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Sorry About The Delay

Howdy readers of the north, south, east and west! I just wanted to make a quick blog post to apologize about the recent slow down in my blog posting recently and explain the reasons behind it.


Basically overt he last week I’ve been hanging around in my hometown of Luton for easter because that’s the only week I’ve gotten to come back to see my family and friends before running back off to Sheffield to start uni again in a few days. Anyways, normally when I got home there’s a restriction about the amount of electricity and internet I can use so normally I’ll only get to use it every once in a while. And since I normally leave the house most times I don’t get enough time to sit down and get right into my blogging properly.

So yeah that’s why I have been posting things as quickly as usual, then add on top of that the fact that it was my sister’s 21st birthday yesterday and there was a lot of hyped building up to that, so again my blogging was put on hold. Unfortunately that meant that 3 of my posts from my Month of Nostalgic Video Game Reviews 2 have been late and I hate that, so once I get to Sheffield a few hours from now everything will be back on track hopefully and we’ll be full operational! So hang tight peeps and be patient with me! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post. Today’s post is nothing special. It’s just about something that we all do from time to time and it’s something that I like to do very often… And that is chilling.

“Chill time is happy time.” A quote I live by.

Yep. Chilling is just one of those things I love to do, all the time, every time. Whenever there is an opportunity to put my feet up and be lazy inside my flat at uni or back at home in my hometown I’ll take that opportunity and run with it. Most of those times are mainly just occasions for me to be lazy and hang around in my own company and for the most part its great. I get a lot of things done sometimes, playing video games, finding out new information on the internet or like now I’ll be blogging haha. But chilling can equate to other scenarios like hanging with my friends and not doing much, just hanging in each others company outside or inside, at home or in the pub, chill time is the definition of satisfaction sometimes and its grand.

So now it’s Easter and I’ve back at home in Luton for just under a week now and for the most part I’ve had a lot of good times catching up with old friends and making new ones in the process. I’ve also gone back to the cinema and watched a few films here and there in the shape of The Cold Light of Day, Wrath of the Titans and 21 Jump Street. And when I haven’t been outside I’ve been just hanging around at home, just being a lazy man, but its more chilling with TV and the internet for the most part and it’s just great. As I said before “Chill time is happy time” A quote that I made up a long time ago in college and I still stick by today, because when you’re chilling, everything is relaxed, serene and all good in the hood ๐Ÿ˜€


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And so I see the snow


Howdy people, just another random blog here and in this case it’s about snow again. Now I have made a blog post before about my feelings about snow in the post Fear/Dislike of Snow, but for those who aren’t in the know basically I don’t like snow because of the way it inconveniences us in our everyday lives, plus I’ve had my own episodes with snow. I don’t hate the stuff, it’s just annoying. Since back in December I had been expecting some form of snow to show up while I was in Sheffield and yet I never saw a thing, even though my friends had claimed to have seen it on the odd occasion, it wasn’t visible to my eye so that was good. Though I heard around that time that back in Luton, my home town, the snow was falling and I was surprised since I was in the colder area of the UK that the snow wasn’t more apparent in Sheffield, though I wasn’t complaining. So over all of the Christmas season there was no snow to be seen in my eye line, a big difference from last year.

And so we rolled into the new year and in 2012, and I still hadn’t been troubled by the snowy weather, even when my friends had claimed to see it over the course of January it just happened to be in random spots of Sheffield and not in the places where I was. Even when the weather was not looking too good with many cold, dark, cloudy and rainy days all over, it was all pointing towards snow. But luckily it still wasn’t around. But again I kept hearing about snow back in Luton during the course of January and the early part of February. So today I came back to Luton again by train and in the last hour or so the snow has started to fall. It’s the first visual confirmation of snow that I have seen with my very own eyes. I looked outside from behind the front door of my house and I saw the snow lightly falling and making a small white coat all over the place. And at this current hour I have just looked outside again and my god, its frigging coming down heavy. It’s a bloody blizzard! The snow has fallen and its settling outside. All of these bad memories are starting to flash back through my mind and my fears are starting to become real. I fear I shall be attacked, I fear I’ll be inconvenienced in the ways of travel and I fear I’ll be left in the cold to suffer. Good gravy I am afraid for my safety as the winter winds blow in my home town. I hope I’ll be alright :S





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Being back home is weird

It is strange leaving home, moving to another town/city and trying to find your feet again. That’s exactly what I did when I went to university in Sheffield. I had to establish my identity all over again, make new friends and continue my life of learning in a much bigger and more academic environment. And over time I adjusted, I found my feet, got some great friends and discovered over the last 3 months that Sheffield is a pretty awesome place to live. Even after uni ended I could imagine myself hanging around in that city for quite some time. I guess you can say I got attached to the city a lot; it’s a very nice place. But then I left Sheffield last weekend to come back to my home town of Luton and things don’t right.

I’ve been back in Luton for just under a week and it feels strange to be back in a place that I used to call home, I mean sure it is still technically my home as I haven’t completely left the country or established a new life on the other side of the planet. But I feel more at home in Sheffield then I do when I am in Luton, there is just a refreshing feeling when hanging around in Sheffield and back up there it feels like anything is possible and that’s why I love it so. Nothing feels as hard to do or complicated to do up there unlike in Luton where it feels like there a level of complexity that comes with living in this town. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bad-mouthing my own home town, but with the amount of the stuff that I have been able to do in this new wonderful city that I’ve been living in for the last few months itโ€™s weird to fall back into this place where I was before, it feels a tad unnatural. It’s just strange to have all this free time with nothing to do with it; I much prefer the madness of my time schedule in Sheffield where the unpredictable nature of life takes over with my lovely flatmates.

