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Gotta love Pandas!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the web, today’s blog post will be about the awesomeness that’s pandas! Yes pandas!

Aw, gotta love those panda bears and their little faces they’re well cute yo!

Now this blog post probably won’t be all that long coz I thought about doing it very spontaneously, but one day I was just chilling at home and just thought to myself, “I like pandas, I think I’ll make a blog about them.” So here we are. This blog will primarily be focused on I think my liking for pandas came from a young age, I mean when you’re young there’s always certain animals that capture your interest and as far as I can recall among the many animals I liked as a kid pandas were definitely up there.

One of the key things I think I’ve always liked that still applies to present day is the way pandas looked so docile and lazy, just chilling and doing nothing most of the tim you see them in a zoo or on nature programmes. Though that isn’t the only reason I like them, they also seems to eat a lot of bamboo too and I dunno why I’ve always found that interesting, but it’s just something that makes them more unique than most other animals.

I also find it incredible how big they are and yet they have the power to climb trees and roll all over the place. Yes roll. There was this video I watched on YouTube where there was this crazy panda chilling in a tree, then he sort of fell off and then started doing a load of forward rolls all over the place before rolling into a bush. It was hilarious. Pandas are just random and cute and have inspired so much random stuff in the world from music to clothing, vehicles to films. So in the end pandas are cool 🙂

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