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Her Review

Howdy ladies and gents, its time for me to review a film and today’s film will be Her. From the time I saw the trailer for this around 2 months ago I knew I had to watch it because of the premise of the story from the trailer and plus there was a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding this one. So I watched it today and I am ready to share my thoughts.

So the story of the film in a nutshell centers on a man who develops a relationship with an intelligent computer operating system (OS) with a female voice and personality.

I thought the story in this film was nice as it had a great emotional pull, some complexity and drama. That being said at times the film felt very bizarre and uncomfortable and thing that is due to the whole connection between Theodore and Samantha. When it comes to films dealing with AI I prefer them to be like HAL 20009 from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Skynet from the Terminator film series because they’re less human and more interesting as devious or dangerous threats to humanity. The story started out interestingly enough but really got a bit dull for me at points. It wasn’t until the complexities in the relationship got brought up or when Theodore’s ex-wife comes into play when the story got a lot better. Also one of thing that I found really interesting was the whole future setting where humans are interacting with technology so heavily, in addition to having the new OS blur the line between the connect between humans and machines. I can’t say I was completely invested in the story like I thought I would be which is a shame because I really liked some of the subtle moments of beauty or when things got heated and dramatic I was having a good time.


When it comes to the cast they were all really good with the stand-out performances coming from Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. So let’s start with Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly, Phoenix was really incredible in this role. I have never seen too much from Phoenix in films and my most memorable role from him was when he was in Signs, in this film we get to see his full emotional range as this recluse character who has issues with letting go of the past and other personal issues that he must overcome. Also Scarlett Johansson was great as Samantha, even though it is just a voice role, you can tell Johansson really puts her heart into the character as you can really feel her emotions through her voice and it is really impressive. Just the way she talks and says specific things, you can almost imagine that she’s on-set in the film somewhere.


Amy Adams as Amy was good, it was nice to see her play a role that was a little more subtle and more down-to-earth and relatable, Amy is a kind and thoughtful friend of Theodore and I liked her. Rooney Mara was also really nice as Catherine, Mara is good actress and it is great to see her in roles that require her to be both nice and kind of cruel too. Olivia Wilde was really as Amelia, I didn’t even know she was gonna be in the film but she was an interesting and emotive character and Wilde did a wonderful job. I also really enjoyed seeing Chris Pratt in this film as Paul. Pratt was almost unrecognisable with that moustache and interesting dress attire, he was this delightful character who had this great aura about him and was pretty funny in a subtle kind of way where it wasn’t too goofy. Love how he’s just popping up in films all over the place now.


In conclusion Her is really beautiful if somewhat bizarre film. Joaquin Phoenix does a great job in the central role and Scarlett Johansson does some great voice work to and the film is shot really well and looks pretty too. I don’t think it was as amazing as I had heard and it didn’t connect with me on the emotional level that other films have in 2013, but for those looking for a different kind of film viewing experience I would recommend this one.

Rating: 7.5/10 (A strange and yet beautiful kind of film)

So what did you think of Her? Have you seen or are you going to see it? Whatever your thoughts are drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. 🙂


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Rush Review

Howdy people of the internet, time for another review! Today I’m gonna be talking about one of the most talked about films of not only this season but of the year. I am of course talking about Rush. Now I’d been hearing so much about talk this film over the course of the year and after a while I became curious. The trailers looked pretty cool and this could be the film that could make my man Chris Hemsworth noticed for the Oscars. So after seeing Rush was it worth the wait? Well read on and find out!

So story-wise Rush is about Formula 1 driving, but more specifically the rivalry between to great drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. They’re two very different kinds of drivers but they both want the same thing; success. So this film chronicles their battle on and off of the race track and follows the highs and lows of both their lives which happens over the duration of six years.

I thought the film was really good. It reminded me a lot of Senna (a great documentary I highly recommend), and while I don’t believe that this film is on-par with that documentary (obviously), this is the first film that has taken Formula 1 outside of specific zone and presented to the public in an engaging and cool way. There is a great deal of emotional height to the film, but it doesn’t forget humour as there are great moments of that in this film too. But the key thing that makes the film work is the central rivalry between Hunt and Lauda. These are men from two very different backgrounds, they think and act very differently, its like night and day. And its great to see them go against each other on and off the track for years and see how the battle between them developers and gets more and more complex and dangerous.


When it comes to the cast they’re fabulous offering up some wonderful and powerful performances. Let’s start with my man Chris “Thor” Hemsworth as James Hunt. I absolutely loved him. Hemsworth practically plays the character of Thor all over again as he is this British playboy kind of guy who’s loved by all,  sleeps around with loads of women, cracks loads of jokes and is pretty cocky. But outside of his persona to the public he is a very skilled driver who loves the thrill of the sport and strives for success. Then there’s Daniel BrĂźhl as Niki Lauda, he’s the total opposite of Hunt. Lauda is a very calculated kind of guy, he’s brilliant and smart but also very smug and bit of an asshole to the point where he’s disliked by nearly every one, and BrĂźhl is very great in his role. Together Hemsworth and BrĂźhl have great screen time together and their interactions are some of the film’s best moments.


