that, I just hope that this is a good Dreamworks film and not another one of those sub par animated films because we already get enough of those these days (I’m looking at you Planes).

Need For Speed

Release Date: March 14th (USA & UK)


Even though I MUCH PREFER the first trailer for this film because the tone, visual imagery and music which was much more dramatic and effective, this trailer does show off more of the story, character motives and car chases. Besides the fact that the cinematography for these car chases look incredible and I wanna see a good adaptation of the NFS video games, the only other thing that makes this worth watching is Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. 🙂 I really want this film to kick ass, please god make it happen.


Release Date: March 28th (USA & UK)


Any film with Darren Aronofsky involved is worthy of my time. His films always tend to be very visual, deeply disturbing and emotional and they affect me in ways that not many other films can which is a good and bad thing. Anyways this trailer looks insane. I mean anyone who’s catholic or remotely knows about religion will know the story of Noah and his ark that he built, but this is taking the story in such a crazy, bold and interesting direction. I see drama, chaos, war and a fight for survival. Beautiful things, I hope that this’ll be another win for Aronofsky.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Release Date: March 28th (USA)



I heard so much about the first film when it dropped back in 2012 and I was really gutted I never got around to seeing it considering all th praise that it got. So the fact that it’s getting a sequel must a good thing right? Well by the time of this film’s release I would have seen the first film and be ready for this one (Yeah I still haven’t seen The Raid but I will soon, I promise lol). I this gets a UK date soon (because IMDB isn’t listing one right now 😦 lame!)

Okay well that’s it for part one with the films from now until the end of March. I know, it’s a short list right? But you know that I’m only saving the better stuff for future parts so be sure swing by again very soon for part 2! 😀

P.S. What do you think of the list? Also is there any films you think I’ve left out? Feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap. Until the next time laters! 😀


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RoboCop (Reboot) Trailer #2 Review

Okay then, its trailer review time once again and today we’re gonna be talking about the second trailer for 2014’s RoboCop. Now I’ve actively stated before the first trailer that I didn’t want this film to come out and I wasn’t keen on the idea of a reboot at all considering how much fun the original was, but I was kind of surprised by the first trailer and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. That being said, I still wasn’t excited for the film at all. So now have a new trailer to watch, is it better than the last? Read on and find out my thoughts.

But first, check out the new trailer below:

Well this review is gonna be short, in truth this trailer is better than the last, but I’m still not excited for this film at all. As I said before this trailer is better than the last, I just think it was a lot better in pace, it had a better tone to it and I think it showed a bit more of its own identity in relation to original 1980’s film. Samuel L. Jackson was my favourite part of the trailer, his opening speech is cool and I think it really helps clarify a few things about the what the status of world is like in that future in the film. I also think its interesting how robots are being used as security in the future and stuff like that. But other than that I’m just seeing a RoboCop that’s black (still not keen on the colour change), scenes of action that don’t have anything really unique or exciting about them and story elements that might be interesting but seem a bit cliché.

I hate to sound so negative and cynical but I just don’t really care for this film. I’m not getting any “WOW” factor from this trailer or the last, so forgive me if I don’t fall in love with this film prior to seeing it. Now one thing I will always remember is that Dredd had absolutely terrible trailers but it ended up being pretty fun, so I’m not ruling this film out yet.


In conclusion RoboCop is definitely looking better and I’m sure I’ll watch it just to see how it fares to the original, but as of this moment in time, this film has yet to do anything that makes me overly excited for it and when you put it up against a lot of the other big films in 2014 it doesn’t really stand out that well. But hey if it turns out to be awesome then I’ll gladly eat my words.

So what do you think of the second RoboCop trailer? Are you more excited for the film than before or do you just not care? Whatever your thoughts drop them before and I’ll see ya later. 🙂


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RoboCop (Reboot) Trailer #1 Review

Alrighty then! Its trailer review time once again and today’s review is one I have been dreading for a while now… It’s the trailer for RoboCop… THE REBOOT! Now I have actively hated on this film ever since those set pictures came online of that ugly ass suit that was gonna be in the film. I hated it then and I still hate it now, but I thought just out of curiosity I’ve given the trailer a watch and what followed was not what I was expecting at all.

