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Constantine Has Officially Been Cancelled, WEAK!

Howdy people of the internet and welcome to another blog post. Today is a sad day as it has been confirmed for sure that NBC’s Constantine show has been canned and I’m gutted. I know I made a post a little while ago about who could pick up the show if NBC never renewed it, but unfortunately NBC gave up and no one else took interest and the show’s officially dead. I know it’s not a big deal for a lot of people, but for I’m truly saddened by this result.

Constantine-TV-Series-PosterThe show’s frigging cancelled? Bullshit yo, there was so much potential.

So here’s the official story I read on ComicBookMovie:

“Constantine never really had a chance. Between a noticeable lack of promotion and an awful time slot, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t going to be a hit for NBC or Warner Bros. When the former decided not to move ahead with a second season, there was talk of it ending up elsewhere (Arrow‘s Stephen Amell even offered to guest star), but The CW decided against it, and so did everyone else by the sound of it. Executive producer Daniel Cerone weighs in on the death of the series below, but here’s hoping we’ll see Matt Ryan reprise the role elsewhere, eh? We’ll see…”

I promised I’d share news when I had it — sadly, that news is not good. The cast and writers of Constantine are being released from their contracts. The studio tried to find a new home for the show, for which we’re forever grateful, but those efforts didn’t pan out. I’m sorry, I wasn’t provided any information on the attempts to sell the show elsewhere. All I can report is that the show is over.
Many ingredients went into this TV series. From the dedicated cast that breathed these characters to life, led by Matt Ryan as the comic-made-flesh embodiment of John Constantine, to the exceptionality talented crew that put unreal images on screen, to the original Hellblazer writers and artists who gifted us a universe.
As a general principle, writers don’t choose a writing career to achieve stardom. Whatever demons or insecurities drove them to find freedom of expression through written words generally keeps writers comfortably obscure behind their words. Nor do people choose writing as a means to financial freedom. I’d venture to guess that most who set out to write professionally never receive a paycheck for their hopeful scribbles or key strokes.
In fact, nobody I know ever chose a writing career — it chose them. You write because that’s what you do. Like breathing, it just happens and you have to do it and you just hope that someday somebody out there notices what you’re trying to say.
If that’s the dream of writers, than the writers of Constantine lived the dream, because we’re leaving behind wild and passionate fans who believe in and were moved by what we tried to do. To leave such a significant, dedicated and active fan base on the table — that’s the real sadness. You all deserve many years of the series we set out to make, and we’re disappointed that we couldn’t deliver that to you. The good news is that Constantine will live on for years in many more forms. But our time as caretakers has ended.
Thank you for letting us in.
Daniel Cerone

ConstantineI’ll miss this cast. especially Matt Ryan, he was awesome.

All I can say is that I appreciate Mr. Cerone thoughts on the show’s demise, it sounded like a heartfelt response and it seemed like he was heavily invested in this show just as much as the cast were. Unfortunately it looks like the TV gods did not look too kindly upon this show in the end. I know the show wasn’t in the best of places from the beginning with the terrible time slot, poor-ass promotion and less than stellar early episode reviews. But I gave the show a good rating in my overview of the show in November (I think I was around 3 or 4 episodes in) and in my opinion the show got a lot better, especially in the final 3 episodes. There was a lot of potential for a second season, but unfortunately NBC suck and don’t like to hang on to good or at least decent shows. I had hoped another network would pick it up like Sy-Fy, but nope (thought I’m glad it didn’t get touched by CW, that would have watered the show down SO much). It really sucks that Netflix and Amazon didn’t pick it up either, those 2 places were my main hopes. Could you imagine the kind of awesome madness and adult treatment the show could have gotten on Netflix (especially considering how well Marvel’s Daredevil turned out)? I guess that’s just a dream now.

Constantine-Grave-Matt-RyanRIP Constantine, you’ll be missed. 😦

In the end Constantine‘s cancellation probably won’t affect a lot of people and a good few fans didn’t like the way handled the source material, but this show did have its fans, it did get better and there was a lot potential for future seasons. But it is dead now and I will be disappointed for a good few days. So lame.

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Constantine’s Nearly Over, Who Should Pick It Up For Future Seasons?

Howdy ladies and gents, welcome to today’s blog post. So the first season of Constantine is almost over with this coming Friday being the final episode in the set of 13 and it has been a rough time for this show it terms of ratings and finding its footing, that being said, the show’s definitely found its footing and has become a fairly entertaining show (I’ve liked it from fairly early on). However with the show currently not picked up for a second season, the future is not clear for Constantine. So in this blog post today I’m just going to suggest possibilities for the where the show could be renewed and what it could do draw in more audiences.


NBC Renews The Show


So this would be the most logical choice. The show started out on this network and it would be great for the higher-ups in the company gave this show another chance. To be fair it is partly NBC’s fault that Constantine‘s in the position that it is. The show doesn’t get the same kind of promotion that other shows like Grimm does and you feel since it is a DC comic book property they may try to highlight that since we’re in the superhero/comic book era of film and TV. All NBC need to do is bring attention to this show to the forefront and advertise the hell out of it, plus give it a better time slot.

