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Sonic the Hedgehog Review – It’s Good!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I am here to share my review for Sonic the Hedgehog via my podcast Film Focus.

On episode 100 of Film Focus, I get to talk about a film I’ve been so cautiously optimistic about for a while now; Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, this film has had an interesting journey to the big screen with a few delays to the reveal of Sonic’s questionable initial design to the better redesign and so on. So with Detective Pikachu being a pretty solid video game film from last year, does Sonic continue that upward trend or not? Well, check out this spoiler-free review to find out.

Anyway here’s the review:

If you haven’t checked out my podcast before you can find it here:

So have you seen Sonic the Hedgehog and if so what did you think of it? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? And did you think it was better or worse than Detective Pikachu. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll see ya in the next review, laters! ūüėÄ

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ONE PARAGRAPH REVIEW: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another quick review and today I’m talking about Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Now I saw this film as a kid around 7 years old and there was a lot of adult-related stuff that went over my head, it wasn’t until I watched the film as a teenager that I started to understand the more grown-up elements of the film. I’ve always loved Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls as I’ve seen it countless times on VHS, but I’ve¬†only seen the first film once fully so I thought I’d give it a watch today and see how it holds up. ūüôā

The plot can be summed up as the following: “When the mascot of the Miami Dolphins gets stolen, pet detective Ace Ventura is tasked with finding and returning it before the football team play in the upcoming Super Bowl.” This is a strange plot mainly because it takes a normal story of kidnapping and turns it into an elaborate adventure¬†full of intriguing twists and turns and bizarre revelations that’s just so weird and random, and yet it is still fun to watch. If you don’t take the film too seriously and get lost in its madness you’ll enjoy its sense of humour and over-the-top antics. Also the number of adult references I missed as a kid was incredible, I won’t mention any spoilers but some of the foreshadowing and eventual reveals in the plot blew my mind rewatching it today. I’m not sure how much this will resonate with younger audiences who weren’t around in the 90’s or people who aren’t into comedies that are a little out of the realm of realism, but for those who stick with¬†it, you get a really fun little adventure full of laughs and surprises.¬†The cast was really good. Firstly you have Jim Carrey¬†as Ace Ventura, and he is great as this very weird, over-the-top and silly guy who is also very caring,¬†smart and resourceful. Someone like him shouldn’t exist, and on occasions, he does get annoying, but Carrey’s so magnetic and charming that you can’t help but¬†like him. Also, this performance along with The Mask and Dumb and Dumber is what made Carrey famous, and why he went on to do a lot of great work in comedic and serious roles, it was stuff like this that made Carrey fun and memorable.¬†Courteney Cox is beautiful and tough as Chief Publicist Melissa Robinson and she has good chemistry with Carrey. Oh and¬†Sean Young¬†as Lt. Lois Einhorn she was really good as the¬†head¬†of the police department who was stern, uptight and mean. Plus I never noticed until this year that it was Young from Blade Runner in this film, I’m so blind haha. I also liked¬†Tone LŇćc¬†as Emilio, the funny moments with¬†Dan Marino¬†and a nice appearance from Udo Kier¬†as Ronald Camp too.¬†I also really liked the film score from Ira Newborn as it has a very 80’s inspired sound with some spy/Mission: Impossible elements mixed in which worked really well. In conclusion, In Bruges was is a strange yet really funny film with a memorable central performance from Jim Carrey, and is definitely worth a watch if you want to see the origins of Carrey during the early days of his rise to stardom in the 90’s.

So have you seen In Bruges¬†and if so what did you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see ya in the next review, laters! ūüėÄ

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Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2: The Mask

Howdy people of the north, south, east and west, and welcome to Day #3 of Month of Superhero Film Reviews 2! During this month I‚Äôll be reviewing of some of the best, average and worst comic book adapted films. Today I’ll be talking one of my favourite films from the 90’s in the form of The Mask.


