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Homefront Review

Howdy ladies and gents, time for another film review and today’s second review will be on the latest Jason Statham film, Homefront. This was a film I was interested in seeing because the trailer looked cool, but then I heard the film wasn’t received that well in the US so I was thinking about giving it a miss. But since I wanted to watch something new in the cinema I decided give the film a chance. So was it worth the watch? Read on and find out!

The story in the film involves DEA agent Phil Broker (Jason Statham) sees his quiet family life turned upside down when his path crosses with a band of drug traffickers, led by Gator (James Franco), a meth kingpin.

In truth I had expected more from the plot, the premise sounds interesting enough, but the execution is kind of messy and had a lot of unnecessary baggage with some side characters. There are a lot of basic action thriller elements that this story follows. I think this may have something to do with Sylvester Stallone’s screenplay which feels like some average kind of thriller that I’d expect him to be in. But in truth the plot didn’t insult my intelligence that much and I like it just for the amount of action and the main story surround Broker and his daughter. Though I swear this is just a film to remind people about how badass Jason Statham is, like if there was a tagline for this film it’d be like: “I’m Jason Motherfuckin’ Statham bitch!” or “Remember the name, I’m Jason Statham bitch!” Haha! 😀


When it comes to the cast their all pretty good, none of the performances are overly incredible, but it’s not really bad so it serves the film’s story just fine.

Let’s start with Jason Statham as Phil Broker, in truth you’re not gonna find much difference in Statham’s performance then any of his previous films, however I feel unlike his older action films from the mid-2000’s in recent years we’re starting to get some roles for him with a little more substance to it like this film and Hummingbird (aka Redemption). But let’s be honest, we just watch Statham films to see him kick some ass and he does PLENTY of that in such a stylish and sexy way that it more than makes up for any failures in the story. And then there’s Izabela Vidovic as Maddy, Vidovic is new to the acting scene and I feel like she leaves a good impression. She can handle herself well, she’s likeable with decent range of emotions and I liked Vidovic’s scenes with Statham, they definitely had good on-screen chemistry.


James Franco as Morgan “Gator” Bodine is a strange one, firstly that accent is so weird coming out of his mouth, but other than that he’s an okay antagonist though he’s not that smart and not as calculating as he could have been. Winona Ryder as Sheryl Gott was pretty decent, Ryder I forgot was even in this film until I saw it in the cinema, but yeah her role was one of a simple yet some degree of importance and Ryder did fine. Kate Bosworth was great as Cassie Bodine, she was one of those redneck, loud-mouth, unbearable kind of people to be around and Bosworth played the role well and this was a right transformation from the that time she played Lois Lane in Superman Returns right?


Frank Grillo as Cyrus Hanks, this was my first time seeing Grillo in anything before his upcoming role in the next Captain America film and while this isn’t a good film to just his acting skills off of, I thought he was intimidating and cool in his role. Rachelle Lefevre as Susan Hatch was alright, all I really recall about her was how pretty she was. Finally Clancy Brown was pretty cool as Sheriff Keith Rodrigue, this was my first time seeing him in a live-action role because most stuff I’ve seen with him is animated because of his voice acting work.


In conclusion Homefront was a lot of fun, while it wasn’t as unique as I had hoped and there were definitely story elements I could have done without. However this was a good time in the cinema for me with Statham just showing off how many guys he can mess up in a film, and I would recommend the film just on the fact that the action is nicely choreographed and violent, good stuff.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Just some kick ass fun with Jason Bloody Statham, yeah boi!)

So what did you think of Homefront? Did you like it or hate it? Also what do you think of Jason Statham films in general, leave your thoughts below yo! 😀

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The Film Reviews Will Return, I PROMISE!

Hey ladies and gents, as you might notice, as of recent I haven’t been reviewing films as frequently as I used to and I don’t want you to think I’ve given up or dropped off the face of the planet, I’M STILL HERE, I just have other commitments with uni and my new job, So yeah let me give you some info on my situation.

cinemaonscreenThis is where I belong, and I’m being denied of it!

Now as I’ve said before, I’ve gotten a hell of a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment. Firstly my animation course has been bleeding me dry with the three modules I’ve had to do and while it’s not been hard per-se, it has been tedious and time-consuming. Secondly I started my new job last weekend and that eats up all of my weekend and since its night shifts, when I get hope I’m almost dead and crash out, but for some reason I sleep even longer during this time which in turn means I have no time in the day to do anything and that sucks! All of this has made my cinema going experience very difficult to tackle.

However never fear as I shall return to the cinema soon!

With the hand-in of my uni work coming around next week and most of my work being finished this weekend, I’m thinking that I will treat myself to the cinema after all this stress and bullshit.

So what’s on the card? Well here’s the list of films I want to see and review:

  • Frozen (I have heard LOADS of people go one about this film like it’s the most amazing thing ever, I’m curious to see if it meets the hype)
  • Saving Mr. Banks (I’ve heard so many good things about this film and I have to see it because of the actors involved)
  • The Butler (This is film I had followed for a while so I’m hoping to catch it at some point)
  • Philomena (It’s got Judi Dench in it, and Steve Coogan in a serious role, plus Mark Kermode said it was good. I’m down)
  • Kill Your Darlings (It has Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in it, I’m interested by that alone)
  • Anchorman: The Legend Continues (Liked the first film, wanna see the sequel, nuff said)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Loved the first film and early reviews say it’s better than the first so I CAN’T WAIT!)

Here are films I am kind of half and half about:

  • Homefront (I heard this film isn’t anything special, but I like the cast and the trailer, may check it out)
  • Bad Grandpa (The trailers for this looked hilarious, it’s still showing in Sheffield, so I’m gonna try and catch it)
  • Oldboy (This is remake that didn’t need to happen, but I may watch it to see how much it fails)
  • Carrie (It’s a remake, I like Chloë Grace Moretz, but I’ve heard lame things, I can take it or leave it)

As for films I want to re-watch well we have:

  • Thor: The Dark World (I really liked this film and annoyingly I haven’t seen it since opening day, weak!)
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (This was a good film and I really liked it above the first, need to check it out again)
  • Gravity (Great film, gotta see it for the crazy amazing visuals again)

Films for December 2013I know Homefront isn’t on this list, but I messed up on the Photoshop alignment lol

So yeah expect a good deal of reviews over the next few days/weeks. TRUST IN ME! 😀

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