Move It To HBO


This is a bit of a long shot, probably impossible actually, but if HBO were to pick up Constantine it could turn into the show that some fans have wanted from the beginning. Some have complained that the current TV adaptation is too tame and avoids the more adult, dark and violent elements which make the comics so much better and most of that is down to NBC being more of a family friendly network. If this show moved to HBO it would be on the same level as Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones or The Wire, those shows don’t hold back, there’s profanity, violence sex, nudity and high production values, and those key aspects would do wonders for Constantine.

Netflix Pick It Up


This is a little more feasible. Netflix has been going to strength to strength and it is pretty much the most used streamed service for films and TV shows, plus it has it has renewed a few TV shows and is home to successful original shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. It has even gotten four lesser known Marvel properties (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) off of the ground. And since Netflix is free of the boundaries of network TV, it can be edgier and doesn’t have to be restricted to time slots. The only complication I see is that since Marvel are collaborating with Netflix to produce their new comic book shows, it would seem either rude or questionable for both Marvel and DC shows to occupy the same space (maybe, I’m not sure, I’m just speculating).

Possibly Picked Up By Amazon Studios or Yahoo! Screen

4368956351280x720jpg-56e5da_1280w yahoo-studiosThese two choices are less likely than the ones suggested above, that being said they are options that should be considered. Amazon is good because like Netflix they have been delivering their own original series’ in recent times and they’ve been successful with more of them on the horizon. Clearly Amazon must be doing something right. And since Amazon Instant Video stream Constantine already I feel like it would be a nice fit. I’m not sure how many people would see it if it were exclusive to Amazon, but at least the show would still be going. And then there’s Yahoo. The only reason I’ve brought them into the argument is because they were able to save Community and allow it be renewed for a sixth season so I have to believe that they could probably do the same for Constantine. The only problem is, Yahoo compared to everyone else is pretty small as a streaming service (to my knowledge) and I’m not too sure many people would see it.

Well that’s my thoughts on Constantine and where it could go for its renewal. What do you think of these suggestions and how do you think the show should proceed to be renewed? Please comment below and let me know. Laters. 🙂


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Constantine to Stop at 13 Episodes, Though Season 2 Is Still Possible

Good day to you ladies and gents, time for some news from the world of television and the show I’ll be talking about is Constantine. Now this show has only had been airing for a little while, but there is already talk of its future not being completely set in stone, and that troubles me. The following information comes from IGN:


Like most new series, Constantine received an initial order for 13 episodes, with the hopes of getting the “back nine” order that would bring it to a full 22-episode season. That isn’t going to happen, as Deadline is reporting NBC has decided to not order any more episodes of the show for this season. However, unlike most new shows who fail to get a back nine order and are essentially being simultaneously cancelled — including NBC’s own Bad Judge and A to Z just recently — the final fate of Constantine has not been decided.

The main difference is that Constantine debuted a few weeks later than most fall series, in late October, so the network only has five episodes of ratings to look at, even as the show is nearing completion of production on its first thirteen episodes – meaning a decision on the back nine had to be made now. Constantine has certainly had its struggles since it debuted, unable to bring in the same number of viewers at its successful NBC lead-in on Friday nights, Grimm. But the latest episode did have an encouraging +38% uptick in the ratings.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone tweeted the following, after the news broke.

 C-1 C-2C-3

Deadline also notes NBC has continued to promote Constantine, including using their sister channel Syfy to air a four-episode catch up marathon this week and scheduling the cast to appear at this week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade broadcast. Ultimately, it seems Constantine’s future will be decided by how the remaining eight episodes do, with the final decision likely held until May.

With three more scheduled for this year, there will still be five Constantine episodes left to air in early 2015, but the question then will be what NBC schedules in its timeslot on Fridays after those episodes finish up.

Well this is troublesome, Constantine is a good show, I would go as far as to say it is a great show. I did a post on how much I liked the show and now the show’s future is in jeopardy, and that sucks. First Community, then Hannibal and now this show. This is terrible news. While it would be good to have a full 22 episode season so we could explore more stories and characters from the comics, at the same time, 13 episodes means that there would be a more concise and focused overall story. Now I here are some of the reasons why this show hasn’t been doing so well:

  1. It is on the wrong TV station: People have stated that if this show were on another TV show then it would potentially get treated better and get more exposure.
  2. The promotion and advertising given is pants: Unless you’ve been an avid fan of the source material, you probably wouldn’t have been aware that this sho had even begun. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’ve caught this show a lot later after its initial airdate, I am one of them too, not watching until around episode 3. Point is, there has been no proper marketing for this show, NBC haven’t been pushing this show like Grimm and its like they are not giving the show the attention that it deserves to grow.
  3. The show’s too PC and needs be more hardcore: I’ve heard from some fans that this show is light on certain details that make John Constantine who he is as well as some other things. Some people have argued that this show isn’t meant to be mainstream and is more along the lines of cable TV and that this show would be better treated on HBO or AMC because there would be less limitations about what the filmmakers could show in terms of the violence and adult features.

So now, we at least have 13 episodes. However the show doesn’t have a definite confirmed second season and that troubles me, I don’t want to get into this show only for it to never come back. That’s happened too much in the last year, please God, not again with this show. I can only hope that the ratings improve and that the critical response saves this show from death, either that or the show gets picked up by another TV network. Either way, this show has to go on and it CAN NOT end after the first season. That just CAN’T happen. I like it too much for it to fall. So I will spread the work and if you’re a fan you should too, keep this show alive and let’s make sure it lasts at least 2 or 3 more seasons.

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