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Favourite Songs #36: Michael Jackson – In The Closet

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the 36th edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. Today we will be going back to the legend that is Michael Jackson with one of my all-time favourite songs that has only gotten better with age. I am of course talking about “In the Closet“.


Oh yeah this is my jam, this is the kind of song that when I hear it, I can’t help but get up and dance. In recent years it had definitely increased in the amount of times I’ve listened to it and I can safely that it is one of my favourite MJ songs ever.

Check out this awesome tune below:

Yes, oh yes! This is one of those songs that just gets you in the mood, the mood to get freaky. But more so than that, this song as a gorgeous sound, those beats, the singing, the lyrics, everything together just screams of awesomeness. It is unique and full of style, charisma and a lot of replay value. But make no mistake, this is probably MJ’s most sexually charged songs. The lyrical content is very promiscuous and the shouting and moaning only adds to the sexy nature of the song. The way I’ve perceived this song is it seems to be about the sexual tension/lust between and man and woman, and wanting to have sex, but not just casual sex, more like passionate love-making (like the way Chef from South Park describes love-making in his songs). It almost feels like this song is encouraging acts of sexual madness and if you let the music take over, I’m sure this song could end up being a song you make out to as well. Besides all that sexual stuff, “In The Closet” features great verses and the chorus, that just sends me into ecstasy yo. From the main beat to the sound of breaking glass to all of MJ’s trademark singing and shouting, this song has everything.

And there’s that music video, phew! Just have a look at it below yo:

After seeing this video I’m always like “Woah, steady on guys, it’s just a music video.” If the song doesn’t already make you hot under the collar, then this music video will. The song was sexual enough, but then with all of the imagery of MJ and model, Naomi Campbell together dancing, grinding and posing, it does make you feel like you’re watching the pre-show to a porn film a bit. If it wasn’t for MJ dancing dominantly throughout the video, this video would be a very different video altogether. But let’s talk about the video a bit. The sepia tone is nice and the style of filming and framing of certain shots is fabulous, I love the silhouette shots as well. And then there is MJ’s dancing. I am obsessed with MJ as a dancer, he has some of the best dance moves in the history of life, and in this video he struts some of his best stuff. MJ is kinetic, popping and locking, crotch-grabbing, the works and I love it. I normally watch the video just to see his dance moves. Oh and as you may know, there is a difference between the album version of the song and the music video version. I have mainly listened to this version because I’ve watched the video so many times, but I have to say that original is growing on me a bit more.

In conclusion “In The Closet” by Michael Jackson is just an incredible piece of music. The song is incredible and the music video on top of that just adds to the epicness. I used to hate this song when I was a kid because of the sexual themes, but these days that is one of the things I love about the song. If you’ve never experienced this song before, go check it out, it is definitely worth your time.

Well that’s another song review done, what do you think of my song choice today? Whatever your thoughts are leave me a comment below and be sure to come back next time for another song review yo!:D

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Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to Day #12 of my Month of Nostalgic Game Reviews where I’ll be giving you reviews of some of my most nostalgic video games from my childhood. Today the Sonic love continues with one of the finest Sonic games next to its predecessors, Sonic the Hedgehog 3!

Okay now I’m in the zone. While Sonic 2 is my favourite game ever and I used to play it all the time, Sonic 3 I played just about the same amount of time and I have super nostalgic memories with this game. Now some of you may be asking, “Why aren’t you reviewing Sonic 3 along with Sonic & Knuckles as the complete games?” Well I’m reviewing these nostalgic games the way I remember them and I never owned the other half of Sonic & Knuckles until a few years later. Anyways onto the review.

So Sonic 3 was released in 1994 on the Sega Mega Drive and interestingly this game is the first half of a whole Sonic title. See originally during this game’s development cycle Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were meant to be released as one single-cartridge game. However, due to time constraints and manufacturing costs, the developers decided to split the game in half. In terms of the premise Sonic 3 follows on directly from the end of Sonic 2 where Sonic defeated his enemy, Dr. Robotnik; crash-landing on a floating island, Sonic encounters new character Knuckles the Echidna, and must once again collect the Chaos Emeralds while also working to stop Dr. Robotnik from relaunching his ship, the Death Egg.