Check out the trailer below:

Damn. Well this trailer surprised me, it actually looks pretty interesting and a lot better than I thought it would me. That being said I still have some problems with it. So let’s start with the good stuff. Firstly THE GREY SUIT RETURNS! That was the first big winning point for me, while the suit’s definitely had some remodeling I am so glad to see it in this film and it looks nice and moves pretty well too. Secondly SAMUEL L. JACKSON! Any time this man is in a film it is worth my time because the dude is awesome and he looks so crazy awesome in this film, one person said he looked like James Brown and now I can’t get that thought out of my head haha. 😛 I also like how RoboCop is aware that he’s been changed and goes to attack his creator kind of like a Frankenstein incident. And lastly the appearance of ED 209 in its new form is a welcomed addition and I hope we get to see it shoot the hell out of someone in this film like the first one!

So what don’t I like about this trailer? Well firstly I still don’t like that black suit design, you can try and convince me all you want but it still looks dreadful when compared to the grey and black one. Sure it looks better in movement, but it’s just too plain and lacking in flair. Why Michael Keaton did you have to make it black! You’re not Batman anymore, stop it! Then there’s the way that Alex Murphy becomes RoboCop, in the original the guy was beaten to death and had his body dismembered by some street thugs, whereas here he just gets his car blown up in front of him. Now Jeremy Jahns highlights in his review that this new interpretation doesn’t feel as strong as the previous film and I’m incline to agree. I think this new film is missing a bit of that personal and gritty nature that came with the original film. Also I’m sensing an overuse of CGI too, now I know that visual effects are used to create things we wouldn’t be able to do in the real world, but there is an art to it and it can easily be done wrong when not worked on properly. I think some of the CGI looks a bit too fake and over-the-top, but as long as it’s not overused and still has room for practical effects then I’ll be cool.


So to conclude I have to say that this trailer actually has me interested and to some degree intrigued as to how this new RoboCop film will play out. I’m not saying that I still don’t have my fears about the film, I think that right now this film has gone from something I wouldn’t give the time of day to something I’ll actually give a chance to. Only time will tell whether this reboot was a necessary one or not.


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RoboCop Delayed Until February 2014. Good.

Normally I wouldn’t blog about something so small, but the production of the RoboCop reboot has been something I’ve been watching from afar and now I feel like I should say something. So today I provide you with the official story from superherohype:

Now in production, Sony Pictures’ reboot of RoboCop has been delayed until 2014. Originally set for release on August 9, 2013, the Jose Padilha film will now open on February 7, 2014 opposite DreamWorks’ Need for Speed.

Taking RoboCop‘s place is Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, originally dated for March 1, 2013. The original sci-fi thriller stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Wagner Moura, Alice Braga and Diego Luna. It now opens opposite New Line Cinema’s We’re the Millers.

Moving away from RoboCop‘s new date is Sony Pictures Animation’s Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers. It’s now set to open earlier on September 27, 2013, up against Brad Furman’s Runner Runner and the Sylvester Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up The Tomb.

The big screen adaptation of the short Pixels has also been pushed back. It was scheduled for a May 17, 2013, but Sony is now looking for a new release date.

Now I know this film was meant to be coming out next year but I think the fact that it’s been pushed back is a good thing. This reboot is a bad idea. Hollywood are always trying to reboot films of franchises that really don’t need to be touched and RoboCop is one of them. I loved the 80s film, sure it may not resonate with today’s generation, but there is enough fans of the source material who loved the original and don’t like the idea of a reboot. Now of course production of this film this film is already going ahead and has a pretty solid cast in place, but I think when we all saw the suit for the film via the set pictures part of the internet blew up just asking, “What the fuck?”

I still can’t get over how dodgy this suit looks, it’s like he’s been borrowing material from Chris Nolan’s Batman.

That suit still looks god awful and filled a lot of fans with hatred. Now of course the film is still a long way from being shown in cinemas and if it does end up being good then I’ll glad take back all of the bad things I said. However the fact that the film’s been pushed back to 2014 with a February release is just dodgy and is just asking for death. Again I say that RoboCop being pushed back to 2014 is a good thing, I don’t think that many people really want to see it so let’s hide it away from the world for a little longer.


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