Ah yes, this is my time. The Mask is one of my all-time favourite films of the 90’s and I watched it a fair amount of times in my childhood, it wasn’t until my late teens that I found out that The Mask was actually based on a comic books series from Dark House Comics. I’ve actually been meaning to review this film since I rewatched it a few years ago, but since I’ve started this series of posts again, now seems like a good time to talk about it.

The story can be summed up as the following:

“Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss lives a pretty dull and troubled life, however his world is changed forever when he finds a¬†mysterious mask and when he wears it he transforms into a manic superhero.”

The story is an interesting one. This a story about an ordinary guy becoming extra ordinary but also about discovering what makes him special and discovering what it means to be a hero as well. It is the kind of story we’ve seen before but it is handled in this film with the right amount of style, humour and heart to make it believable. There is a heavy focus on humour and it really works, it is a fusion of physical and verbal and a lot of it works thanks to the great cast, but also because of the witty dialogue and great pop culture references. Considering how light-hearted the animated series was, this does seem pretty dark and mature by comparison, sure it isn’t as dark or as violent as the comics but it does have its moments dark humour and adult themes not exactly meant for children.

large-screenshot2 maxresdefault-themask

Now let’s talk about the cast. Jim Carrey just kills it as Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask. It may seem like Carrey is just being himself especially after seeing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, however with Ace he’s a crazy character with not a lot of depth. Here, Stanley is a good guy stuck in a less than satisfactory life, you can sympathise with the guy because he’s nice, but he’s treated like rubbish. So when his luck starts to change you root for him and hope that he’ll succeed. Plus as the Mask the guy is a crazy whirlwind of fun, acting like a living and breathing cartoon spouting quotes from films, creating things out of nothing and driving his enemies insane with his actions. Carrey acts with the just the right balance of humour and emotion to carry this film. And then there’s Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle… All I can say is DAMN! This was the acting debut of Diaz and my god, I think she was the hottest woman in existence in this film. Every time I see her in this film I can’t believe my eyes and mind can’t comprehend her hotness. Tina is a lovely, sweet and caring character who just happens to be extremely gorgeous and when she meets Stanley the two of them really hit it off. For her first acting performance Diaz does pretty well and has really good chemistry with Carrey as both Ipkiss and the Mask. Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell, does a really good job as the mobster who wants to take over the city’s underworld. Greene acts with the right amount of charisma and aggressiveness that makes him both intimidating and cool.

fhd994msk_cameron_diaz_003 fhd994MSK_Peter_Greene_006

Richard Jeni as Charlie Schumaker is a lot of fun as Stanley’s best friend and colleague. Jeni acts with a good sense of charm and humour and he has a good bromance with Stanley. Peter Riegert is really good as Lt. Mitch Kellaway, he’s strict, mean and very by-the-books when it comes to the law, that and he has beef against Stanley and Riegert is just delightful in this role. Jim Doughan is just as good as Det. Doyle, as Lt. Kellaway’s partner he provides much of the comic relief that doesn’t come from the Mask because of his foolishness. Amy Yasbeck does well as Peggy Brandt, she’s the cute and perky reporter and I really like her dialogue and moments with Stanley.


Now let’s talk about the presentation. Visually the film is pretty good. The main thing that stands out in this department is the CGI, while it definitely shows its age these days, for the 90’s it was pretty impressive how well the special effects were blended with the live-action material. I really like how animated and cartoon-like the Mask is with crazy movements and facial expressions, Industrial Light & Magic did such a good job. I also have to mention how much I like the two dance numbers in this film, the first with the Mask and Tina is one of my favourite moments in film, that scene has so much style, humour, energy and is beautifully choreographed. And the second dance in the street with the police is another great moment thanks to the bizarre and humourous moments sprinkled in between the dancing. As for the soundtrack, Randy Edelman does a really good job creating a score that is dark, mysterious, creepy and yet charming. In addition to that the song “Hey! Pachuco!” by Royal Crown Revue is one of my all-time favourite songs, it is a badass jam full of sass, energy, charm and is impossible not to like.


