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Slowing down production on this blog

Howdy people of the internet and to all my fellow subscribers who check out my blog on the regular. I’m just dropping by today to give you a little update about how things will function on this blog for the foreseeable future.


While I have been pretty inconsistent with my blogging over the last 6 to 12 months, I have still be around to bust out some reviews, news and other topics of conversation for you lot to read and hopefully enjoy. However, times have changed, I preoccupy my time a lot with many TV shows and playing video games, plus my attitude towards writing reviews has changed a lot. Now I love writing reviews and writing in general, there is just something very satisfying about putting thoughts to paper, or in this case thoughts to typed words online. And since my brain never technically turns off, I always have something write about. You should see my draft section on my blog, since I’m always coming up with ideas of stuff I want to talk about on my blog, the drafts never cut down, and actually get bigger. Right now it is around 93 and counting haha.

Last year, when writing reviews I noticed that it started to becoming more work than fun. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I just wanted to mention that writing has become tougher. Maybe it is because I’m far more laid back and lazy or maybe it is due to no longer living in Sheffield or maybe it is because I’m no longer a student of university. Whatever the reason is, writing reviews sometimes feels like the hardest task in the world, whether it is having nothing to say about films or finding it hard to put thoughts into words, sometimes I just avoid blogging because it can be a tad stressful and frustrating, and that is the last thing I want for this blog.

I started this blog for recreational purposes (I hope I’m using that word correctly), it was just for fun and to spark up some conversation with like-minded individuals. But some days I really dread going to the cinema because I know I’ll have to review it because at this point I feel like I have to do it out of obligation to my blog and I do not want this blog to feel like work. Never. A blogging friend, Claire from My Reel POV, gave me some advice about what she did on her time away from blogging and suggested ideas for me too. While I would like to take a break from this blog, I know I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long and would come back with a vengeance haha.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I’m going to be slowing down, taking a few breaks here and there and possibly only talking about important films and news. Now this doesn’t mean I’m gone forever, that’s impossible, I’ll just be doing things a little more sparsely. Thanks for reading yo. 🙂


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Finding The Effort To Write

Howdy people of the internet, time for a quick little blog post. So as you may have seen, recently I did my reviews for Big Hero 6 and Kingsman, however the timing of those reviews were a little late and if I had gotten myself a little more motivated than I would have had done them sooner. And that leads me to the main plot of this blog post; having the motivation to write on this blog.


Yeah I know exactly how Spongebob feels, that’s me nearly all the time.

The thing is, ever since the mid part of 2012 I have had an inconsistent rhythm with posting on this blog. In the past it has been down to uni work, other life commitments or just laziness. But most times I would always make time to blog, even if I had nothing to blog about. But since 2014 came around I’ve started to notice a change in my work ethic, it became more noticeable towards last summer that writing reviews and content for this blog in general became a task. Now this blog was started for fun-based purposes, just as a casual way for me to review things. I don’t know when it happened, but last year there were points when it felt like such an effort just to get online and write something. Trying to turn my thoughts into words became the hardest of tasks and constructing topics of conversation became super tedious and then of course there was all the days I missed going to the cinema because I just felt too lazy to leave the house. Such a terrible way to handle a blog. One could argue it’s not that bad, I have no avid followers waiting for my next blog post, nor do I have the best views on my posts and I’m also not getting paid for this. That being said, I do love blogging and it is the only thing I do in my personal time that feels productive and I am actually proud of in a way.

So yeah, 2015 is gonna be a killer yeah and hopefully I’ll have the effort to cover all the major happenings in film and other bits and bobs with conviction and a bit more speed. Thanks for reading peeps, laters. 🙂


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For The Days When You Can’t Be Arsed.

Howdy ladies and gents, how are you all doing? Today I’m just gonna do a quick blog post outlining my current feelings about life at the moment and would you believe that it is back to the topic of being lazy, again.

cant be arsed

Yeah, I know I go on about this kind of thing a lot for those of you who have read this blog for a while, but to be honest it’s hard not to talk about it as a topic for blogging. Every once in a while you just feel that lack of effort in life, whether you don’t want to get out of bed or if you don’t want to go outside or if you don’t want to deal with work, it can be any number of things. One could argue that being lazy or not putting in any effort is not the best way to go or will try to say bad things about you because of that attitude, but in the end it is your life and only you can decide what’s worth doing and what isn’t. And of course, there will always be that moment when you’re just like “Fuck it, I’m done.”

For me, I haven’t been that bothered to do much since August ended. With summer over and pretty much nothing to go back to (I mean education-wise), I’ve been feeling empty and bored. I have felt no need to go to the cinema or when I’m at home, I feel no need to do any of my basic activities like gaming, watching my backlog of TV shows or even blogging, yeah it has gotten that bad. September really is a rubbish month if you’re not in education or have any plans to go on holiday. While there’s some good TV, video games and conventions on the horizon, it is still a few too many weeks/months away and this month feels more like a barrier to better times than a month full of good times. I’m basically playing the waiting game until October now and it is really boring. I may as well just sleep of the next few weeks and wake up when September ends… Haha, I will laugh and give points to anyone who gets that reference.

So that’s my mini blog post done, now I open the floor to you lot. Have you ever had a point in life when you’ve just not felt like doing anything or if like time is taking ages to get to better events in the future? Whatever you have to say drop it in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next blog post. 🙂


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Those Super Lazy Summer Days…

Sup ladies and gents, today I come to you with a blog post out of boredom, again. It is the latter part of July, it is summer, it’s hot and I’m really, really, REALLY bored.

Fond d'écrans Toons

I’ve made blog posts about being bored and lazy before but today, once again I feel like the past is repeating itself and today especially I am feeling SUPER lazy. The recent hot days in the UK, while good for people who are doing things outside, for me it is just heats up my house makes me feel hot and tired. Ever since I moved into my current house around 10 years ago the summer has been the season for me to laze around the house and do nothing because of the heat sucking away my energy.

Today has been what feels like the longest day of my life. The heat has pretty much sucked out all of my energy and any inspiration I have for personal work is just not there any more. So what do I do in a moment of crisis like this? Watch stupid amounts of TV, play video games and lay on the couch watching for the hours to pass by. Luckily it gets pretty cool around this hour of the day so my movements get a little quicker again. Man I really need something to do haha, hopefully I can get a job over the summer or get a really good video game to hold me over during these super hot days. Thanks for reading lol. 😛

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