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Batman in IMAX

So after watching The Dark Knight Rises 3 times in the cinema you’d think that would be enough for the average film-goer right? WRONG! For I am not the average film-goer, I go multiple times a month and see many films more than once. And since I saw The Avengers 4 times this year I thought that Batman should get the same treatment, though it had to be at least once in IMAX and yesterday I got my wish. So today I just wanted to tell you about my experience with The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX.

Yesterday I was one of them. 😀

When I went to the cineworld in Sheffield yesterday and got my ticket for TDKR in IMAX, I got all giddy and excited because I hadn’t seen a film in IMAX since Tron: Legacy at the start of last year when I was in London. And so I walked into the screen and when I looked up I was blown away. It felt like I was looking at a skyscraper, the projector screen felt like it went on forever! So I walked all the way to the back of the sitting area to get a good view of the screen. And then I viewed the trailers which all looked so damn good on an IMAX projector, the trailers for Skyfall and Man of Steel looked awesome on the screen. Then after all trailers and adverts the film started…

Immediately noticeable was clarity, the image quality was pretty damn good, very clear and the colours looked nice and slighty different to that of the normal film projection in my opinion. Though overall the image quality didn’t feel that much different from the regular film projection, I don’t know if it’s just because of my eyes, but it just felt like watching a film on a really big screen which isn’t a bad thing by any means, though it made me wonder if the image quality is that much different in IMAX than it is on a regular film screen. Though one thing I can say that IMAX gets top marks for is the audio quality. The sound quality of IMAX is FRIGGING INSANE!! So good, so loud and so clear. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is so incredibly clear, loud and beautiful and it best heard in IMAX, it’s just so good! 😀 And the dialogue also benefits from being in IMAX as it is easier to hear and understand when characters are whispering or trying to talk over the loud music in the background, oh and Bane’s voice definitely sounds a hell of a lot clearer in IMAX too. Oh and lastly in the audio department that was worth talking about was the sound effects, my god they were awesome, the hitting sounds felt much harder and gunfire sounded better too, but the highlight was hearing The Bat when it takes off and flies over Gotham City, The Bat’s engine sounds so beastly, so loud, so incredible, I was literally blown away by it and I could feel the vibration underneath my seat, it was grand experience!

Batman in IMAX, frigging sweet! 😀 😀

So in the end should you go and see Batman in IMAX? I say hell yeah, it’s worth for the sound quality alone, but then there is also the ridiculously massive screen which is also a plus too. If you have the cash take some time out of you day and try it out yo. That’s it for now ladies and gentlemen, thanks for reading and look out for my next film reviews when the come along. Laters! 🙂

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