Again don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my home town, far from it in fact. I really do like being back here where things are a great deal simpler and all that jazz. I’ve met and caught up with all of my best friends, hanged out with many people and it seems like people genuinely miss me and actually want to hang with me. It’s made me so stupidly happy ๐Ÿ˜€ I swear in these last few days I have gotten all that I have ever wanted and then some, I am satisfied. And yet, I miss Sheffield so bad I just want to go back and live it up all over again. I know I’ll be back on the 31st of December for New Yearโ€™s fun, however its strange I should miss a city I’ve only lived in for a few months and miss a flat I’ll only live in for just under a year with ridiculously high pricing for rent or miss even people who I have only known for a short time. But hey what can I say, I love the city, I love the people and even though the flat rent is killing me itโ€™s a nice place to chill in haha.

So now with Christmas around the corner I guess I look forward to it, itโ€™s strange that it’s nearly here and yet I haven’t noticed at all, it’s really unnatural to me. Oh well only 2 days to go let’s hope something gets me in the groove! Laters. ๐Ÿ™‚


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My terrible episode with train transportation

It’s funny, in all time that I’ve been travelling on trains whether it be to London, Sheffield or anywhere else I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience. Sure there have been delays or travel diversions on the London Underground when travelling to the London MCM Expo with my friends, but there has never been anything that has ever gotten under my skin, angered me and depressed me before… That was until yesterday. Yesterday was meant to be a simple trip from Sheffield to Luton, nothing overly complicated, I had planned everything out days before and even though I had pay extra for the train on the day, I had everything in hand. However from the time I left the flat at my accommodation the first time everything went wrong.

This was just meant to be a routine trip back home, but it blatantly didn’t work out the way I wanted…

So after waking up in a very slow fashion after a massive night out, I was up and ready, though I did mess around on YouTube for a bit. I think I may have watched too much stuff as I had forgotten to look at the clock lol. Basically I had to be on the train at 14:27, I wanted to get to the train station at 14:00 and it was 13:45! I started to panic, I through my stuff together and rushed around. I had to reorganize my suitcase twice and then I finally got out and was on my way to the station however I had left the most quintessential item at home, my rail card. So then I had to throw my suitcase in a bush next to a tree and run back to my flat, nab the rail card and then run back to get my suitcase. I eventually got to the station just before the train was gonna leave, but I didn’t get the ticket in time so I had to wait for the next one at 14:47. Weak!

The next train did eventually come on time and I was en-route… However, there was an announcement on the train saying that the train was faulty, something to do with the doors not functioning properly so then we had to get off at Derby and switch trains. Holy man was I pissed off. So then I had to take my heavy-ass bag and suitcase from one train to the next and then I was finally one my way to Leicester like I was supposed to be. I then got off and tried to look at the nearest indicator to find out when the next train would be heading to Luton, but it wasn’t working. So then I had to run to another platform and check the indicator there which said the next train for London St. Pancras was at 15:25, but when I looked on that platform it said that the trains was calling at London St. Pancras only and I was thinking “That is so unfair!” So then I ran up to a guy at the ticket office and he said that the next train heading for Luton was the one I just looked at, so me thinking that the ticket man was right I went back to the platform and waited around 20 minutes for the train to show up. So then it eventually showed up and I hopped on, sat down and hoped for the best. However when the ticket inspector told me that my ticket was not only invalid but that the train was going to London St. Pancras only, my heart soon sank into a sea of disappear.

So then she told me that she’d write something down on my ticket that would allow me to get over the barriers at London and should still allow me to get back home too. So I thought I should trust her, but I was still gutted that I had to travel all the way to London to get back to Luton. So then I arrive in London St. Pancras around 17:30 and approach the barrier with my ticket. I check the train times and I see the next train home was heading off at 18:00. So when I tried to get over the barriers to the train when it started boarding I couldn’t get on because the woman at the barriers told me that my ticket was invalid. But then I told her my situation, that I was given false information by the ticket man at Leicester and the other stuff, but she wasn’t having it and told me to get another ticket. So there I was in the most frustrated mood in the history life, I swear I was ready to blow up. I’m so glad I had my music to keep me going through all that, it kept me clam, kept me focused and provided me with some good tunes. So I went down, got me ticket, came back up and then finally got through the barriers and onto the train. I just sat down and sighed in sadness that it had taken so long to get to a position where I was getting home after running around for 3 hours. After a quick call with my mum, I just put my headphones back in my ears and just let the train take me away.

And then out of nowhere some guy I was sitting next to asked me if I wanted a beer, I thought he was joking but he said he had one too many, so I accepted. It was the highlight of my day, and best thing that happened to me all day. So there I was chilling with a beer on the train, I was tired, frustrated, but at least I had beer haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ So then after 15 minutes I finally got back into Luton. Finally back to my home town after 4 hours travelling around on trains with heavy luggage. Holy man it was lengthy.

So with the end of that story I came to this conclusion, that trains aren’t always consistent and websites aren’t always reliable and neither are people. I know a lot of the problems with Saturday began with me, with my reliance on the National Rail website and their inconsistent information on train times and then the forgetting of my rail card. But then there were problems that came from having to change trains because of faulty electrics, ticket men giving out false information and horrible people at the barriers not understanding the problems that everyday people like me go through. Oh good gravy I suffer so. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why is it that every once in a while I have to go through such horrible episodes in my life. It has made me very wary for the future in terms travelling and other things of that nature.





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