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Good day to you ladies and gents, how are you? Today I’m coming to you with another film review and today it’ll be on another one of the film’s I missed out on in the cinema last year, Cop Car. I’ve been wanting to check this film out for so long especially after the director, Jon Watts was selected as the director for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film, and with the positive world of mouth I heard from certain critics my curiosity was high. So without further ado here we go:


With this film I knew very little about it beforehand besides the fact that two kids steal a cop’s car and Kevin Bacon is the most notable name attached to it, so I was technically going in blind. And that was part of the fun/intrigue that came with this film. The premise is unique with these two little daredevil kids going off and stealing a car for fun, but then once the sheriff goes on the hunt for his missing car and other aspects of the story start to come to light, it becomes apparent that the boys have become part of something much more dangerous than anything they could have imagined. At the beginning there’s a heavy focus on the two boys, Travis and Harrison, and while they’re young, naive and have very carefree/rebellious qualities to them, they’re a little frustrating to watch because of their foolishness and lack of respect for the law (but that speaks more to my disliking of watching kids be kids). But once Sheriff Kretzer came into play that’s when I started to pay attention. While the film has a unique story where the possibilities of where it could go are endless, I did find myself a little bored by the pacing and earlier story material with the boys. However after a while the film’s story started to get a little more interesting, and once it gained momentum and certain plot points start to change/interlock then the film had my attention. And what intrigued me the most was the fact that once things started to get darker and more intense the whole mood of the film started to change, from the characters to film’s visual style with the use of colour and lighting, so by the end of the film I was in a totally different frame of mind than when the film started. I really liked the acting across the board, James Freedson-Jackson and¬†Hays Wellford did really good/convincing jobs as Travis and Harrison, while Kevin Bacon brought the right amount of charm and seriousness as Sheriff Kretzer, Camryn Manheim was also good as Bev and seeing Shea Whigham in anything makes me smile and he had a very interesting role to play as Man. Overall I was surprised by how much I liked Cop Car, it was simple yet very effective and had a lot more meat to it in the second half, and this film has only made me more interested to see what Jon Watts does with the new Spider-Man film. ūüôā

So that was my review, have you seen Cop Car and if so what did you think of it? Please leave your comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! ūüėÄ

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Month of Superhero Film Reviews: X-Men: First Class

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Day #30, the LAST DAY of my¬†Month of Superhero Film Reviews!¬†Over this month I’ve been reviewing of some of the best and worst comic book adapted films. So after one okay X-Men film, the brilliant second film, the disgusting third film and I can’t be arsed with the Wolverine one, we’re now going to conclude this month of reviews with the only other great X-Men film in the form of X-Men: First Class.

Man I remember seeing this in the cinema and being very surprised at the end result, I mean I’d had to live through both X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine so my expectations were set incredibly low. Luckily this film found a way to be dramatic, cool, interesting and while it may not have totally convinced all of the X-Men fanboys out there, overall it was a good injection of awesomeness into the X-Men film series. So now in 2013 I’m gonna review it again and see how it fares.

When it comes to the story of X-Men: First Class it¬†is set primarily in 1962 during the¬†Cuban Missile Crisis, and focuses on the origins¬†Charles Xavier (Professor X)¬†and¬†Erik Lensherr (Magneto), two mutants brought up from very different backgrounds who as adults have different ideas of how they see world as a species different to humans. The film focuses on the formation of Charles and Erik’s friendship, the relationship between them and how their differing opinions about humankind and mutantkind split them apart into groups that would eventually become the X-Men (the good guys) and the Brotherhood of Mutants (the bad guys).

The story in this film is very good as it was smart, emotional and had a great deal of character development. I loved seeing the story behind Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, we got to see new sides to them and witness some of their new abilities too. It is great to see their meeting and the focus of their relationship, the ups and downs and the eventual fall out that leads to them being on opposing sides.¬†I like setting in this film, its much older point in time with various situations which allows for a lot of different stories to be told, some of which are interwoven. The whole¬†Cuban Missile Crisis is a great setting for this film as the writers find a way to incorporate the mutants into it in a smart and sophisticated manner. There are problems in this film, at points there’s not enough screen time for many of the character involved and there are some unsatisfied conclusions to some of the characters and story elements.


