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Joker Review

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the internet, how’s it going? Yes, I am still here. ๐Ÿ˜› I know I don’t post as consistently as I used to but if there is something notable to talk about or review on here I do try to step out of the shadows and contribute and so with the release of Joker, of course, I had to review it myself. So as usal I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the filmย via my podcast Film Focus.

On this episode of Film Focus, I finally get to talk about another one of the most anticipated films of 2019 in the form of Joker. Now I have been interested in this film from the time it was announced just to see if it could work, and over time I found my intrigue and hyped levels increasing with subsequent set photos and trailers that followed. So does this film work or not? Well, check out this spoiler-free review to find out.

P.S. I enjoyed talking about this film but beyond that, I have a few thoughts about film discussion and fandom and my passion for talking about films with likeminded individuals and I hope that resonates with you and anyone else that listens.

Anyway here’s the review:

If you haven’t checked out my podcast before you can find it here:

So have you seen Joker and if so what did you think of it? Regardless of whether you liked it or not, I would really love to hear your thoughts on this film so drop your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll see ya in the next review, laters! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Her Review

Howdy ladies and gents, its time for me to review a film and today’s film will be Her. From the time I saw the trailer for this around 2 months ago I knew I had to watch it because of the premise of the story from the trailer and plus there was a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding this one. So I watched it today and I am ready to share my thoughts.

So the story of the film in a nutshell centers on a man who develops a relationship with an intelligent computer operating system (OS) with a female voice and personality.

I thought the story in this film was nice as it had a great emotional pull, some complexity and drama. That being said at times the film felt very bizarre and uncomfortable and thing that is due to the whole connection between Theodore and Samantha. When it comes to films dealing with AI I prefer them to be like HAL 20009 from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Skynet from the Terminator film series because they’re less human and more interesting as devious or dangerous threats to humanity. The story started out interestingly enough but really got a bit dull for me at points. It wasn’t until the complexities in the relationship got brought up or when Theodore’s ex-wife comes into play when the story got a lot better. Also one of thing that I found really interesting was the whole future setting where humans are interacting with technology so heavily, in addition to having the new OS blur the line between the connect between humans and machines. I can’t say I was completely invested in the story like I thought I would be which is a shame because I really liked some of the subtle moments of beauty or when things got heated and dramatic I was having a good time.


When it comes to the cast they were all really good with the stand-out performances coming from Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. So let’s start with Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly, Phoenix was really incredible in this role. I have never seen too much from Phoenix in films and my most memorable role from him was when he was in Signs, in this film we get to see his full emotional range as this recluse character who has issues with letting go of the past and other personal issues that he must overcome. Also Scarlett Johansson was great as Samantha, even though it is just a voice role, you can tell Johansson really puts her heart into the character as you can really feel her emotions through her voice and it is really impressive. Just the way she talks and says specific things, you can almost imagine that she’s on-set in the film somewhere.


Amy Adams as Amy was good, it was nice to see her play a role that was a little more subtle and more down-to-earth and relatable, Amy is a kind and thoughtful friend of Theodore and I liked her. Rooney Mara was also really nice as Catherine, Mara is good actress and it is great to see her in roles that require her to be both nice and kind of cruel too. Olivia Wilde was really as Amelia, I didn’t even know she was gonna be in the film but she was an interesting and emotive character and Wilde did a wonderful job. I also really enjoyed seeing Chris Pratt in this film as Paul. Pratt was almost unrecognisable with that moustache and interesting dress attire, he was this delightful character who had this great aura about him and was pretty funny in a subtle kind of way where it wasn’t too goofy. Love how he’s just popping up in films all over the place now.


In conclusion Her is really beautiful if somewhat bizarre film. Joaquin Phoenix does a great job in the central role and Scarlett Johansson does some great voice work to and the film is shot really well and looks pretty too. I don’t think it was as amazing as I had heard and it didn’t connect with me on the emotional level that other films have in 2013, but for those looking for a different kind of film viewing experience I would recommend this one.

Rating: 7.5/10 (A strange and yet beautiful kind of film)

So what did you think of Her? Have you seen or are you going to see it? Whatever your thoughts are drop them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo. ๐Ÿ™‚


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