When it comes to gameplay the formula is similar to the last two previous Sonic games, though it is largely improved and changed from before. In this game there are only 6 zones, with 2 acts and a boss encounter at the end of each act (there’s a mini boss at the end of Act 1 and a Robotnik boss fight at the end of Act 2). However in Sonic 3 after finishing Act 1 you start Act 2 straight away, transitioning into the next act seamlessly. Sonic and Tails also have new moves to use. Sonic now has a split second shield to use to protect him against projectiles. While Tails can now fly for a limited time and swim through the water too, obviously with Tails’ flying ability it allows him to explore areas Tails can’t. Also if a player controls Tails and flies then Sonic can be carried along too. And lastly one of the sexiest additions to the Sonic series was the use of shields including fire (protection from fire), bubble (allows to breathe in water) and thunder (a magnet for rings and gives you a mid-air jump), all of which have different attributes and an interesting ability for Sonic when you double tap the jump button.

Also star posts checkpoints in this game allow you to enter a gumball machine if you have 50 rings when you run past them, inside there you can get rings, shields and extra lives. Another thing to note is that the Special Stages in this game are found by jumping into massive gold rings hidden throughout levels. Inside you had to work your way through a 3D space where the goal is to collect all the blue spheres in the level without touching any red ones. If you collected all of the blue spheres then you got a Chaos Emeralds, and if you get all 7 then you again gain access to Super Sonic. And lastly multiplayer returned in Sonic 3, where you play through unique levels as either sonic, Tails or Knuckles in Grand Prix or Time Attack mode. These levels were varied and allowed for the uses of items that would either improve or impede your progress or hurt the opposite player.

Graphically this game is great to look at and every environment has a great use of colour and art style (though I think it looks rougher than Sonic 2‘s very smooth look). The soundtrack was also like the best thing ever and was the first soundtrack composed by Jun Senoue who would obviously compose many Sonic soundtracks to come. and let’s not forget the fact that Michael Jackson had a hand in crafting this soundtrack too, it’s something I picked up on when I was a kid because the ending song sounded like “Stranger In Moscow” and when I found out MJ had indeed worked on the game, my mind blew up! And you know when the King of Pop is making music for your game its some awesome stuff yo! 😀

When it comes to nostalgia with Sonic 3, there is no greater joy in my world when it comes to 16-bit gaming. While Sonic 2 is overall my favourite Sonic game, Sonic 3 had so many better elements like the new shields, soundtrack and crazy level designs. I loved playing through Angel Island Zone and Marble Arch Zone, I really hated Hydrocity Zone because of the slow water sections and that horrible moving wall in Act 2! Plus Carnival Night Zone I liked from a visual and audio standpoint but I could never get past that infamous barrel bit in Act 2 because I was an idiot as a kid lol. I never beat it until a few years ago, I loved the music in this game and used to play this a lot with my sister too. I never beat the game properly until I got Sonic Jam and saw the rest of the game, but I’m glad I did that way because I’m a much better gamer now than I was before.

In conclusion Sonic 3 is totally badass, it took the basic formula and gameplay and innovated it again to a much higher degree. With the additions of a different art style, amazing gameplay and a kick ass soundtrack Sonic 3 is considered by any to be the best Sonic game ever and while I love this game, I still love Sonic 2 much more. Anyway if you haven’t gotten around to playing this game, stop reading this review and go and play it now. It’s one of the finest games from the 90s. 🙂

Okay so when tomorrow comes around we’ll be reviewing the last game related Sonic, Sonic & Knuckles so look forward to that one folks. And don’t forget to share your nostalgia in the comments below! 😀

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Favourite Songs #5: Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

Howdy people of the interweb, and welcome to the fifth edition of my series of blog posts dedicated to some of my favourite songs ever in life. And today’s song is one of the most classic and memorable songs from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! And the song is “Remember the Time“.