Now let’s talk about the cast.¬†James McAvoy¬†as¬†Charles Xavier/Professor X. McAvoy gives us a very different interpretation of the classic character we know from the comics, here is a more charismatic ladies man who while intelligent is a lot less of a serious character than we’re used to. I really liked McAvoy’s version of Xavier, he’s very cool, funny and epic when he’s serious. Then we have¬†Michael Fassbender¬†as¬†Erik Lensherr/Magneto, ¬†here is a character who had a rough upbringing and definitely has a grudge against humans, especially Sebastian Shaw. I loved Fassbender in this role, he was incredibly intimidating, raw, badass and all-round amazing, he gave us a more sympathetic version of the character and gave justification as to why he is who he is at the beginning of the Bryan Singer film.


And then there’s Kevin Bacon¬†as¬†Sebastian Shaw, I thought Bacon was awesome as the bad guy of this film. His back story as a¬†former Nazi scientist and the leader of the¬†Hellfire Club and I thought his character while a bit ridiculous at times was actually really cool, evil and had some nice moments.¬†Jennifer Lawrence¬†as¬†Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Lawrence’s performance as Mystique is very different from what we’re used to. This character is more reserved and is trying to come to terms with her ability, she’s been made to hide her true self by Charles but after coming into contact with Magneto her opinions change. I loved Lawrence in this role as she was super beautiful and very convincing in her role.¬†January Jones¬†as¬†Emma Frost looks hot as hell and I’m glad that her comic book look was added in the film, the problem with her character is that she was a bit bland.¬†Nicholas Hoult¬†as¬†Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy/Beast, in this film Hank is a bit of annoying character because rather than embracing his mutant heritage he’s instead trying to rid himself of his powers, which obviously doesn’t work out too well for him. Hoult is good but not nearly as good as the other members of the X-Men team, at least not until after he becomes Beast.¬†As for¬†Rose Byrne¬†as¬†Moira MacTaggert, she was pretty hot and I liked her in the film.


Zo√ę Kravitz was nice Angel Salvadore though I wasn’t too keen on how her character progressed.¬†Caleb Landry Jones¬†as¬†Sean Cassidy/Banshee was okay and a bit funny but a tad annoying at times.¬†Lucas Till¬†as¬†Alex Summers/Havok was nice, though I didn’t like how much of a douche he was towards Hank.¬†Edi Gathegi I feel bad for as¬†Armando Mu√Īoz/Darwin, he seemed like a cool character but he’s severely wasted for plot purposes. And then we have¬†Jason Flemyng¬†as¬†Azazel, this film’s equivalent of Nightcrawler (even though he’s technically Nightcrawler’s father). Even though Flemyng doesn’t say anything he’s really cool and has some great fight scenes.¬†√Ālex Gonz√°lez¬†as¬†Janos Quested/Riptide was okay, but he barely spoke and just threw around a lot of whirlwinds so he wasn’t too good of a bad guy. And lastly¬†Oliver Platt¬†as Man In Black Suit, he had some funny scenes and I enjoyed his role in the film.

Now let’s talk about the presentation. Visually the film is pretty impressive. The CGI is very nice good, there are some awesome effects used for action sequences involving Magneto, Azazel and Sebastian Shaw. I love so much of the fights and action and explosions in this film, it’s this kind of spectacle that the series has been missing for a while now. Though I have to say the effects for Beast’s face is questionable which goes from looking okay to pretty ugly. As for the soundtrack by Henry Jackson I think that it’s really good. It is sophisticated, emotional, loud and awesome at various points throughout the film and my favourite song was¬†“Rage and Serenity“, the scene where it’s used is epic and so beautiful.

xmenfirstclass_submarine 11_cinesite_XMen_First_Class

And lastly how does it compare to the comics? Well as I’ve said before I know the X-Men mainly from the cartoons, a few comic books and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Like the previous films there are a lot of differences and updates to the characters and story from the source material. What I noticed was the inclusion of Nightcrawler’s father, Azazel, we got to see more of Charles and Erik’s powers and there was also the inclusion of Emma Frost too. But there was some messy elements like the inclusion of Alex Summers which was bit questionable and the treatment of Frost’s character personality too.


