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What Nintendo Need To Do To Succeed In The Future

Howdy ladies and gents, today I have a blog post I’ve been meaning to make now for about 2 or 3 months now. Basically I’ve been a Nintendo fan in the world of gaming since the days of the Super Nintendo and Game Boy and have grown up with the companies consoles and while Nintendo have always been playing catch up in the world of technology since the Wii and DS came around, they’ve always have the software a loyal fanbase to carry them along. However since the release of the Wii U, Nintendo struggled severely to get same success and good software than their previous home console did, and while the 3DS is keeping them afloat, Nintendo still aren’t in a winning position yet.

So with that in mind I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I believe Nintendo should do to survive and succeed if they wish to be relevant in the next 2 years especially.

Annoyingly IGN already beat me to the punch with their article on this subject matter a little while ago which you can read here:

Now keep in mind this is just my opinion and are options that I think the company should consider, don’t go trying to murder me with violent words if your one of those crazy gamers, okay? Cool. Let’s go.

In no particular order, this is what I think Nintendo need to do in the future:

1. First Party Content Must Be A Priority!

ss4 nintendodirectdec1

This one may be obvious but it is true, Nintendo need that 1st party software that makes their games unique to the console which will entice fans new and old towards the console. Now obviously Zelda and Mario sells, that’s common. But Nintendo have many other franchises like Metroid, Pokemon, and many others that they need to make in order help make their Wii U console worth talking about. Sure we have Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Rayman Legends and the recent Super Mario 3D World along with the upcoming Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. games, but we need much more Nintendo content like that which they know fans want and WILL buy.

2. Nintendo Need More New IPs!


As I said before I know that Mario sells, so does Zelda and so does Metroid, those franchises are the money makers. However that doesn’t mean you should continuously keep falling back on them for new games Nintendo, give us something new! This is a company that I feel have been playing it safe for the last few years releasing an absurd amount of Mario games in its many different formats and forgetting about the creation of new material. even though the Wii didn’t have that much in the way of new IPs, there were at least a few that were tried. Games like MadWord, No More Heroes 1 & 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Boom Blox 1 & 2, Epic Mickey and GoldenEye 007 (2010) to name a few. Nintendo needs this type of variation and fresh material from its developers both 1st and 3rd party based.


Now of course they’ve tried with The Wonderful 101 and have Bayonetta 2 on the horizon and recently the announcement of Hyrule Warriors looks promising/interesting, however they need so much more in order to stay relevant and make themselves noticeable to not only their fanbase, but also developers and critics not convinced that the Wii U is a good bit of hardware.

3. Get That Third-Party Support Back!


This is a tricky one. Nintendo looked like they were onto something prior to the Wii U’s release last year with all of the ports they were gonna release. But since the sales for the console have been so shit, loads of 3rd party developers have cut their ties with the console and have expressed their lack of enthusiasm towards creating future games (besides a minor future who still see a light at the end of the tunnel).

I believe Nintendo needs to make great games that aren’t Mario or Zelda which will show they have more versatility and then make sure that the games in question sell a considerable amount. They really need to shift units for not only the consoles but the games too. Then and only then will developers start to recognize that the Wii U is relevant and worth making games for.

4. Sort Out Those Controls!


This is has been an issue since the Wii came out. But besides Nintendo and a few other developers, no one knows how to make games that don’t have questionable controls. With the motion controls of the Wii there’s always been some sort of problem that’s made the experience tedious or frustrating. The Wii Remote has been in some real stinkers where the control was either broken, lazy, overly complicated or completely unresponsive. And now some games on Wii U have suffered from the same control issues again, Nintendo really need to be smart/careful and make sure that developers are aware of the hardware they’re using and make sure that they’re creating controls for it that are good.

5. Tell Us Why The Console & GamePad is Relevant


This is something that Nintendo have only started doing in recent months, but I still don’t think the message has gotten through to consumers not in the know. The Wii U is mainly looked at in one the following ways:

  • It’s an expansion of the Wii (because of the stupid name)
  • It’s just the GamePad on its own
  • It’s just a HD Nintendo console with no games

Those are legitimate statements I’ve heard several times online from different people. Nintendo really need to drive the message home to all who aren’t in the know that the Wii U is a console they NEED, not want, but REQUIRE. Like make an advert that says: “YO, THE WII U IS AWESOME, YOU NEED THIS CONSOLE IN YOUR LIFE, GET ONE OR BE LEFT IN THE DUST!” Plus Nintendo have to talk about the benefits of the GamePad, how it improves on current gaming experiences and separates itself from other gaming consoles. and there just needs to be an overall mentioning of all the features that make Wii U better than the last console.

6. Bring Back Old Franchises!

f-zero_wp_d_1024 star-fox

This is something that has been bugging me for years and honestly I want it to get done sooner rather than later. I love Nintendo but I feel like Mario is constantly on-show and the rest of some of Nintendo’s other franchises hardly get as much love.I don’t think the Big N is truly aware of the back catalogue they can draw from. There are plenty of Nintendo series’ that have been left on the shelf of history just waiting to make a comeback and the 2 key franchises that are being so clearly ignored and they are of course F-ZERO and STAR FOX! WHY IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF HELL HAVEN’T WE GOTTEN A NEW GAME IN EITHER OF THESE SERIES YET?