Now “Remember The Time” has to be one of my favourite Michael Jackson songs ever. I can’t recall when I first came across this song, but I can remember I must have been around 7 years old when it grabbed hold of me, especially because it was a song I used to see on TV radio a lot and I’d also hear it via my mum’s CDs too. I’ve always loved this song because it had such a great sound, from the way it begins, to the awesome and catchy chorus, to hearing Michael’s sexy vocals splashes all over the track, the song is just perfect. But I think one of the main reasons I recall this song was because of the amazing music video. It was so badass. It was literally like one of the best music videos I had ever seen and if you haven’t check it out take a look below yo:

Even after seeing this how many times as a kid and then watching it through the years, it’s still one of my favourite music videos ever and it really enhances the awesomeness of MJ’s song by 5. I love how it’s a short film but then at the same time it’s a really well executed and choreographed music video with a great look and feel, great dancing and a great replay value. This is really one of those music videos that show you why Michael is such a don! Why is such a badass and why he is invincible in the world of entertainment. I think the dancing is the best element of the video; the choreography is insanely tight, well-done, creative and so MJ. To me MJ will always have some of the best music videos in history because of the creativity and smart dance sequences. And since it was the 90s I was obsessed with Eddie Murphy and seeing him in this video even today makes me smile. In my later teen years I had sort of moved on to other times of music until my mum gave me “Remember The Time” on CD and I was like “Okay I like this song but what’s so special about it?” then I looked at the cover and it said featuring new jazz remix and I was like “What?” So I popped it in and my life changed at that moment. Have a listen:

I swear after listening to this a few times I became obsessed. It was just a jazz reworking of the sound and I fell in love with MJ all over again and surprisingly enough I liked this version more than the original! This song controlled me for a time because it’s softer approach to the sound and its sexy finish which featured extra backing vocals which was amazing. These days I go back and have a listen this version and smile every time. It’s so sexy yo!

In conclusion “Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson is one of his most amazing songs ever and when compared to a lot of his other bigger hits this song doesn’t get as much coverage which is unfair because it truly is pretty badass yo. I hope that you take the time to have a look at the music video and listen to the jazz remix, it’s all badass material here yo. R.I.P. Michael Jackson, still missing you yo!

Well that’s another song review done, came back next Monday for another song review yo 😀

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R.I.P. Whitney Houston

I just can’t believe it, this truly is a situation beyond comprehension. Just as I am scanning through the internet in the early hours of the morning I come across a news story which just shocks me beyond believe, the fact that Whitney Houston, R&B, soul and pop singer is actually dead at the age of 48. When I saw this via a link on Facebook I actually kept saying to myself “Oh my god.” Several times in fact, I just couldn’t believe it to be true, so soon.


So what can be said about Whitney Houston? Well for one she was a brilliant singer, she had a powerful voice, capable of such range and distance and had a unique sound to it that could never be replicated in any way shape or form, Whitney was Whitney and regardless of whatever genre of music she was singing in she rocked it and sounded amazing. From the time her debut album “Whitney Houston” dropped in 1985 she had an incredible presence in the music industry and that only continued with her follow-up album “Whitney” that came out in 1987. While she had a rocky time in her career through the 90s, her albums “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1990) & “My Love Is Your Love” (1998) sold incredibly well and her work on the soundtracks of the films “The Bodyguard” & “The Preacher’s Wife” were highly regarded also. She was on fire and through the 1980s into the 1990s she created songs that are unforgettable and now cemented in music history. She inspired a new generation of singers currently in the in music industry. However as with many music artists there was a dark side to her career. She had many personal issues including weight loss, being late to music reversals and there was also all of the conflict that came out of her marriage with Bobby Brown. All of that did take its toll on Houston and then there was also her use of drugs which did play a major part the destruction of her music career. Unfortunately in the years that followed after 2000 she started to fall off of the radar and only showed up in the news for all the wrong reasons and slowly her career in music was disappearing from the world and while she did make an admirable attempt to come back to the world of music in 2009 with the release of her album “I Look to You” which was pretty decent, it wasn’t nearly as incredible as her previous work, that coupled in with her live performances that have been less stellar and quite a shadow of the former awesome talent that we knew before, it is was safe to say the Whitney’s career was still in an unstable place.