So to conclude¬†X-Men: First Class is cracking good comic book film which takes the basic elements of the source material and modifies it in a way where it works in a dramatic and awesome way. The story is great and I love the focus on Charles and Erik’s relationship, the central performances from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are incredible and there is plenty of action to satisfy the masses. While it may not be a perfect X-Men film that fans were looking for, I feel like Matthew Vaughn¬†did a great job at bringing this franchise back from the shitter and into the good place in the realm of superhero films.

Rating: 8/10 (A fine film and bloody good step in the right direction for the X-Men film series!)

So there’s my review people, THE LAST ONE DONE! So have you seen X-Men: First Class and if so what are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts yo!

Well its been a hectic month, but I just about made it through, thanks for reading and a special thank you goes out to Tim The Film Guy for commenting and liking my material, you rule dude! Alright later on peeps!


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Super Review

Howdy people, time for me to review another film that’s not currently showing at the cinema and today’s review will be on Super. Now this was a film I was initially interested in seeing back in 2010 because it looked alright from¬†the¬†trailers, but after the reviews came out I sort of¬†discarded¬†it. But since Mark Kermode on his recent Kermode Uncut video said he liked the film, I thought I’d give it a watch.

So when it comes to the story in this film follows Frank Darbo, a normal guy who has a good life with his wife, Sarah. However after his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer by the name of Jacques,Frank transforms himself into the Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills. Along the way he meets a girl called Libby who becomes his sidekick Boltie and together to fight crime together and go off on a mission to save Frank’s wife from the forces of evil.

The story in this film is pretty simple but plays out in a very over-the-top, strange and quite unnatural fashion. You basically follow Frank over the course of his adventure to get his wife back and how his actions both as a superhero and as himself affect the people around him. There are funny, awesome, strange and fucked up stuff that goes down in this film. Annoyingly there are some really cool or hilarious moments within this story, but a lot of it is offset but some weird, vulgar and unnatural elements that make the film not nearly as enjoyable as it could have been. The film also had problems with trying to find the balance between humor and scenes of seriousness too.

Then there are the characters of Super who are a mixture of cool, weird and just plain old assholes. Let’s start with¬†Rainn Wilson¬†as Frank Darbo / The Crimson Bolt. Wilson made for a good, if not stupid and¬†lovable¬†protagonist. Frank is a bit of a fucked up individual, he has some strange habits and ideas of what justice is, but that’s what makes him so funny and some his actions as Crimson Bolt was nothing short incredible. Then there’s

Ellen Page as Libby / Boltie, now this is only my second Ellen Page film but I honestly liked her in this film. As Libby Page gave a great performance as this comic book girl who eventually comes to work with Frank and help his cause and satisfy her need to do crime fighting too. As Boltie she is a violent nutcase but that is something that also makes her funny and awesome, plus in her costume Page did look pretty hot too. Wilson and Page had pretty good chemistry for the most part although there were some weird moments from time to time.

Kevin Bacon¬†as Jacques was great. Bacon played this hilarious was a right asshole who had a way with words and was pretty funny throughout. Also¬†Nathan Fillion¬†as The Holy Avenger was hilarious. His character was a fictional person from a comic book series and TV show and I loved him, he was one of the best aspects of this film. You could tell that Fillion was having fun with this role but I couldn’t help but see him as Mal from Firefly under the mask.¬†Michael Rooker¬†as Abe was also pretty funny, having not a lot to say but when he was on-screen he was doing something funny and lastly Liv Tyler¬†as Sarah Helgeland was nice though her character didn’t do nearly as much as the others mentioned before.

As for the presentation it’s good but also pretty weird. Basically this film has an animated sequence which is¬†accompanied¬†by music and it is nice, colourful and amusing and there are also moments in the film where it has little animated moments similar to the old Batman TV series when people get hit or shot. Also this film is pretty violent, now I’m all for violence, in some cases I love it, but in this film its sometimes painful to watch and some of the visual stuff that goes down in general is just plain awkward yo.

In conclusion Super is an interesting film and definitely was entertaining, that being said it one of the strangest superhero/comedy films I have come across. The best way to describe Super is like calling it the twisted and slightly fucked up little brother of Kick-Ass. The film was a lot better that I expected it to be but it was also very unnatural and unlike anything that I’ve seen before, by the time the film was over I felt both entertained and partially disturbed haha.

Rating: 7/10 (It’s good but really freaky yo)

So have you seen Super and if so what are your thoughts on the film? Whatever it is drop it in the comments section below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. ūüėÄ


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