And lastly how does it compare to the comics? Well I’ve never read any of the Mask comics, however I do know from research that besides the concept of the mask and its powers are mostly intact, but the origins of its power were changed, the Mask is less of a murdering psychopath and more of a crazy hero, the violence was toned down and switched for a more comedic tone.

TheMasK_Carrey_Diaz_024 mask

So to conclude The Mask is still a really fun, interesting and humourous film with an awesome central performance from Jim Carrey. It is really is one of those unconventional kind of outings in the superhero genre because of its comedic tone and lack of standard comic book codes and conventions, however it is still a pretty cool film and I would urge anyone who is interested to give it a watch.

Rating: 7.5/10

That’s 3 reviews done, only 27 more to go. So have you seen¬†The Mask and if so what are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts yo! Come back tomorrow and I‚Äôll have a new film review online, until then peace out!

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Dumb and Dumber To Trailer #1 Review

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome to a new trailer review. It feels like an eternity since I wrote about something film-related on this blog, but now I’m ready to talk about a new trailer from a film I’m interested in seeing later on this year; Dumb and Dumber To.

Check out the trailer below:

So my first thoughts after seeing this trailer? This looks alright.

Now I don’t care much for comedy films (most people who read this blog will know that already), that being said, I will always check a film out if it has a cast I’m interested in or plays on my nostalgia, and this film does both.

So from what I understand in the trailer, the story involves Harry and Lloyd finding out that Harry has a long-lost daughter and they wish to find her, but I don’t think the trailer said why. We also see that Lloyd has the hots for Harry’s kid which is weird, but understandable and there are going to be a lot of lengths gone to in order to find this girl.

Watching the trailer for Dumb and Dumber To is like going in a time machine back to the 90’s, the jokes and actions of Harry and Lloyd seem so stupid and juvenile, but there’s something great about it went its them who’s doing it rather than other people. Straight from the beginning you’re treated to some insane, Lloyd’s been in a mental home and Harry’s been visiting him for almost 20 years but them you find out that Harry’s been faking the entire time and what does Harry think? He’s thinks its awesome. What the heck man? Its stupid stuff like that which makes these two so funny.

Other highlights include Harry and Lloyd setting a man on fire after setting off fireworks in his bedroom, chilling in the middle of the highway with their car, the camouflaged man in front of the vending machine and the phone call where Harry tries to call his daughter and Lloyd thinks he’s getting a call from his dead dad. It’s so stupid but really fun at the same time. But the best bit is at the end with the old woman and Lloyd’s hand getting stuck in her nether regions, that was nasty but funny too.

Now this trailer isn’t perfect, even though I have no major faults with it, I still feel its important to highlight the fact that this film is comedy which has story ideas and jokes we’ve seen or heard before and just because the trailer is funny, doesn’t mean the same rules apply to a whole film. That being said I’m liking the way this is so far, I’m just being cautiously optimistic.


In conclusion this looks like it could be a lot of fun. It is more of the same crazy, stupid and over-the-top jokes and antics from the 90’s but it seems to fit in with today’s type of comedies too. Obviously this film could still bomb heavily but it does look a lot better than I was expecting and just seeing Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey back together as these characters just makes wanna see the film. If the film is half as good as this trailer then it will be worth a watch in my opinion.

So what did you think of the first trailer for Dumb and Dumber To? Be sure to comment below and I’ll see ya later?

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Kick-Ass 2 Review

Howdy people, it looks like its time to review a new film again and today’s film is the sequel to 2010’s Kick-Ass in the form of Kick-Ass 2. Now this is a film I’ve been cautiously interested in for a while now. I really liked what Matthew Vaughn did with the first film and when I heard he wasn’t coming back for the sequel I was gutted. The trailers also only made me mildly hyped for the film, so man was I glad after watching the film today to find that it was WAY better than I expected. Thank god.