Why Nintendo chooses to ignore these KEY franchises that have clearly made them money in the past and that fans have ADAMANTLY cried out for is something I’ll never know. They would clearly lend themselves to the technology, online gameplay and everything and with help from another developer it could be something special. But they choose to continuously ignore these franchises like they don’t existence and it pisses me the hell off. Nintendo just need to take a look and pay attention to what their fanbase are talking about and communicate with them before it falls through.

Well there’s my two cents on the matter. I hope that this has been a least informative to you all who are reading and if you feel the same or differently, drop your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next post yo.


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Rayman Legends Delayed Until 2013

Now this is just a terrible thing to happen. After all of the time we were led to believe that Rayman Legends would appear in 2012 in time for Christmas and after seeing the game at E3 2012 I think this was a game high on a lot of people’s wish lists. And when it was announced last month that the game would be a launch title I think this game became a first-day purchase for a lot of people and I know for a fact many gamers (myself included) was going to buy a Wii U purely for this game alone.

But now hearing that the game’s been pushed back to 2013 breaks my heart greatly. While I can understand developers wanting to make the game as good as possible, one can’t help be feel a bit cheated that after all of the hype and confirmed dates Rayman Legends will now be pushed back to the first part of next year. If this announcement had been made a month or two earlier I wouldn’t be so fussed. But oh well one can not stop what’s out of one’s control. Here’s hoping that the extra time was well spent, because if Rayman Legends comes out with any bugs or inconsistencies then one will wonder what Ubisoft were doing for the extra months they had to finish up the game.

My Nintendo News

Ubisoft has confirmed that the promising Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U launch title, and will instead be released sometime in the New Year. Ubisoft wouldn’t really specify why the game is missing the Wii U launch, but they did provide the following statement.

“Rayman Legends will launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013.”

“We’re happy that fans are excited about the game, and we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations. We’ll have more details to share soon.”

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Wii U Demo Interface Shown

So thanks to some video footage via YouTube we get a good look at the Wii U interface. It seems to be very clean, slick and easy to use like the 3DS user interface. The colour scheme seems to be similar to that of the Wii with a massive use of the colour white. It seems like when you hover over the game artwork on the GamePad, on the TV you get screenshot montages on-screen. Or when you select a video on the GamePad the video plays on the TV. While it would have been nice to see more games available outside of Rayman Legends, it is interesting to see how the buttons and touchscreen works too. Now as mentioned in the original blog post, this is only a demo and we are yet to know whether this is the final look of the Wii U interface. But hopefully the final product will be similar to this.

My Nintendo News

The demonstration pods at the Nintendo World store In New York now showcase a special demo screen which allows you to browse the cover art for any of the demo software on Wii U. People have pointed out that the interface for the demos is similar to that of the modded Wii USB loader screens. The demonstration pods allow you to select the demo cover art and either watch a video of the selected demo, or alternatively, play one of the demos. At the moment only Rayman Legends is selectable. Whether this is the final look of the OS remains to be confirmed by Nintendo. But we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.

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To Buy A Wii U At Launch Or Not?

There’s been a lot of information released about the Wii U in the last week and finally gamers, developers, critics and analysts know what the specs, release date and price for Nintendo’s new home console after months and months of waiting and speculation. The end result has been generally positive from what I can see, but I also think that the Wii U at this current point in time has divided people too. There a lot of people who believe Nintendo’s next console will be a joyous experience with its GamePad and third-party software too. But there is also many who believe that the console isn’t revolutionary enough, that the software line-up isn’t strong enough and that the console is too expensive. For me I can see both sides of the argument. Though as a Nintendo fan I’d like to think that Nintendo are a smart company and they’ll have some new and innovate games coming down the pipeline come holiday 2013. But obviously the question now is whether one should by the Wii U at launch in November or not. For me I’m not sure.

The Wii U, a console I’m sure will be awesome. But right now I’m unsure whether I should get one.

Now before Nintendo’s latest online video which previewed the Wii U in its finished format, I was very hesitant to buy a Wii U. I wasn’t overly fussed about the hardware specs because I’m not a gamer who plays games just because the console has a high CPU and GPU, I play consoles for the software. And that was the issue I had with the Wii U; the games. After E3 2012 there were only a few games I wanted to get for the Wii U and that was Rayman Legends and Zombie U, both were third-party developed games and both were miles more interesting than Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. But I was worried about the release date and price of Nintendo’s new console and since Nintendo were being so quiet about it, I grew even more curious as to whether I’d buy the console at all. But obviously times have changed and we now have all of the information about the Wii U just under 2 months before its European release on November 30th.

The fine line Wii U details may be important to some, but for me its all about the software.