Olivia Wilde as Suzy Miller was lovely, I liked how her character was one of the key things in Hunt’s life that he cared about outside of the world of racing. Other decent performances comes from Natalie Dormer as Gemma, Alexandra Maria Lara as Marlene Knaus and Pierfrancesco Favino as Clay Regazzoni. Oh and lastly Christian McKay was wonderful as Alexander Hesketh, it took me a while to remember that McKay was in Me and Orson Wells (a film I really liked) and I’m surprised he hasn’t been in more films, he’s a fine actor and does well in this film as the man who supported James Hunt in his earlier days during the 1970s.

One of the film’s other strong points is the presentation. Visually I really like the way the film looks, the cinematography is nicely done with some impressive camera angles and shots of the races which captures the action wonderfully. There are also some great POV camera shot from inside the cockpit, looking at the fire in the exhaust and other parts of machinery of the car moving around. Putting all of that together really helps to engage you. And what really adds to it is the audio. Firstly the score by Hans Zimmer is very good, dramatic and has a much lighter tone that what I’m used to in his other film but I think I could still tell it was him. Also the sound effects in this film really add the extra layer of immersion with the roaring cars, screeching tires and all the other good stuff that happens on the track.


In conclusion Rush is was pretty impressive, some powerful drama and tension in that film through the story along with a great cast lead by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel BrĂźhl. This is one of those films I can recommend even if you’re not a fan of Formula 1, it is a fine film that takes a subject matter that only a specific audience like and make it work for more general audience.

Rating: 8.5/10 (Go check it out now!)

So what did you think of Rush? Whatever your thoughts drop them in the comments below and let me know, I love hearing other opinions! Until next time, laters people! 😀


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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review

I remember seeing the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone back in January and saying to myself “Oh look, a comedy film I am actually interested in seeing.” And I really needed it after being tricked by that other filthy film called Movie 43. So this was my first comedy film of this year and I was hoping for something good especially since Jim Carrey was involved. So I watched the film yesterday and it ended up not being nearly as good as I’d hoped but I still had a bit of fun with it.

The story involves Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton, they’re friends who have been doing magic together since they were kids and when they grow up they become successful Las Vegas magicians who have been performing the same show for years. After a while there show starts to become stale so hey attempt snow new, but when Anton is injured in a performance, Burt is left vulnerable to competition. That competition comes in the form of Steve Gray, an edgy street magician who does extremely strange and disgusting tricks that captures the attention of most audiences.

The plot in this film is alright though uneven in places. Also when certain characters come into play you sort of see what their role will be or how they will interact with each other a little while later. A lot the film was predictable, not that funny and inconsistent. There was potential for this film, while it deals in the realm of magic performances, the change in times and what has become the norm for magicians moving from the stage to the street and television, those elements aren’t fully looked into and not executed as well as they could have been.

Now let’s move onto characters. Steve Carell as Burt Wonderstone was decent. Carell played the lead magician in the Las Vegas show along with his friend Burt. Now for me Steve Carell is one of those actors that can go one of three ways; really good, average or just bad. This time he was average, his humour just wasn’t as strong as some of his other films and I wasn’t laughing as much as I would like to. I really liked Steve Buscemi as Anton Marvelton; he was Burt’s partner and long-time friend. I am a big fan of Steve Buscemi and I liked how clueless and strange his character was and it was definitely a difference from seeing him in Boardwalk Empire. Olivia Wilde as Jane was nice; she plays Burt and Anton’s assistant who dreams of becoming a magician herself. Wilde still looks as pretty as ever and she plays her role well, though this role could have been played by many other female actresses too.

Alan Arkin was pretty funny as Rance Holloway. Arkin played an old magician who inspired Burt to become a magician. I liked the character, his dialogue and how active he was regardless of his old age. James Gandolfini as Doug Munny was alright, he was the billionaire owner of the venue where Burt and Anton performed. I didn’t care much for his character. Jim Carrey was great as Steve Gray. He was like a weird version of David Blaine who was very big-headed and bit of jerk. Carrey was in very good shape in this film, I was surprised with his physique. But besides his good shape I thought his performance in the film was great, his whole use of physical comedy reminded me so much of his days back in the 90s doing stuff like The Mask and Ace Ventura. This is the Jim Carrey that I’ve missed over the last few years. One last thing to note, I just wanted to say that I loved the appearance of Gillian Jacobs as Miranda, as a fan of Community that just made me absurdly happy to see her there.

In conclusion The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is decent comedy, but it really does fall short of the laughing standard that should come with films in this genre. The plot is fairly weak and predictable as are the jokes and actions of some of the characters involved too. But that’s not to say it’s all bad, it does have Jim Carrey and some other funny elements here and there, however without Carrey I don’t think this film would have worked as well as it did.

Rating: 6/10 (I have seen funnier but I’d say still give it a try)

So what did you think of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone? Did you like it or hate it? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and let me know yo! Until the next review I’ll see ya later. 🙂


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