But never in a million years did I think her life would end so soon.

Here’s where I read the news story:

And here’s the BBC News take on the news:

Now while I can’t say I was the biggest Whitney Houston fan ever, I knew her music, everyone did. And I enjoyed her music immensely. While I wasn’t a child of the 80s, I did grow up in the 90s and heard several of Whitney’s songs throughout my childhood on the radio, TV and on the CDs that my mum had, so Whitney’s brilliant songs were with me from a young age and do hold quite a level of nostalgia for me as I person. I also really enjoyed her contributions to the Walt Disney Television live-action version of Cinderella which I loved as a child and still have on VHS to this day and still enjoy it very much. She was an incredibly beautiful woman with an incredible history with music from platinum albums to number one songs to Grammy Award-winning material she was great music artist indeed. Whitney Houston to me was an amazing singer, who had talent far beyond that of many women in the world of music, she was legendary in my books and a credit to the music industry. And its funny while a lot of her songs I’m not overly keen on, there were a few that stood out for me. Firstly “I’m Every Woman“, this was probably my favourite song by Whitney, even though it was a cover of the song done by the brilliant Chaka Khan, I think Whitney took the song and jazzed it up a little and made it more reflective of the time period. It perfectly reminds me of my youth, listening to this song on the radio was great when I was young and I think it’s a really energetic dance/pop cover. Love it. Then there was the song “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay“, this song I swear I used to hear so often it was unreal, to the point where I knew all the lyrics by the age of 10 (that is probably no exaggeration). It was a good song and was very addictive and I remember me and my sister singing to this song when we were younger I think.

Now this next song is probably the oldest in my list of notable songs but its by no means less important, the song “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” it’s a song that I have heard so much it is unreal, I’ve been to many parties or nights out in different nightclubs and have heard this song play many times. It’s everywhere, on the radio, on TV, in the clubs, everywhere. And while I was never overly keen on it back in my teenage years probably due to the fact that it was played everywhere to the point where I would get extremely annoyed, I think now at the age of 21 I’ve started to see the appeal of the song. It’s a great pop song that really does have a lovely 80s vibe to it and it does have an epicly happy feeling to it which I really like and appreciate. And lastly, the final song I want to talk about is her last song “Million Dollar Bill“, while I thought it was okay at first, the song over time really did grow one me. It really is a feel-good song that has instant appeal and has a great presence in this modern age of music. While not quite the massive hit like her previous singles, considering the way music is these days (terrible and broken in a lot of ways with very few good points in between) it should be noted as a pretty decent success.

Obviously there are many great songs that she made that aren’t in my list, but again those were just the songs that stood out for me.

It’s a really a great shame that such a talent should be taken away from us so soon. I mean she wasn’t even 50 years old yet. I thought she would live into old age at least. She’s one of those great talents you never expected to disappear off of the face of the earth like Michael Jackson. Now for me Jackson’s death rocked my world in a way I will never forget and his impact of the music industry was so huge that it makes me sad just remembering how he is gone too and I think this same rule applies to Whitney Houston as there will never be another her in his world and I believe with the right encouragement she could have gotten her life in order. And the really strange thing is that I was actually looking up Whitney Houston on the internet on Wikipedia and YouTube one day prior to all of this happening and I find that incredibly eerie.

Anyway to summarize Whitney Houston you were brilliant, you were beautiful, you were amazing and just like Michael Jackson you were taken from the world before your time. Rest in peace.

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