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I’m Back Again And Ready To Rock!

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Yo yo peeps of the internet, I, the Hypersonic55 have returned to the world online once again except this time I am back and fully operational because I finally have my laptop back! Oh happy day! This is how I felt when I got my laptop back:

Now for those who aren’t aware, I had been without my laptop for three weeks because it was breaking down and needed to be fixed. It was in the repair place for AGES and during that time I was relegated to using my phone for the internet and watching normal TV, it was horrible and nearly unbearable. I mean sure I got to use my mum and sister’s laptop’s at points, but it wasn’t the same because so much was lacking when it comes to all my tabs, and files on my hard drive too. I swear the last few weeks have been an endurance test, I feel like god was testing me to see how I would survive without my technology, which truth be told I can’t. I am a tech addict to a degree and I need my stuff especially because I do my blogging and watch a lot of TV online too. But yeah I’m getting back into the groove and if you haven’t seen it already check out my review of The Expendables 3.

And now that I’m back I’ll be able to give you all my reviews from the cinema and get back to some of my TV reviews as well. I should have more from My Favourite Music In Video Games and I should be able to review season 3 of Buffy and season 6 of Castle before the month is out.


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