The plot in this film goes a little something like this:

Inspired by Kick-Ass and the events of the first film, other people don masks and begin to fight crime. One of these, Colonel Stars and Stripes, forms a team and asks Kick-Ass to join them. Meanwhile, Hit-Girl’s choice to “retire” and try to have a normal life as a schoolgirl backfires when Red Mist is reborn as The Mother Fucker and plans to create a super-villain army to exact revenge on Kick-Ass for his father’s death. The superheroes face threats from their allies and get thrown into prison for wearing masks.

I really enjoyed the story in this film, it felt like a nice progression from the previous one and had a lot of new challenges for all the character involved and cranked up the danger level by ten times. There’s really three main story arcs in the film:

  • The first involving Dave wanting to become a hero again as Kick-Ass and become some more than a regular person.
  • The second involves Mindy trying to come to terms with who she is, dealing with life as Hit-Girl but also dealing with high school for the first time.
  • And the third involves Chris D’Amico wanting to get vengeance against Kick-Ass and becoming to The Mother Fucker.

All of the key characters from the previous film develop which leads to some wonderfully emotional and really great moments throughout. The great thing about this film is that it has everything you loved about the last one, Kick-Ass 2 retains its sense of humour, style, drama, violence and unashamedly blunt nature. There’s bound to be stuff to offend people from the violence to the profanity and racism too, but hey it’s not meant to be serious, it’s just a movie and the way its used is effective and hilarious. Now obviously for the comic book fans a good deal of things have been changed for the live-action adaptation and I feel like they work for the most part, but obviously some may be disappointed with the changes.


When it comes to the characters they are all on top form and the cast do a brilliant job. Let’s start with¬†Aaron Taylor-Johnson with is still badass as David Lizewski/Kick-Ass. In this film Dave has a great journey that we experience in this film, he’s been out of action for a while but then dresses up and joins a group of costumed heroes and is really enjoying himself, until things get complicated. Johnson is still odd, hilarious and cool as the title character. And then there’s¬†Christopher Mintz-Plasse¬†as Chris D’Amico/The Mother Fucker. Bloody hell, The Mother Fucker is one of the strangest creations any person has come up with, the guy is a nutcase with some stupid and weird tendencies, but that also makes him a frigging awesome character.¬†Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays this character to great effect being charismatic and naturally funny throughout. But the real star as per usual is¬†Chlo√ę Grace Moretz¬†as¬†Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl.¬†Mindy has the strongest of the character arcs in this film for me, her character has a lot of things on her mind and has to deal with new challenges as both herself and her alter ego. Chlo√ę burst into the world of film as Hit-Girl and continues to be amazing as this crazy acrobatic fighter, but also as a girl who doesn’t know anything outside of the world that her father put her into.


Now let’s talk Jim Carrey¬†as Colonel Stars and Stripes. I was REALLY looking forward to seeing Carrey in this film and I can report that he did a great job in the film. His character was funny and has a great sense of justice and knew how to throw¬†down, he was really badass. HOWEVER I was really gutted with the amount of time he was in the film, I felt like his character exited the film far too soon and I felt like his character wasn’t as integrated into the main cast as the trailers made me believe.

I also want to give a shout out to¬†Donald Faison who was totally great as Doctor Gravity, he provided some wicked moments of humour. Also¬†Olga Kurkulina should really be highlighted for her work as Mother Russia, she was the definition of badass, she was like a human tank of beastliness! And¬†John Leguizamo (who I remember as Tybalt¬†from Romeo + Juliet) does a great job as Javier, he’s funny, relatable¬†and cool. And finally¬†Lindy Booth¬†as Night Bitch and¬†Claudia Lee¬†as Brooke¬†were great in their roles but were also total hotness, I had to say it!


