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Howdy ladies and gents, time for another one paragraph review and today I’ll be talking about Green Room. Now this is a film I planned to watch during its release in the cinema back in May, but for whatever reason I missed it and I’ve been kicking myself ever since because there’d been nothing but positive word of mouth about this film, and some claimed it was film of the year material. So with all the 2016 films I’d missed, I wanted to try and see this film before I made my top 10 list. So is it good or not? Well read on and find out!


The plot can be summed up as the following: “A punk rock band is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.” Green Room is a film I knew of but really didn’t know anything about besides the basic premise and the talk of the performances of the cast especially Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin. I was basically going into this film blind, and I feel like I benefitted from that a lot. I had the general jist of this story down, but it turned into a very different film than I was expecting, the film was dark, dirty and violent, and just when I thought I’d sussed out plot, it’d totally change things up. The story while familiar in some ways, had a lot of unique and surprising elements with the way it handled the characters, pacing and overall narrative, and can we talk about the tension? Good gravy man, besides the sheer brutality and violence which is handled so well, this film kept up the suspense and tension in such an intense way, my heart was racing several minutes after the film ended, and I’d say it’s on par with Don’t Breathe. And then there’s the cast who all did a great job in their roles. Anton Yelchin was just fabulous as Pat, this guy goes through a lot and Yelchin just put in 110% with performance especially on the physical side. Imogen Poots as Amber was also really impressive, really versatile and realistic with the emotional material she was given. And of course we have to talk about Patrick Stewart as Darcy Banker, this is most different role I’ve seen from him, Darcy was really cold, calculated, ruthless and intimating and Stewart was so magnetic. I also really enjoyed seeing Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat as Sam, she was really great too, I also enjoyed Macon Blair as Gabe, Mark Webber was pretty good as Daniel and finally Joe Cole and Callum Turner were solid as Reece and Tiger. In conclusion Green Room was a very impressive, intense and dark film which I enjoyed far more than I expected and it has automatically jumped into my top 10 films of 2016, just trying to figure out where to place will be the hard part. But anyway, I’m glad I saw it and I would recommend it for sure.

So have you seen Green Room and if so what do you think of it? Be sure to leave your thoughts on the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next review, laters! 😀


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Need For Speed Review

Good day to all who may be reading this blog, today I’m finally getting around to talking about one of my most anticipated films of the year, Need For Speed.  Now I love car chases in films and I love Aaron Paul, honestly it is a win-win situation with those two points alone. At first I thought the idea of NFS film was absurd, but once the first trailer hit, it had me. All the interviews about this film and the use of practical effects only heightened my anticipation for the film… But I knew in the back of my mind that the film could go one of two ways; it could be really good or really bad. So which is it? Well read on and find out!


So the premise for the story goes like this:

“Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross-country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.”

I thought the story was pretty good, if a little predictable and far-fetched at times. The key themes of vengeance and justice are definitely presented at the forefront of the film in a great way. I thought the story would just be some half-assed attempt at justifying the driving of cars, but it is decent, has some moments of drama, humour and it knows it’s car jargon very well too. At the center of the film is the rivalry between two Tobey and Dino and it feels so real and really drives the plot along. The best way to describe this film is what the Fast & Furious films would be if they had a little more realism. And even though this film isn’t based on any of the games from the series, I definitely see shades of NFS Most Wanted, Carbon and Hot Pursuit coming to mind.


As for the cast they are all pretty good with some standing out more so than others. Firstly Aaron Paul is great as Tobey Marshall, you can see this is a man who got fucked over by his enemy and now he’s out for blood. While this isn’t his best work, you can definitely see his heart was in the right place as he is just as you can see the emotion in his face when the drama’s going on, but there are the little things like the way he talks or has tiny mannerisms that remind me a lot of Jesse Pinkman. Dominic Cooper is pretty cool as Dino Brewster, this guy is a business man who can talk the talk but can’t necessarily walk the walk as he definitely tells a few lies here and there. Cooper plays the sort of generic bad guy, but he does it with enough style and charisma to make it acceptable and believable. Imogen Poots is also good as Julia Maddon, at first her character comes across as a bit of a snobby know-it-all, but you do grow to like her personality traits as this smart and capable woman.


Scott Mescudi as Benny is great, this guy is pretty much the main source of humour as he’s always cracking jokes, but outside of that he is a great pilot and seems to come through for Tobey when he needs him. Mescudi was a nice addition to the film and while the role doesn’t show off any deep acting talent, he was good in the film I hope to see him in more films. Ramón Rodríguez is cool as Joe Peck, he’s a man who knows his stuff is always keeping things together plan-wise. Rami Malek as Finn is cool and a great source of humour outside of Benny’s jokes. Michael Keaton is amazing as Monarch, he’s this eccentric host of a secret supercar race competition and he has a great way with words as he always has something to say. He’s witty, opinionated, weird and awesome all and the same time and I think this may be my favourite role I’ve seen from Keaton in a while.I also liked Harrison Gilbertson as Little Pete Coleman, he was the light-hearted cheeky member of Tobey’s group who was the youngest of the bunch. And lastly Dakota Johnson is good as Anita Coleman even if she’s a bit underused.


