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It’s Finally March! Wooo!

Hey people of the interweb and my fellow followers! As it says in the title of this post it’s finally March and my happiness level has gone up by 100!

All I can say is finally.

This is the part of the year I always wait for with high levels of anticipation. Besides being the time in the year when the weather starts to balance out and we get to put the clocks forward, this month is also the month of my birthday and that’s always a good thing! πŸ˜€ The lead-up to my birthday is always something catches me off-guard, I know its coming, but here we are in March already and my birthday is 28 days away. What? Where did this come from? I’m still stuck in January/February. XD

But anyways if you’ve been reading my blog recently then you would have seen one of my recent blog posts entitled “What the hell is going on with my life right now?” and it wasn’t that jolly and was kind of depressing. And while education is still giving me issues and I haven’t resolved my money problems at this point in time. Yesterday, March 1st really started the month off on an interested note. I got to hang with my classmate while doing some work on our module and at work last night things only got better where I earned loads of my in tips working in the cloakroom as the person who takes in people’s coats. The work was long, tedious, boring and partially stressful when loads of people came, though it was very fun to talk to all these different people and admire the women who came by. πŸ™‚ Some of the people really sounded grateful for my work and really did acknowledge my existence as a person who was working to give them a good service. Fun was had yo.

As for the rest of the month there are loads of things to look forward to. Firstly I have a number of parties coming up, besides my own at the end of the month, I have at least 2 or 3 lined up over the next few weeks. Plus there’s some interesting films showing up this month including Oz The Great and Powerful which is directed by Sam Raimi which should be interesting. And then there’s the fact that after this month then it’ll be April and near the end of that month we over here in the UK get IRON MAN 3!!! CANNOT WAIT YO! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

So here’s hoping this month can get me out of this funk and get me into my stupidly happy place where I belong. πŸ˜€

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The Game Has Changed

Just like the name of the song by Daft Punk from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack, I see that the game which I call my life has changed. You see I’ve been living in Sheffield now for just under 2 months and have taken in a lot of different things and experienced many aspects of life in this new city like university, bonding with me new flatmates, leaving me family and friends back home, adjusting to a bigger location, taking in the ridiculously extreme nightlife and having to establish my whole identity all over again. It’s a lot to do and really does impact the way in which you operate in your daily life.

Trying to establish my identity was a very different experience after I arrived here in Sheffield.

The cool thing that I’ve experienced while being here is the level of freedom, compared to being back home where most things felt restricted and weighed down by some form of invisible gravity. Sheffield feels weightless, like you could walk on air. I love it. Being in uni feels fresh and exciting, the course, the students, heck even the building of Sheffield Hallam itself is awesome and represents so much promise for the future. But what’s probably more impressive is the nightlife, I know uni is more about the educational side of things, but from my first 3 weeks here it was clear that the nights out were not only miles ahead of anything I got back home, but they even outshone the course I’m on. I guess compared to my home, Sheffield is stupidly massive and on my first night out I went to West Street, and was totally freaking out with all of the possibilities that could be created. Then take into account that my student accommodation is one of the most mental places I’ve ever been in, people always making noise, parties always going on, people always going out and it has a lively atmosphere. Its one heck of an introduction to university lifestyle. And it was that initial feeling, that feeling of fresh new experiences that made me so happy. I loved my life, it was like getting to start over with new people and doing things that I loved but on a whole new scale!

Unfortunately this is very true.

However nothing lasts forever especially when it comes to new experiences, eventually the people in the accommodation started to slow down and the pre-parties started to die down and that initial spark for the first time started to flicker. During week 4-6 me and my flatmates found regular places to go and found ourselves going out randomly just to kill time because we were bored or we just felt like it and surprisingly enough those nights were pretty darn interesting, sometimes even fun and memorable. Although from there into week 7 (last week) things started get really messy, sometimes the clubbing went from being okay-ish to downright awful with questionable music, dodgy company and a bad atmosphere normally being the problems that stopped us from having fun. It seemed that when we started going out with no plan, things just seemed to work themselves out, but it wasn’t always good and in recent times there has been a steady decline at 2 of our regular clubs that’s lead my flatmates and I to believe that we have to try out some new locations.

Though hope is not lost, because in my 8th week (this week) I have seen a glimmer of hope as the Monday night just past in one of our regular clubs we happened to meet one of our mates from uni and we got introduced to his mates and we all went crazy. It was madness and there was a level of happiness in the air that was undeniable and it totally changed up the night completely. Even the playlist held up pretty well and I was having epic fun for the first time in ages. And the fun didn’t stop there. Me and my good flatmate Craig attended a friend’s house party for his birthday. After a gaming session at our uni games society we headed up with a good few regular people, and honestly the night was amazing. We went up to a secluded location and went to our mate’s house, but since there were too many people inside his house we moved to their common room. And so the night started out okay, people chatting and drinking, you know the basic stuff while the main birthday man constantly disappearing and being on the move. However after a while things just changed and then the party completely descended into the kind of awesome chaos that can only be shared with good friends at a good house party. I won’t go into details but needless to say it was pretty crazy yo πŸ˜€


House parties do bring out that awesome party feeling!

Another interesting thing is that while me and my flatmates have been out partying together, we’ve never done anything social-wise like go to the cinema, have lunch together, you know just hang out. Besides the times we’ve chilled in the flat together, gone shopping in town or chilled with the gaming society, as a cohesive unit we’ve never just spent our time doing things regular friends do and it’s a darn shame. Don’t get me wrong, even without those social activities we’ve bonded fairly well, but in the 6th to 8th week period we had come to the conclusion that we don’t hang out as much as we should do as a group. So while we don’t have the money to tackle that venture yet, we said that we’d definitely have to put some time aside for those kinds of activities to build even stronger bonds between us.

So at this current point in time me and the guys are chilling out from all of the usual amount of partying we do so that we can be financially safe until the next big event at the end of this year which should be mental. Hopefully nights like Wednesday just gone aren’t going to be too far apart and I’ll still be able to have fun and bond with my flatmates for many nights out to come!

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