In terms of presentation its pretty cool, visually the film is done very well with some nicely shot scenes and wonderfully choreographed action scenes and sequences. The best element of the action comes in the awesome fight sequences involving Hit-Girl, Mother Russia, Kick-Ass and the epic battle between hero and villain groups towards the end of the film. As for the soundtrack by¬†Henry Jackman¬†and¬†Matthew Margeson its great, it retains the heroic, distinct and soft themes from the last film while adding some nice new ones in this film. The soundtrack also works thanks to its choice of music tracks too, the best example of this is use of¬†“Korobeiniki” which is the Type A music from Tetris covered by the band Ozma. It is a frigging awesome cover of the original and is used SO well in one sequence in the film which is just beastly!

kick-ass-2-10 Kick-Ass 2

So to conclude, Kick-Ass 2 is a lot of fun. It’s just about as awesome if not more so than the original, its violent, over-the-top, ridiculous, hilarious and doesn’t care about who it offends. I wasn’t expecting the film to be as good as it was but it exceeded my expectations and was a lot better than a lot of the films I’ve seen this summer. I can only recommend this film for those who are fans of the first film or those who don’t mind a bit of violence with their action and comedy, but yeah Kick-Ass 2, good stuff. ūüôā

Rating: 8/10 (A solid sequel fun of all the good carnage that made the first film rock!)

Now I wanna here your thoughts on the film in the comments below! Did you enjoy Kick-Ass 2? Did you like it more or less than the first film? Also if you’re a fan of the comics do you like the changes or despise them? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! ūüėÄ


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Month of Superhero Film Reviews: Batman Forever

Howdy ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Day #24 of my¬†Month of Superhero Film Reviews!¬†During this month I‚Äôll be reviewing of some of the best and worst comic book adapted films. So we’ve covered the Tim Burton Batman films, now let’s talk about the more light-hearted and lesser liked follow-up film slightly controversial sequel in the form of Batman Forever.

Okay now we’re talking about the 90s Batman and this is probably where I started watching Batman in the live-action films when I was a kid. I remember really liking this. For a while I loved this film for its characters, action and kick ass soundtrack, so after a while I grow up and even though I was teenager after the Christopher Nolan films had come out, I still liked watching this film. But now I haven’t seen it in a good few years so now let’s go through this film and see if my thoughts have changed at all.

As for the plot it focuses on Batman trying to stop Two-Face and the Riddler in their villainous scheme to drain information from all the brains in Gotham City. He gains allegiance from a love interest in the form of psychiatrist Dr. Chase Meridian and a young, orphaned circus acrobat named Dick Grayson, who becomes his iconic sidekick Robin.

I thought the plot in this film was alright. There a good few ideas in this film like how Batman questioning his act of vengeance due to what happened to his parents and then there’s Bruce struggling with his dual identity too. We also have the introduction of Dick Grayson and his storyline and Edward Nigma’s plot too which all sounds pretty good on paper too. The problem is that way its done in the film is not nearly as effective as it could have been. Due to the direction by¬†Joel Schumacher, this film adopts a much more child-friendly approach which mean that all the more serious aspects are watered down and it doesn’t help that the script a little on the weak side offering up some half-assed material and stupid coincidences¬†that really shouldn’t be taking place in a Batman film.¬†You know what the film emulates the feel from the Adam West 1960’s TV show, it feels very similar with the colourful villains, crazy situations and levels of campiness.


Now let’s talk about the cast. In my opinion¬†Val Kilmer makes for a great Bruce Wayne and Batman. I Kilmer’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne and I also like his calm and collected Batman too. As for¬†Nicole Kidman she was good as¬†Dr. Chase Meridian. Firstly she is SUPER gorgeous in this film and she was one of my first film actress crushes. That aside, I liked her character, she was smart and sophisticated and a good love interest for Bruce Wayne thought I wasn’t keen on how¬†obsessed she was with Batman or how she was a damsel in distress¬†in the¬†climax.

