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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Just Announced


Good day to you ladies and gents of the internet, today I am here to rely upon you some new video game news that broke just a little while ago. The following information comes from IGN:

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has been announced and will be coming to all major consoles, handhelds, and PC at the beginning of autumn 2014. The announcement was made via the trailer above.

Following on from the events of DC Superheroes, Beyond Gotham follows the Caped Crusader on an intergalactic adventure, which sees him out to prevent Braniac from destroying Earth. To achieve his goal, Brainiac is using the power of the Lantern Rings to miniaturise cities from across the cosmos. To stop him, Batman – along with a host of other DC heroes and villains – must visit different Lantern Worlds to collect the Rings and put an end to Braniac’s scheme.

The game will feature more than 150 unique, unlockable characters from the DC universe. Following on from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Beyond Gotham will use big figures for characters such as Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy. Each character will new gadgets and abilities, with the announcement saying that “the power of the Lantern rigs bring unexpected twists to the classic characters’ personalities.”

Iconic locations will also feature in the sequel, with players able to visit the Hall of Justice, the Justice League Watchtower and the Batcave.

Here’s the trailer:

So here we go again with another Lego Batman game and I can see one of two responses: 1) “Ah, another one? Why?” or 2) “Ah yeah, another Lego Batman, gimme!” Either way it seems like the Lego franchise is moving forward with the next game in its series. So what do I think about this news? I say bring it on. The first two Lego Batman games done extremely well and both introduced new elements into the Lego video game series that became staples for future games to adhere to. Also right now Batman is very hot stuff, he had a pretty big part in The Lego Movie, there’s also been a lot of hype what surrounding Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and then of course you have Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice coming out next year, so now is as good a time as any to announce this next instalment in the franchise. I’ve played the first Lego Batman and I thought it was fun and definitely the best one since the Star Wars games, I never had the chance to pick up the sequel, although the inclusion of the Justice League as playable character definitely makes it a more compelling game to play.

Right now this game is sounding good, being able to use more than 150 characters is an insane and awesome thought to me and being able to visit locations like the Watchtower and Hall of Justice just makes me hyped. Lego Marvel Super Heroes pretty much gave gamers and fanboys alike the most comprehensive and fun Lego video game of the franchise, so to see if that can be topped with this third Batman entry will be interesting. I am hyped and I’m curious to see how the story, hub locations and missions will be handled.

lego fry

As Fry would say: “Shut up and take my money!”

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