When it comes to the visual presentation, my god, it is amazing. If you’re a fan of 1970’s car chases then this gives you the modern-day equivalent. The car driving scenes are raw, intense, well-shot, incredibly choreographed and it just a drill to watch. You see and hear cars drift, screech, flip, twist and glide all over the place with great precision. To see some of the camera shots from inside the cars, then on the outside with a tracking shot and then with the POV shots as the cars get massacred, it is incredible. So good.


In conclusion Need For Speed is very fun and exhilarating film. The plot while not unlike material you have seen before and it does get a bit ridiculous at times, it is still pretty good and is amplified by the cast who are all good, especially my man Aaron Paul. But the stars of the film really is the cars and the chaotic action that is filmed SO well, it simply gorgeous to look at. While some may hate on this film, especially since it doesn’t outdo the Fast 5 & 6, it is still a solid action film.

Rating: 8/10 (A very solid film full of kick ass car action)

So what did you think of Need For Speed? Have you seen it or are you gonna see it? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to leave them in the comments below and I’ll see ya on the next film review yo. 😀


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Filth Review

Howdy people, time for another film review and today’s review will be on a film I only found out about just two weeks ago, Filth. The trailer looked awesome, I am a James McAvoy fan and I was down for this film. However I watched Mark Kermode’s review of the film and that made me cautious of what I was gonna see, then as I was buying my film ticket the man asked me for my age (which never happens ever), so if that wasn’t an indication that something was freaky about the film then I don’t know what is. Anyways time to review this film!


So the story in the film involves Bruce Robertson, a very questionable individual and corrupt policeman. He’s in line for a promotion and will go to any lengths to get whether it involves lying, cheating or some other kind of dodgy form of activities. However behind the scenes he has some demons from his past that start to expose themselves and as the story progresses Bruce starts to unravel, he gets lost in his own lies, drugs and psychological madness and the weight of the world starts to cave in on him.

The themes covered in the film involve drug use, porn, prostitution, racism and corruption within the police force among other things. I thought the story in the film was pretty interesting from the start with James McAvoy being this awesome central character who is a bit of a douche but has a brilliantly calculated mind. However once we start to learn more about him and how he operates around other people and what his past really involved, that’s when the film really starts to change from a strange but interesting drama to some crazy psychologically messed up stuff. The film definitely jumps into Trainspotting and Sexy Beast, but then it becomes even more freakish than that and goes into Requiem for a Dream territory. After that there’s some seriously messed up stuff that goes down yo, I won’t say but I’d say be prepared for some thought-provoking stuff.

Filth: watch James McAvoy as drug-crazed cop - video maxresdefault

When it comes to the characters I think the cast are all pretty good, however there is obviously one stand-put performance and that comes from James McAvoy as Bruce Robertson. Now I have only really been a fan of McAvoy since X-Men: First Class, but ever since then he has proved time and again that he is a capable and versatile actor and in this film he delivers probably the best performance of his career. McAvoy is funny, sly, creepy, aggressive and vulnerable. He’s just so incredibly versatile and he carries this film with his stellar acting talent. I also liked Eddie Marsan as Bladesey, his character is a good friend of Bruce but he’s such a tender soul who is very nice but a little lacking in confidence. This was one of Marsden softer roles for me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest of the cast is good which include: Imogen Poots as Amanda Drummond, Jamie Bell as Ray Lennox, Joanne Froggatt as Mary and Shirley Henderson as Bunty. But my other favourite person in this film was Jim Broadbent as Dr Rossi, his role in this film was very good, hilarious and over-the-top but I found his segments in the film to be incredibly enjoyable.

download (1)

In conclusion Filth I have to say that was an experience. That film was fucking intense, in that Sexy Beast/Requiem for a Dream kind of intense. James McAvoy was incredible and while I enjoyed in the film, I can say that it left me kind of shook up yo. I dunno if it because if it’s just me, but this was a bit hard to watch and I don’t know if I could ever revisit it. If you’re a fan of Trainspotting or psychologically crazy films then check this one out, however be away that in gets a bit freaky at points.

Rating: 8/10 (A really good film, but it a bit too foul and extreme for my liking)

So now I have to ask you the public, what did you think of Filth? Did you enjoy it or were you disappoint or may be even disgusted? Whatever your thoughts drop them below and I’ll see ya on the next review yo! 😀


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