Then there’s Tommy Lee Jones¬†as¬†Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Somehow Billy Dee Williams disappeared and is replaced by Tommy Lee Jones. I feel like Jones was okay in role but he was far too wacky, over-the-top and was in no way as good as he was in the comics. And then there’s Jim Carrey¬†as¬†Edward Nigma/The Riddler as the second villain in the film. In this film he’s a bit of a sympathetic character and you can understand his a motive for become evil. Even though Jim Carrey is pretty much Jim Carrey in this film which can be frustrating at times, I feel like he’s way better villain because he has better motive and more screen time devoted to his character. These two together are like children stuck in older men’s bodies, they’re so crazy and out of control that its very reminiscent of an episode from Looney Tunes.


As for Chris O’Donnell¬†as¬†Dick Grayson/Robin, I thought he was alright, thought he did moan a little too much for my liking. He was still decent once he became Robin, but wasn’t as skilful as his comic book counterpart. And lastly Michael Gough is still great as¬†Alfred Pennyworth, he’s still reliable, funny and I like how he’s the faithful family faithful butler and Bruce’s confidant.


Now let’s talk about the presentation. Visually the film is insanely colourful and way more vivid and bright than Tim Burton’s darker and moody colour palette. Gotham is still a unique and distinctive-looking city, it is way more colourful and accessible to child audiences though it is a bit excessive for me especially with all the additional special effects that’s found in this film. The action in this film is of a pretty extra in this film and is way more in line with the comic book and 1960’s TV show too. As for the soundtrack by¬†Elliot Goldenthal¬†I personally really like it. The score is loud, bombastic and works well with the style of the film. I really like the new main theme for this film, it is one of my favourite themes ever! It’s so epic and heroic, I even had it on CD when I was like 7 years old and played it on repeat. That’s how much I loved this song!

And lastly how does it compare to the comics? As I said before my knowledge mainly comes from the Batman cartoons and research online. Well in this film we have the inclusion of Robin, The Riddler and Two-Face and while some of their character origins are the same, the way they’re depicted that’s questionable and different. Firstly Robin is a hell of a lot older and not a boy at all and he’s whole persona is wrong, then there’s the Riddler who is just a lot comedy-based than usual and then there’s Two-Face, I’m sure he was meant to be more of a serious character but here’s portrayed as a much sillier and campier character which really doesn’t work for the comic book fans.


So to conclude¬†Batman Forever¬†is a film that I like from a nostalgic stand point and I think it’ll honestly have a special place in my heart. But it obviously isn’t exactly the Batman film that fans were hoping for after the Tim Burton approach and I can say that I don’t like the film nearly as much as I did before. However¬†Batman Forever is still decent, it’s not nearly as painful as some say and I think its WAY more tolerable than its sequel, so if you haven’t watched it and you’re curious, give it a chance.

Rating: 6/10 (Its cheesy, campy and a little silly, but it’s still fun!)

So there’s my review people, only 6 more to go. So have you seen Batman Forever and if so what are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts yo! Come back tomorrow and I’ll have a new film review online, until then peace out!

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review

I remember seeing the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone back in January and saying to myself “Oh look, a comedy film I am actually interested in seeing.” And I really needed it after being tricked by that other filthy film called Movie 43. So this was my first comedy film of this year and I was hoping for something good especially since Jim Carrey was involved. So I watched the film yesterday and it ended up not being nearly as good as I’d hoped but I still had a bit of fun with it.

The story involves Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton, they’re friends who have been doing magic together since they were kids and when they grow up they become successful Las Vegas magicians who have been performing the same show for years. After a while there show starts to become stale so hey attempt snow new, but when Anton is injured in a performance, Burt is left vulnerable to competition. That competition comes in the form of Steve Gray, an edgy street magician who does extremely strange and disgusting tricks that captures the attention of most audiences.