After E3 2012 I was definitely interested in the Wii U but the problem was that there really wasn’t that much software I wanted to own. A lot of the games would be ports from the Xbox 360 and PS3 or would be third-party developed games with slight enhancements for the Wii U, none of which really appealed to me. The only games I was interested was Rayman Legends, Zombie U, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Lego City Undercover. Nintendo’s material really didn’t resonate with me at all, Nintendo Land seemed like a mini game collection of Nintendo franchises that should have been full games and New Super Mario Bros. U looked like the last set of 2D Mario games with the exception of HD graphics. I just wasn’t impressed. I just wish Nintendo had something as cool as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as a launch title, I know that was originally a Gamecube game also released on the Wii too with motion controls, but it worked and the game was awesome. After E3 I thought that Nintendo really needed to quench the thirst of its fan base. However some of my thoughts towards the Wii U’s software line-up has changed a great deal.

I think it was after watching the latest Nintendo Direct which was the massive Wii U Preview everyone had been waiting for that I started to look at some of the games differently, especially Nintendo Land. Now Nintendo Land was a game I looked at back at E3 with a great of disgust, while some of the games looked nice, I wasn’t convinced that its mini game collection of famous Nintendo franchises was a good idea. Though in the Wii U preview the Metroid game looked pretty damn cool and the Zelda game looked nice too and those two games alone would actually justify my obtaining of Nintendo Land. I’ve also begun to be swayed by New Super Mario Bros. U too, for some reason there’s an attractive/addictive nature to a new Mario game that makes me want to own it. Even though this new game looks like New Super Mario Bros. Wii except in HD with some new power-ups and new modes, I can’t help but feel like I want to play this game for the sake of it being Mario haha. Also Lego City Undercover I thought looked interesting, but I think in Nintendo’s recent preview of the Wii U the game is looking even more awesome than become, I like the sandbox nature of the game and the different ways you can get across the city and use different abilities by changing into different types of people. It seems to be a Lego game beyond the basic conventional ones we’ve been getting for the last few years. Though the most interesting and most appealing game on the Wii U is still Rayman Legends, that game is something I need!

This game captured my heart at E3 2012 and is still on my wish list at the moment.

Rayman Legends is still the most pretty, interesting and appealing game that the Wii U has on offer at launch (besides Zombie U). The gameplay looks as fast and furious as Rayman Origins, except even more zany than before and with more music influenced levels and player interaction thanks to the Wii U GamePad. And did I mention how incredible the art style is for this game? Rayman Legends just looks absolutely fabulous!

I guess now it just comes down to price and which bundle to buy. I think the Americans got the better deal on the Wii U as the UK retailers have been a bit corrupt with the pricing of the Wii U. Sure its new hardware and it isn’t exactly something that would be overly cheap, but when you think about it, in the past Nintendo have been the cheapest option when it came to consoles and have still been able to deliver good gaming experiences too. Right now I look at the Basic bundle contains 8 GB of storage, the Wii U GamePad and stylus, a HDMI cable, and a sensor bar which cost around £260, and I think that’s nice. But then I look at the Deluxe bundle adds on a Nintendo Network Premium Subscription, 32 GB of onboard storage, the Nintendo Land game, as well as stands for the console and controller. And I think that’s clearly the better deal, but the price is around £310! And then I’m like is it really worth that much? I’ve never paid that much for any gaming console ever. So then I think should I just wait until 6 months down the line and see if there are better deals? Or do what I did with the 3DS and wait over a year and then obtain the console when there’s much better software? I really don’t know about the Wii U right now, I really want a Deluxe bundle of the Wii U, but I have no cash at the moment to make a pre-order, plus again that £310 price tag, it’s just a bit much for me. Well I guess I’ll see where things go over the next month, but all I do know is that the Wii U is starting to sell out in many places and I need to make a decision before they become unavailable.

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Nintendo Europe Wii U Presentation Roundup

To my surprise Nintendo’s Wii U Preview was very impressive, I wasn’t expecting the wealth of information that was given because Nintendo have been very secretive amount their new console for a while now. However Nintendo really did deliver on the tech specs for the console and software line-up and the amount of games available in the launch window looks pretty darn interesting especially from the third-party developers. While I believe the launch window for the Wii U is a fair bit big which means you could be waiting a while for certain games to come out, in the end I think if Nintendo play their cards right and release the right games before the end of March next year then they should be fine. This has made my interest in the Wii U shoot up somewhat, though I’ll wait for the specific retail prices for each bundle before making a purchase.

My Nintendo News

In today’s European Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo has announced that their latest home console, Wii U, will launch across Europe from 30th November. Wii U is an HD console that offers more choice and variety of gameplay than ever before, with brand new gaming experiences enabled by the innovative Wii U GamePad controller, whether playing alone or together with friends. The Wii U GamePad offers an integrated second screen and can also be used independently of the TV set with certain software.

Two launch hardware packs were announced along with the strongest line-up of launch software in Nintendo history. These include third-party heavy hitters such as FIFA 13 from Electronic Arts and Activision’s Call Of Duty®: Black Ops II, Ubisoft’s ZombiU™ and RAYMAN® LEGENDS as well as in-house titles like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. The Nintendo Direct presentation also revealed previously unannounced upcoming software titles exclusive…

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