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Battleship Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another film review and today’s review will be on that live-action adaptation of a board game, yes I am talking about Battleship.

Video  Review:

Now this written review will be an abbreviated version of the video review I done on YouTube yesterday. So if you want the full review please watch the video for my full thioughts.

Mini Review:

So Battleship, um, where to start? Well let’s go back to when the first teaser trailer came out for this film. It was interesting at best because it was just some Navy people chilling at see and then there was the massive robot splashing about in the ocean. It looked pretty epic, so I was interested and intrigued at best. But then after a while I saw the full trailer… And man I was like “My God, this film look like ass!” It just looked like Transformers at sea tome, the use of CGI and sound effects, along with the style of front from the titles looked like Transformers and I really wasn’t interested in this film. I had my fill of Transformers already. I mean the first Transformers I like, but then the second film was only good for the visuals, other than that Revenge of the Fallen broke my heart and Dark of the Moon, who even remembers that film? And then to add to my confusion and lack of interest in this film I found out it was based on the actual Battleship board game! The I was really like “What the fuck!?! How the hell did that come about?” So when I went to watch this film I was very weary nad had fairly low expectations.

Surprisingly Battleship wasn’t a complete disaster of a film, but unfortunately it didn’t do anything overly interesting, cool or original in my opinion. If you’ve seen any disaster/science fiction action films in the last 10 years or even some relating to the 1990s then you’ve lived this story and action in some way, shape or form. It just depends on how much you love these kinds of films. Most of the film is generic, clichéd and unfunny. The story is passable, but again it’s nothing special. You have the personal journey of the main character played by Taylor Kitsch, but it is terribly executed and there’s a lot of subplots going on outside of the main alien invasion but it’s all irrelivent and just there to try and add some substance to this empty, loud, visual eye fest. Oh and there is also a cheap little love story added in tehre for good measure which is typically cheesy and pointless. It doesn’t help that the dialogue in this film is terrible and so basic that its painful to watch at times and whoever thought up some of the funny elements of the film should be slapped in the face, there was barely anything to laugh at when it was intended in the film.

So is there anything I liked abou this film? Well yeah the visualswere good. They were actually more then good, they were friggin incredible. The visual quality of teh CGI was very clear, crisp and sharp from the fight scenes on the see, the details of the alien ships to the destruction of the cities. It was done on such a ridiculous scale, but I shouldn’t expect anything less from Industrial Light & Magic, they are godly when it comes to visual effects. Also did anybody think of the alien robot ships as the Transformer Decepticons? I found myself just thinking of the Decepticons many times when the robot space crafts where on screen or when those alien robot yoyos were flying all over the place (which were friggin hilarious).

Anyways overall Battleship is a decent film, probably best to watch in a massive group of people. Its good if you’re into this kind of thing. But if you’re tired of disaster films or had your fill of Transformers then skip this one. You won’t be missing much.

Rating: 6.5 (And that’s me being nice)

The story is passable


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