The plot in this film is alright though uneven in places. Also when certain characters come into play you sort of see what their role will be or how they will interact with each other a little while later. A lot the film was predictable, not that funny and inconsistent. There was potential for this film, while it deals in the realm of magic performances, the change in times and what has become the norm for magicians moving from the stage to the street and television, those elements aren’t fully looked into and not executed as well as they could have been.

Now let‚Äôs move onto characters. Steve Carell as Burt Wonderstone was decent. Carell played the lead magician in the Las Vegas show along with his friend Burt. Now for me Steve Carell is one of those actors that can go one of three ways; really good, average or just bad. This time he was average, his humour just wasn’t as strong as some of his other films and I wasn’t laughing as much as I would like to. I really liked Steve Buscemi as Anton Marvelton; he was Burt’s partner and long-time friend. I am a big fan of Steve Buscemi and I liked how clueless and strange his character was and it was definitely a difference from seeing him in Boardwalk Empire. Olivia Wilde as Jane was nice; she plays¬†Burt and Anton’s assistant who dreams of becoming a magician herself. Wilde still looks as pretty as ever and she plays her role well, though this role could have been played by many other female actresses too.

Alan Arkin was pretty funny as Rance Holloway. Arkin played an old magician who inspired Burt to become a magician. I liked the character, his dialogue and how active he was regardless of his old age. James Gandolfini as Doug Munny was alright, he was the billionaire owner of the venue where Burt and Anton performed. I didn’t care much for his character. Jim Carrey was great as Steve Gray. He was like a weird version of David Blaine who was very big-headed and bit of jerk. Carrey was in very good shape in this film, I was surprised with his¬†physique. But besides his good shape I thought his performance in the film was great, his whole use of physical comedy reminded me so much of his days back in the 90s doing stuff like The Mask and Ace Ventura. This is the Jim Carrey that I’ve missed over the last few years. One last thing to note, I just wanted to say that I loved the appearance of Gillian Jacobs as Miranda, as a fan of Community that just made me absurdly happy to see her there.

In conclusion The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is decent comedy, but it really does fall short of the laughing standard that should come with films in this genre. The plot is fairly weak and predictable as are the jokes and actions of some of the characters involved too. But that’s not to say it’s all bad, it does have Jim Carrey and some other funny elements here and there, however without Carrey I don’t think this film would have worked as well as it did.

Rating: 6/10 (I have seen funnier but I’d say still give it a try)

So what did you think of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone? Did you like it or hate it? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and let me know yo! Until the next review I’ll see ya later. ūüôā


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Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer Review!

Finally, finally, FINALLY! I have been waiting for the bloody trailer for Kick-Ass 2 for ages, I just wanted to see some form of footage to see what kind of film we were gonna get with this sequel. The first film was a largely successful prequel film adaptation of the Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. comic book, even if it was a little overhyped in my opinion, so know we have the sequel’s first trailer and to be honest while it’s interesting it doesn’t make me jump for the skies in excitement.

Anyways if you haven’t taken a look at the trailer have a look below:

So what can we see here? Well I know what I saw. It was an interesting trailer with moments of awesomeness however this trailer wasn’t all that fancy to me. From what I can see here we’re picking up right where we left off in the last film, Kick-Ass saved the day and he’s still running around and kicking ass, his crazy actions have even inspired other crazy people to start parading around in costumes too.The trailer also reintroduces us to Hit Girl who has a school life to deal with, but also has to train Kick-Ass too and she can still dish out the pain as well. Yay. And then there’s appearance of Colonel Stars and Stripes¬†who adds some new flavour to this masked superhero scene and of course Red Mist know as The Mother F%&*^r (Mother Fucker for those who hadn’t guessed) and you have a recipe for chaos and good times with violence.

