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Rediscovering my love for Blur

It’s strange, I’m really funny when it comes to music. I seem to pass through so much music and sometimes it sticks or drifts away. And whether it’s part of my childhood/nostalgia or if it’s just a sound that I like to listen to, I find my music interests in a constant state of flux in the sense that at different points of my life I may hate a certain song and then a few years down the line I’ll fall in love with it or there may be music I’ve listened to for years but sort of lost track of. And that for me is where Blur come into play.


Even though I don’t always show it, I’ve always loved these guys. They’re music has always been part of my life.

Back in the 1990s Blur were part of the music I grew up with, I always heard their sound on the radio and saw it on TV. They had a lovely sound and a great array of songs that I remember, from the lovely sounds of “There’s No Other Way” to very the nostalgic “Girls & Boys”; a particular Blur song I always knew but never was overly kind on but after I became a teenager I feel in love with it. But of all of Blur’s songs these are the ones I remember the most: “Parklife”, “Country House”, “Song 2”, “Tender” and “Coffee & TV”. Those songs are all very nostalgic for me because not only were they all over the radio and TV, but they were part of life in the 90s. Everyone knew their songs and I loved it. I used to love singing along to “Parklife”, it was such a jolly little song and even on more harder-hitting songs like “Song 2″ it was great to sing/shout along to again because everyone knew the lyrics and it was just a great song to go all-out to. But of all of those songs “Country House” was probably my favourite song, it had a very beautiful and melancholy sound to it, I used to watch the music video a lot too. It was just a great song. But then there was other songs I remember but never really was into back in the day like “Tender” and “Charmless Man”, again they had a sound I knew but never really got into until my late teens. And speaking of my teens, it was in those years I eventually got around to listening to singles like “The Universal” and “Beetlebum” and I added them to my musical catalogue. But the one special song that Blur did which is my favourite song they’ve ever done was “Coffee & TV”, a song I remembered from my school days but never knew it was even a Blur song. It was until my mid-teens when I found the song again and fell in love with it, it really does have a sound that is timeless. It’s songs like these that make me love this band so much.

This was the film to reinvigorate my love for Blur, it was so beautiful.

But as much as I love Blur’s sound, I really haven’t shown it as much as I did for another famous Britpop band that go by the name of Oasis. I don’t think it was until I saw the Blur documentary, No Distance Left to Run in college when my perspective on Blur changed completely. My god, I was so moved! I discovered so much about the band, from their genesis to how they ascended into stardom. There was so much to learn about the battle of Britpop that took place between Blur and Oasis. I gained so much from the documentary, I was not only living in nostalgia but I also really connected with all of the band members and like all good documentaries it was informative and connects with you on an emotional level (well it did at least for me). This documentary made me shed tears the first time I watched it and it instantly became one of my favourite films in the genre. No Distance Left to Run is my second favourite documentary film just behind the brilliance that is Senna. This film got me back into Blur again and was listening to all of their material again along with some of their singles I hadn’t heard yet. My love for the band only increased after I listened to “Fool’s Day”… After that I became obsessed. I listened to the song all of the time especially over the course of 2011. But after a while I started to listen Blur less and less and only listened to the occasional song. Unfortunately my loved for Blur was fading just likeĀ  other bands I loved like U2 and Vampire Weekend. I think it’s due to the fact that I had found so many new bands to listen which meant that my older material had to take a backseat.

However after scanning around Wikipedia I saw that Graham Coxon said that Blur will be recording a new album and I swear to god my mind just blew up! I’ve been hoping that the band would get back together to record some new material for years! And when I also found out about a new track called “Under the Westway” that Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon performed together live I had to check it out. Even though it was just the two of them, it still sounded beautiful and was a good feeling to hear Blur getting back in their element.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, they even performed at the 2012 Brit Awards and won an award for Outstanding Contribution to Music which made me so happy. I heard about it after I saw several people on Facebook talking about how their performance interrupted Adele’s thankyou speech and so the day after I watched their performances of the songs “Girls & Boys”, “Song 2”, “Parklife”, “Tender” and “This is a Low”. And they was great especially on the song “Tender”, man I love that song and that live version was incredible. Again it was invigorating to hear the band back in their element and my love for them is literally rising up again. Maybe this time around I will listen to all of their albums before the new one hits and become a full-fledged fan! Only time will tell, all I know is that Blur are one of the forgotten gems of the music industry and in this world of new music that normally sounds pretty pants in my opinion I’m glad to see some quality bands like Blur entering the scene again to show people what music really is.

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