The humour still seems to be intact straight from the beginning, Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass still seem to have their funny moments together and the addition of Jim Carrey is definitely looking interesting. This is a very different character from anything I’ve seen him in before especially when it comes to his voice, it sounds to different. And¬†The Mother F%&*^r just look great, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is normally great in all the roles he’s in so I can’t wait to see what kind of evil and humour he’ll bring to this sequel. In terms of the fighting and violence it looks like there will be plenty of that with flipping and kicking and some crazy set pieces including Hit-Girl attacking people from on top of a van! Damn she’s hardcore. It also looks like the people in masks are in trouble because the police are after them and it also looks like Kick-Ass’ dad found out who he is already (which must happen in this film because there was no indication of that before).


Now I’ve watched the trailer twice now and it seems cool but I’m probably either gonna wait for another one or just wait until the summer to see Kick-Ass 2 in full to pass judgment, I liked the first one here’s hoping that this one is better.


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Is Marvel Courting Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Okay this was definitely unexpected yo, while the whole looking for Star-Lord thing was understandable with some interesting choices, this just comes out of the blue. Here’s the full story from superherohype:

“here’s been a lot of talk about who will play the lead role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, but not as much for the supporting cast. Latino Review is reporting that Marvel is looking into the availability of actors Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for the film. It’s not clear which roles they’re looking at for them, but the most sensible answer would be the tiny, loud-mouthed rodent Rocket Raccoon.

The site also reports that Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell and Cam Gigandet are on the list for the Peter Quill/Star-Lord character. None of this has been confirmed by the studio, so it should be treated strictly as a rumor for now.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be directed by James Gunn (Super, Slither) from a script originally drafted by Chris McCoy and Nicole Periman. The team in the film will consist of Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to film this summer in London and will be released on August 1, 2014.”


Now I thought Marvel were gonna be a little more low-key with the people they picked for their upcoming Marvel films with not so well-known actors, but hey it seems I am wrong on this occasion. But anyways let’s discuss the role of Rocket Racoon for a second. We all know he has a british accent and yet the first picks so far are American, okay. Well whatever they may just change the accent for film similar to what happened to Black Widow. Anyway let’s talk about our potential Rocket Racoon actors. Now Jim Carrey, I love him and he’s one of my favourite comedy-based actors especially with his work from the 90s. To be honest while he wouldn’t be my first choice I could imagine him in the role and he could bring an interesting voice to the role. However Adam Sandler? Adam Sandler? What? No offence to people who still like him but his film of recent years are just tragic and painful. No one should be putting him in films anymore until he gets his films in order. Now in Hotel Transylvania he was pretty good, but I can’t help but feel that a role like this should be given to someone more deserving.

Now obviously this is all rumour at the moment and has no solid evidence to back it up, but I hope that it’s all just something of myth though especially when it concerns Adam Sandler in a Marvel film.

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First Official Image From Kick-Ass 2!

I have been waiting for some form of official image from the upcoming Kick-Ass sequel, I mean sure we’ve had set photos to stare at for months but obviously official, clean photos normally make the characters and costumes look a lot better. So this first image comes from superherohype:

“The first official image from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 is now online and can be seen in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (via¬†Popculturology).

Jim Carrey is featured in the photo along with Kick-Ass himself, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Carrey plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in the film who invites Kick-Ass to join his group of superheroes called ‘Justice Forever.’

After Kick-Ass’ ¬†insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes, our hero joins them on patrol. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist‚ÄĒreborn as The Mother F%&*^r‚ÄĒonly the blade-wielding Hit Girl can prevent their annihilation.¬†

Chlo√ę Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Morris Chestnut, John Leguizamo and Donald Faison co-star in the adaptation of the Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. comic.

Kick-Ass 2 hits theaters on June 28, 2013.”


Well it looks alright, nothing too amazing but still we have something to look at. It’s great to see Jim Carrey in costume and I love how he’s stand in such a strange way, like his body is slighty slanted in the middle. It seems like a pose he’d do like when he was back in the 90s doing films like The Mask or Ace Ventura. Either way I hope this image is the first of many because this film is set to come out in July so some more images or a trailer would be nice.

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